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Chapter 41

The episode begins here

Sharmishta calls Ap and informs her soon ap and dp comes too Gadodia house…

@gadodia house

Ap and dp comes there… Sees swara sitting in the sofa lost in her own thoughts… She doesn’t see ap and dp…..
Dp – Annapurna see her state… She lost all her charm and bubbly ness it’s all because of ur son…..
Ap – ha ji…. I can’t see my daughter like this but sanskar is repenting for his mistake… Swara can’t marry avi…. She can’t be happy because she loves sanskar not avi…
Dp – hmmmmm u r right….
Meanwhile sharmishta comes out from kitchen and notices ap and dp staring swara with teary eyes..
Sharmishta – arre ap ji… Dp bhai Saab… Wen did you come?? Please come in…
Swara’s thoughts are broken by sharmishta’s voice…
She notices ap and dp coming near her…
She hugs ap getting teary eyed….
Ap too reciprocates…

They four sit… Swara sits between ap and dp…
Dp caresses swara’s hair lovingly…
Dp – beta I got to know about ur decision… Swara bows her head.. She doesn’t know why but she couldn’t make an eye contact with ap and dp…. Because she too knows that she is punishing them without their mistake…
Dp – why are you bowing ur head beta…. U didn’t do anything wrong… You have full right to move on in ur life…
Ap – ji yeh aap kya kehre ho?? (what r u saying ji??)
Dp – Annapurna let me talk…
Sharmishta went to bring some snacks and tea for them
Dp (continues) – beta i already said you… You are not my daughter in law but u r my daughter…. I love you like my own daughter… I came here to ask you one thing…
Swara lifts her head…
Dp – kya yeh sahi hai?? (is this right??)

Swara looks at him teary eyed….
Dp – beta if you think that you are doing right by marrying avi then I will support you even if I have to go against my family for it…. But if you feel this wrong then don’t do this beta…..with one wrong decision 3 lives will get spoiled….
Ap – swara think about it….. Will you be happy in a loveless marriage…. When you love sanskar how can you keep avi happy… Marriage is not a joke…
Swara – mom I know marriage is not a joke but ur son made a joke of this marriage, my life and our relation….
Ap – I know that sanskar is wrong but u too are wrong beta….
Sharmishta (comes with snacks and tea) – exactly Annapurna ji… Even I too am telling the same… But she is not at all listening….

Dp (turning towards swara) – beta answer my one question
Swara nods
Dp (continues) – will you be happy with this marriage…
Swara – I don’t know whether I will be happy or not Papa but I am sure I will not be sad….
Because avi cares for me and he will never hurt me….
Dp (sighs) – ok beta if ur decision is final then I am with you…. God bless you…. And remember one thing…..your dad is always with you….
Swara side hugs dp and cries both with happiness and sadness…. She is happy to get a family like that and sad to go away from them….
Ap is about to open her mouth but dp stops her showing his hand…

Dp – swara I think you need some rest… Go and take some rest….
Swara leaves…

Ap – ji what did you do?? We came here to make her realize that she is doing wrong but u r supporting her instead of stopping her..
Dp – Annapurna swara bachi nahi hai (swara is not a kid) she knows what is right and what is wrong…..
Sharmishta – nahi bhai Saab … Swara is stubborn from childhood… If she decides something then she will do it at any cost… We have to make her understand…..she is being adamant….
Just then Shekhar comes down and seeing ap and dp he gets surprised and wishes them.
Shekhar – it’s good that you are here ap ji and dp ji…. I was thinking to come to u only…
Ap and dp looks confused…

Shekhar – tomorrow is swara’s engagement.. I was thinking to invite your family…. So…
Ap and dp stands there shocked… Ap wants to talk something but dp stops her.
Dp – Shekhar ji I always thought swara as my daughter if she took this decision then I will definitely support her…. We will definitely attend my daughter’s engagement…. Namaste ?
Saying this dp leaves… Ap too leaves unwillingly…
Sharmishta is about to talk but Shekhar leaves from there…


Sanskar gets shocked listening to ap and dp…
Sanskar – what?? Tomorrow is swara’s engagement… How is this possible… I won’t let this happen… I….
Dp – no sanskar you will not do anything if swara wants this engagement then it will definitely happen….
Sanskar(shouts) – dad what r u talking?? How can u let this happen…. It’s swara’ s engagement… My wife’s engagement dad….

Dp(shouts back) – I know sanskar I know very well that she is ur wife… And I also know how you treated your wife….. I am warning you sanskar if you try to stop swara’s engagement then you will see my dead body..
Saying this dp leaves
Ap cups her mouth and cries
Sanskar sits on sofa with a thud…. Layers of tears form in his eyes but he quickly wipes off them….
Ap pats his head and consoles sanskar

@next day
@gadodia house

Swara gets ready…. Laksh comes there.. She sees swara lost in thoughts…
Laksh – di….
Swara (coming out of her thoughts) – ha lucky bolo…
Laksh – I don’t think that this is right..
Swara – lucky please you don’t start now?? I am already fed up with ma…
Laksh – I can’t see you ruining your life with ur own hands…. I know it’s waste of talking to you because you never change ur decisions… phir bhi Mai bolunga (but still I will say) if you don’t want to reconcile with jiju then it’s OK but don’t marry avi… You are spoiling three lives shona….
Swara – I am not spoiling anyone’s life lucky….

Laksh(shouts) – yes you are….
Swara gets startled….
Laksh moves towards swara and side hugs her…
Laksh – I know what jiju did with you is wrong….. I too am not able to forgive…. I too am angry with him… But the mistake which he did…. You are repeating the same…
Swara looks at him…
Laksh (continues) – he loved someone else but married you…. Fortunately or unfortunately it’s you but in ur case it’s not like that…. You love jiju and you are marrying avi…. Di you can’t be happy….

Swara (sternly) – lucky you only told na I am stubborn and I won’t change my decisions then y are you telling me all this…. And one more thing lucky…. I don’t love Mr. Maheshwari…
Laksh – you do di…. That’s the main problem…
Saying this Laksh too goes…
Sanskar’s family arrives… Avi’s family too arrives…..
But no one is happy except avi’s dad….
Swara comes down…..

Sanskar gets mesmerized seeing swara.. She is wearing a cream and pink combo lehenga with minimum makeup and open hairs…. Sanskar is lost in her beautiful orbs and even swara sees sanskar and stares at him…. Both avi and Laksh notice this….
Ragini goes to Laksh….
Before she could say anything

Laksh – I tried a lot to make her understand but she is not ready to listen to me….
Ragini – it’s OK Laksh… Jho hona hotha hai woh hoke Rehta hai…
Laksh nods sadly…..
Swara comes and stands in front of avi but she keeps stealing glances at sanskar…. She may be angry with sanskar but she has to admit that her husband is handsome….
Avi’s dad (Mr. Singhania) – let’s start the ritual….
Both sanskar and swara feel heavy in their heart…… Avi’s Mom asks her to make avi wear the ring ?…. She gets shocked, angry with herself…. And whatnot…. She remembers her engagement with sanskar…. And their moments…. She gets teary eyed but controls herself…. She takes the ring and makes avi wear it….

Avi gives her a fake smile…. Sanskar gets teary eyed….. He feels something is going far from him…. Someone is snatching a part of him…. He couldn’t see this he thinks to stop this but remembers Dp’s words…. He feels helpless… Suddenly his phone pops up.. He sees a remainder… Actually he thought to introduce swara as his wife the next…. It’s the remainder which he set a long back…. An idea popped up in his mind….. He smirks….. (in mind) Mrs. Maheshwari you are only mine…..
When avi is going to put the ring in her finger… She notices her engagement ring…. She looks at sanskar….. And removes that ring and throws it away…. It falls near sanskar….
He couldn’t control his tears…. And went away taking the ring….
Swara too feels to cry by seeing his tears… She couldn’t understand what’s going on in her life…. She remembers her moments with sanskar and everything…..
Avi makes her wear the ring…..

Swara’s tears started flowing….. She went ran away to her room….. And locked it….
Sharmishta (shouts) – can’t you see ur daughter’s pain Shekhar?? She is dying inside…..
Shekhar too realizes that swara is doing this just to show sanskar that she can live without him but he promised his daughter to support in her decision….
Shekhar – but it’s completely her decision to marry avi….. I didn’t force her….
ALL starts arguing….

Sanskar’s side

He makes a call….

Sanskar – Sanskar Maheshwari…….
Op – sir aap…..
Sanskar – come to the address along with ur team… I will message the address….I have something big to share…
Saying this he makes many calls….
He informs all the local and business channel persons to come to Gadodia house……..
Sanskar (monologue) – swara I am ready for ur every punishment but I can’t let you go away from me…. I love you swara and I know you too love me……..

After sometime there is a lot of noise outside the house……And Sanskar goes outside….And smiles at them…
They all are media, press people……
Hearing the noises swara too came outside…
All runs to Sanskar….
Person 1 – sir we got a news that you got married and if so who is she ??
Person 2 – ha sir ….And why did you married her secretely….Is ur family against your marriage??

Person 3 – and we also heard that you got married to ur employee is that true ??
Person 4 – and sir Y r U here ?? Whose house is this ??
Sanskar – you will get ur all answers ….Please wait a minute….
Sanskar comes to swara and holds her hands and takes her to them….
Sanskar – meet her …She is my wife Mrs.swara sanskar Maheshwari….And ha you are right she is my employee but that doesn’t matter….And ha my family is not against my marriage infact…. It’s an arranged marriage which turned into love…(saying this he sees her and she can see only love for her in his eyes)and my family selected her as my bride….And I think that is the best decision for me…..And ha I kept this marriage a secret because my wife wants it to be like that….

All this time swara is numb and don’t know what’s happening in her life….Just now she got engaged to another person and here Sanskar is introducing her as his wife….
Person 2 – what ?? Ur wife wants it to be ??But Y mam ??You should be proud as you are mrs.sanskar Maheshwari….
Sanskar seeing swara’s State understands that she is not in a situation to answer them…
Sanskar – ha she would be happy if she is someother girl but she is swara….This money property name fame….nothing matters to her…..She values relationships and persons more than anything……And that’s Y and she wanted to hide our marriage for one month as she will finish her work in our company in this one month…She wanted to work as a normal employee in our company not as the owner of the company that’s Y she refused me to keep it as a secret….
All praises swara for her simplicity and they take pictures of them ,they adores their pair and leaves..

After media leaves…..Swara drags Sanskar into the house……
Swara is angry but all others are surprised as the way Sanskar defined swara …He understood her so well……
Swara (angry) – what do you think of urself ha?? Am I a doll for you….Listen mr.sanskar Maheshwari….You don’t have any right to play with my feelings…. It’s my life and don’t make it complicated….
Sanskar – swara…..I know I did wrong…You have every right to punish me….But don’t break this relation….Pyaar karta hu tumse….Tum samjhthi kyun nahi ?? Listen to me carefully….I will not let this marriage happen.. Because you can’t marry until our divorce happens and it will never happen…..So forget about ur marriage……And I know very well that you too love me.then Y can’t you accept it…Damn it…

Swara – listen mr.maheshwari…..Aapse pyar karna meri zindagi ki Sabse badi galti thi…(loving you was the biggest mistake of my life) please don’t remind me of that mistake again and again…..And ha you have to divorce me… Because I can’t live with a person like you….
Saying this she goes to her room…..
AVI – Yeh ladki samjhthi kyun nahi ki Yeh Sanskar se pyar Karthi hai ??(why don’t this girl understand that she love Sanskar)
All looks on shocked at AVI…

Shekhar – matlab you are not affected by this…
Avi (smiles) – why will I be affected ?? I mean I know that Sanskar loves swara and swara too loves Sanskar and this marriage of mine and Swara is nothing but a worst deal…..And I really wish swara reconcile with Sanskar but after punishing this idiot hardly…..And ha uncle….How can you think that I will be able to handle you lioness…Beta Sanskar only you can do it….sambhalle bhai….
Sanskar smiles at him and hugs him tightly…
Mr.singhania too understands but leaves from there being upset….
Shekhar – avi I think your dad is upset…

Avi – it’s ok uncle he will be fine…Give him sometime…
Dp and ap too are very happy as they get a ray of hope……..
Raglak became so happy that they hugged each other….Both Laksh and Ragini felt sparks inside them but they soon got separated as they realized their position…
Dp,ap and Ragini leaves…Whereas Sanskar stays there…..
Shekhar is still angry with Sanskar…But doesn’t disrespect him…..
After sometime Sanskar goes to swara’s room and knocks the door….
Swara – lucky go away….I don’t want to talk to anyone…..

Just then Laksh comes there…
Laksh – isse kya hogaya hai jiju…
Sanskar (slowly) – Laksh I want ur sister to open the door …..Please help me…
Laksh(slowly) – ok ….
Laksh – di….Shonaa….Open the door….I forgot my earphones in ur room…Let me take it…I need to watch a movie in my lappy..
Swara – you unlucky idiot…If you don’t watch a movie then Nothing will happen…Just go away….
Laksh – oyyy devil… Don’t call me that…..Just open the door or I will keep on banging it…
Swara(shouts) – papa please iss duffer Ko lejao yaha se
Sanskar giggles.

Laksh(glares at him) – ohh hello papa is not at home and ha I am not ur husband to bear all you antics and attitude…. Bechare jiju…Even though U r insulting him…He is back of you….
Swara(shouts back) – shut up lucky….You don’t know anything….Woh bechara nahi hai….Woh toh gadhe hai…Akdu…Hai…Badthameez…Aur tumse bada duffer hai….Ek ladki ki ankhe dekhkar koyi pyar karta hai kya…..Bewakoof……
Sanskar gets shocked hearing swara’s words..
Laksh gives a victory smile and says slowly – tit for tat you laughed na…That’s Y …
Sanskar glares at him and kicks the door hard…And gets away…
Swara gets angry and throws the water opening the door….
Laksh is completely wet….
Sanskar laughs hard ….

Swara seeing him understands everything….
She goes inside and about to close the door…But Sanskar holds it and gets inside….
Before closing the door….He says”sorry Laksh and thankyou”
Laksh smilies and goes away…..
Swara – get out of my room mr.maheshwari….
Sanskar – nahi jaaounga mrs.maheshwari..
Saying this he moves close to her……
Swara(moving backwards) – stay there…. Don’t come near me…
But Sanskar doesn’t listen….He pins her to the wall and moves closure……
Swara is breathing heavily…..

Sanskar takes her hand and removes the ring which AVI made her wear…And throws it on the bed…..
Swara(stammers) – what are you doing Sanskar ??
Sanskar moves more close to her and whispers in her ears – it’s my right swara….You can’t stop me..
Saying this he kisses her earlobe which sent shivers to her spine….
He comes back and makes her wear the ring which she has thrown out…..
And he kisses her finger then hand and then her palm…..

Swara is loosing herself with his every move…
He then moves close to her and ties her mangalsutra and kisses her neck on it….
Sanskar – never remove it…. It’s shows that you are mine….Only mine…I can’t even imagine someone else with you…….And ha you know one thing….Even when I don’t know that you are miss.scarf girl….I felt jealous whenever you talk to AVI…..May be because only I have the right to be so close to my wife…..
Listening this swara got happy but didn’t show it….
Sanskar kisses her forehead and then he kisses her on lips……This time she didn’t opposed him nor reciprocated because she is involved in thoughts…The love for her is clearly visible in his every action…..But still she couldn’t accept him or reject him…
Sanskar leaves her becoming breathless…
He leaves from there after muttering I love you to her…..
She is in deep confusion…

Swara (to herself) – why can’t I stop him when he is near me…Why will I always lose myself to him…Even after knowing what he did ?? No I can’t do this….I can’t marry AVI…I can’t ruin his life for my own selfish motives…If can’t overcome this problem called Sanskar…Then it will be a cheating AVI….No…..I can’t cheat him…..No…I will inform….
Sanskar(comes in) – no need to inform because AVI himself understood everything….So stop over thinking and let’s do the incomplete work….
Swara (angry) – stop it Sanskar…What r U doing here ha ?? Just get lost…
Sanskar – what do you mean by why r U here ?? Ha….I am ur husband and I have the right to sleep with U…And I am staying at ur house tonight and every night until you agree….
Swara – no U can’t…Please go away….
Sharmishta comes there…

Sharmishta – Shona where r ur manners…You can’t talk to guests like this….He will sleep here only….And it’s my house ..I will decide who will stay here and who won’t
Swara – ok fine but this room is mine na…Then just ask him to get lost….
Sharmishta – no swara Sanskar will sleep in ur room only because guest room is not good and in laksh’s room he has some work so he will do it the whole night….And light may be a disturbance for Sanskar and in our room…
Sanskar – aur tumhare mummy Papa ke beech mai toh mai so nahi Sakta(and ha I can’t sleep in between ur parents)
Swara laughs at his statement but soon turns otherside and says “ok you can sleep here”
Sanskar and sharmishta shows thumps up to each other….

Precap – swara’s frnd – swara U r a fool to loose such a good person….He is a true lover and u r missing him with ur stupidity…

He doesn’t love you by seeing ur beauty…He doesn’t love you for money or status….He loved you by seeing ur heart….He is a true man yaar don’t miss him….
Swara – but I don’t want him… Because he cheated me….And I can’t forgive him…He disrespected me and a sacred relation….
Discussion continues……And Sanskar’s trials to convince swara…..

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    1. Rabia

      U r making fun of a girl’s self respect… being a girl once out yourself instead of swara then u will come to knoww what a person feels.. u knoww yourr precap iss making me more angry.. the logic which everyone is goving is useless… why swara is suffering? Is not a little thing… that swara is breathing heavily what was that line? Sorryy too sayy but im not gonna read this story again.. i was waiting that may be u will show something but noooo im hight disappointed.. and u never even make your points clear to reader.. atleast try to reply them and clear there confusion.. u always comes once in a blue moon and then also showing this? I think u like sanskar as a character much.. sorryy to be too harshh but being a girll i will neverrrr accept this type of man and even my mom will never allow me..

      1. Miss.murty

        Sry for disappointing you Rabia……But sometimes breaking relations are not so easy…..Yes I agree with you….Even I have self respect and that too to the peaks…..I understood your pov….You didn’t like my plot and you are welcome to criticize me…… Readers always misunderstand my point of view but it’s not ur mistake it’s totally my mistake as I write such episodes before giving a proper view….This is not the first time but I have many other thoughts to punish Sanskar….But I cancelled this marriage thought because it’s not good to drag AVI in all this…..Please wait till my next episode…..You will get to know everything……In daily soaps we always see a heroin even after many insults…..Tries to save her marriage just Because she loves him….But here I wanted to show something different…..I wanted to show swara choosing her self respect over her love…..For that I have to show her love first…..I can’t say more than this…..I am revealing it because you all are highly disappointed and I really felt bad for disappointing you all….Sry once again…..I think my way of showing her love is different or I must say worst…..
        Sry once again all of you….

      2. Rabia

        Dear im not saying to make her marry with avi… there is no need of that thing.. i just wanted to say that plz dont make swara weak and other will pressurize her.. she is also having a self respect one person crushed her belief on her love thats whyy sankyy dont deserve swara at all.. i will never say that make her marry with any other person just make her strong enough that nobody will be able to pressurize her.m that was my point.. the relation which built on just a lie.. were never be sucessful and the way sanky behaved with her.. not at all.. for her sister he marry swara.. but no not for sister for his reputation.. then from where his love come now? Swara should be strong and will reply him back the why he behaved with her..

      3. Miss.murty

        That’s what I am going to show in the next part….As I already said while reading my story please have some patience I have many other ways to show swara strong….. Atleast wait for the next chapter

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    u know wat u had made jokev made of pious relation of marrig ,u hav made joke of a girls self respect n her felling ,u hav made joke of every girl who really go through all these phase
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      I didn’t make a joke of girl’s self respect dear….And I am sry for disappointing you all but please have patience and read my next episode you will get to know everything…… That’s all I can say……

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      2. Miss.murty

        Tanq so much swaragini for understanding my pov and supporting me….And making me feel better….I was hurt badly but after reading ur comment I felt good like someone is there to support me and understand me…..

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    1. Miss.murty

      I know you are angry with me and highly disappointed with me for posting such episode but I have to show this for the next happenings….I can’t tell you anything now….But please have patience….I don’t have any idea to let swara down…..Even I am a girl and how can I let a girl’s self respect down…..And ha even I have self respect….And also respect my readers….. I know U can’t read my mind but atleast trust me as I won’t let you all down…..And swara too….There is much more to come… That’s all I can say….I never forced anyone to read more my story or comment on my story….But I love when you all comment on my work…..And don’t feel bad for being harsh….U r right at ur place…. Because I disappointed you…..Plz have patience and wait for next part…I have something to write more….But after the next part I want all ur suggestions because I have two endings I will say everything in my next episode….

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