SWASAN : THE KISS THAT I HATE THE MOST (chapter 37) Maha episode


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Chapter 36

The episode begins here


Sanskar reaches home at 10 ‘o’ clock.
Ap and dp sees him coming inside.
Ap – sanskar I thought you and swara are sleeping till now. where are you coming from??
Sanskar – mom I am coming from office ?
Ap – sanskar office Jaane ke vakt me tum office se vaapas aara hai?? What’s all this now you are not alone…… You should think about swara na… Now she must be waiting for you…..
Sanskar(shouts) – Mom please…… Stop thinking about swara…. And by the way where is she??
Ap and dp are shocked
Dp – sanskar what are you saying??

Sanskar – dad please don’t irritate me…..just tell me where is she??
Ap – I think she is in your room…..
Sanskar directly goes to his room.
Ap and dp too follows him seeing his strange behavior.
Sanskar goes to his room and finds divorce papers and a letter with mangalsutra on the table.
Sanskar gets shocked.
He sees the divorce papers signed. He gets shocked. He takes the mangalsutra in his hands.
He remembers swara’s words that the day when their relation breaks she will break the mangalsutra too…..
Sanskar (to himself) – swara ne mujhe talak de diya……. Itni jaldi…… I am not understanding whether to be happy or sad. Why should I be sad??…… He starts reading the letter.

” Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari first of all I wanted to say sorry to you for not divorcing you earlier when you asked for divorce. I thought of testing my fate for one last time. Now I got my answer. Being a self respected woman I thought of divorcing you the moment when I got to know that you are in love with another girl but I thought about our families. I can’t make them suffer for your mistakes. Mom and dad always supported me. They loved me and treated me as their daughter. They never showed difference between me and ragini and in return I am giving them this shock. Mom and dad I am really sorry. Ho sakhe toh maaf kardijiye please…… And I hate you Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari for making me do this…… And making my life miserable. Even after knowing that you married me for your selfish reasons I always thought that one day you will definitely realize your mistakes and we will lead a normal life but now it became impossible. I will never forgive you for what you have done to me and because of you I am giving the biggest pain to my family. Mein aapse nafrat bhi nahi karna chahthi Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari kyun ki nafrat karne ke liye aapko yaad rakhna padta hai jho mai nahi chahthi. Good bye and hope we will never meet again.”

Sanskar gets teary eyed. The thought of swara going away is making him sad. He too doesn’t know what’s happening to him.
Dp Ap and ragini comes to the room.
Dp takes the letter from sanskar’s hands and reads loudly.
All three gets shocked. Ap starts crying. Dp consoles Ap but he too gets teary eyed. Ragini too cries and gets angry
Ragini goes and holds sanskar’s collar.
Ragini (angry) – bhai….. Kya hai yeh?? What’s all this??
Sanskar remains silent
Ragini – when Laksh informed me that you changed you decision and asked sorry from him. I thought you changed and you realized your mistakes but no you will never change

Dp – Ragini yeh tum Kya bol rahi ho?? And sanskar tell me the truth. Y did swara leave the house.
Ragini – mai batathi Hu Papa….. Bhai married bhabhi because of me. According to him it’s not marriage. It’s a business deal…..
Dp – because of you?? Tell me clearly Ragini…..
Ragini tells everything how sanskar blackmailed swara and Laksh and how he asked Laksh to marry Ragini…..
Dp and Ap gets shocked…..
Ap comes forward and holds sanskar tightly.
Ap – sanskar kyun Kiya tumne aisa……. Tumne ek ladki ke saath aise kaise kardiya sanskar…… Didn’t I teach you any values….. Y did you became heartless…. Answer me sanskar…..
Dp – I can’t believe this sanskar…. Just for your stupid ego you spoiled swara’s life….. Chi…. I am ashamed to call you as my son.
Sanskar – dad……. I know I was wrong I realized my mistake…. That’s why I apologized to Laksh too…. But…..
Dp – but what sanskar….
Sanskar – I can’t accept swara dad…..
Ap – y sanskar?? Iska Matlab swara ne jho letter me likha hai who Sach hai??
Sanskar stays silent…
Dp(shouts) – sanskar your ma is asking something…. Answer her….
ALL gets shocked to see this side of dp…. Usually he never shouts at anyone….
Sanskar(slowly) – yes mom….. I love another girl….. I……
Ap gives a tight slap to sanskar…. He is shocked as well as ragini…..
Sanskar (shockingly) – mom….

Ap – don’t call me mom sanskar….. It reminds me of my mistake of giving birth to you…… Because of you I can’t face swara….. It’s my mistake that I chose her for you. Mai ne uss bechari ki zindagi barbaat kardi hai…. Mai khud ko kabhi maaf nahi Kar paungi……
Saying this ap goes from there…..
Dp – sanskar if you live someone then you could have said us….. We are not that type of parents who are against love marriages and all but why did you do this to swara……
Sanskar – dad I don’t know that I love her….. I thought I hate her… But…..
Ragini – bhai…….. But who is she?? As far as I know you never talk to girls more and…..
Sanskar – I Don’t know who is she….. I have never seen her….
Dp and ragini (together) – What??
Sanskar narrates his and scarf girls story…..
Dp – you are mad sanskar….. You know nothing about her…… Hu…. Anyways it’s waste to talk to you…. I have to think something….. I have to apologize to swara and Shekhar ji……
Ragini – apologize?? Papa that means you are going to support bhai and let this divorce happen….
Dp – no ragini I ato m not supporting sanskar…. But I can’t force him to accept swara na…… I can’t make her life hell by bringing here here here back…. She will be happy only if she is away from sanskar because this man can never keep her happy……swara meri bahu nahi beti hai aur apni beti ko khush rakhna Mai jantha Hu usski khushi keliye mai kuch bhi karunga…. Aur tum ek baat sunlo sanskar swara ki jaga iss Ghar Mein koyi nahi lega…. If you want to marry another girl you can but before that you should leave us…..
Saying this dp goes taking ragini with him.
Sanskar – dad rukhiye dad…….
But dp goes……

@gadodia house

Bell rings and sharmishta opens the door..
She gets shocked to see swara in a devastated position and with her luggage.
She shouts Shekhar’s name….
With her shout Shekhar and Laksh both comes out……
Shekhar too gets shocked to see swara.
Swara starts crying.
Laksh goes and brings swara inside.
Along with her luggage.
Swara sits down and sharmishta gives her water.
Shekhar – shona….. Sanskar se jhagada hua hai kya??

Laksh – di….. What happened??
Sharmishta – swara kuch toh bolo beta….. Don’t stay silent.
Shekhar sits beside swara…. And places his hand on swara’s. With this swara breaks down. She hugs Shekhar and cries vigorously.
Swara – Papa……maine vo ghar hamesha keliye chod diya hai….
All gets shocked to hear her.
Shekhar (fumbles) – kya… bolri ho.. shona??
Sharmishta (angry) – what rubbish are you talking….. Do you think marriage is fun?? Haa??
Swara – no ma but….
Laksh(angry) – kya Kiya jiju ne??
Swara – don’t call him jiju lucky…. He is not your jiju anymore….. I have signed the divorce papers…..
Shekhar (shocked) – di…. Divorce…… Yeh kya bol rahi ho tum shona….. Nahi beta choti choti baaton pe aise decisions nahi lete hai…. Tum bahut samajdaar ho na tumne aisi naadani kaise kardi…..
Laksh – yeh naadani nahi hai Papa….. Di jho bhi karti hai sahi karti hai….
Sharmishta – you just shut up Laksh….. There will be problems between husband and wife but we should adjust between themselves. Swara should have adjusted but signing the divorce papers is not the solution.
Swara – ma do you think I have not adjusted…..
Shekhar (angry) – hua kya hai yeh tho batao…..
Swara gets teary eyed by seeing Shekhar’s anger.
Swara (teary eyed) – do you think it’s my fault??
Shekhar stays silent.
Sharmishta – ha its your fault….
Laksh – no di it’s not your fault….
Swara(giving a strong look you sharmishta and Laksh) – Mai Papa se puchri Hu…..
Shekhar doesn’t answer…..
Swara – aapki khamoshi ne jawab de di papa(your silence answerd me Papa)
Saying this swara runs into her room cryingly
Shekhar and sharmishta sits on the sofa.
Shekhar sits emotionless.
Sharmishta – how can swara do this….
Laksh – ma when you don’t know what jiju did you can’t blame di…..
Sharmishta – sanskar ne jho bhi Kiya usske liya koyi talak deta hai kya??
I can’t believe this….. How can swara divorce sanskar…. I didn’t expect this from her….. Sharmishta goes on scolding swara……
Laksh (shouts) – enough……. Not a one word against shona…….. Papa you too think like ma…..
Shekhar(shattered) – I Don’t know whether swara is right or wrong but with all this my daughter’s life is spoiled…..
Laksh goes and consoles Shekhar.

Laksh – don’t worry Papa…… Right now we should take care of di. We don’t know what happened with di that she took this drastic step. I will go and bring her. After knowing the reason may be we can think something.
Shekhar nods….
Laksh goes to swara’s room and sees her crying. He goes and sits beside her. She immediately hugs him and cries.
Laksh consoles her and after sometime he starts the conversation.
Laksh tells about his phone conversation with sanskar to swara.
Laksh – di when he said that he got to know what is love I thought that he is in live and everything got fine between you both but what happened suddenly…….
Swara (wiping her tears) – you are right Laksh he is in love but not with his wife……
Laksh (shocked) – what??
Swara tells everything to Laksh except the kiss.
Laksh gets angry.
Laksh – this means he loves you but doesn’t know that it’s you……. But how can he do this di…… He can’t cheat his wife……….it’s good that you both are one but what if the scarf girl is another……..
Swara – what’s good in this lucky…… There is nothing good in it. He cheated on me… And I will never forgive him for this.
Laksh – you are right shona…… He always gave pain to you…… He doesn’t deserve you……. Come let’s say the truth to ma and Papa…..
Swara (afraid) – lucky…… Papa bardash nahi karpayenge…….
Laksh – but we have to say the truth… They have the right to know about this……
Swara agrees and goes down with Laksh.
Swara (still angry on Shekhar) – I know Papa you think that it’s my mistake but you are wrong Papa……
Laksh – ma Papa we are hiding this truth from a long time but we can’t hide more……

Laksh tells everything how ragini proposed him and sanskar blackmailing him and swara and their marriage. Ragini’s anger towards sanskar. And swara tells about scarf girl and her deal with prateek…..and her one week trails to save her marriage and sanskar’s behavior towards her in this one week, sanskar’s accusations everything……
Shekhar and sharmishta are shattered.
Swara cries while Laksh consoles her.
Shekhar goes to swara and holds her hands – tum itni Dard mein ho aur mai……
Sharmishta – shona y did you marry him?? Laksh tumne ye shaadi kaise hone diya??
Laksh – mai kya karta ma agar ye shaadi nahi huyi toh aap dono ki beizzathi…..
Shekhar – lekin meri beti ki zindagi toh bach jaathi na Laksh……… Shona tumne kyun ki yeh shaadi you know your Papa na nothing is important for me than your happiness.
Swara – ha Papa I know that’s y I though to cancel the marriage but then I saw you both very happy. I don’t have the right to spoil your happiness Papa that’s y I married him. Maine socha woh badal jaayenge ek na ek din woh samaj jaayenge par…. Aisa nahi hua……
Shekhar – I am sorry beta I am really very sorry…. Tum khush hone ki acting karti rahi aur mai usse Sach maantha raha. I never tried to find whether you are happy or not

Swara – Shhhhhhhh there is nothing like that Papa (wipes her tears) abb bus mai rona nahi chahthi Papa woh bhi uss insaan ke liye toh bilkul bhi nahi…… Woh insaan meri laayak nahi hai Papa……. Abb mai aage badna chahthi Hu…….
Shekhar – ha beta you have the right to be happy. I will make sure you move on…..
Sharmishta – par shona sanskar tum se hi toh pyar karta hai…… Don’t take me wrong but Shekhar ek baar sochiye……..swara aur sanskar dono ek dusre se pyar karte hai toh divorce ki kya zaroorat hai??
Swara – zaroorat hai ma usne khud mujse divorce maanga hai aur Woh apni biwi ki hothe huye kisi aur ladki se pyar karte hai.
Shekhar – shona tum sahi ho beta you no need to listen to anyone. Now your Papa is with you.
Sharmishta – par……
Shekhar – abb tum kuch nahi bologi sharmishta. My daughter is right. She doesn’t need anyone other than her family. Even she has some self respect. Shona you should have done this much before. Now you no need to bother anyone. (side hugs swara) you are my daughter, swara Shekhar gadodia. And always will be. Laksh take your di to her room.
Swara – it’s OK Papa I can go thanks Papa for supporting me. Today I promise you I will not cry for that person. Aaj se woh insaan mere kuch nahi lagtha.
Shekhar – you are my strong beti shona. Till now you have done a lot for me. Now it’s my turn.
Swara – nahi Papa Maine jho bhi Kiya it’s my duty.
Shekhar – no shona it’s not your duty it’s your goodness. You didn’t complain about your life bus chup chap sehti rahi sab kuch. I am responsible for this beta (swara nods in a no) let me talk beta. I chose sanskar for you. I thought he is the best for you and he will keep you happy but I was wrong. Sanskar Maheshwari is the biggest mistake I have committed in my life. You left the decision on me but I am sorry shona I failed. I lost your trust…….
Swara (holds Shekhar’s face in her palms) – no Papa please don’t blame yourself. It’s not at all your mistake. Meri kismat hi kharab hai issme aapki kya galti. Please never blame yourself. It will hurt me more. Promise me you will never blame yourself.
Shekhar promises swara and then she leaves to her room to rest.


Prateek reaches mm. He is in full confidence that sanskar would have chosen swara. (his wife swara)
Sanskar sees him and runs to him.
Prateek (smiles) – bhai……..
Sanskar(impatient) – scarf girl ke baare me Pata chala??
Prateek’s smile vanishes. Praveen stands in shock
Sanskar – prateek I am asking you something…..
Prateek – where is bhabhi………
Sanskar (with a small guilt) – she is no more your bhabhi
Prateek – Matlab……..
Ap, dp and ragini comes there.
Ap – prateek what are you doing here??
Prateek – mam where is swara bhabhi??
Ap – ask your bhai. He will tell you.
Dp – sanskar ne swara ko divorce diya hai.
Prateek – what?? (?)
Dp tells everything and prateek stands speechless.

Prateek(shocked) – how can you do that bhai?? You are wrong
Sanskar – no prateek ha I agree that I was wrong. I married swara forcefully but what I did was not wrong. When I don’t love swara how can I live with her for my whole life. If I do that then No One will be happy. Na Mai aur nahi swara….. I was not wrong prateek. Ha tareeka galat tha par baat sahi hai.
Prateek (shouts) – tareeka bhi galat tha aur baat bhi…….
Sanskar – awaaz neeche don’t forget that I am your boss.
Prateek (calms down) – bhai you did wrong with bhabhi. YOU HURT THE PERSON WHOM YOU LOVE THE MOST
Sanskar – what rubbish are you talking prateek.
Sanskar stands in shock.

Precap – sanskar shattered to know the truth. He gets determined to get swara back. Here swara with avi and Shekhar goes to meet the lawyer.

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  9. Shinchan1205

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