SwaSan: Love is based on trust three shots first part

Hi guys I am here with swasan three shots. Hope you guys like it too.

First part
We see a boy proposing a girl she rejects him and runs from there crying. The boy feels guilty after remembering what he had done in past. He shouts swara please stop I will not repeat my mistake I know I have done a big mistake but I will not repeat it I realised the truth this time I really do love you and you can really trust me this time swara please stop swara please…!!!!!!!!!
The girl reaches to her house in car and shuts the door and starts crying remembering the moments they spent together. She says why sanskar why u played with my feelings in the past and now you are saying that you really changed and you do love me and I can trust you how sanskar how can it be possible you broke my trust. Trust is cannot be gained easily but can be broken easily. Sanskar when you will again gain my trust then only I will think to accept your proposal. If I accept now and you break my heart again this time I will not able to live. You have to gain my trust and confidence sanskar maheshwari till then don’t show me your face she sends the message to sanskar. Sanskar cries seeing the message I will gain your trust and confidence it is a promise from sanskar maheshwari to you swara. I will fulfil my promise at any cost…!!!!!

Screen freezes on sanskar determined face and swara crying face.

Precap: – sanskar tries to gain trust of swara….!!!!!

So guys how first part was now only two parts are left will sanskar be able to gain swara trust or not for that stay tuned guys. Love you guys bye take care don’t forget to drop your comments in the comment box.

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  1. Awesome dear…continue soon

  2. SNY

    Awsm dr…!!

  3. Nice update……….post the next part soon

  4. Tamanna

    Awesome…. But please write about their past also….
    Waiting for next one…. Update soon

  5. Akshaya

    What happened in the past?

  6. Khushiii

    Awesome update soon

  7. Awesome
    Dr givr fb so that we can know what happened in past

  8. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Very nice

  9. Bushra

    Update next part soon

  10. nice update soon

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