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The episode begins here
@gadodia house.

Swara gets ready for the ofc.both laksh,shekhar and swara are having breakfast.
Swara – papa i told u yesterday na that i am shifting to another ofc for 3 months.
Shekhar – ha beta very good if u change places u can learn the work.
Laksh – ha papa crct. Anyways she doesnot know anything so she has to learn something na ??
Swara – laksh don’t irritate me. Otherwise i will not drop u.
Laksh – mamma see
Sharmishta – swara u hav to drop him. Thats ur duty
Laksh winks at swara. Swara goes angrily.
Shekhar – sharmishta y do u invlove in their matters. And laksh u stop irritating my shona.
Laksh – ji papa…
Both laksh and swara goes on her scooty. She drops him near bus stand.
Ragini sees laksh with her. But she couldnot see her face as swara is wearing scarf. Ragini feels jealous

Laksh comes and sees ragini. He stands beside her.
Laksh – hii ragini
Ragini(coldly) – hiiii
Laksh – y r u upset ?? Wat happened ??
Ragini – becozz of u. Where r u yesterday ?? I was waiting for u till the last bus came. I wanted to tell All the best to u as it is ur first day at work but u didnot come.
Laksh feels happy – hoo sry ragini and tanq. As it is my first day i took my sister’s scooty and went on scooty. So i didnot come here.
Ragini – ohh its ok laksh. By the way is she ur sister who dropped u now ??
Laksh – ya she is my sister. Everyday she drops me.
Ragini – ohh so sweet of her. by the way how is ur first day ??
Laksh – good. And tanq for waiting for me.
Ragini – its ok

Laksh – but y did u wait for me ?? I mean its just a one day u know me from.
Ragini – ha laksh but wen i feel someone a frnd i will do all the things a frnd does.
Laksh gets impressed by her answers.
Both get really very frndly.

@ maheswari ofc

Swara enters there. She asks in the reception about sanskar’s cabin.
Swara – where is the cabin of mr.sanskar maheswari ??
Receptionist -sry mam can u plzz tell me ur name. Actually if sir gives permission then only i can allow u.
Swara -its ok. I understand. i am swara gadodia.
Receptionist – oh mam aap. Sir told to send u to his cabin. It is in 16th floor. Plzz go
Swara – ok
Swara takes the lift.
Swara (thinking) – omg the whole ofc belongs to maheswari’s. The ofc is very big. I think their home will look like a palace. these many floors in one ofc. OMG.
Just then swara reaches 16th floor
She directly goes near sanskar’s cabin and knocks the door.
Sanskar – come in
Swara comes in wearing a white chudidar. Complete white looking like an angel.
Sanskar gets awestruck by her beauty but soon seeing her he remembers the auto scene.
Swara – sir i am swara gadodia.
Sanskar – ya miss.swara take ur seat.
Swara sits.
Sanskar – see miss.swara i need everything to be perfect. Take care of that.
Sanskar keeps on moving in chair and turning the paper wait speaks to swara with a complete arrogant and rude look. Swara gets irritated by his gesture.he explains her work in the same manner.
Swara finally nods yes and leaves from his cabin.

Sanskar asks piya(sanskar’s pa) to show her the cabin.
Piya shows swara her cabin. Swara enters her cabin and starts her work immediately. Sanskar gives her the files of some projects. She does work very efficiently.
At evng swara goes to sanskar’s cabin to submit the files.
Swara – excuse me sir
Sanskar – yes come in miss.swara.
Swara feels irritated to hear miss.swara. she like to be called swara.
Swara submits the files.
Sanskar checks and gets impressed.
Sanskar – i am impressed miss.swara. excellent. U can leave to home now.
Swara – tanq sir and i hav a small request.
Sanskar – yes tell me
Swara – sir plzz don’t call me miss.swara. if u don’t mind plzzz call me swara
Sanskar (angry) – miss.swara don’t take advantage of my praising. I praised ur work. And one more thing u r not my relative or frnd to call u swara. U r my employee so i will call u formally.
Swara gets hurt
Swara – ok sir then plzz call me miss.gadodia u will be mors comfortable.
Sanskar – don’t tell me wat to do. I know better than u. Its better if u leave before facing my insult more.
Swara gets deeply hurt. She decides to be formal with him.
Swara to herself – sanskar maheswari how dare u insult me. I hate u. I want to resign the job but i hav signed the bond paper huu. But from now onwards i willnot give u a single chance to insult me.

Swara goes to home. Here sanskar feels bad for insulting her.
Sanskar (to hinself) – wats happening to me. I am feeling bad for insulting a girl. That too my Employee. I am getting mad these days. Yesterday that scarf girl affected me and today this swara. Hmm sanskar leave this here only. Otherwise u will go mad.
Sanskar finishing his work goes to home.

Here ragini and laksh are standing together in bus stand waiting for the bus. They both talk for sometine and then bus arrives. They both become really close frnds. They both exchange their numbers.

@gadodia house.
Laksh swara sharmishta and sumi are having supper.
Shekhar – swara how is ur new ofc beta ??
Swara – papa don’t ask about that. My boss is an idiot just like this unlucky fellow (pointing to laksh)
Infact more than this laksh.
Laksh – wow so now my place is second.
Swara – wat ??
Laksh – ha till now u used to say that i am the number one idiot but now u r saying ur boss more idiotic than me. So my number is 2
Swara – ya u r right. Ma he is showing me the hell.
Laksh – is it nice ?? Hell ??
Swara beats him.
Laksh and swara runs in the whole house.
After sometime they both come and have their supper. Until then shekhar and sharmishta finished their supper and went to their room.
Swara and laksh are eating.
Swara – acha lucky u tell how is ur ofc ?? Any new frnds ??
Laksh – ha ofc is nice. And my collegues are good but not as frnds but ha i hav a new frnd di. She is really nice. Her name is ragini. She is doing her fashion designing final year
Swara – ohhh ok very good. How did u meet her.i think she is not ur collegue
Laksh – ha u r right. She is my bus mate.

Swara – acha ok got it.
Laksh – tomorrow i will introduce her. She too wants to meet u. U will drop me at bus stand na ?? There she will be.
Swara – acha ok.now go and sleep. Tomorrow we have to leave early.
Laksh – ok bye devil
Saying this laksh runs.
Swara(shouts) – can’t u live without fighting with me ??
Laksh – no no and nooooo
Saying this laksh closes his room door. Swara kicks his door and leaves to her room.

@ MM

All are having dinner.
Ragini – dad u know i hav a new frnd…..
Sanskar – ragini stop ur stupid talks and eat.
Ap – tumhe kya dikkat hai sanskar ?? She is telling to me and papa.
Sanskar – mom but i too am hearing na ?? So ragini stop ur nonsense talks here itself.
Ragini – bhai i don’t share anything with u becozz i know about u. Thats y i will share it with ma and papa. That too became a problm for u.
Saying this ragini goes to her room.
Sanskar feels bad. He calls him but she goes without listening.
Sanskar completes his dinner and takes food to ragini.

@ ragini’s room

Sanskar gives plate to ragini. She doesnot eat. So he himself keeps in her mouth.
Ragini is very happy.
Sanskar – are u happy now ??
Ragini – ha very happy but from next time onwards don’t talk to me rudely. If u talk rudely it hurts the other person very badly bhai. Don’t treat other people as ur slaves. Treat them as ur frnds.
Sanskar – ragini now don’t start ur lecture.
Ragini – bhai this is not lecture. I know how u treat ur employees. Thats y i am saying this.
Sanskar remembers swara. Sanskar silently goes to his room.

@swara’s room

Swara is not feeling sleepy. She is getting the flashes of the auto scene and the kisses.
Swara to herself – omg wats happening. Just to avoid these thoughts i made myself busy in work and thats y i joined in maheswari company. That too under that idiot. Huuu but these thoughts are not leaving me.soon she thinks of sanskar’s scoldings and thinks to be reserved and she dozes off.

@sanskar’s room

Sanskar is thinking about ragini’s words and swara. But wenever he thinks of swara he also gets some flashes of the scarf girl and auto scene.
Sanskar to himself – if i stay like this i will become mad. I hav to stop thinking about that scarf girl. Huuu she spoiled my meeting but y am i not getting angry with her. Infacr wenever i think about her i feel immense happiness. Sanskar too dozes off thinking about the scarf girl.

Next day mrng

Swara and laksh comes there. Ragini comes to laksh. The trio goes to the near by coffee shop and then swara removes her scarf
Ragini – omg laksh ur sister is so beautiful…
Laksh – hahaha ragini u hav to see the inner beauty yaar.
Swara – oyyyy wat do u mean ??
Laksh – don’t get angry. I am just joking.
Swara – hmm ok by the way hii ragini i am swara gadodia this idiot’s sister.
Ragini – hahaha nice to meet u di. Can i call u di ??
Swara – ha ofcouse anyways this idiot never calls me di. Atleast u call me.
Ragini – hahaha di but i think he is not an idiot.

Swara – nooo he is the number 1 idiot.
Laksh – oyy devil u gave that place to ur boss.
Swara – haa but u know u both are competitors for that place.
Swaragini – laughs hard.
Swara – ragini even u look beautiful and wen u r smiling u look more beautiful
Ragini – tanq di
Swara – acha ok mai chalti hu. Bye ragini nice to meet u. And lucky bye.
Lucky – bye devil i mean diiiiiii
Swara – no need to stress the word diii
ragini – hahaha bye dii.
Swara leaves to her ofc.
Swara reaches the ofc. She goes to sanskar’s cabin. He gives her some work. She takes the files silently. She goes and completes the work more faster and perfect.
She handovers the files to sanskar. Sanskar gives more work. She completes that too. But she doesnot utter a single word.
Sanskar wanted her to talk , protest but she doesnot utter a word.
Wen swara comes to his cabin. Sanskar stops her. Swara keeps tge files and she is leaving then sanskar stops.
Sanskar – miss.sw..gadodia…
Swara feels happy as he is calling her by the name wat she wanted but still his words are echoeing in her ears.
Swara – yes sir..
Sanskar – today u did double the work u are actually supposed to do. Do u know that ??
Swara – yes sir. I know.
Sanskar – then y didnt u protest ??
Swara – wat do u mean sir ?? It is ur ofc and i am ur employee. U r paying me so i hav to follow ur order. Thats wat i am doing. If u hav given this work after the working hours i would hav definetly protested.
Saying this she goes.
Days pass like this swara behaves the same way. Their ofc work continues like that.
But the other side laksh and ragini are becoming really close. For raginj it is love but for laksh it is a good frndship.
But ragini mis understands his frndship as love.

One fine mrng
@ bus stand
Laksh and ragini are standing and waiting for the bus.
Ragini – laksh tomorrow is subday na ??
Laksh – ha so ….
Ragini – do u remember u hav promised me to give the party for ur job ??
Laksh – ha ragini i remember.so u want ur party tomorrow right ??
Ragini – yes and my party is i want u to be with me the whole day.
Laksh – whole day ??
Ragini – ha ofcouse any problm?? Laksh – no no. Ok
Ragini – tanq so much laksh.
Ragini (thinks to herself) – laksh i know u too love me. And tomorrow i am going to propose u finally.

Precap – ragini going to sanskar’s ofc and sees swara there talking with sanskar.
Ragini and laksh going for a day-out. Ragini proposes laksh.

Now wat will happen ??
Will sanskar get to know about laksh and ragini’s frnd ??
Wat will be laksh’s answer ??
Wat will be ragini’s reaction knowing laksh’s opinion ??

Lets see wat will happen.

Credit to: miss.murty

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  3. Swara nd swalak bonding is awesum..swaras attitude towards sanskar is super..

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