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Episode 8

The episode begins here

Sanskar goes home. He had his dinner and went to his room

Sanskar’s room

Sanskar lies on the bed and closes his eyes. But he gets the flashes of the scarf girl and then of swara’s cute behaviour. And he praising her.
sanskar (thinks) – wats happening to me ?? i couldnor believe that i complemented a girl. Oh noo till today no girl effected me
but these two… na. Ok i agree that swara is my employee so i know her and it makes sense if i think about her but y am i always thinking about that girl. Who is she to me ?? But wenever i think about her i feel very happy in my heart as if i hav everything in this world.

He switches on the tv to get out of these thoughts. There he sees a lip lock scene. He immediately shuts the tv.

Sanskar goes to talk with ragini to avoid these thoughts but while he is going to ragini’s room. He heard his parents

Ap – ji listen i want sanskar to get married. It is the right age to get married.
dp – ha u r right ap. Even i too want the same but u know he is the most eligible bachelor in the whole city. So i need a girl who is perfect for him.
ap – yes i too feel the same. I dont need a girl who is rich in money but i neee a girl who is rich in values.
sanskar gets attached to her words.
dp – ya annapoorna i too dont want rich girl as my bahu.But sanskar always keeps on saying status and all.

Sanskar (to himself) – u misunderstood me
papa. Yes ofcourse i care for my status but i dont want a rich girl or someone. If he marries me she will automatically becomes rich. But wat do i want actually ?? Which type of girl i want ?? (Suddenly he again gets flashes of scarf girl) ahhh i think she will never leave my thoughts. I hav to do something for this.he continues listening.

Ap – no ji. Sanskar doesnot know wat he wants actually. So u convince him for marg and i will find the best girl for him.

Sanskar comes inside – then start finding mom.

ap and dp – sanskar….
sanskar – mom dad i heard everything. I dont want any rich girl… mom i agree for
marg. U start searching a girl. i will marry the girl of ur choice.
ap (shocked) – am i dreaming ?? U will marry girl of my choice ?? dont joke ok ??
Sanskar – mom i am not joking. I am serious. I know no one can think as much as a mother. And i seriously dont hav any idea about the qualities otlr requirements.
but i hav only one. She should understand my position as i am a busy businessman. She shouldnot complain about not giving time to her and all that…
ap and dp (shocked and happy) – ok beta we will see a girl no no best girl for our son.
sanskar (smiles) – ok mom gud night. Gud night dad.
ap and dp – gud night beta.
sanskar – mom dad its sanskar.. call me sanskar.. not beta..
ap – acha ok ok

Sanskar sees the time. Its too late so he goes to bed.

@gadodia house.

Swara is working in her laptop.
shekhar seeing the lights on in her room
goes to her room.
shekhar – shona r u still awake ??
Swara – ha papa actually we hav a meeting tomorrow. Its really important. My boss
strictly warned me to complete it.

Shekhar – ohhh that khadus ??
Swara – ha papa but u know these days he
is not behaving like that. He is being nice with me. Hahaha i think sangat ka asar hai. See me i am soo cool that he too changed like me..

laksh comes from back – self – praising leads to over confidence….
swara – oyyyy y did u come here. Go away. I hav lots of work. Dont disturb me.

shekhar – ha go away. dont disturb my princess.

laksh – papa this is too much. I hate u swara. I am going to mumma…
laksh goes.

swara (shouts) – call me di u idiot.
shekhar laughs.. – acha shona i will go now. I think he is filling ur mom’s ears against u. I should go there. U complete ur work fast and sleep ok ??
Swara (smiles) – ok papa bye gud ni8
Shekhar – gud ni8

Shekhar kisses swara’s forehead and leaves.

@shekhar abd sharmishta’s room

Shekhar sees laksh talking against swara. He scolds laksh playfully and asks laksh to go and sleep.

Laksh gets angry at swara and thinks a

Here in swara’s room

Swara finishes her presentation and sleeps without closing the laptop.

Laksh comes and seeing swara sleeping
he goes and copies the presentation to his pen drive and deletes the presebtation in her laptop.

Laksh goes with a evil smirk.

Laksh to himself – now see how u will come to me for this. Hahaha

Laksh goes.

Next dat at sanskar’s ofc

Sanskar calls swara to his cabin.

Swara comes there.

sanskar – miss.gadodia is the presentation ready ??
Swara – yes sir.
Sanskar – ya show me then. I’ll check it.
swara – ok sir. Its in my laptop. I’ll bring it.
sanskar – no u connect to the projector outside and call all the staff. So that they get an idea abouf this project.
swara – yes sir.

after sometime

Swara arranges everything and connects her laptop to projector.

Swara sees in her laptop but the presentation is nor there. Wwara gets shocked. She goes on searching…

Sanskar – wat happened miss.gadodia. any problm ??
Swara (tensed) – sirr wohh.. actually i am not able to find out the presentation. i prepared it yesterday night and i saved it sir but….
sanskar gets really frustated – how can u ve so careless swara…u r gud for nothing.

Just then laksh comes there to give the pen drive as he feels its wrong to involve personal and professional. he sees sanskar scolding swara.
Sanskar – its not ur mistake actually its my mistake that i trusted u and handovered u such a big responsibility even after seeing ur childish behaviour yesterday.

Swara looks at him as he is scolding her infront if his staff.she gets teary eyed.

Sanskar (shouts) – now plzzz stop crying for god’s sake. U all girls know only this right ?? U r irresponsible and ya i think u didnot even prepared the prensentation becozzz u were busy in playing with kids. And wat was that swara seriously ?? u r not worth of anything…

Laksh is getting angry but security guard is not sending him in.

swara – enough sir. I admit i an at fault but i prepared the presentation but i dont know wat happened.
Sanskar – if that so then where is it swara ?? Show me the presentation ??the thing is that u didnot even prepare it. Then y dont u tell this to me directly. Itna tamasha karne ki kya zarrorat hai ??
Swara – sir plzzz i am not lieing i really prepared the presentation.
sanskar – i dont hav anything to do with ur lies. I need the presentation in one hour is that clear ??
Swara – yes sir.
sabskar goes. Swara cries and goes to her cabin and closes the door. now security allows laksh but swara refuses to meet him as she is in hurry to prepare the presentation.

laksh stays there as he is guilty for his mistake.

Swara prepares it in 45 min and she directly goes to sanskar’s cabin.

Swara – sir ur presentation is ready.
sanskar – itni jaldi ??
Swara – yes sir becozz its my second time..
sanskar checks it. it is really a very good presentation.
sanskar – miss.gadodia.. even u r irresponsible ur talent is saving u.
swara – i am not ….
laksh – she is not irresponsible…
swara turns and sees laksh – lucky… tu yaha kya kar raha hai ??
Laksh ignores swara and greets sanskar.
sanskar gets shocked to see laksh there.
laksh – gud mrng sir. I am laksh gadodia. Swara gadodia’s brother.I need to tell u something.
swara – lucky this is not the place to play ur pranks. U just go from here.
laksh – i am sry di. Actually mr.maheswari my sister prepared the presentation being awake till mid night.
sanskar – see mr.gadodia i dont want to u to waste ur time by defending ur sister as well as my time..
laksh – yes mr.maheswari. u r right. But actually the mistake is mine. So i hav to waste my time as a compensation and as u too committed a mistake u too should waste ur time.
swara is confused.
laksh – mr.maheswari yesterday i deleted the presentation from her laptop and copied it in my pendrive just to tease her but i didnot expect this to happen. I am sry di…
sanskar stood still.he is guilty. he didnot believe in her.
Swara – lucky where is the pendrive.
laksh gives it to her.
swara – sir here is my first presentation. U see both compare and select the best one. I am going to my cabin sir.

Saying this she goes from there holding laksh’s hand giving no chance for sanskar to speak.

Sanskar too follows her.

Swara – lucky u go. U already got late to ofc.
laksh – di tum aise kyun behave kar rahi ho. Common yaar scold me. Beat me….
swara without saying anything went to her cabin and closes the door.

Laksh becomes sad. He goes from there.

Sanskar (to himself) – ohhh god i hav again hurt her. She is so pure by heart. She didnot even say a word to me even after proving her innocence. She is so special. She didnot even show me attitude. But wat did i do insulted her infront of the whole ofc. She is continuosly saying that she did prepare the presentation but i had not given a chance to explain her. Ohhh god….
and i also talked about yesterday’s incident. How embarassed she might felt…
i should apologise her…..

But his ego Being sanskar maheswari how can he ask sry…..

Precap – sanskar sees laksh convincing swara. Swara gets a marg proposal.

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