I want to give u a small promo about the upcoming episodes. i cant say whether i will be able to update my another ff or not. So in advance i am asking a big big apology. Sry frndzz

Swara and sanskar are working at ofc til late night.

Wen sanskar offered swara that he will drop her but she refuses him.

Swara is walking on the road……

Some goons are walking on the road seeing swara they stop and goes near swara and starts teasing her.
Swara gets very afraid.

Then sanskar comes and saves her.
Sanskar keeps on scolding swara and is about to slap her but controls his anger.
Swara gets shocked to see his anger and concern towards her.

Now wat will happen ??

Will sanskar be able to fight the goons ??

will swara get to know about sanskar being swara’s fiance.

Credit to: miss.murty

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  1. Plz update soon
    The kiss that i hate the most

  2. intresting…update soon

  3. awesowe yaar

  4. Awesome…. Waiting for this

  5. Pls tried to upld soon. Pls.

  6. Hehe…the promo did it’s work…
    Which is increase our curiosity….
    Lol…kidding but vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery sweet promo????

    PC. I know u r busy…so only u can’t be able to write(I mean get time to write) and it’s perfectly fine but update after getting some time….if u r free and don’t stress urself…..I will wait patiently as a friend but waiting impatiently as a fan and it’s true….
    And don’t over work urself….coZ ur health is also very important and we’ll wait fro sometime….and SAM plzz no sorry….
    Arthamindha ??? but update if u can…. a request ???…..
    Take care???

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