Swasan – Love Behind Lust – Ch 02 (Season 2)


Chapter 2 – House Arrest

AAAAAHHHHHH, i felt some pain in my head. I open my eyes and gets shocked seeing myself in an Upholstered king size bed. I jerked and sit straight on the bed thinking what happened before i fainted.

I am remembering everything one by one including the kiss from the dark man and the slap he gave him. Tension builds up in my body and i started looking around the room and an unknown fear arises seeing the surroundings.

My thoughts gets disturbed when i see the door is opening and finds a man walking towards me with a serving trolley. I gulped my fear under my throat seeing him, i remember his face now though i saw him in the dim light.

He is the one who kissed me, now my whole body starts shivering seeing him coming to me, i crawled backwards on the dashboard of the bed, he passes a sharp look at me and keeps the trolley besides the bed saying, “Have something. You might feel hungry”

Hungry, yes after hearing the word and seeing the food, i feel hungrier than i expected. I was getting some unusual noises from my stomach when i was locked there but i ignores it and thought how to escape but now having these food in-front of me, i couldn’t control it anymore and the next moment i grabbed the sandwich and starts eating like a maniac at first, then i felt his gaze on me, i feel embarrassing of myself now and then i slowly munching the sandwich and i completely avoid looking at him…especially his eyes. It has something which makes me numb to look anywhere else.

I am busy in eating and did not notice that he also take a place opposite to the bed at the couch and drinking. Yes, he is drinking…drinking ALCOHOL. I looked at him with my widely opened eyes and my mouth stops munching the food. Guess, he noticed me…he looks at me and raises his hands towards me having the Rocks Glass and says, “You want?”

My eyes become wider and i immediately nod my head left to right hastily and continue munching the food by avoiding his gaze. I feel that he smiled at my antics but i don’t have guts to look at him and silently finishes my food. He walks to me and sits on the bed where beside me and i jumped back due to his sudden proximity.

And due to that small jump, i lost my balance and is about to fall down from bed but he catches my wrist and pulls me into the bed. I breathe heavily coz of this my madness and his proximity, don’t know what to do but uninvited tears flowing on my cheeks.

He looks at me and now i too looking at him, his eyes…he moves close to me but now i am not moving anywhere as i told already his eyes makes me numb…stopping me to do any actions. I just stare him coming to me, he cups my face and wipes my tears…i don’t know why but i feel like hugging him as if i find my solace in him. But i control myself and wait for him to say something. But i get a shock when he starts speaking to me.

“Don’t worry, you will not go back into that hell again but you are not going anywhere from here too” he said. I feel like my world is upside down now and i wanna cry loudly thinking about my fate. A silent tear finds its way down to my cheeks and no words coming from my mouth. Again he only continued, “I don’t like seeing the ladies getting beaten up by some morons and i got to know that they forced you for this? Am i right?”

Unknowingly i nod my head positively and he continues, “Right. So only i got you here. And you know what? I love to have you in my bed with me…but only with your consent” he stops and looks at my pale face. I understand the meaning what he said and i am not getting the guts to oppose him. But somehow i gather some courage and stammers, “I…i…am…not…li…ke…that”

He, “I know that”. I look at him confusingly and waits for him to continue and he continues, “I know it very well that you are not one of them and that’s the main reason for my interest on you”

I am lost and looks defeated for each and every word of his. I feel like my life is finished and i am not going to go back to normal life.

He looks at me once and continues, “See, i won’t force you but i want you at any cost. I will wait for you to come to me by your will and till then you cannot go out from here. You can roam inside this campus but don’t ever try to step out from this Farm house and i will not be responsible if something happens badly by my guards. Doesn’t it look like House Arrest? I hope you don’t take much time to decide”

I am out of my breathe now and feels suffocated being in this room and with him. I hate myself now of being a girl surrounded by this morons. He told others as Morons but he himself is one big MORON. I curse him silently without noticing his proximity on me; i felt chillness on my forehead when i lost myself in cursing him.

He kissed me…on my Forehead…means? Is he trying to manipulate me for his blo*dy desire and looks like he takes his first step to get me. He smiles at me but i looks blank and don’t know how to react at all. He holds my hand asking, “BTW what’s Ur Name?”

My tongue gets stuck and i couldn’t speak out properly. My body gets stiffen hearing a cold tone and it is from him again asking me, “I should get the response if i ask something”

I gulps down my fear and stammers, “Swa…Swara”

He smiles and plants a kiss on my dorsal and i felt a Goosebumps on my body. He pats my cheek and walks out without even giving me an option.

I stare the locked door and curse my fate. I went and stand at the window and gets shocked as well surprised seeing no single house nearby. And it strikes me now that he mentioned this place as his Farm house…oh god, so i am n his farmhouse and it is an isolated place…I cried badly thinking about my fate.

I slowly walk towards the door and try to open it…gosh…it is not locked. Thank god, he did not lock me inside this room. I step out slowly and look around the place. I see a door is opened on my right side, i somehow gather strength and walks towards it. I heard him talking to someone asking them to come soon. I become curious to know who it can be, i don’t know why but i felt some positive sign listening his convo but soon it fades away when comes out and finds me near his room.

I don’t know why but i feel like my legs are plastered on that floor, i tried a lot but i am unable to move further even though he passes me a sharp glare. How he knows that my legs are not supporting me?

“What you want?” he asked me in a sharp tone.

“Nothing” i replied spontaneously. Before he asks me something else, i forced me leg to move and walking towards my room.

“Stop”, i freeze at the place where i am in after hearing him.

I am feeling his presence near me and i clutch my dress tightly to control my nervous, he stands in-front of me and scans me from top to bottom. I get a tingling numbness and prickly feeling everywhere on my body.

He looks at my face saying, “I am going out now and will be back in the late night. The main door will be locked and don’t try to do any foolish act. If you feel hungry, go to kitchen and have something.” he goes from there leaving me startled.

I stand freeze at the same place where am in now and i heard his Car sound and slowly it gets reduced. That’s it, i immediately run down to the main door and trying to open it and in fact, i am trying to break it. I gathered all my energy to open it but all in vain. I lost half of my energy now and i say to calm down and think well. My face becomes bright and sparkles when i get an idea to escape out, i run to my room and looks outside from the window. I am chanting all my favorite god’s name for helping me and i now look for the way how to get down.

I turn to the room and scan it carefully to get something to hold off. I look at the bed and remove the bedspread from there, i make it thin as much as possible and put a knot one end and the other end i left as it. I climbed over it and hold the cloth carefully and slowly getting down without getting much hurt.

I should say that, i am a very unlucky person in the earth when i see the cloth is not touching the ground and it has around 4 feet of gap from ground. I close my eyes and ready to jump, to manage the gap somehow, but my body gets chilled and freeze seeing something on the ground…just below me.

My grip is getting loosen and i am sweating badly seeing them at the floor, without any option i grabbed the cloth tightly and trying to climb up…but i couldn’t even give a single move.

I get to know that i can’t move up but at the same time i cannot get down also, i again curse my fate for leaving me hanging in the mid. Yes, now i am just hanging in the air of not knowing what to do.

I jerked and opened my eyes from sleep to see where i am, where will i be then? I know the answer but still i thought that…my foolishness. It is dark now and i am still hanging of not getting down. Now i tried to do some heroic act, i look at them saying, “Hey…shoooo…shooo…go…go”

You know what, my mom used to say me that i should control my tongue while talking to others in my childhood and i remembered that now. I should have kept quiet instead of opening my mouth.

I again said that again, in turn i get a growl sound from them, my eyes opened widely seeing them looking at me barking and growling badly. I recollect the words he told me that he will not be responsible if something bad happens by his guards. Means, these two are his guards?


Oh no, what i did now? These two looks like anytime it will catch me and take my flesh. First time, i prayed god to make him come home soon to save me.

Suddenly i see a light approaching the area and a slight relaxation occupies my body thinking to call him to save me. I did not think about the consequences for my act but right now, i wanna get down from here and it will happen only if he is here.

I wanna call him but how? How should i call him? I don’t even know his name also. Oh shit, what the crap i have done to myself? But how should i call him now, suddenly i remembered how he saved me from those goons…but wait, why i am thinking about that now? Weird isn’t it? But the truth is he saved me from them. Now i decided to call him the name which i want to.

I let a heavy breathe and shouts calling him, “Savior, Mr. Savior…Please save me. I am here at the back side of the house…pls come fast and save me” i am shouting like hell and i feel like my voice is cracking now coz of my scream.

I heard footsteps near me crunching the dry leaves on the ground. Yes …there he is. I see him now and i smiled seeing him now and yes now he is really MY SAVIOR.


So how is the second chapter guys…do you all like this? pls let me know your views for this episode and i am eagerly waiting to know

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