Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 13)

OMG.. i am so happy to see all your comments and support for me in this ff. Thank you so much guys and as promised i have given the next update and next one will be tomorrow….

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 13)

Swasan reaches the resort named Blue hills. She gets shocked seeing the decoration in the resort and looks at Sanskar who gives a hot smiley to him. He comes to her and holds her by her waist and walks inside the resort. Somehow she feels uncomfortable coz of the dress but at the same time she feels secured in sanskar’s hand.

Once they enter inside the resort, swara finds many girls partying and enjoying the atmosphere. Some of them are in short wears and some of them are in pakka party wears but both looks pretty and s*xy too. Then she looks at herself and thinks what they might think about her and her dress. She looks sanskar beside her who is smiling proudly and greeting everyone in the party without leaving her, he introduces her to his friends and try to make her comfortable, but she feels odd being in that circle.

At somehow sanskar left her and she immediately goes and joins with the ladies there. They welcomed her and chats with her also. Swara sense something is wrong with their talks and below is the conversation they had:

Girl 1 – So, you are Mr. Maheswari’s new joint is it?

Swara gives her a confused look and she continues, “I..mean..his new PA”

Swara understand her taunts and replies, “Yeah..i joined recently”

Girl 2 – That we got to know because, Mr. Maheswari will not keep the girl more than a week, BTW how many days its been now?”

Swara is shocked and disgusting and leaves from there.

In the meantime, Sanskar’s business friend also his college mate Ajay Malhotra comes to him and greets him. They both are discussing so many things and slowly Ajay starts, “So sanky…i find some glow in your face..any reason?”

Sanky, “Ha ha ha…it’s by birth my dear..no reason behind this”

Ajay, “Oh is it..but i thought it is because of the girl who is with you”

Sanskar gives him a stern look and asks, “What do you mean?”

Ajay comes close to him and holds by his arm and whispers in his ears, “I mean..your glowing being with that girl…your New PA. You have to accept the truth sanky.. she is too hot and s*xy…Ussshhhhhhh….i am controlling my feelings for long time after seeing her…”

Sanskar holds his fist tightly in anger and looks at Ajay’s eyes and says, “Ask me directly what do you want?”

Ajay gets shy and gives a sheepish smile & asks, “Send her to me for one night…i ll drop her tomor…..” before he finishes his statement he falls down and gets panicked seeing his blood oozing from his mouth.

Ajay is almost in a frightened state looking at the Mr.Angry Bird Sanskar in blood red eyes, he moves back…and says, “Sanky..sanky..i am your friend”

Sanskar just raises his palm and signs him to be quiet and search for swara, who is standing at one corner and watching all these silently. She is not aware of the conversation between them but gets scared seeing his angry. Sanskar moves towards swara and holds her hand tightly and drags her with him. A middle aged person comes infront in and asks him, “Mr. Maheswari, you did wrong by hurting your business partner and ofcourse your good friend. Why you are so over protecting about this girl who is hardly gonna spent another few days in your bed and just for this cheap girl, you spoiled your these many years friendship”

Sanskar shouts, “Enough..not more a word. Yes…she is important for me and she is my girl. No one dare to bad mouth her. What did you say, she gonna spent only few days in my bed huh…and for your information Mr.Sharma…she is the one i am gonna spent my whole life with her…is it bother you? If so, i don’t care about it..Do you understand?”

After that he did not stand there for a sec and takes swara with him. All these time, swara is shocked and couldn’t react at all. She becomes freeze hearing sanskar’s confession. She sits in the car silently and did not utter a single word. Sanskar also drives the car rashly and often not miss to notice her.

After a while, swara, “Pls stop the car.”

Sans, “Huh.. what?”

Swara, “Pls stop the car”

Sanskra stops the car and turns to her side and waits for her to talk. Swara without seeing him, “Why did you say like that?”

Sans, “About what?”

Swara, “Few mins back, you confessed something about me..why did you say like that?”

Sans, “Oh..you are asking about that…So what’s wrong in that?

Swara, “Everything is wrong in that. How can you tell that you spend …spend..your life..” she stops and couldn’t continue. sanskar completes, “WIth you…only with you”.

Swara lifts her face and looks at him with teary eyes and nods as no. But sanskar holds her face wipes her tears and says, “I want you to look special today is because
i thought of introducing you to my friends and business worlds as you are going to be my life soon… but before that that Ajay provoked me and everything went wrong.”

Swara, “But i am not fit for your love”

Sans, “Ssshhhhhh….no…don’t say like that. you know what when i saw your first time, i don’t know what but spark went on my heart and something makes me curious to meet you..i met you in a wrong place and i have got you in wrong motive only..but soon my intention got changed and without my knowledge i have fallen in love with you..if you ask me when …i really don’t have answer for that..but i love you. I cannot see you with you anyone and i cannot keep myself silent when anyone badmouthed you. Because YOU ARE MINE…JUST MINE”

Swara is stunned hearing his heart out speech and stares him. Sanskar moves little close and kisses her forehead, then goes down nd kisses his eyes , cheeks and slowly his eyes fallen into her lips…he rubbed it with his finger and leans on her. Swara sees sanskar face so closely and realises it is becoming more and more close and she closes her eyes automatically and within a few seconds she feels something on her lips…she couldn’t open her eyes but she starts responding it.

Sanskar kisses her lips softly at initial but soon, it turned out to be a rough one..he holds her face more close and tightly and continues kissing her lips hardly. She feels the pain in her lips and coz of that she starts moaning but her moan gives him pleasure and he sucks it more and more.

Suddenly a heavy horn disturbed them and makes them come to sense and gets seperated from each other. Swara is out of breathe now and breathes heavily. Her chest is flowing up and down fastly and sanskar looks at her with full and full of lust…she couldn’t find love in his eyes now. She feels something odd in his behaviour and lower her eyes. Sanskar smiles and rubs her lips with his thumb and pats her cheeks and starts driving the car.

Precap: Swasan intense romance. Sanlak confusion got cleared about swaragini. A new entry Shaini comes and hugs Sanskar which makes Swara in jealous.

So guys how is this episode and pls give me your comments.


    • Sathya



      No reason dear… After my old swasan ff… I was writing ff for manmarziyan serial… So I posted that in telly updates… And continuing just like that…. But thanks for asking… I thought u all. Would have forgotten me…

  1. Tamanna


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode…..u nailed it especially the love confession part was awesome… Eagerly waiting for next one….

  2. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Its very nice…. Fabulous…. Hope Sanskar truly loves swara nd he is not acting…. Very nice…

  3. Ariba


    |Registered Member

    Omg omg unexpected confession but just loved it loved it loved it❤????❤
    Waiting for tomorrow’s part

  4. Menaz

    Awesome awesome awesome episode really. As sanky confess his love . waiting for new entry & update soon.

  5. pari

    awsm episode..unexpectd kiss….is it d effect of ystrdyz epi?????yesterday we swasan fans get unexpected swadan liplock nd tdy in ur ff…thnk u……
    plz dnt make sanky cheat swara…i only want to see sankyz love towardz swara no lust in his eyes…dnt make sanky to use swara ad a tissue paper…plzzzzzz…

    • Sathya



      Oh is it… Omg I missed the episode…. I did not see the serial for past 3 days… That’s a coincidence… ??? and don’t worry dear Sanky will not cheat her but due to some other reason Swara will go away from him… It’s just a hint…

  6. Neha_priya


    |Registered Member

    OMG iske bad toh ab wait hi nahi hoga…. My god yahan bhi first liplock kiss hogaya… CVS ne bhi diya… Hmm so he wanted to make a announcement of being her as his soul mate but he’s already engaged ….then how… I just hope they aren’t separated and sanskar is not gonna do all this just coz of insecurity he truely loves her… Awesome sathya…. Have u written more swasan ff??

    • Sathya



      Thank you dear… Actually Sanky supposed to get engagement… He s not engaged… He thought of proposing her in the party n informing to his mom for their marriage but the party incident got spoiled… And anyway he confessed his feelings now he will run behind her to know her feelings….

      My another ff was love blooms in swasan but I wrote more ffs in manmarziyan serial…. If u like to go on.. I can give u the link

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