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The episode begins here

ragini’s pov

I am very happy today. Finally i am going to confess my feelings to laksh tomorrow.
these days passed very fastly. I feel that its just yesterday i talked to laksh And swara di. Haa how can i forget her. She is soo sweet. i and swara di are like own sisters. She treats me like her sibling. Omg we trio used hav a lots of fun. And swara di is very loving and caring. She loves everyone except one. Hahaha her boss. She scolds him like hell. It is so funny. She calls him idiot. Hahaha anyways i love her and i am sure di will be very happy knowing my feelings towards laksh. I am feeling to meet di and ask about laksh’s favourites but i hav another work now. Mom told me to give this to bhai as it is important file.

Ragini’s pov ends

Ragini goes to sanskar’s ofc. Swara is in her cabin.

Ragini went to sanskar’s cabin.

Sanskar – ha come ragini. U know its very important file thats y i cant believe anyone in this. Give it to me.
ragini goes and gives it to sanskar
ragini – ok bhai i am leaving.
Sanskar – ragini wait…sit for sometime. After meeting we both can go together.
ragini – ok bhai…
sanskar calls swara.
sanskar – swara come to my cabin.
ragini gets surprised hearing swara’s name but thinks some other swara.
swara enters the cabin.
ragini is sitting infront of sanskar.
swara comes to sanskar but stands at the back of ragini so that ragini couldnot see her.
Sanskar – swara take this file and complete it. We hav a meeting in half an hour.
swara – yes sir.
hearing swara’s voice ragini turns towards her.
swara seeing ragini gets surprised.
ragini gets very happy seeing swara. Ragini jumps on swara.
Ragini hugging swara – omg swara diiii u know how much i missed u. From 2 days u r not meeting me.
Sanskar gets surprised
sanskar – ragini do u know her.
swara breaks the hug.
swara – raginj wat r u doing here ??
Ragini – di i hav to ask this. Wat r u doing here ?? Ek min ek min let me guess. R u working here ??
Swara – yes and u ??
Sanskar – she is my sister swara and u both will u tell how u both know each other.
swara (shocked) – ragini r u his sister.
ragini – ha di woh… ha bhai woh actually swara di is my frnd’s sister. We are very close to each other.
ragini – by the way di the person whom u r talking….
swara nods and laughs hard
ragini too laughs really very hard
both couldnot stop laughing.
swara thinks that how foolish she is. She scolded him infront of his own sister.
ragini thinks how she joined in scolding in her own brother.
both laughs hard.
sanskar (shouts) – will u tell me y u r laughing.
both stop laughing.
ragini – nthng bhaya its just that….ummm…we remembered a joke. Hai na di ??
Swara – yes ragini.. sry ragini mam
ragini (shocked) – di wat did u call me ?? Ragini mam ?? But y ??
Swara – see mam u came her as my boss’s sister. so i hav to give respect. If u meet me outside then i will definetly call u ragini.
excuse me
saying this swara goes.

Raginj is shocked with her behaviour but soon understands that becozz of his bhayya she is doing this. As ragini knows everything wat happened between swara and sanskar.
sanskar – this girl is just too much..
Ragini – don’t dare to say a word against swara di. She is the best.
sanskar – acha ji so u r leaving ur bhai sids for that girl
ragini (smiles) – bhayya from wen did u start doing drama ha ??
Sanskar too smiles.
after the meeting ragini and sanskar goes home. ragini says bye to swara.
sanskar smiles seeing their bond.

**next day

Ragini and laksh come to the outing.
They come to a park.
the place is beautifully decorated with white and red balloons.
Laksh – ragini Is there any party here ?? These many decorations ??
Ragini – not a party but a proposal is going to happen
laksh – ohh wow ?? Who is proposing whom ?? Common tell me
ragini – i am proposing u.
laksh gets shocked for a second but later think that she is joking.
laksh – hahaha stop joking ragini.

At the same park mr.khanna is present with his family.

ragini kneels down – no laksh i am not joking. I really love u from the day i saw u for the first time. I really really love u laksh..

all looks at them including mr.khanna.he recognises them as laksh and ragini as sanskar’s sister.

Laksh makes ragini stand and sees the crowd And shouts at them.
laksh (shouts) – is there any film going hete ?? Just go away.
they all goes but mr.khanna observes from distant.

Laksh – no ragini i don’t hav any such feelings towards u. U r just my frnd. Infact my bestest frnd. U completely misunderstood my frndship. I am sry ragini but i am not interested in all these. Plzz stop this here itself. I can’t loose my best frnd just becozz of this stupid love.
bye. Take care. Kal milte hai.
saying this he goes.
Mr.khanna (thinks) – woww if sanskar gets to know about this he will be very furious. At the same time the thought that someone rejected his sister will hurt his ego. lets see wat will happen. But i will inform him first But not now i will tell him directly.

Raginj cries there but soon composes herself becozz laksh didnot break their frndship. She is happy for that. She soon messeges laksh that not to tell swara anything.
laksh replies ok.

@ gadodia house

Laksh and swara are having supper.
Swara – arre ha lucky i forgot to tell u. U know my boss is ragini’s brother. yesterday only i got to know.i scolded her brother infront of her and she too scolded him..
laksh remembers how swara and ragini used to curse swara’s boss.
swalak laughed like hell.
suddenly wen laksh remembered ragini’s confessionhe became serious and went to his room. Swara gets confused


sanskar gets confused seeing ragini’s behaviour

All four sleeps. SWASAN with confused faces.RAGLAK with sad faces.

Precap – mr.khanna informs sanskar about raglak. And sanskar’s reaction

Sry for the late

Credit to: miss.murty

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  15. I hate u Miss.Murty but I really really love my Friend Sam a lot…….
    She is the writer of my favourite ff “Dr.Swara and Mr.Sanskar lead to SwaSan”
    I just love that ff sooooooooooooooo much Miss.Murty and I am vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery happy that I also became a friend of writer of that ff….her name is Sam……
    But Miss.Murty…..just now I read all the 6 parts of ur this ff along with the prologue……
    And I must admit truly that I have started loving this ff of urs…..
    U know am vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery angry with Sam…no no am angry with u Miss.Murty ????coz she once said am gonna write one more ff but only after completing the ff she’s writing……
    Now she started writing her next ff that too with her favourite name Miss.Murty …that is this one but she didn’t care to inform her fan cum friend (that’s me?)…..
    Miss.Murty plz inform Sam that her fan cum friend is vvvvvvvvvvvvvvery angry with her…..

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      It’s just that I didn’t know u have started next ff…..
      And I missed commenting in previous five parts???
      But even this ff is just superb….
      Am loving it ???

      1. Sry dharsha i really forgot to inform u. Plzzz forgive ur frnd

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