Swasan – Love Behind Lust – Ch 01 (Season 2)


Guys, happy to see you all in LBL season 2 again…so this plot is same as season 1 but the entire narration and story flow is completely different. Pls stay with me to know more about this story and share me your precious comments.

Note: I am already writing this plot in Watpad with different characters. I have done up to 9 chapters, initially don’t have plan to continue write in TU but then just thought of giving a try and I am very happy to find your amazing responses for this. Thank you so much and love you all.

Swasan – Love Behind Lust (Season 2)

Chapter 1 – First meeting


I am Sanskar Maheswari, who is a workaholic, arrogant, ruthless, stubborn and angry business tycoon. People here used to mention me as “The Most Eligible Bachelor” in the city.

Well, i am laughing now. You know why, because i am Ruthless, Arrogant, Stubborn Angry young man…but still the girls are running behind me…and again do you know why is that? JUST BECAUSE OF THE SO CALLED MONEY…MONEY MONEY MONEY.

Yep, after seeing the outside world i decided one thing is, “Money matters a lot in this world now. There is no love.”

According to me, If somebody says Love is the most precious thing then they should be admitted in Mental Asylum soon. Their condition is very critical now who still believes Love which is not even exist now.

MONEY…its so nice to even mention the word. Money speaks everywhere in this world and few idiots are still not believing it. But…But…But i am not…i am sincerely believing that Money is everything.

Well enough of my lecture, yes i am Mr. Sanskar Maheswari who owns Mehra Enterprises which is located at the heart of the Mumbai City. I am the Chair person too and lives all alone from my family. I hate my family a lot, i promised myself not to face them again in my life time. And yeah, i am a good boss too, taking good care of my employees.

But every one in this world have some negatives right? Even i have. You want to know what is that? You will know it.

Today, i am seriously getting irritated of continuous meetings, calls etc etc. I wanna run away from here for some time and i need a relaxation for sure. Yes i need a relaxation and i know where i should get it.

I messaged him and in turn i get a picture. I am just speechless seeing the picture…oh god without even a single patch on her face…she looks gorgeous. My inner soul is craving to see her now itself…that’s it and i can’t sit here anymore. I informed my Manager about the pending works for the rest of the day and i leave in a hurry to meet her.

“She looks innocent but why she pitched in this field?” My mind start shooting its questions and i snapped it back saying, “Having Money gives the happiness than being as an innocent”

I stopped thinking much and drive to the place where he mentioned and he is waiting at the entrance to receive me inside. I don’t know why but my heart beats faster than ever before…an unknown feeling and tension arises in my body which makes me sweats a little. He guides me where to go and finally i am in front of the locked door where she is in. He gives a sheepish smile by scratching his head and looks at me; i throw the bundle on his face and gets inside the room.

The room is completely dark and even i don’t want the lights, i like to be in dark, never mind how long. I walk further in the darkness and found her in front of me but not so clear.

I feel she is moving back seeing me going to her, i smirked at her and my mind reminds me, “Acting to be naive”. I shove off its thought and steps to her continuously till she stop hitting the wall behind her.

Even i look at the glass door behind her, and her body shakes when her bare back touches it.

Awwww…this girl is making me crazy in her each move.

Finally, i reach her and stands so close to observe her expressions on her face, i could see multi reactions for a second and couldn’t understand what she is thinking and not even interested too. I am craving to have her in my embrace and slowly lean towards her. More, i get attracted on her cleavage which is visible for me now due to the dim light; her collar bone tempts me to bury my face there. Without wasting a second, i buried my face on her neck and planting a wet kisses everywhere. I felt her body gets stiffen but still i continue doing my work. I slowly move towards her jaw, cheeks and finally i landed myself on her lips.

I was busy in ruling her lip but suddenly with a jerk, i was pushed away from her. No No…She pushed me… Yes, SHE PUSHED ME. HOW DARE SHE?

I stumbled slightly but i managed to stand and glare her angrily. With that sudden move, my hand hits on the Crystal Vase kept on the side table, it falls down with a huge crackling noise which irritates me the most and i close my eyes tightly to get over that irritation.

Then i saw some 2 to 3 people barging in the room and starts looking at me, broken Vase and her alternatively. I did not move an inch from my place and she…she is shivering now…her body is shivering badly and i could sense it. The man who is in charge of this rush to her, he holds her hair tightly and she winces in pain.

I see her tears which make me startle little but i stand still and just watch the scene there.

The man drags her beside me and slaps her hardly on her cheeks, she cries and pleads him to leave her but he is not ready to bulge for it. He again raises his hand to slap her…but the next moment he is on the floor holding his cheek and blinking at me. Whoever stands there looks at me scaringly including the girl and i know why?

She looks at me with her wide opened eyes, “God…her eyes speaks so much” and my mind again irritates me in its own way, “Do you understand the eye language also? From when?” I gritted my teeth in anger and it changed the topic, “Wow…super shot. i mean slap. You are awesome buddy. My hand was itching to twirl his hand but you did it before me. You should have done this before only”.

My mind starts blabbering something and replied it back in my stern voice, “SHUT UR blo*dy MOUTH”

All are freeze in the room seeing me and yeah i realized that i slapped him hard seeing him manhandling her badly…don’t know why but i couldn’t see her getting touched by the other f**king animals. I turn to him and glares him angrily saying, “NEVER EVER TOUCH A WOMAN WITHOUT HER CONSENT” . Even i realized after my statement that i touched her without her will. I want to bang my hand but my mind again makes his presence, “It’s ok boss, mistake happens once in a while”. I seriously don’t know how to shut its f**king mouth, i ignored it and turns to look at the girl but she is now trembling and is like anytime she going to faint. Yes my assumption is correct, she fainted…not in floor but in my arms.

I catch her in my arms before her delicate body touches the ground,, her hairs spread across her face, i move it aside and forget myself in starring her…she looks so innocent, naive…i am helpless but staring her face for a while.

Soon my mind snapped me back as a tit for tat, “How long you going to stay like this buddy?”

I nod my head and cradle her in my arms, am sure she will not feel it but i get a tingling sensation when my fingers touch her bare skin. She is so light weight and i did not even feel that but instead i felt like i am carrying a bunch of feathers.

Somewhere at the corner of my heart feels bad seeing the finger marks on her face and i swear to myself that i will break his hand if i get a chance again.

“We will make a chance buddy” very first time, my mind speaks sensibly and i appreciate it.

Each and one stands freeze and looks at me with their jaw drop…i ignore all, taking her in my arms and walk out. I know no one can stop me and if they try to do, they very well aware that will be their last day.

I made her comfortable at the back seat and drive to my place where i live. Only i live.

Thank you all who spend their precious time to read this story. I am so glad that you like the concept. Please keep supporting me and share your views on this chapter.

I am writing this story in his and her POV only. There will be no 3 person POV and hope u enjoy reading it.

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