SWASAN : THE KISS THAT I HATE THE MOST (intro and prologue)


Hiiii frndzzz this is sam. this story is running in my mind for so many days. But i hav not written it as i first thought to finish my first ff. But now as i am free i am writing it.


SANSKAR MAHESWARI – arrogant business man who loves his respect more than anything.He loves his family but not more than his respect.

Owner of maheswari empire

SWARA GADODIA – a cute and innocent girl who is very good at heart. She is working
as a soft ware engineer in wipro

LAKSH GADODIA – younger brother of swara who loves his sister alot But fights with her everyday and irritate her like anything. He just finished his mba and searching for job

RAGINI MAHESWARI – younger sister of sanskar maheswari who is madly in love with laksh.But laksh doesnot even know

dp and ap are parents of sanskar and ragini

shekhar and sharmisha are parents of swara and laksh

Sanskar hates middle class people.

gadodia family is not rich. just a middle class.

Lets see how this journey proceeds.


Sanskar is in a hurry to crack a deal but his car gets punctured. So he doesnot hav any option other than to take a share auto. He is hating himself for travelling in an auto but that deal is very important.

he tries to take a taxi but nthng is available.
everything takes time to reach. So he having no other option takes an auto. He doesnot want anyone to know about SANSKAR MAHESWARI travelling in an auto so he ties his kerchief to cover his face.
he sits in the seat then as he was going. Auto driver stops at a stop
sanskar – y did u stop ??
Auto driver – are bhai sab this is share auto until the auto is filled we will not move.
sanskar – i will give ten times the money u get. So just move.
auto driver is about to move but a group if girls comes infront of his auto.
auto driver stops.

Sanskar was irritated

they all get into the auto.
some sit beside sanskar and some sit infront of him.
all removes their scarf except one.

One girl – hey darling remove the scarf we are in an auto. Now u dont get tan.
the girl with scarf – no yaar i am not wearing it for tanning. i cant resist the sun. Thats y.
all girls keeps on talking.

sanskar is looking in her eyes. He doesn’t know y he is attracted to those eyes but suddenly an unexpected thing happens.

speed breaker comes and the girl wearing scarf falls on sanskar and their lips touch.
Because of continuous speed breakers. They end up in kissing three times.
the girl and sanskar gets shocked

Girl gets teary eyed. He doesn’t know y but he couldnot see tears in her eyes.

The girl (shouts) – bhayyaaa stop the auto..

She gets down.

All her frnds are shocked. They dont know the reason.
soon they too get down.

Auto starts moving. Sanskar is still in shock.

girl’s frnds – SWARAAAA STOPPPP
Yes she is our swara.

Sanskar doesnot hear her name as auto moves.

He reaches the ofc but he is so disturbed. That he couldnot give the presentation.
He loses the deal.

Lets see how their journey proceeds.

Wat will he do ??
Will sanskar ever get to know about the girl being swara ??
will sanskar love her or hate her for making him lose the deal.

Wait for the first episode. U will see this part again in story.

Credit to: miss.murty

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  1. Continue….yaar..

    1. Hey di started a new ff. Check it

  2. Is it related to movie where a fate is interchanged by kiss between hero and heroine.

    1. No dhara actually i hav not watched any film like that.I dont know about it. its just my idea

  3. Hii mona…. Welcome back dr. …
    Hope so ur problm is solved…
    Prologue was awesome

    1. Sorry wrong comment In wrong chapter…..
      Sorry again…
      BT miss murty prologue is too goodwaiting for the next

  4. Awesome di please continue

  5. Awesome pls continue

  6. Sam it’s awesome prologue just make me feel excited I’m waiting for first epi…. It’s interesting…. An unexpected kiss will change their life… Wow

  7. Awesome yaar

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