Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 12)

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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 12)

Sanskar drives the car and laksh continues non stop talking making sanky close his ears. Suddenly laksh asks him to stop the car. Sanky stops and looks at laksh in shock and asks, “Now what?”

Laksh points out to him and tells, “I want to go inside the temple and you have to accompany me”

Sanky stares him and says, “Never. If you want to go..go and come back soon”.

Laksh, “No way..i came here after a long time and you should accept my all request. Now come with me” Lucky forcefully takes sanskar with him inside the temple.

Swaragini also there in the same temple and sits behind one of the pillar which is not visible to Sanlak.

Laksh overjoys seeing everything after a long years…but sanky is least bothered and least interest. Laksh goes and starts praying and he does his prayer in loud voice, “Hey Bhagwan, i am so happy to see you after a long time and i think you also have the same feeling seeing me. Well, now you have got one more task is to look a girl for me , and i need a girl who respects her culture and she should love me more than anything else..and ofcourse i will also do the same thing. Anyway for my brother, he is going to get engagement and he also should have a peaceful life. so that’s it for today..i will meet you again soon… Thank you god in advance and i am sure you will ful fill my prayer.”

He opens his eyes and shock seeing everyone else stares him , he feels embarrassed and searches for his brother sanky but finding himself in one corner with phone. He again closes his eyes and does prayer silently.

Swara consoles her and says, “Leave it ragini, they cheated you and your family by hiding his disease. It’s good that god punished him so soon and your life got saved. Ragini if i ask you onething..u wont mind right?”

Ragini nods no and swara continues, “Ragini…whether is there anything between you both? I..mean” she stops and hesitates asking her.

Ragini understands her question and says, “No Swara. That day night itself he became unwell and after that he never comes to normal state. My papa were really worried to see my state. It’s been 3 months after he passed away, my papa also fell ill and he also left me alone in this cruel world”

Ragini starts crying and swara hugs her and wipes her tears saying, “No Ragini. you are not alone in this world..i am with you”

Ragini, “Swara, how come you are here? I mean you were in our village na..what happened? Are you working? How come your family allows you to work?”

Swara looks at her and says, “If you ask me these many questions, then how i will answer. I will tell you everything in detail..now come will pray and leave from here”

They both headed towards to pray and ragini stands behind laksh and swara was coming behind her but stops seeing an old lady struggling to get up, so she goes to help her.

Laksh opens his eyes and gets the sindoor from the pandit and he puts in his forhead and is about to keep it on sanskar’s head, he turns and without seeing who it is he keeps the sindoor in that person’s forehead. he gets shocked seeing her and her eyes looks at him with tears.

Laksh’s POV:-

Oh god what have i done? She is looking at me..oh god she is crying..she is touching her forehead and looks at the sindoor and looks at me. What should i do now? Tears rolled down her cheeks. I am feeling pain seeing her crying..why should i felt bad seeing her crying. but why she is rubbing the sindoor from her forehead..what happen to her..she is behaving weirdly..she is running from here…Oh shit…god pls do something..i really don’t know what to do now.

Ragini’s POV:-

I felt something applies in my forehead and i raised my eyes to see who is it and finds a guy with his thumb on my forehead. I don’t know what it is but i felt something odd seeing him. He looks shocked and but what he applied. I touched my forehead and sees what it is..No no..it is sindoor..on my forehead. What he did to me…god…I shouldn’t have this with me and i am not fit for this. I started rubbing my forehead to wipe it off. Still he stares at me what i am doing…i could understand from his reactions is that he don’t know why am doing like this. I couldn’t see his eyes on me… i started running from there.

Swara helps the old lady and ragini comes to her by running and takes her with her and goes out from the temple. Swara don’t have any clue why she is behaving like this. Ragini is not saying anything but cries silently. Swara don’t know what to say but stands with her silently.

Laksh comes to his sense and runs out from the temple, sanky also sees him running and goes to him. Both comes out from the temple and laksh looks at the way ragini is walking on the road. His eyes seeing only ragini and he did not see swara beside her. When sanky looks at the way laksh sees and he too finds only swara though ragini is with her. Sanky gets shocked seeing her there and gets into thinking, “Why Swara is here? She should be in office by this time na?”

Sanky pats lucky’s shoulder and asks, “What are you searching for? why are you running like this?”

Laksh still stares ragini and he feels something wierd and says, “I think i have found my girl”

Sanky in a shocking tone, “WHATTTTTT?”

Laksh turns to him and says, “Bhai..i think i found my girl” by saying this he points to the place where swaragini is standing. Actually laksh points to Ragini but sanky’s eyes falls into swara and misunderstands it is swara who laksh says about. he couldn’t digest it and shakes him hardly and says, “what nonsense are you saying lucky?” in a very harsh tone.

Laksh finds difference in his tone and composes himself and says, “Nothing bhai.. i think it is getting late…we will go home, meet maa and then will talk”. he starts walking towards their car. Sanky feels his world is rotating and now his atmost angry is turning to swara and thinks who the hell asks her to roam here like this.

He walks to his car and they both drives to home. Sanskar drops him in the home and without getting down from the car itself he says, “Lucky, tell maa tht i will come in the evening” before lucky answer him, he drives off.

Laksh finds his angry and thinks, “I don’t know who is gonna be the prey for his anger today. God pls save that person”. he goes inside happily and meets his maa Annapurna and informs her about sanky.

On the road, swaragini takes an auto from there. Swara gets ragini’s whereabouts and drops her in the ladies hostel where she stays currently and gets her mobile number and leaves to office from there. She reaches office before sanskar came. She started doing her work as if nothing had happened.

Sanskar enters inside the office like a storm, other employees are looking scared by seeing him and starts murmuring to each other seeing him going to swara’s cabin directly. He pushes the door and stares her angrily who gets up from her seat in shock seeing him.

Sanky closes the door harshly and moves towards swara, who gets scared seeing him approaching her like lion looking for its prey. She starts sweating and but does not move an inch.

Sanky comes close to her and asks, “Where were you?” his cold tone makes her shiver and looks at his eyes who boils in anger.

Swara stammers, “I..I..went…t..o..” before she finishes only sanky shouts , “Tell me properly, where were you?”

Swara jerks and instantly replies him, “Temple…but with..” Sanskar raises his hand and stops her in saying and tells her, “How dare you go there without me or informing me”

Swara is in verge of crying but controls and says, “i waited for you but…” tears rolled down from her cheeks. Sanskar sees her tears and he raises his hand to wipe it but stops in the mid and bangs his hand in the table and goes to his cabin.

Swara looks at him and did not understand why he behaves like that. She thinks AP stating about his engagement and his cross behaviour, she thinks to maintain distance from him.

Sanskar sits restless at his chair and remembers the moment laksh tells him about his girl and how he saw swara there and gets shocked.

He calls swara through his telecom and waits for her. Swara comes with her notepad but she did not look at his face but she feels a continuous gaze on her from him.

Sanskar feels something is going away from him, he is in verge of hugging her tightly now of not letting anyone to eye her, but he controls his emotions and says, “We have a night party today with the famous business personalities and i want you to accompany me as my PA.”

Swara is shock and tells, “Sir…but i can’t come for the night party”.

Sanky, “Miss.Swara, I am not asking you and as my PA, you should go with me. I don’t want to hear any more discussions on this. So finish today’s task soon and get ready to come with me”.

Swara not even looked at his face and runs from his cabin. Sanskar did not like to make her cry but he feels restless and he decides to keep her near to him.

In the evening, Swara calls to ragini the number which she gave and tells her that she cannot come to meet her.

Rags, “Why Swara? Is anything wrong?”

Swara, “No Ragini…i am alright. Actually my boss asked me to accompany him for the business party, so i have to go. I can’t deny him.”

Rags, “Fine Swara. Tell me when you finish the party, i will call you. Give me your number”

Swara hesitates and says, “Ragini..i don’t have mobile”

Rags, “what..but u were having na?”

Swara, “Haan..but i lost it” swara remebers the broker lady snatches her mobile and broke it.

Rags, “Oh..fine. Atleast you can call me na”

Swara, “Ragini…u don’t worry about me. I will meet you at the same place tomorrow where we met today. Ok? You don’t worry and sleep well”

Rags smiles and says, “Hmm ok then. We will meet tomorrow. Bye Swara.”

Swara, “Bye Ragini”.

Swara keeps the phone down and gives a sigh relief and feels sanskar gaze on her. He stands at her cabin door step and asks, “Shall we leave?”

Swara thinks to avoid him and says, “Sir.. actually i have some work pending. You pls leave sir.. i will come behind you”.

Sanskar holds his fist in angry and comes to her and holds her by her arms and says, “You don’t tell me what to do. Just do what i say”

He takes her bag and drags her outside her cabin and puts her in his car and drives off. Swara felt pain in her arms and she starts rubbing it softly and inbetween winces in pain. Sanskar notices her and tries to touch her arms but swara pulls her arms and turns to the window side and looks outside.

Sanskar holds his hands tightly and stares her angrily and drives fastly. Swara gets scared seeing him angry and his fast driving. she hesitates to tell him to slower down but she gest scared seeing angry face. She closes her eyes tightly and holds the door tightly. Sanskar notices her reaction and slowly he reduces the speed. Swara opens her eyes realising the speed reduces, she looks at him whose face is calm now. She sits properly now and doesn’t utter a single word till they both reaches home.

Swara immediately gets down from the car and is about to go inside but stops seeing the house and thinks where are they now? She hears sanskar’s voice very close to her, “We are going to stay here only for today”. Swara gets shocked seeing him so close and she moves back but gets slips and is about to fall but he holds her waist and stops her from falling. He then pulls her to him and she hits his chest by keeping her hands on him. She feels his hot breathe on her face and she lifts her eyes and looks at his eyes which clearly shows the love and lust on her. She gets seperated from him and asks, “Why..why we came here?”

Sanky, “Actually swara..my brother came from abroad and he did not know about you and ofcourse about myself completely. He is my little one and i don’t want him to know how and where i met you. If he sees you then he will start shoot a lot more questions to you. That’s y i got you here…don’t worry this is also our house only and it is safe as that. Come lets go inside”.

Sanky literally drags her inside and calls one servant and informs her to take swara to the room. Sanky informs her that he will be back soon , swara nodded and goes to her room.

Sanskar takes his car and goes out and after 1 hr he comes back with a bag in his hand. He calls Swara and she comes out from her room and looks him with a bag.
He gives the bag to her and tells, “Wear this in tonight’s party. We will leave in 1 hr from now. Get ready and you should look more special today”.

Swara gets the bag and goes to her room and sanskar smirks at her. Swara takes bath and is getting ready and take the dress which he got, she gets shocked seeing the dress and looks at it helplessely. She gets scared to reject it because he doesn’t like her refusing his likes. She hesitantly wears the dress and puts all the matching stuffs and she keeps a loose hair and comes out by hiding her shoulders. she feels uncomfortable and looks so nervous to face sanskar.

Link for swara’s dress:


Sanskar looks at her without blinking his eyes and holds his breathe. She looks stunning in that party gown and he never imagines that she will be this much beautiful. He wants her to be in his arms right now but he holds his both fists tightly to cool down his emotions and he moves close to her slowly. For his each moves she feels a thud in her heart and her beats are rising fastly. She feels her land is moving seperately and she wants to bury her face somewhere of not able to take up his gaze on her body.

Sanksar moves behind her and takes her hairs, while doing so, his hand touches her shoulder slightly and she gets goosebumps and closes her eyes tightly. He smiles seeing her nervousness and moves her her to one side of her shoulder and finds a small hairpin and tucks it in her hair and looks at her from front and says, “Now you look gorgeous” and whispers in her ears “s*xy too”.

Swara looks at his eyes and finds herself losing her to him. He comes beside her and puts his hand in her waist tightly and goes out with her.

Precap: Swara gets uncomfortable by having other men looks on her. Sanskar’s business friend comments on swara’s beauty and asks sanskar to give her for one night.

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