Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 10)

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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 10)

Swasan goes to their respective rooms and falls on the bed. They both are thinking about each other and dozed off soon.

Next morning, Swara wakes up hearing a knock on her door and goes to open it. she gets shocked seeing sanskar having the coffee tray and looks at her smiling.

Sans, “Very good Morning Swara”

Swara is still in shock and says, “Good morning sir”

Sans, “uff..no sir..more and all..just call me Sanskar.”

Swara stammers and says, “I will try but not now. Y u r holding all these” she gets the tray from his hands and keep it in table. She gives him one glass and tells him that she will take after fresh up. She goes to washroom and comes in 5 mins after fresh up and they both have a morning coffee. He makes her more comfortable and asks her to get ready for officce and he leaves from there.

Swasan gets ready and goes to office. Swara looks so fresh and relax, might be because of yesterday she pours out everything to sanskar which was burdening her till now. Now she looks so bright and happy. Sanskar feels her happy in him and he too reciprocates it.

Sahil eyes her and fumes in anger seeing them smiling at each other. He couldn’t concentrate on his work keeping her infront of him. He goes to sanskar’s cabin says, “Sanskar, what happened today? you are so fresh and keeps smiling today? Anything special which you can share with me?”

Sanky, “Yeah sahil, you know what…Swara opens up her heart to me yesterday. She pours out all her pain. I was wrong in judging her but she is not of what i thought.

She is a pure soul and innocent. But the one who makes her life hell, i will not leave him once i get to know who he is”.

Sahil feels fear in him seeing sanskar’s anger towards the unknown person. He gives him a fake smile and goes to his place. He is restless and cannot sit at his place once for all.

He sees swara going towards the kitchen area to have water, he also follows her. Swara thinks to prepare coffee for her and for sanskar, when she is about to do so, a pair of hands closes her mouth and pins her to the wall, it is nothing but sahil. She gets angry seeing him and struggles to free herself from him. Finally she frees her and gives him a tight slap and warns him, “Don’t dare to touch me”

Sahil gets angry and again holds her saying, “How dare you slapped me? You have to pay for that. what did you tell sanskar yesterday.you are gaining sympathy from his huh?”

Swara, “Chee..you shameless fellow…i don’t want anyone’s sympathy on me. I just told the truth and i hidden one thing from him is that i dint tell him that you are the one who cheated me in the name of love. If i would have told him your name, then just think about yourself”.

Sahil laughs and says, “What do you think about me and sanskar? He is my friend for past 5 years. He knows me well and he will not believe you if you say my name also.

because i have created that kind of image infront of him. He can’t even doubt me”

Swara stares him angrily while both Swara & Sahil jerked off hearing a voice from back saying, “You are right Sahil, i don’t have doubt but it is confirmed now that you are that betrayer, coward who cheated her”.

Sahil looks at his red burned eyes. Sanskar is killing him through his eyes only. Sahil bent down his eyes and he can’t even look at him face to face. He comes near swara and frees her from his grip and takes her in his arms and says, “Sahil, it would be better for you to stay from her. I am not just telling but warning you. You know me better than anyone else”. He gives him a stern look and goes from there with Swara.

He takes her to his cabin and makes her sit and gives her a water. Swara feels nervous still and tense too. He pats her shoulder and calms her down.

Swara looks at him and says, “Sir..i don’t have any intention to hide about him..i think it was not necessary to tell about him”.

Sans, “It’s ok swara. I don’t bother about that. But you should be strong enough to handle him. I can take him out from my company but i can’t see his parents suffering because of him. He has 1 sister also and he has to work to get her married. He is not understanding his responsibility and doing all these mischeifs. From now on he will not interfere in your matter and i will take care of it. Don’t worry.”

Swara glares him continuously while he was saying and says, “You are really great sir. No one can do this much favour. I am very grateful to you”.

Sanskar takes her hand and says, “You are embarassing me Swara…you are with me so it is my duty to keep you safe. Now you go and continue your work”. Swara nodded and goes to her cabin. Once she left, he calls sahil through his intercom. Sahil hesitates and comes inside and looks at sanskar who is sitting in his chair and gives him a stern look.

Sahil stammers and says, “Sa..San..skar…woh”

Sanskar raises his hand to stop him and says, “Not Sanskar…Call me Sanskar sir”

Sahil is shocked and stares him. Sans, “What are you looking at me? you are no more my friend and you are just an employee in my company. So as an employee, give me the respect and call me as SIR. Got it”

Sahil nods and keeps silent. Sanskar makes him stand there itself and he starts typing something and it take hardly 5 mins and asks sahil to take the printout copy.

Sahil stumbles and takes the print out and gives it to sanskar. But sanky did not get and says, “It is for you. Read it loudly”

Sahil starts reading the information and gets shocked seeing that letter and says, “Transfer to Delhi?”.

Sanskar gets up from his place and comes to Sahil and says, “Be happy that am not terminating you. You have to go to Delhi by tomorrow itself. Don’t worry about your family. I will take care of them. I am not like you to betray the person who believes in you. You may go now and get ready to travel”

Sahil bows his head down and goes out. Sanskar smirks at him and says, “I don’t want to keep you near Swara. I wont allow anyone to harm her also”.

In the evening, Swara comes out from her cabin and finds Sahil desk is empty and stands there. Sanskar comes behind her and says, “I have cleared all your obstacles. Happy? Now no past will torture you anymore”

Swara thanks him and they both goes to home. Swasan reaches farmhouse and gets shocked seeing another car infront of the house. Sanskar understand who it will be. He hesitates and enters inside and finds a lady who is sitting on the sofa and talks with Latha kaki and her husband.

She gets disturbed by the noise and turns to see who is it and finds sanskar in the doorstep. She gets happy seeing him and is about to go to him but stops seeing swara behind him. She stares both of them and gives him a question look at sanskar.

Sanskar moves forward and says, “Maa..you here”. Swara gets shocked hearing his word Maa. She looks both alternatively and hides behind him.

Yes that lady is sanskar’s mom and her name is Annapurna Maheswari. She is a very strong and bold lady. She looks at him and asks, “What’s going on here Sanskar?”


New character- Swara meets a girl and gets shocked seeing her as a widow and calls her as “Ragini”. Sanskar meets a person in airport and hugs him calling “Lucky..i missed you a lot”.

So how is this episode guys. Hope you all like it. Let me know if you have any negative comments. So sahil chapter is over here and the story is taken into a new path with two new characters Laksh and Ragini. Hope you will enjoy with this new plot. Love you all.


  1. Ariba

    On love with 2day’s epi❤❤❤ it’s a request plz make raglak remain the supporting characters in this ff

  2. Neha_priya


    |Registered Member

    I guess I’m first….. Sahil is out…. That’s awesome ragini and laksh two new characters…. N ap too… OK so which turn is the story taking to??? ????

    • Sathya



      Thank u dear ?… It’s still n the same line but now sanskar Lust on Swara gone and love started blossoming but they will face some obstacles in uniting n raglak r supporting chars….

  3. Tulina

    Please don’t bring any love triangle between them……… As your story is different from others so please……….and awesome part as usual

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