Swasan – Love Behind Lust – Ch 03 (Season 2)


Chapter 3 – Savior


I reached my Farmhouse after having a light drink in the bar…of course it is a light drink only. I drive my car myself and i heard someone shouting as “Savior”. I stopped my car and look everywhere, whether am i able to see any Savior here :P. I really don’t know who is the so called Savior, i followed the voice and there i saw the scene which gives me a shocking surprise.

I actually wanted to laugh, heartily but i controlled myself and maintains the snobby image of mine. She looks at me with her fearful eyes and calling, “Savior, pls save me”.

WTH? So am i supposed to be that Savior? Well tht’s a news for me and new name too.

“She misunderstood” My mind snapped me back and retort it back, “Whatever”

I look at her casually having my hands in my pockets and starring her with a smirk on my face. I could see her facial expressions clearly stated that she understood what i am thinking now.

“Clever Girl” i try to shut my mind and it’s most irritating job i used to do.

I moved towards her and took a stand just below her.

“It’s a visual news for me that you know gymnastic” i taunt her.

She is in the verge of bursting out and holds her grip tightly of not falling down to become the prey for my lovely guards.

“What you want me to do now?” i said in a same taunting tone.

“Please help me to get down. I am..i am scared of dogs” she completes her sentence in her shivering tone.

“I remember that i have warned you. It looks like you took it so easily”, i still continue my taunts.

“I am..sorry…please..help..me” she continues in between her sobbing.

I felt little pity on her, so i moved little ahead saying, “Leave the Grip”.

She looks at me with her widely opened eyes and i raised my brows at her, “What? I said leave the grip”

She still stares me holding the grip more tightly than before. I just let out a sigh saying, “Well, your wish then”

I am about to move and she replied back, “Please don’t go”.

I turned to her and repeated myself, “Then leave the grip…NOW”

That’s it, she immediately released her hands on the grip she had and closed her eyes the next moment.

I see her panting and breathing badly due to the fear but the funniest part is, she still did not realize that she is not in the ground but in my arms. I just got her like a flower bundle in my arms, and i lost myself in starring her scared face, tightly closed eyes, shivering lips, her heaving chest coz of uneven breathe.


I don’t even want to put her down and i stand at the same position till she opens her eyes. She looks at me with terrific fear, i just try to keep my face expressionless and trying hardly not to laugh on her.

Guess, now she would have a tingling sensation on her it seems, her body slightly makes a move in my hand and she tries to get down. She jumps on my hand again when she hears the growl again while putting her leg down and she wraps her hands around my neck tightly and hides her face on my chest.

I chuckled seeing her state and walks towards the main door. I stand in front of the door and looks at her who is still hiding her face in my chest, i slightly push my shoulder in front where she kept her face, and she lifts her face & look at me and the surroundings. She is about to get down now but i did not let her now and tells her to open the door.

She blinks her eyes continuously asking, “Key?”

I points her towards my chest and said, “It’s in my welted pocket”

She slowly moving down her hands to my pocket and picks up the Key and signs her to open the door. I carried her inside, again she tried to get down but carried her till the Sofa in the living hall and puts her down in a squawky way.

Since it is a cushioned one and softy, she did not get hurt but she looks scare the way i put her. She try to get up and go, but i caged her in my arms and not letting her to move an inch.

She tried for some time and after that she stops moving and stands at the same posture how she was. I could see her body is shivering hearing my groan just behind her.

“What were you trying?” it could be a low groan but in a cold tone.

Since i just stand behind her so closely, i can see her eyes are moving from right to left and vice versa. She is thinking for an answer, i smirked and expected a lie from her. But she shocks me saying, “I tried to escape from here”

But i covered my shock and said, “You have so much dare to say this to me, even though you know i will be angry after knowing this”

She closes her eyes tightly of expecting something ill-bred behavior from me. But to her surprise, i let her free from my arms and sits on the sofa by spreading my hands on either side of it and extends my head back to relax.

I know she is still standing at the same place and starring at me, “I am looking handsome right?” i said without opening my eyes and i could hear the stumble noise and it is from her who gets shocked hearing me.

I look at her once from top to toe and walks out immediately. Then in few seconds i came back to her and throws the packets to her, she hastily catches it before it falls down and then looks at my face of not knowing what to do.

I again placed my butt on the same place and gets into relaxing myself.



I was completely lost my faith seeing the his stupid guards and waits for him to take me. He came looking at me, i could see some smirk on his face but i am scared to stare him keenly. He started taunting me in his own words, i silently heard everything and cursing my fate for locking me here with this Mad man.

I pleaded me to help and after a long taunting session, he ordered me to leave the grip. I started scolding him in my mind and making him as the responsible for my this condition. I was not ready to leave the grip and i saw him walking back leaving like this….Oh shit..No no.

I stopped him again and this time his voice becomes little craggy and i responded for that. I felt like i was toppling down from some cliff. I was scared to open my eyes and soon felt a tingling sensation on my body, i slowly opened my eyes only to face the soft and caring look on him.

That look was brand new for me, but how come he can be soft and caring? I snapped my thought and realized that i am in his arms. I got nervous and is about get down from him, but the two most idiotic guards growled at me again and it made jump on his arms again and this time, i really got scared and buried my face in his chest.

I felt so good when i inhaled his whiff and i hold him so tightly. I could sense that he chuckled seeing me but i did not ready to face him now coz of my dumb guts.

Soon we came inside and i want to hide myself in the room again, to avoid his glare on my body. But god never supports me in anything what i want, i again get locked in his arms but this time, i felt different in his behavior. His hot breathe falls on my bare skin which makes me tremble and his closeness gives me a convulse on my whole body.

He questioned me, i kept quiet at first but again his voice tremored me and i spitted him the truth. I was expecting some ruthless action from him like beating or slapping, but to my shock..he did nothing. I slowly turn and looks at him on the Sofa relaxing himself. I don’t know why but i was starring him forgetting myself and i felt so relax seeing him. My thoughts were soon muddled hearing him, i face palmed myself, i just want to dig myself to the pit to get it embarrassed and that too from him. He passed me a sharp glare from top to toe and my body was feeling steamy when he scanned me.

He suddenly went out and came back with a packs, and throws on me. I hastily caught it and gives him a look but he is not in a position to give a reply for my look, he gone back to his old gesture.

I slowly gape into the packets and my eyes grows wider and wider seeing the stuff in it. I again looks at him but this time he completely lost in his tiresome sleep. I don’t know why but, i wanna cry…more and more. I looked at my torn clothes and the new ones he bought for me…i felt little happy that i gave him a perfect name, “SAVIOR”.

I silently goes to my room…guess it will be and makes myself changed into the new suite and lies on the bed. I put myself under the blanket and pray to get into a deep slumber to forget all these.

“There is nothing wrong in this torn clothes. infact, you will look more tempting in these.” he said.

I quickly opened my eyes and gets up with nervous looking everywhere on the room. The nightmare which i hate to think about it. I am sweating badly and have the water beside my bed. I immediately goes out and finds him still on the sofa in deep slumber. An unknown smile appears on my face looking at him.

“Guess, you hidden your bonafide behind the Mask of Ruthless, Arrogant and Angry man. But why?” i find a genuine look on his face but seriously i don’t have any dare to talk to him or ask him directly about that and all in one i prayed is i have to go out from here soon.



How is this chappy guys? Hope you all like both of their POVs. And this is the first time both thought about others in a good way, hope it continues the same way….fingers crossed.

What do you think about Sanskar? And what was that Nightmare which Swara has?

Any idea?

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