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The episode begins here

@gadodia house

Swara is going to meet the lawyer along with avi and Shekhar
She comes down getting ready
Shekhar (concerned) – beta are you ready for this??
Swara – ha Papa…. (hiding her tears)
Avi – shona…. Don’t worry everything will be fine
Swara – now I don’t want anything to be fine avi…. I lost my hope..
Avi(side hugging her) – shona don’t say like that… You are a fighter… You can’t lose hope…
Swara (smiles slightly) – avi this is not a daily soap and I am not a bahu of that kind that I will fight for my husband and my rights and all that….. It’s the reality and I am fed up of getting insulted…..
Avi – I am not telling you to return to sanskar instead I am saying you to say strong…
Swara nods…
Laksh – Papa even I will come…
Swara – nahi lucky… From the past 2 days you are in leave and taking care of me… Now I am fine… Avi and Papa are there na… So don’t worry I will manage….. Tum office Jao… (smiles) aur kaam Karo time pass nahi….
Laksh – haaaa I am not like you…. I will do only work…. Not like you gossiping about everyone…
Swara hits on his head….. – I don’t gossip about others you unlucky idiot…
Laksh – don’t call me that…. Miss.devil….
They both fight like that

ALL knew that swara was pretending to be fine but still they are happy to see her normal….
Sharmishta – swara think once again…
Swara is about to say something but Shekhar stops swara and asks avi to take her to the car and he will join in a while
Shekhar – Sharmishta y are you doing this??
Sharmishta – because I am her mother Shekhar…. Can’t you see she loves sanskar..
Shekhar – but he doesn’t deserve my daughter…
Sharmishta – Shekhar y don’t you understand… Swara loves sanskar… Sanskar loves swara…. Then y are you letting this divorce happen…. I know sanskar did wrong… But…..
Shekhar – I am fed up of explaining you…
Laksh – Papa you go I will talk to ma…
Shekhar leaves
Laksh – ma I know you are tensed for di but try to understand… Divorce is not a big thing now a days… Divorce hone se Zindagi khatam nahi hojayegi…..
Sharmishta – I know that Laksh… Even I am educated….. I don’t think like that but all I say is this divorce is not right… Y don’t you all understand…
Laksh – Maa Please…. Anyways I am getting late for my office… I am leaving….
Laksh leaves…..
Sharmishta sits there tarry eyed thinking about swara’s future…

Here sanskar sits near unconscious ap….
He cries thinking everything…..
Ap is in semi conscious state and can hear sanskar
Sanskar(crying) – maa I know I have done a very big mistake but what can I do I love swara truly and I don’t want to lose her….. Bewkoof tha mein… Swara Ko pane keliye swara Ko hi chod diya… (I was a fool….. I wanted to have swara in my life and for that i myself sent her away) I couldn’t recognize my love….. I failed maaaa…. I love her the most but I have hurt her the most…. (crying hard) I have hurt you all… I controlled myself because I don’t want to get weak but I think couldn’t hide my tears from you…. I need you ma…. I need you to get back to my swara…. Your swara….. Please forgive me ma… I am sorry….. I am sorry…..
Ap (semi conscious) – sa….san…sanskar…..
Sanskar lifts his head up…. And gets happy seeing ap slightly smiling…. He understood that his mother forgave him…. He gets happy…
After sometime
Sanskar ragini and dp bring Ap to MM
After making ap sleep and taking her blessings sanskar moves outside…
Dp – sanskar…
Sanskar – ji dad….
Dp – I don’t have a big heart like your mom…. I can’t forgive you until swara forgives you…. I know you are going to meet swara… Remember one thing…. You are not going to meet your wife but my daughter… And if you hurt her this time… You will see the worst side of me….
Sanskar – I won’t dad… It’s a promise…. She is my life…. I will never leave her….
Sanskar leaves….

@lawyer office

Shekhar avi and swara are sitting outside…. Where lawyer asked them to wait as he is discussing another case…
Shekhar – I don’t believe that even dp and ap ji are with sanskar
Swara – no Papa why are you thinking like that??
Shekhar – shona if it’s not like that then y didn’t they call you till now….
Swara – paps I didn’t think like that…. I hope everything is fine…..
Avi (sarcastically) – if you are so much concerned about them then call them…..
Swara – avi…. Sanskar is at fault.. I don’t know y u and Papa are blaming everyone in the family….
Just then lawyer calls them in
They go….
They discuss the case with the lawyer…. He says that he wanted to talk to sanskar….
Lawyer – this divorce can’t happen until 6 months that too if both husband and wife are ready for it…. So I wanted to meet your husband Mrs. Maheshwari….
Avi – I will call him… But make sure this happens soon… I don’t want swara to stay in this relationship and suffer….
Shekhar – yes mr. Sharma.. I want my daughter to be freed from this unwanted relationship….
Mr. Sharma (lawyer) – Mrs. Maheshwari y are you not saying anything…. Do you want the same to happen what your father and your friend wants??
Swara thinks of her moments with sanskar both happy and sad…. And finally says yes… (teary eyed)
Mr. Sharma – ok then…. I wanted to talk to mr. Maheshwari..
Shekhar – I hope this sanskar don’t create more trouble for my daughter…
Avi – don’t worry uncle…. I will sort out everything…
Avi calls sanskar and asks him to come to the place and messages him the address….
Sanskar wants to ask the purpose but avi cuts the call….
Sanskar decides to first go to swara so he goes to gadodia house but he learns from Sharmishta that avi called him for the divorce…..
Sharmishta first gets angry and scolds sanskar for treating swara badly… And after sanskar asking a lot of apologies… She says that even she doesn’t want this divorce….
Then sanskar promises her that this divorce will never happen….
Sanskar leaves to lawyer’s firm which avi messaged him….

@lawyer’s firm
Here the trio are waiting for sanskar…..
And sanskar arrives there….
Shekhar and avi gets angry by seeing him but controls themselves…
Both sanskar and swara are lost in each others eyes…
Sanskar is remembering his moments with scarf girl and his first kiss and later his and swara’s happy moments…
At the same time swara is thinking how sanskar treated her… And gets angry…
Sanskar feels a sudden urge to hug her after seeing her and does so…
He runs to her and hugs her tightly….. And gets teary eyed…..
Swara for a while forgets everything and hugs him…. After all even she loves him a lot…..
But soon breaks the hug and pushes sanskar slightly away from him…
Sanskar gets shocked but understands that she is angry….

After a while sanskar and swara are sitting in front of the lawyer…. Avi and Shekhar in the sofa which is near swara’s chair…
Mr. Sharma – so Mr. Maheshwari…. I will come straight to the point…
Sanskar nods his head…
Lawyer continues – your wife… Mrs. Swara sanskar maheshwari wants a divorce…. So what is your opinion….. I mean what do you want….
Sanskar (smiles a little) – I want your words to stay for this whole life….
ALL gets confused…
Lawyer – what?? I didn’t get you….
Sanskar – you called her Mrs. Swara Sanskar maheshwari…. I want that to stay for this whole life……
Lawyer – but Mr. Maheshwari….
Sanskar stops him by showing him his Hand ✋ (back to his arrogant avatar…. After all he is doing this to get his wife back)
Sanskar – I want to Clear you one thing…. Mr….. (holding the lawyer’s name board which is on his table) Sharma….
I don’t want this divorce… And I know that my wife too doesn’t want this divorce she is just a little bit angry that’s all…. We will sort it out….
Shekhar gets angry.. But before he could react swara gets up
Swara (banging the table) – mujhe divorce chahiye.. I need divorce…. Mr. Sharma….. Are you hearing me…..
Sanskar gets shocked seeing this avatar of swara…
Avi goes and holds swara… And calms down her…
Shekhar goes to sanskar
Shekhar (angry) – you have spoiled my daughter’s life…. Now I won’t let that happen anymore…. Give divorce…
Avi – just sign the divorce papers and leave from shona’s life sanskar…
Sanskar (seeing Shekhar) – Papa I am sorry I have hurt you all a lot especially swara…. But now I realized that I can’t live without her…. You know I always loved her… But couldn’t recognize that my love is in front of me….
Shekhar – these all are good to hear sanskar but what you did is very wrong.. I can’t let my daughter live with you…. I did that mistake once not again….
Sanskar – Papa you know swara said me that you always took right decisions for her and she believes in that strongly.. I will make her belief come true….. I will prove that I am the best person for swara…. Please Papa give me one chance…..
Shekhar (turning to Mr. Sharma) – as I said I want my daughter to get divorced as soon as possible……
Sanskar – I am sorry to say this Papa but I won’t divorce swara… She is my life and I can’t live without her……
Shekhar – ok then I will talk to your dad… Even he should take the responsibility…. I thought that yours is a very good family but I was wrong….you all are very…..

Swara – Papa please…… I already told you that mom and dad are not at fault…..
Avi – shone you don’t know anything. You will see only one side of the coin…. These people are double standard….
Sanskar – mind your language Mr. Singhania…. You don’t have any right to blame my parents…. The mistake is mine… You have a tight to say whatever you want… But only to me… Because my parents don’t know anything about this…….
Avi – ohhh really then y didn’t they come to swara or at least call her…. To know her where abouts…..
Shekhar – leave it avinash beta… We don’t have any hopes from him or his family…. Swara is continuously staring sanskar as she knows that he couldn’t bare his parents insult… But now he is not even defending them properly…. If he wanted he could have stopped Shekhar and avi but all he could say is they are not at fault……..
Swara is suspicious about his behavior but kept quiet… Because she doesn’t even want to talk to him….
Shekhar – I want to talk to your parents sanskar…. I will confront them…. For spoiling my daughter’s life…..
Sanskar – no….. Whatever you want to say say to me….. I am the one to be blamed… Not my parents…
Shekhar – no Sanskar…. Your parents came to me for asking my daughter’s hand so they have to answer….
Sanskar (thinks to say them the truth) – please Papa mom can’t take more stress…… Actually after learning the truth she got a mild attack….

Sanskar says everything what happened and what dp said…..
Sanskar (continues) – my parents live swara like their own daughter……..
Shekhar gets happy learning ap and dp’s love towards swara but at the same time he is concerned about ap…..
Swara as soon as heard that ap got a mild attack, ran outside and avi too followed her whereas Shekhar kept asking sanskar about ap’s health….
Sanskar took a glance of swara and her concern towards his family brought a curve on his face….
Sanskar – dekha Papa….. When she got to know about mom…..she ran to meet her…. Y don’t you understand that she loves me and my family….
Shekhar – I understood my daughter ‘s love but my problem is that you don’t deserve it sanskar….
Saying this he leaves…
Sanskar gives a deadly glare to Mr. Sharma….
Sanskar (glaring him angrily) – this divorce should not happen Mr. Sharma… I hope you know about Sanskar Maheshwari and his capacity……
Saying this he too left to his house…
Outside the firm…
Sanskar saw Shekhar waiting for cab as swara and avi went to MM to see ap….
Sanskar offers to drop him but he refuses…. But as per sanskar’s insistence he goes…. As he too wanted to visit ap…. In the mid way he calls sharmishta and informs her to come to MM….
Sharmishta too starts for MM…

Precap – all the elders are sitting and discussing about the problem……..

Hope it’s a long chapter

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    1. Miss.murty

      That’s OK yaar I respect all your views and you are right upto some extent… Sanskar should not be forgiven so easily…… But he should be forgiven because everyone makes mistakes…. But if we don’t forgive them then we go on breaking every relation…. And it’s my pov…. Don’t get disappointed you will see what you want to in the next episodes… Sry If I disappointed you…. And thanks for commenting

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