SWASAN : THE KISS THAT I HATE THE MOST (chapter 40)maha episode

Hiiii frndzzzzz….. It’s a long chapter as a compensation for being late

The episode begins here

Swara and avi reach MM…
Swara rushes to ap ‘s room……where as avi stays in the hall and ragini serves him water.
Swara gets teary eyed seeing ap…. Lying on that bed…
Swara – mom…..
Ap opens her eyes…. She gets happy to see swara there…..
Ap (murmurs) – swara…….. (ap forwards her hands and asks swara to come near her)
Swara goes near ap and sits there….
Swara – mom… How are you??
Ap – I am feeling much better seeing you beta….. Don’t cry I am fine…
Swara (guilty) – I am sorry mom…. You took care of me like my mother… But I failed as a daughter…. I am sorry mom……
Ap – don’t say this swara you are the world’s best daughter…. Who doesn’t show any difference between her mother and mother in law… When you were here you cared for all of us…. You always did your duties well but we failed beta….. We are sorry…. (ap is about to join hands but swara stops)
Swara – no mom… It’s nothing like that… You are not at fault..
Dp comes in…

Dp – no beta we are at fault…. We always said that you are like our daughter but we never treated you like that….
Swara gets up and takes blessings of dp…
Dp side hugs her….
Swara – dad please don’t blame yourselves for some others mistake…
Dp – no swara it’s our mistake too… Sanskar is ill treating you and we don’t even know about that….. Y didn’t you tell us swara?? Ha??
Swara (bowing her head) – I am sry I didn’t want to create any differences between you and sanskar……i know if I have told you… You would never let this happen… But….
Dp – no swara you always said that we are like your parents… But when it comes to sharing your pain you went to your parents…
Swara – dad it’s not like that…
Ap – it’s OK ji… Why are you scolding my daughter…. She came just now… Let her take some rest…. Swara you go and Take rest in your room…
Swara gets worried… She wanted to say ap that she didn’t come to stay here but she is afraid of ap’s condition….
Ap seeing swara in her thoughts…
Ap (hopefully) – you came here to stay right??
Swara sees dp… And dp understands everything…
Dp – aa swara beta your ma and Papa came to see ap… So please go and bring them here…
Swara – yes dad…
Saying this swara goes…
Dp sits near ap…

Dp – Annapurna give her sometime she will be fine… Your son didn’t any small mistake… It’s really very hard for her to forgive sanskar…
Ap – but she will forgive na…. My son can’t live without swara…. He really loves her…. And I can’t accept any other person as my bahu except swara… She is not my daughter in law.. She is my daughter…
(Shekhar and sharmishta Comes there but ap and dp doesn’t notice them.. They hears ap and dp’s talks)
Dp – ha you are right…. Even I feel the same… In fact I feel that swara is my own daughter and sanskar is an outsider….
Ap (angry) – I know you are angry with sanskar but don’t say our son as an outsider……
Dp – no Annapurna until swara forgives him…. I can’t accept him as my son… And whatever he has done I can’t forgive him……
Shekhar and sharmishta gets overwhelmed seeing ap and dp’s love towards swara… Shekhar feels bad about what he said about ap and dp…
Swara comes there along with avi and asks Shekhar and sharmishta to go inside…
Swara – ma Papa go inside na…
Listening swara’s voice ap and dp turns towards the door…
Dp – arre Shekhar ji…. When did you come?? Sorry I didn’t see you… Please come inside…
Shekhar and sharmishta go inside followed by swara, avi, and ragini…
Shekhar (to ap) – kaise he behanji aap?? (how are you sister)
Ap – teekh hu bhai Saahb….
Sharmishta gives fruits to ap and sits beside her….
Sharmishta – why didn’t you inform us?? We are all one family…even though some differences are there between our children we should solve them na…..
Ap – ji bilkul sahi kaha aapne sharmishta ji…. Even I think the same…. (you are absolutely right sharmishta ji… Even I think the same)
Dp – I am sorry that we hided about Annapurna’s ill health but we are ashamed of our son’s deeds… We couldn’t face you…
(dp folds hands and turns to Shekhar)
I am sorry Shekhar ji…. We couldn’t keep your daughter happy…. She suffered a lot because of my son….
Shekhar nods in no and holds dp’s hands…
Swara comes to dp and says….

Swara – dad… Please don’t do this again… I don’t like my dad asking forgiveness that too for the mistake he had never done…
Dp gets glad and smiles…. Swara hugs him…..
ALL this time sanskar was standing outside the room and listening to their conversation…
Sanskar gets happy to get a wife like swara..
Ap – swara beta ask kaka to arrange the table…. We all will have lunch together…
Shekhar is about to say no but sharmishta says yes….
Sharmishta signs ap that she wanted to talk to her alone…
Ap – dp ji… You make everyone sit in the hall…. We will join you in a while…
ALL goes… But sharmishta asks avi to stay..
Avi – Aunty why did you ask me to stay here..
Sharmishta – batati hu baito (I will tell you sit)
Ap – sharmishta ji I don’t want swara and sanskar to part ways….
Sharmishta – even I want the same ap ji…
Ha I am angry with sanskar for treating Mt daughter in that way but divorce is not the solution…
Ap (shocked) – divorce??
Sharmishta (glaring angrily at avi) – why are you seeing me avi… Tell her…. Ha Annapurna ji…. Swara wants divorce from sanskar… And all are supporting her in this decision… In fact avinash and Shekhar are more determined to get swara divorced…. ASAP…
Ap (teary eyed) – you say that swara is your best friend right?? How can you this to her…. How can you spoil her life…
Avi (angry but still composes himself and talks calmly) – no Aunty I am not spoiling her life…. In fact I am saving her life from getting spoiled…. I am sorry Aunty but I can’t let swara live with sanskar….

Saying this he is about to leave but ap and sharmishta at the same time….
Ap and sharmishta – BUT SWARA LOVES SANSKAR….
Listening this avi stops…
Sharmishta – avi… Tumne aaj tak meri Har baat mana hai… Please ye aakhri baat manlo (avi you always obeyed me till today please obey me for one last time)
Avi comes back and sits…..
Avi (holding sanskar’s hands) – Aunty y are you not understanding us…. Swara can’t be happy with that man…. He had hurt swara a lot….. I can’t let swara’s life ruin like suma’s…. I was not able to save suma but I will definitely save swara…
Sharmishta – suma ki baat alag hai avi (suma’s case is different avi) suma doesn’t love her husband nor he does…….but…
Avi – but what Aunty… Only swara loves sanskar but he doesn’t love swara…
Sharmishta – I don’t understand why are you all thinking in the same way…. Sanskar loves swara….
Ap – ha beta sanskar loves swara a lot…
Avi – no Aunty sanskar loves that Scarf girl and unfortunately she is swara…. What if she is not swara….
Sharmishta – why are you thinking like that avinash…. That’s not the truth…. We should think about the thing which is happening not the thing which could have happened…
Avi – I am sorry Aunty I am not convinced with your explanation and I don’t let swara stay in this unwanted relation….
Saying this avi goes out….

Laksh too comes to MM after knowing about ap’s health….
ALL gadodia and maheshwari families have their lunch….
During the lunch sanskar and swara are remembering their moments with each other
Sanskar gets a smile on his face remembering about halwa incident…
Swara too smiles unknowingly but later composes herself….
After the lunch swara is about to take the vessels but avi stops her…
Avi (coldly) – you are a guest here… So no need to do these things…. Let them do…
Swara is about to say something but sanskar interrupts…
Sanskar (in the same tone) – I think you forgot something avi… Sry Mr. Avinash Singhania…. It’s her house as she is the dil of this house…. And my wife….
Avi – she is not your….
all gets startled seeing sanskar’s anger…..
Ap – sanskar relax beta… (to Shekhar and Sharmishta avi and Laksh) come let’s sit in the hall bhai Saab….
Shekhar gets angry with sanskar’s behavior but seeing ap’s health he calms down…
ALL sit in the hall whereas swara is setting the things and instructing the maid and sanskar too sits on one of the dining table chair… Swara ignoring sanskar does her work….


Ap – bhai Saab I think we should think about swara and sanskar’s relationship…
Shekhar – there is nothing left to talk ap ji… I don’t blame you all.. I am very happy that you all love my daughter like ur daughter but I can’t let my daughter live with a man like sanskar… He had made my daughter suffer… He had hurt my daughter’s self respect….
Sharmishta – Shekhar but divorce is not the solution….
Dp – no Sharmishta ji…. I agree with Shekhar ji… Sanskar did very wrong with swara… I am ashamed to call him as my son…. But I think we should not force our decisions on our children… Let swara decide what she wants….
Avi – she wants divorce from sanskar uncle….
Laksh and ragini looks at each other giving confused looks…..
Laksh was sure about the divorce until he talked with ragini

***Flash back starts***

When Laksh came to MM ragini saw him and wanted to talk with him so she pulled him to a side…
Laksh (with sudden jerk) – why did you pull me ragini??
Ragini (angrily) – I can’t believe that you are letting this happen??
Laksh – what ragini… Come to the point
Ragini – I am talking about divorce..
Laksh – so what’s wrong in that…. Your brother deserves it….
Ragini – exactly… Laksh…. Only my brother deserves the punishment not swara bhabhi… If this divorce happens then along with bhayya bhabhi will also suffer… Try to understand Laksh…. I agree bhai had done very wrong with bhabhi…. But if divorce happens then everything between them ends…. But not love… Love cannot be ended by signing any damn papers. The fact is both bhabhi and bhayya loves each other. I know you all are concerned about bhabhi… Trust me even I too am concerned about her… Pyar chin Jaata hai toh bahut Dard hothi hai Laksh….. Tum nahi jaante…… (ragini tells him with teary eyes) if bhabhi wants to punish bhayya then ask her to stay away from bhayya till she forgives him or ask her to punish bhayya but not this divorce…. Please
Saying this she leaves.
***flashback ends***
Laksh remembers ragini’s words and gets into deep thinking…..
Ap – no avi beta you children will only see today but we can see the tomorrow too… Because we are experienced…..
Shekhar bhai Saab…. Can you name a one couple who are divorced and are happy….
Shekhar stays silent…
Ap (continues) – I know some of them might be happy because they must have married someone else leaving their loved ones behind… So they are happy with their divorce but here both sanskar and swara loves each other….


Swara finished setting the things and is about to leave completely ignoring sanskar but sanskar holds her hands and pulls her closer…. But still swara doesn’t talk to him.
Sanskar (guilty) – swara please talk to me… Don’t stay like this…. If you are angry with me then scold me… Beat me…. Do whatever you want but please don’t stay away from me…. I know I have committed a very big mistake…. But I really love you swara…. I really do…. Please talk to me Atleast scold me…… Please….
Sanskar is stopping his tears very hardly because he never wanted to cry….
Swara and sanskar are so close that they can hear each other’s heart beats…. Sanskar touches her forehead with his forehead…..
Swara breathes heavily due to their closeness…. She tries to free herself but sanskar tightens his grip….
Sanskar – swara I am dieing every second please…. I love you swara…. Try to understand me…. (sanskar sees in to her eyes and cupping her face) you know I fell in love with your eyes on the day when I first saw them…. Those are the most beautiful eyes for me…. (while she closes her eyes
He kisses her eyes) I wanted to hurt myself whenever I see tears in your eyes… I am sorry…. (saying this he kisses her left cheek)
(swara is losing her control but suddenly she remembers how he called her a gold digger and how he insulted her and forced her to sign the divorce papers) I fell in love with you when I first kissed you swara…
Saying this he leans to kiss her but she pushes him away….. And slaps him hard….
Sanskar is shocked…
Swara (angry) – don’t you dare touch me Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari…. What am I…. A doll to do whatever you say….. Whenever you like you say you want divorce because you love some scarf girl and (with Hatred) when you get to know that it’s me you will ask me to come back….. You had hurt me a lot till today but now I can’t handle it anymore….
Sanskar stands still…. He feels strange as he get angry because someone for the first time slapped sanskar maheshwari…..
Swara leaves from there and comes to the hall where all are giving their opinions on her life…
Shekhar – I want my daughter to get divorced ASAP…
Avi – even I think so
Sharmishta – you both are spoiling swara’s life by doing this…. No I don’t let this happen
Ap – ha divorce is not right…..
Shekhar – but behen ji I am sry to say this but I will get my daughter divorc……
She gets angry on all their talks or should I say that she is angry on sanskar and she shouts….
Swara (angry) – enough…. Please don’t force your opinions on me….. I will do whatever I want…. It’s my life and I suffered…….
Shekhar is about to say something but she hits the table and gets hurt… She whinces in pain….
Sanskar and all rushes to her but swara stops them by showing her hand ✋
Swara (teary eyed) – you all can get hurt seeing my wound but the actual pain is mine and only mine…. So please let me decide what should I do…..
Saying this she leaves…..
Shekhar gets hurt as his daughter never spoke to him like that….
Sanskar follows swara…..
Shekhar – my daughter never spoke to me like this…. I think this is the punishment for my mistake….
ALL pacify Shekhar….


When swara is going sanskar holds swara’s hand and stops her…..
Swara – let me go…
Sanskar – no I won’t…
Swara in order to get free of his hold tells lie
Swara – leave me mr. Maheshwari it’s hurting my wound…
Sanskar – don’t lie swara you got hurt on your right hand where as I held the left one….i know hurting the same part which got hurt previously hurts more…. So I won’t do that mistake again…(referring to her heart) By the way what is this mr. Maheshwari call me sanskar swara…. I am ur husband not someone else….
Swara – no u r not…. From the time I removed my mangal sutra…. You are not my husband anymore……..
Sanskar gets angry and hurt and pins her to the wall and blocks her way…. He takes out the mangalsutra from his pocket which swara left with divorce papers and ties to her neck without giving time to her to think or react…. She is in shock…. Then sanskar presses his finger against a nail. Blood oozes from his finger.. and he fills her maang (forehead)…
She is more shocked and gets teary eyed….
Sanskar (emotional) – from the day you left this mangalsutra with those divorce papers I am keeping this with me without leaving it even for a second…. So that i can make this reach the right place when the right time comes… This is the right time and this (showing her neck) is the right place….
Tears flow from swara’s eyes….
Swara grabbing his hurt finger
Swara – I don’t understand you….. When I loved you… You hate me…. And now when I am hating you… You are showing love towards me…..
Saying this swara wipes blood from sanskar’s fingers while talking to him and ties her hand key to his wound…
Sanskar smiles at her act..
Sanskar – you don’t hate me swara in fact you can’t hate me…… (he shows her
Swara sees herself bandaging sanskar’s wound and gets away from him….
Swara runs and leaves taking an auto without listening to sanskar…. Where as whole MM and GM family gets shocked with sanskar’s act…
They all came out after 5min and saw the whole shaadi I mean mini shaadi

Precap – swara announces her decision to marry………….

I think you all are smart enough to guess that and fill the blanks……… Don’t worry Swara doesn’t forgive sanskar so easily…. Let’s see what is this marriage and whom is she going to marry…. Don’t worry guys I won’t disappoint you all….

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