Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 1)

Hello guys, its me Satz or Sathya who written swasan -Love is in the air and Love Blooms FF. I am already writing 2 ffs for MMZ and i thought of giving one more try for swasan. There is ni spl intro, i m giving u the 1 now itself, if u guys like i will continue.. pls let me know ur suggestions…

It is one of the big industries organized by Maheswari family. Now the chairperson for those empire is one and only Mr. Sanskar Maheswari. He is one of the most eligible bachelor in business society. He lives with his mother Annapurna Maheswari. His Father expired 5years back when he was doing his MBA in Australia. Due to this demise he stopped hus studies and came back to india to take the control of his business and he is doing well. He is a very ideal son and good Boss who cares for his employees.

But every man will have some negatives right… our Sanskar also has.

At one fine day, He finished all his work and felt little tired.. he dialled to a number and asks him to come to his office soon. Sanskar waits for him and once he comes, he leans on his chair and asks him to show the pics.

That guy takes his bag and puts down all the photos he has, he spread it on his table and waits for sanskar’s signal.

Sanskar zooms every photo and his eyes stucks in one pic and he couldnt move away his from that pic. He takes it in his hand and looks each and every part of her face lovingly.. he rools his finger on her face.

He shows the pic to the guy and tells him to make her ready for tonight. The guy accepts and gets the advance from him and is about to leave but stops by Sanskar.

Sanskar calls him and asks, “Name? “. He replied, “Swara”.

Sanskar murmus himself, “Swara… Swara… Swara…you are doing something to me”. He smiles looking at her photo.

So guys, how s the episode. Do u like it, u want me to continue it? pls let me know ur suggestions and comments.. thank u ?

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  1. Nyce….

    1. THank u dear ?

  2. Areeba nasir ishaqui

    Yes plz continue but plz try 2 post atleast 1 part daily

    1. THank u dear ?.. sure

  3. Soo ur back…looking foward to u….btw nyc start…keep going

    1. THank u dear ?

  4. sathya pls continue love blooms…..

    1. i will try shan… ?

  5. its nice satz as I am new to your page so would love to read it upload next soon

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  6. Cheesy one….. Continue soon…..

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  7. nice…continue

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  10. Awsome

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  11. thamiazh magan

    nice start.. waiting for something different

    1. thank u ?… sure it will be different one

  12. nyc..plz continue soon..

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  14. Amazing Pls continue!

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  16. Please complete Love Blooms FF.. it is still incomplete…

    1. thank u amu.. i ll try my best… am nit getting responses for that yar.. thats y i stopped it

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  17. Continue

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  18. plzzzzz dnt stop

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  19. Hey sathya why u stopped SWASAN love blooms? Plz continue that n give proper ending?

    1. sure dhara.. i ll try

  20. Nice one …but i hope your story is a bit different from the rest

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  21. actually i was noy getting comments at all for that and thats y i stopped it. let me try to put an ending for that.

  22. Nice…..continue….

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  23. NYC….but plz regular…n post episode 1 asap:)

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  24. Angel Goldie

    Awsum..continue soon..its amzing..loved it..plzz.continue soo yaar

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  25. Nice dear continue

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  26. Do continue !

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  27. Hey satz Darling i knew u r amazing writter.. what evr u write it’s automatically turned amazing..nice start of story..waiting for swara’s entry…love you dear.stay blessed..

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  28. Bang on.. Very nice.. Pls post next part plssssssssss……

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  29. plz continue

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  30. awesome

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  31. Awesome, wowwww sathya lovely update….thx for sending link…I’ll read this for sure as its your ff n I know you’re very awesoooooome. …plz continue dear. ..love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  32. Awesome 🙂

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