Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 11)

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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 11)

Swasan gets shocked seeing his mom Annapoorna. AP looks at swasan and asks, “What’s going on Sanskar?”

Sanskar is lack of words and stammers and says, “Maa…you here?”

AP, “Why? I should not come here or what?”

Sans, “No maa..nothing like that. Just asked.”

AP, “I want to see my son..so i came. ok who is she?” and she turns to latha kaki and asks, “You did not say about her?” Latha kaki bows her head down.

Sans, “Maa.. she is swara and she is working as my PA”

AP, “What your PA is doing here?”

Sans, “Actually mom…i will tell you everything. Please come with me”. He takes her to room and locks the door.

Swara feels bad and stands at the same place till they come back.

Sanskar and AP comes out from the room and says, “I don’t know why you are doing all this sanskar…do you remember you got engaged?”

Swara is shocked hearing her and sanskar looks at swara without any expression. Swara’s legs start shivering and she realises she is losing her balance.

AP comes to her and says, “Sanskar told me about you..don’t worry..will help you in uniting you with your family. Now go to your room”.

That’s it , Swara without seeing any one she runs to her room and locks the door.

she locks the door and leans on the door itself and cries silently. She don’t know why she is crying but still she cries. Some unknown pain is piercing her heart, she

don’t know the reason. But all she knows is she should go to her family soon.

She goes and takes bath to relax herself. She comes out and dries her hair and comes out balcony. She combs her hair by her hands and starts having the chill breeze.

Her hairs are flowing like a feather in the wind and she did not notice that a pair of eyes are swallowing her beauty from the next balcony. It’s none other than


Sanskar after having a talk with his mom, he comes to his room and goes to balcony. There he becomes dumbstruck seeing swara in wet hair in saree. He becomes numb

seeing her beauty and his inner devil starts arising and he struggles a lot to control his emotions.

Swara soon feels something and turns and gets surprised seeing Sanskar starring her. Swara feels some chillness in her body after seeing his sharp brown eyes, she

avoids the eye contact and goes inside.

She felt bad remembering the statement of his engagement. A drop of tears forms in her eyes and she falls on bed and dozed off without having food itself.

Sanskar too goes inside and he scolds himself on starring swara like an animal looking for his prey. He felt bad thinking about Swara and how she would feel. He too

did not have food and dozed off.

Next day, Swara gets ready to office and waits for Sanskar in the hall. AP comes to her and says, “Swara, sanskar will come late..you carry on. don’t wait for him”.

Swara did not say anything simply nods and goes without seeing sanskar. Sanskar comes and calls for swara and AP informs him that Swara already left.

Sans, “What? How can she go without saying to me?”

AP, “Don’t jump. I only asked her to go. You have some work now”

Sans, “What work?”

AP, “You have to go to airport and pick him up”

Sans, “Airport? OMG..you mean he is coming today?”

AP nods happily and sends him.

Swara walks on the road and stops seeing a girl on the roadside waits for bus. She gets shocked seeing her and runs to her and calls, “RAGINI”.

Yes, that girl is Ragini and she also gets shocked seeing her. Both hugs each other and smiles happily. They both go into a nearby temple and sits there to talk.

Swara, “Ragini, when you came here and what you are doing in bus stop? Where is your husband?”

Ragini’s face becomes pale and says, “He is gone”

Swara, “Oh..he went to office is it?”

Rags, “No Swara, he permanently left me and the world”.

Swara is shell shocked and looks at her who is crying miserably. Swara is speechless and consoles her.

Sanskar is waiting at airport for someone. He smiles widely when he sees the passengers are coming out. He starts waving his hands to one person. He runs to him and

hugs him tightly and says, “I am so happy to see you lucky. I missed you a lot”

Lucky, “My lovely bhai..i too missed you a lot”.

Sans, “So what my dear, i always used to call you to visit here once you never listened me but now what happen? Sudden visit? Any plan?”

Lucky smiles and says, “Yes bhai..i plan to kidnap a girl for lifetime here..so i came”

Both laughs and leaves from the airport.

The screen freezes on 4 faces Swara, Sanskar, Ragini & Laksh.

Precap: First meeting of Raglak. Swara maintains distance with Sanskar.

So how is this episode guys. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know your comments.

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