Swasan – Do I Know You ? OS by sinin


Hello friends sinin here . I’m back with a new concept which came in my brain after watching a telefilm… It’s little bit similar to that telefilm. And guys I have leisure time..so you all please say which ff you want ? Devil’s love in my destiny or royal love ?…all please comment.

A shiny morning . holidays are going on of durga puja. There are crowds on markets and malls . husbands are roaming with their wife with pale faces not sure of their moneybag and credit cards. Wife’s are giving them your – bankrupt look

A women of early 60s enters into a local market with her granddaughter. She is giving her advice about how to move in the crowd.. The girl is uninterested.
She is Sobha and Swara…. Dida and her shoru.
Sobha : bhujhli shoru…come let’s go in that one….
Swara : didaa…let’s go on big malls…why here.. It’s just soo..what to say ?
Sobha : are chup korr..I will buy from here.,you go and buy from your mall first come with me.
She literary drags swara to shop and starts selecting sari for her. Swara was doing some works on her phone…
Some one was looking or admiring her from a distance with his friend who was looking surprise

Joy : arre sanskar.. What is this you’re looking at a girl ?
Sanskar : so..should I see boys ?
Joy : no..but you only said na you don’t like girls… They are brainless.. Stupid.. Now what..
Sanskar : yes.. But see she looks different.. Not like others?..
Joy looks but finds no difference?
Sanskar : who knew I will find some one in this vacation… Thanks durga MA !?
Sanskar thinks to talk with her . but how…he goes towards her with heart beats reaching at peak. He thinks to ask her a random address.
Sanskar : excuse me ?
Swara : yes..?
Sanskar looks at her like a idiot
Swara : hello ?
Sanskar : sorry.. Won.,can you tell me where is this address ?
Swara tells him the place and again engages in her work
Sanskar : how can I go there ?
Swara : take taxi..or rickshaw
Sanskar : what is the fare ?
Swara gives a irritating look
Swara : what’s your problem mister.,what’s your intentions ??
Sanskar : they are very pure…?
Swara : what ?
Sanskar closes his eyes and says in one breath
Sanskar : myself sanskar mathur..I have come from abroad here for durgapuja… Currently want to have a cup of coffee with you …please don’t deny !
Swara looks at him shockedly., an stranger is offering coffee.. Should she go..she really wants to go out of this place.. She looks at did a who was busy..she agree to him..and they both went to a nearby coffee shop

At coffee shop
They both were having coffee and a little chit chat..sanskar was really fallen for her..
Swara : sanskar.. Did you came to India first time ?
Sanskar : no…last time I came five years ago…now every thing is changed..still you didn’t said you’re name ?
Swara : oh..,sorry swara..swara Bose..
Sanskar : Bengali ?
Swara : completely
Sanskar : where do you live ?
Swara : why wanna do robbery ?
Sanskar : what… Noo..
Swara : chil..I was joking..
Sanskar u scared me

Sobha : shoru… Shoru.. Where are you..oh God how could I be so careless.. How can I leave her alone.. What will I do now.,

Sanskar drops her at the same place and bids her bye..
Swara comes and did a hugs her tightly
Sobha : my bacha., where were you ?
Swara : chill dida..I went to meet my new friend..
Sobha : don’t go alone… Let’s go home now..I’m done for today

Next day
At green park
Sanskar was jogging and cursing himself for talking with swara about everything but didn’t took her number…no how will he contect with her ?
Suddenly he saw swara sitting on a park bench…he became very happy and went to her
Sanskar : heyy swara..good morning !
Swara looks at him suspiciously
Sanskar sits near her
Swara : excuse me..do I know you ?
Sanskar : nice joke., come let’s go and have coffee
Swara : arre are you mad..I don’t know you
Sanskar doesn’t listens to her and hold her hand..swara jerks it
Swara hey are you idiot I am saying na..
I don’t know you go from here
Sanskar become shocked at her sudden change
Sanskar :swara why are you behaving like this we meet yesterday now we also had a coffee you save me your name stop being like this do you have any problem with me
Swara : how do you know my name ?
Sanskar : stop it..
People started to gather there.. are accussing him for disturbing girls…swara to supported them sanskar was totally shocked he tried to protest but in vain he was angry at swara he went from there in angry he was very sad
Next day he followed swara,he came and I on her activities but they were normal he couldn’t find anything wrong then why did she behaved with him like this he was very heartbroken..
( what do you think guys what is mystery let’s see what happens)
He asked joy to follow her
Swara : what is your problem..
Joy : woh…nothing actually i lost my phone..you no its very disturbing..im thinking to throw it on the river…
Swara : its in your pockrt..!!!
Joy : ohh..yes !?
Swara : throw it !
Joy : what !
Swara : you said na its disturbing..then throw it !
Joy : looks helplessly
He throws it in the river
Swara went from there

Joy is crying and sanskar is thinking
Joy : my i phone.,,,oh god..my dad will kill me..
Sanskar :but why she is behaving like this….she also meet with you at shoping mall..then why she acts as if seeing first time…something is fishy
Joy : fishy ? My i phone is in fish tommy..oh god
Sanskar : idiot shut up and come wiyh me
He drags joy to swara home

Did a opens the door sanskar comes there and asks her to call swara
I’m her friend
Sobha : Swara ! Is he is your friend ?
Swara looks at sanskar and joy
Swara : no dida..I don’t know them
Sanskar : don’t lie..we meet at a market and coffee shop
Joy : you snatched my iPhone..???
Swara : what are you people saying.. I just saw u first time..
Sanskar : swara…stop lieing….. We met and you gave me ur address !
Swara : nooo !
Sobha : its enough.,.. Please go !
Joy dragged sanskar outside
Joy : leave this liar sanskar !
Sanskar : but I want to know the truth ! Lie…but why ?

At night
Dida crying and neighbours are consoling her. Some people have called police.. They are investigating.. Swara is missing !

Swara is crying in a dark room…though her kidnappers are taking extra care of her..not even harming.. But she wants to go her home
Swara : please leave me..
Sanskar : of course.. First tell me why are you continuously lying to all about me ?
Joy : me also !
Swara : I don’t know you..I never met with you..why will I lie ?
Sanskar : great.. Lie after lie..didn’t you meet with me at market?
Swara : no
Sanskar : didn’t we have coffee ?
Swara :no
Sanskar : didn’t we meet next day at park ?
Swara : no..
Sanskar at you’re home ?
Swara : nooooo
Sanskar holds her shoulders tightly and smashed his lip into her..he bites her lower lip..blood comes out..and she faints
Sanskar takes her in arm..and returns her home.

He apologized to dida..and said he will never disturb her again.. He just wanted to know the reason behind this continuously lying..
Sobha : darao..she didn’t lie..
Sanskar : she is even saying that I didn’t came her..lie !
Sobha : she said what she knows
Sanskar : meaning ?
Sobha : swara is suffering from a rare memory loss..
Sanskar : what !
Sobha : yes..before two years she and her parents met with a major accident.. Her parents died..but unluckily she saved..for dying everyday..
After that accident she can’t remember anything.. What happened.. Where she went,whom she met..everything of today she forgets the next day ! She remember every person whom she met before accident.. But not after the accident…
Joy : that’s why she don’t remember even after meeting sanskar three times..!
Sobha yes..there is no treatment..
Sanskar : let me try..I have a plan !

Next day
Swara : dida…where are we going ?
Dida : we will watch a movie..sanskar !
Swara : do I know you ?
Sanskar : maybe yes..or maybe no..that’s not a fact we are going to watch a movie..where I’m the actor and director !
Swara : its confusing !
They saw the movie where sanskar describes about her accident.. Her memory loss..their three encounter.. And finally confessed his love…
Swara was shocked and had tears in her eyes.. She don’t even know that she is soo sick..
Swara : when did this happened ?
Dida : two year ago

After that Swara and sanskar became very good friends.. Though he had say her full history everyday.. And had to listen DO I KNOW U ? They used to visit places..shopping..movie.. Teasing joy..swara used to fall in love with sanskar everyday from beginning.. Everyday used to be a new start for her..sanskar to adjusted according to her.

It was the durgapuja
Swara was wearing a red sari in Bengali style.. And sanskar a golden sherwani.. Both were looking very beautiful.. Swara prayed to god for curing her disease.. So that she can led a happy life with sanskar.. Dida was also very happy for them..they did arti together.

Sanskar receives a call..where hir mother asks him to return back..his father is unwell..
He looks at swara who was dancing happily…
Sanskar went back to his home and thought how his life will be with swara
Next day
He went to meet swara who was watering the plants he admired her from distance.. And came closer
Swara : excuse me ? Do I know you ?
Sanskar nods in no..and went from there leaving swara in confused state
Sanskar was leaving went he meet with dida…he takes her blessings and bows his head down..
Sobha : its OK sanskar.. You can go..life with swara is not easy.. Very complicated.. Be happy
Sanskar leaves from there..swara was looking all this from window she didn’t understand anything.. But she felt a pain on her heart.. For losing someone whom she don’t even know???

1 year later
Paris city of ?
Sanskar is shown as a workaholic business man.. Who knows work and only work.. He can’t forgot swara..and therir unique love..
Sanskar was working on his mobile phone.. Suddenly he saw swara on a shop with joy..just like before..he was very guilty but he ran to meet her once..she was with joy..
Joy looked angrily at sanskar.. For leaving her behind..
Sanskar : swara joy..?
Swara : do I know you ?
Joy : swara you wait for me in the car !
Swara went from there..
Sanskar joy..you both here..where is dida ?
Joy : she died before six months
Sanskar :what ! Then swara ?
Joy : she gave her responsibility to me..stating in a voice message that I’m her well wisher.. Swara stays with me
Sanskar : I’m sorry..
Joy : don’t be cause she doesn’t even know about your betrayal !
He leaves from there
The next day
Sanskar was going to Canada for a business metting but before that he wanted to meet with swara..
Joy was press there..he introduced sanskar as his friend..
Swara : I know you !
Sanskar : yes..wait what ?
Swara : yes..come with me
She takes sanskar to a room where a big canvas is kept..swara removes the cloth.. Sanskar looks at it shocking ly… It was his picture..in the same cloth of durgapuja.. He looks at swara with tear guilt and love..
Swara : I made it..when I used to stay India.. But I never meet with you..
Sanskar : I’m sorry..I’ll never leave you.. Ever
He engulfed her into a bone crushing hugg..swara too reciprocates without understanding anything.. Just follows her heart..
And then ??????????????????

5 years later
India… Kolkata
Swara wakes up in the morning.. She looks at her surrounding.. Its not familiar to her..its not her home..she founds a CD besides her its written please play me !
Swara plays it…
It had the video of a unknown person., Sanskar whom she meet 3 times..her accident and memory loss..durgapuja.. His leaving.. Dida dying.. They meet again in paris.. They got married.. Went to Maldives on honeymoon.. They are blessed with twins Meher and Mehek…
At last sanskar says in video.. I know you’re feeling awkward and sad..but come out of the room..let me hug you once.. You’ll understand our Unique love..
Swara comes out..mehek and meher stands beside sanskar.. Their daddahave said everything to them..they don’t trouble their ma..
Sanskar goes closed to swara who was looking at them..
He touched pulled her closer and hugs her tightly..meher and mehek to joins them..
Swara : by the way sanskar… DO I KNOW U ?
Sanskar whispers in her ear : let’s go to our room..you’ll know me !?
Swara : shameless ! I love you !
Sanskar : I love you till eternity !
They lived happily ever after..????

Guys please all do comment.

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    1. Sinin_kabir

      Dear Naha_Nidha I said in the beginning that I got the idea from a telefilm.. I loved the plot so I tried it on swasan..I’m not taking the credit…still thank you for caring about me like true one..
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