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Sanskar is going towards his car adoring swara for her cuteness in his mind but suddenly he spots laksh there.

Sanskar (shocked and to hinself) – i think he is laksh. He reminds the pic in ragini’s mobile. yes ofcourse he is laksh. wat is he doing here ??
He is about to go to laksh but then all the kids who were sad becozz of swara and shekhar’s prank goes and hugs laksh.
laksh bends down and says – oyye y r u all so sad wat happened ??
kids – ooo swara di na ……. they tell everything laksh.
laksh (angry) – how dare she ?? Today she is dead in my hands.

Hearing this sanskar gets angry but he also doesnot know y.

Laksh (shouts) – swara ?? Swara…. come outside. How dare u tease my frndzzz.

swara and shekhar hear his screams.

Shekhar – swara u dont go outside. I will handle him.
swara – no no papa how can i sleep peacefully without having fight with my devilish brother.
Hahaha so u be here. I will give u a missed call. Then u come out ok ??
Shekhar (smiles) – ok

Swara goes out.

Swara – hahaa unlucky idiot wen did u come ??
(Note – sanskar is standing at a distance and also a pillar is there infront of him so swara cannot see him. )

Laksh – wat is this ha ?? U made my kid cry (pointing meghana)
Swara (smirks) – ur kid ?? I thought she is verma uncle’s daughter.
Laksh (angry) – swara…. sharam karo yaar.
Swara – hahaha u unlucky fellow u r more shameless than me.

(Sanskar is shocked to see swara like this. He sees only that swara who knows how to
work determindely and how to perform her duties well. )

Sanskar (to himself) – by seeing her in ofc i
though that she is very silent and reserved but no yaar she is an atom bomb

Laksh – oyeee how dare u call me shameless. U r more shameless. Shall i tell u one example
swara – ha tell
Laksh – u r blackmailing with that cd. How dare u.
swara – ha i totally forgot about that. Tanq for reminding me. Now if u dont this matr then ur cd will get leaked.
Swara smiles devilishly.

Laksh goes and holds her hands and twists it.
Swara – ahhhh uu idiot leave me its paining.

Sanskar (monologue) – hooo ragini told that he is very good and never even looks at girls but here he is fighting with a girl and this swara too Is being so free to him. Swra generally doesnot move close to anyone in ofc too.

Swara – ahhhh lucky chodo na yaar..
laksh – no no tell my frndss sry. Then only i will leave.
swara – nooo
laksh tightens his grip.
swara – ahhhhhh.. papa this duffer is killing me papa. come fast….

Shekhar hearing swara comes outside. Seeing shekhar laksh leaves swara’s hand.

Swara (smirks) goes and hugs shekhar – papa see na lucky did this. See it became red.
shekhar carreses her hand – hooo ha shona.. it became so red. (Angry) laksh. Wat is this ha ??
Laksh is about to speak but swara interrupts – papa leave him. Come we will go inside. I hav to show a cd.
laksh gets shocked
shekhar (confused) – wat cd beta ??
swara – woh…. woh… papa…
laksh – AA DIIII I LOVE U SO MUCH. Papa that cd is that i and di are spending sone time. Then i told how much i love her hai na di ??

sanskar gets shocked to see laksh calling swara di. Then he joins all the dots where ragini tell him that swara is her frnds sister and everything…

Sanskar (monologue) – that means laksh whom ragini loves is swara’s brother…
sanskar again continues watching them.

Swara (acts) – papa did u hear something. someone is calling me di…. but he used ti call me swara devil etc etc…

Laksh (acts) – arre di its just for fun. tum jaanti ho na how much i love u. I love teasing u. Sry for hurting u di…….

Saying this he goes and hugs swara.

Laksh – plzzz yaar i beg u. Dont show that cd to papa.
swara(smiles) – ha ok ok.

Shekhar hugs both of them – i know my children. They love each other very much. All three goes in.
But sanskar is still in shock.

Sanskar – how can he be swara’s brother. But ha y cant he be ?? but my main motive is to make laksh propose ragini and make them one. I dont have nthng to do with his family.

Saying this he leaves to MM

precap – sanskar decide something very important in his life.

Sry for the short update yaar. I am writing this at mid night and my mother is continuosly scolding me to sleep so i couldnot write more. Sry frndssss

Credit to: miss.murty


  1. Neha

    Haha ? swalak are too crazy sanskar shocked to see swara in this way…. But I loved swalak masti today… It’s amazing…..

    • miss.murty

      laksh gets drunk in his frnds birthday party for the first tine and he scolds his dad (shekhar) and that will be recorded by swara.
      i mentioned it in the previous episodes. plzz read them

  2. divya

    Hey I can understand even my mother is also scolding me read this update at nite Haa love loads do upload soon?????

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    Coming to the chappy….just awesome ?
    Swalak bonding just cute….
    Hahaha….like every daughter is even swara is papa’s princess….
    Waiting for sanksar’s decision excitedly ?

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