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The episode begins here

@sanskar’s ofc

Sanskar is sitting in his cabin

ragini keeps on calling swara but swara goes to sanskar’s cabin to give some file so she thinks to call back after she returns after giving the file.

Ragini (thinks) – i hav to ask di whether laksh is fine or not. But y is di not lifting my calls. Did she get to know that i proposed laksh ?? Is she angry with me. No no di understands me. i will call bhai and ask him to give phone to di.

in sanskar’s ofc

Swara comes to sanskar’s cabin.

Swara – sir i hav checked this file. U plzz check it and sign it.
sanskar – no need miss.gadodia.. u checked it na and i trust u. I hav seen ur work. So i will sign it.
swara (surprised) – noo sir u plzz check it. And then sign it.
just then sanskar’s phone rings.

Sanskar in phone – ha bolo ragini..
ragini (hurry)- bhai is swara di present there ??
sanskar – ha she is here only in my cabin. y wat happened ?? Y r u in a hurry
swara looks at him with question mark face.
ragini – plzz bhai give her phone. I hav to talk to her. Plzz bhaiii its important. She is not lifting my calls..
sanskar – acha ok… i am giving..

swara ragini wants to talk to u.Talk with heR.
swara – yes sir..(confused)
Sanskar (thinks) – y is ragini so tensed and wat happened between these two…
swara – hello ragini mam…
ragini – di plzzz call me ragini
swara – i will call u later. I am in sir’s cabin.
i will call u wen i go to my cabin. Is that ok with u.
ragini – ok di but u tell me onething.. is laksh fine ??
Swara (shocked) – wat happened to him ??

Ragini – nthng…nthng…ok bye.
swara – hello….hello….
sanskar who is hearing their conversation is confused…
swara gives him the phone
sanskar – wat happened miss.gadodia.
swara (confused) – nthng sir. Shall i leave now sir.
sanskar – yes u can leave…
swara leaves from there

Swara calls ragini. Ragini doesnot lift the call. Swara thinks that she is busy.

Mr.khanna comes to sanskar’s ofc.

Mr.khanna goes to sanskar’s cabin.

mr.khanna and sanskar are competitors in some other business but ofcourse our sanskar is number 1

Sanskar – wat a surprise mr.khanna. u in my ofc ??
Mr.khanna – ya i came to give a breaking news.
Sanskar – wat ??
Mr.khanna tells everything which he saw.
sanskar gets furious listening to that.
Sanskar gets up from his seat In angry.

Sanskar (angry) – just shut up. I don’t spare u if ubtalk a single word against my sister. And u know wat my sister has to reject someone. no one can reject my sister…
mr.khanna – don’t under estimate that person. He is working in my ofc. He is a genious. …….. (praises laksh very much)…ur sister doesnot deserve him.

Saying this he goes.

Sanskar gets angry and his ego gets hurt.

Sanskar doesnot know his name. He goes to mm.

Sanskar goes furious to ragini’s room.

ragini – bhai u came at this time ??
Sanskar (angry) – is this true that u proposwd a guy yesterday ??
Ragini gets shocked.
ragini – bhai…m.woh….. (fearing)
Sanskar (shouts) – answer me….
ragini – haaa bhai i love him alot…. but he doesnot love me. We are best frnds. I am happy to be his frnd. I cant expect more from him. But how sid u know about it ??
sanskar holds her chin – dont u ashame of facing rejection. U r shameless ragini. I didnot expect this from u. How can u propose him ?? That too a middle class boy and how dare he reject sanskar maheswari’s sister. Who is he ??
Ragini – bhai leave this matr here only plzzz. I am happy with it. u tell me who told u.
sanskar – mr.khanna saw u proposing him. Wat’s his name ??

ragini – i wont tell u.
sanskar snatches her phone but it has a lock. but he sees a man photo as a cover photo…
sanskar – is he the person ??
Ragini (afraid) – no no he is not laksh… he is someone.
Sanskar – ragini tell me..
ragini – ha bhai he is laksh. But plzzz dont do anything. I love him soo much..
ragini cries saying this. She falls on sanskar’s feet.

Ragini – bhai i will die without him…

Sanskar gets shocked to see her love towards laksh. He gets angry on laksh.
sanskar sits down and hugs ragini
Sanskar (calmly) – ragini don’t worry. I will make everything fine. i am here na. U love laksh na then i will enquire about him if he is good then u will get married to him only ok ??
Ragini – bhaiii he is very good. U know i used to follow him for many months but he never noticed me. Finally i started a conversation with him. Ragini goes on praising laksh…

Sanskar remembers mr.khanna’s words.

Sanskar (thinks) – mr.khanna never praised anyone. I think this laksh is a very good person but how dare he reject my sister ?? Sanskar maheswari’s sister ?? No problem he will only ask for ragini’s hand That too infront of everyone. Mr.khanna u insulted my sister na i will show u wat sanskar mageswari can do ?? but khanna told that laksh will not agree so easily.. so wat ?? I am sanskar maheswari nothing is impossible for me. Get ready laksh. to marry my sister.

sanskar makes ragini sit on bed and about to leave but ragini stops him.

ragini – bhai u willnot talk to laksh.. . He doesnot love me. i dont want laksh to marry me oj someone’s force. So plzzz dont do anything.

Sanskar nods – ok u sleep. I hav a small work.

Sanskar goes to his room to take a file but finds that scarf.

Sanskar takes the scarf and keeps it on his face. He rubs it on his face.
He again remembers the scene. He becomes resteless
Sanskar (to himself) – wats happening to me ?? Wat is this feeling ??
sanskar looking to the scarf – who r u ?? Y am i feeling restless wenever i think about u. u know it is my first kiss. Sanskar maheswari kissed a girl. But it all happened accidentally. Ur eyes those are disturbing me more. Those tears in ur eyes are effecting me more. i am hating myself wenever i think that i am the reason for those tears.
(Shouts) shitttt wats happening to me. Who r u damn it ?? This all happened becozz of that kiss. THE KISS I HATE THE MOST….

Sanskar again keeps that scarf in the cup board and goes to ofc.

@ laksh’s Ofc

Laksh is upset while thinking about ragini

Laksh (thinks) – y did she do this ?? Now things become awkward between us. How can she even think that i will love her. But yes i do care for her very much..

Noo i cant let my frndship effect by this.

later he does his work.

Sanskar reaches his ofc

Sanskar asks his pa about swara becozz of some project.

Sanskar – piya ?? Where is miss.gadodia ??

Piya – sir she went home
sanskar – wat ?? Omg we hav a meeting tomorrow. I forgot to inform her And she has to make the presentation and details are with me in this file.
Sanskar – ok call anyone. I want someone to go and give it in her house.
piya – sir wveryone went home. even i am going sir but before that i should give this file to u.
sanskar – ok piya u send me her adress i will give her. And ha keep that file in my cabin and u can leave.
piya – ok sir
Sanskar takes the project file whose presentation should be prepared by swara and sits in the car.

He receives swara’s adress from piya. He drives to her house.

He reaches there. He is shocked to see the scenario.

Swara is fighting with small small kids. All are of below 6th standard.

Kids – swara di give the keys…
swara – no instead of this u take anything.
one girl – no i want that key only…
swara – arre noo i wont give it.
another girl – di u hav scooty na ?? Plzzzz give our cycle
Swara – if u want u take scooty. I want only cycle…
Sanskar gets shocked
sanskar (murmurs) – cycle…..

Swara runs with keys. She starts riding the cycle. She makes rounds around a car which is parked. Kids run behind her but she doesnot stop.

Sanskar (thinks) – shw is soooo childish…..
no no she is a kid yaar.

Sanskar unknowingly smiles and admires her.

Swara while cycling – hey frndsss plzz yaar let me ride this cycle if papa comes he will scold me and take me. Then u can ride. ok lets make a deal i will give u all choclates…
kids – no we dont want ur choclates. We want the cycle. di becozz of u we all stopped cycling.
swara – acha ok u all too ride.
kids – then meghana will remain alone
Swara (while riding) – why will she be alone ?? she too will ride na ??
All kids (angry) – becozzz u took her cycle…
swara is so involved in cycling that she didnot notice sanskar’s presence.
Swara(smiles shipishly) – hehehe sry meghuuu….u come and sit at back of this cycle. I will take u to a long ride.. ok ??
Meghana cries – diiiiii i will complain mummy that u took my cycle. (Frndzzz dont think it is a small cycle it is a lady bird cycle big one only)

Meghana runs.
Swara – meghuuuu wait dear…(but swara again starts riding)
Swara – hey kids now dont disturb me i will ride the cycle. If meghana’s mother comes she will take the cycle so let me ride the cycle.
Swara keeps a funny expression

Sanskar seeing this laughs very loudly…

Sanskar (laughs hardly )
sanskar couldnot control his laughs while laughing – un…beli..evable….

Listening to laughing sound swara turns and sees sanskar. She gets shocked. She applies breaks.
She is still standing in between the cycle. Holding the cycle handle.
Shekhar parks his car and comes to swara but swara doesnot realize shekhar as she is busy in staring sanskar with shocked expression where as sanskar is staring hr with love and adorable smile.

Shekhar comes to swara
shekhar (shouts) – shona wat is this ?? Today again u snatched cycle from that little kid. Wat do thibk of urself ??
Swara (pouts) – papa plzz na don’t scold me here. Lets go inside…

Sanskar laughs more seeing her pout. Swara thinks to go to sanskar but just then meghana’s mother comes abd scolds swara.

Meghana’s mother – swara wat is this ?? See becozz of u my beti is crying. U r elder than them but still riding cycle.

Swara hugs shekhar.
shekhar supports swara

Shekhar – ohhhh madam ji stop scolding my shona. She is not so elder that she shouldnot ride a cycle. She is too young. And one more thing my shona is helping ur daughter.
meghana’s mother – helping how ??
Shekhar – ha she is teaching her how to ride a cycle. She is showing her how to ride and ur daughter didnot understand my shona.
Meghana’s mother – ohhh i an sry swara. i over reacted by seeing meghana crying. I am sry shekhar ji
shekhar – no need of ur sry. Shonaa chalo beta bhalayi ka zamana hi nahi hai…
shekhar winks at her.
swara – ha papa chalooooo….
meghana’s mother – arre wait wait swara i am sry na. Plzz forgive me and u hav to promise me that from tomorrow onwards u r going to teach meghana how to ride a cycle.
swara (smiles widely) – ok aunty. Promise.

Saying this swara winks at all kids.
All kids are fuming with anger. Meghana’s mother leaves.

Shekhar and swara give hifi to each other.

Sanskar seeing all this gets surprised to see all this.

swara – papa tanq so much u know i was so afraid seeing u.
Shekhar – hahaha my dear darling how is my acting. I just thought to make u afraid u.
swara – papa u r such a dramebaaz..
shekhar – haa beta acha listen nthng is wrong in riding a cycle. u r too young. If u say shall i buy u a cycle. Y to take from them ??
Swara(laughs) – hahaha papa i dont get that fun wen i ride my cycle. wen we take other’s cycle and ride na that will be of very much fun…. hahaha
Shekhar – hahaha true acha i am going to home. Wil u come now ??
Swara – haa papa… (just then she sees sanskar staring at her With a smile)
Swara gets shocked – no pa.pa.. i hav some work
shekhar (smiles) – acha ok come fast. At home we hav to trouble ur mother too.
shekhar laughs and goes

Swara(fearing thinks) – omg swara how can u do this. now ur boss saw everything. He will tease u huuuuu. i am finished now…

Swara goes to sanskar

Swara (fumbles) – s…sir.. u …here…
sanskar is getting laugh but control himself – ha i hav to give u this file. I came here a long back but u r busy with ur important work.
Saying this he laughs vert hardly…
swara (angry) – sirrr plzzzz
sanskar doesnot stop laugh – ok swara acha u complete this work and prepare presentation. Tomorrow we hav a meeting.

Swara – yes sir..

Saying this swara goes to avoid more embarrasment.
Seeing swara run sanskar laughs and says – crazy girl…

He calls her again – miss.gadodia….
swara again comes to him – wat sir..

sanskar – u r cute.
Swara is shocked to hear his comoliment.
Swara – tanq
swara goes to home while blushing.

Sanskar too himself – thus girl is really crazy and her father he is more crazy i thought he will scold him but he supported her but very good bonding between them. U loved it. But wat did i say ?? Cute ?? Ohh god sanskar….saying this
sanskar too goes but he suddenly Sees
laksh there..

Precap – sanskar sees swara and laksh fighting.

Lets see whether sanskar gets to know about swara and laksh or not ??

Wat is sanskar’s feeling towards that scarf girl ??

i hope this is a long chapter. Hope u like it

Credit to: miss.murty


  1. shan

    pls u too dont bring d concept of blackmailing…..that sanky blackmailed laksh using swara’s name pls pls pls……otherwise its awesome

  2. Awesum…its superb swashek bonding was awesum nd swara asusual rocksss…swalak bond is already superb…eagrly waiting fr nxt part update asap

  3. I agree with shan pls don’t create blackmail scene or sanky marrying swara for raglak anyways awesome episode swara is crazy hope she makes sanskar also crazy

  4. miss.murty

    Tanq all for commenting and ya laksh and swara are brother and sister. Swara is elder

  5. Hope

    I want a looooonger chappie…. Its just tooo cute yaar.. And main bhi mere lil cousin ki cycle churate hai..aur mera fav cousin..sabse chotta ko backseat pe bitakar ride karte hain.. Lol.. Even if i’m d eldest..i’m d naughtiest..among my cousins in my maternal side.

    • miss.murty

      Haha i too will do same like u. same we cousins are very close to each other. they all r from my mom’s side. I love to spend time with them

  6. tulina

    Nice………..Please make it some more lengthy and please update the next part soon. ……..

  7. Dharsha

    Miss.Murty am vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery happy to read this chappy…..
    Before a minute I was feeling so sleepy but as soon as I saw this …I came inside and started reading….
    Now smiling ear to ear???
    Once again an awesome chappy…???
    No no it’s not only awesome but also cute chappy???
    And no guesses for ur questions….
    Waiting excitedly for next???

    PS. So sorry if my comment in previous chappy hurt u Miss.Murty but u asking forgive me dear…I felt like crying ???
    U didn’t do anything at all sam…so plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz don’t ask forgiveness and all………
    And moreover I can never be angry with my wonderful writer cum fab friend???

  8. Neha

    Haha ? what an epi I read the whole twice and I can’t stop myself from laughing really ROFL god swara is such a crazy and her father ? much more than her but I love their family atmosphere always positive and smiling…. Perfect example of happy family too adorable and that kids aww aj tak bachcho ko pareshan karte hue dekha par khud pareshan hote hue nahi dekha

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