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The episode begins here..


Sanskar in phone – ya mr.mehra i am
reaching. I want the project at any cost. Yes ok.
sanskar goes from home hurriedly.

@gadodia house

Laksh – plzzz di plzzzz
swara – no way laksh i can’t give u my
shekhar – now for wat u both are fighting ??woh bhi itni subhe subhe
Swara – papa see him he needs my scooty for this day.
laksh – ha papa plzz as this is my first day. I can’t go late na ??
swara – then u should wake up early. U were sleeping like kumbakaran
sharmishta – swara dedo. From tomorrow
onwards i will make sure that he gets up early. for today u take an auto

swara – ok ma.
She gives her scooty to laksh.
swara – lucky be careful. Nthng should happen to my scooty.
laksh – hoooo maa see ur daughter she is telling safety measures to her scooty not me.
swara (laughing) – lucky tujhe toh kuch bhi nahi hoga. Even god is afraid to take u to him. So u will be safe.
sharmishta – shona how can u talk like this ??
Shekhar – mishti leave them. shona beta come today i will drop u.
laksh – papa this is too much. If i ask u to drop me then u will say u r getting late to bank. But she didnot even ask u and u r ready to drop her. Not fair papa.
swara and shekhar laughs.
swara – woh kya hai na papa doesnot want to take bad luck with him.
saying this both laughs.
laksh – maa give me my breakfast. this devil will tease me if i am here.
swara – papa u go to bank. u may get late. I will take auto for today. Anyways my frnds
will be there. Riya will also be there. I hav already called her papa wen lucky asked me for scooty. I was just teasing him.

shekhar – haha i know beta u both fight with each other but u both care for each other alot.

swara – hahaha papa zyaada ummeed mat rakhiye. Actually i hav to give for servicing and it is near his ofc.
shekhar (laughs) – hahaha shona…
saying this he goes
swara goes to laksh
swara – oh unlucky fool listen to me. U give my scooty for servicing and wen u come
back. bring it back. As it is near ur ofc.
ma bye riya came i am going.
laksh (shouts) – selfish devil.
swara hears , giggles and goes

Later swara riya and all other collegues comes to auto stand.

every share auto is filled. They are not even getting single auto.

@sanskar’s side

Sanskar is driving. Suddenly the car stopped.
Sanskar to himself – shit yaar. Wat’s happening in my life. if i call driver he will take more time to come and i will be
definetly get late. I will take taxi. Huuu SANSKAR MAHESWARI AND TAXI HUUUU

But to his luck no taxi is available. So he take auto.
he doesnot want anyone to know that he , the sanskar maheswari is travelling on auto. So he tied a kerchief.
he called the driver and asked him to repair the car.

the auto driver stopped.

sanskar – wat happened ?? Y did u stop ??
auto driver – bhaisab this is share auto until this gets filled. We can’t move.
sanskar – i’ll give u triple tha amount u get. Ok now move
auto driver – ok saab
he starts moving.

swara and her frnds are frustated that no auto is empty. They see an auto it is empty with one person inside (ofcourse he is
sanskar) but its not in a position to stop.
so as they are getting late remained with no option they went infront of the auto.
auto driver stops. They all get inside the auto.
swara is with scarf and sanskar is with kerchief.

Swara’s frndzz – darling remove the scarf.
U came inside the auto. Now u don’t get tanned.
swara – shut up. I hav another purpose to tie the scarf.
swara’s frnds – ohhh so to hide ur beautiful face.

swara – shut up guys. if my best frnd would be here then u shouldnot hav teased me like this.
swara’s frndz – ha yes u r right but acha hua riya went for some other work. We can tease U.
Swara – huuu u guys never change.

swara turns her face.Sanskar is seeing all this. He gets irritated.
sanskar – wat the hell is this ?? I hav to reach at the earliest. Drive fast damn it.
swara gets angry – she tries to talk but stops herself becozz her voice is horrible wen she speaks from inside the scarf. So she considers to be silent.
both are having an eye-lock. swara is
staring him angrily while sanskar gets attracted to her eyes. He cannot take off his eyes from her.
Suddenly speed breakers come and as swara is sitting infront of him.

They both end up in kissing 3 times.

Both are shocked. Her scarf and his kerchief are separating their lips but still they can feel the kiss.

Sanskar has shocked expressions and where as swara has tears in her eyes.

Swara (shouts) – bhayya stop the auto.

wen auto stops she gets down and goes away but her scarf gets stuck to the auto hook and opens up. But she doesnot care she goes. Sanskar doesnot see her. Her frndzz too get down and gives the money. Auto starts moving.

due to air the scarf which is stuck to the auto hook gets released and falls on sanskar.

sanskar doesnot know wat to do but he keeps the scarf with himself.

Swara goes from there.

swara’s frndz – swara wat happened ?? Y did u suddenly get out from the auto ??

Swara (stammers).- nthng yaar its just that those speed breakers…..
swara’s frndz – even we too are irked with this speed breakers.
swara(angry).- ok will u stop the discussion about the speed breakers and lets go.
swara goes
swara’s frndzzz – are isse kya hogaya ??
They also goes to ofc.

@ sanskar’s side.

Sanskar reaches ofc

He keeps on thinking about the kiss and
her eyes. He gets disturbed. He couldnot give the presentation properly. He losses the deal.

Sanskar gets angry.

sanskar to himself – shit becozzzz of that girl i hav lost my deal for the first time.
but wat happened to me. Y am i so lost in her eyes and that kiss.

he keeps on thinking about those eyes.

@bus stop

Ragini keeps on waiting

Sana – ragini this is the last bus ragini lets
go yaar. i think he wont come today. Lers go
Ragini – nooo yaar he told that it is his firsrcday so he will definetly come.
sana – ragini may be he went early tiday becozz it is his first day na ??
Ragini – ha sana may be u r right lets go as it is the last bus.

They both go to clg.

@ swara’s ofc

Swara thinks – acha hua i didnot see his face. Hmmmm y god ?? Y did u do this ??

Swara is lost in thoughts.

swara to herself – no i cant stay here. I need a change. I need to make myself busy.
she continuosly gets herself busy in work.
just then her boss comes to her.
boss – swara u are selected swara. So will u go ??
Swara is about to say no
boss continues – swara u will be paid a huge amount as the work will be more
swara – sir wat did u say ?? Work will be more ??
Boss – ha swara work will be more as…
swara – sir i will work there.
Boss (shocked) – r u sure ??
Swara – yes sir. Its just a matter of 3 months. I will be back here again
boss (happy) – ok swara i will talk to mr.maheswari and ask him ur joining dates.

boss calls sanskar

Boss – hello mr.maheswari swara agreed to work under u.
sanskar – thats gud mr.anil. tell her to join from tomorrow onwards.
saying this he cuts the call.

Sanskar holding her scarf – wats happening to me ?? who r u ??
becozz of u my deal is cancelled.

Sanskar keeps on thinking about her.

Swara’s boss informs her to join from the next day.

Precap – swara’s first day at ofc. Ragini and laksh meeting and outing.

this is long part. Hope u liked it.

Credit to: miss.murty

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