SWASAN : THE KISS THAT I HATE THE MOST (chapter 36) Maha episode


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Chapter 35

The episode begins here


In the morning

Swara prepares break fast while ap, dp and ragini are sitting in the hall. Ap is roaming here and there while talking something to herself.
Sanskar comes down getting ready for office.
Sanskar seeing ap worried ? – mom what happened?? Why are you running here and there instead of preparing my break fast….
You know na I want my breakfast in time….
Ap – arre sanskar breakfast teri biwi Bana rahi Hai….. She refused my help and sent me here. She told that she will prepare everything alone……
Sanskar – haa issme problem kya hai mom?? You can relax….
Ap – par sanskar kitchen is very untidy. And there is a lot of work to do. How can she manage alone…..
Sanskar gets worried for a second but again he remembers swara refusing to divorce him….. He gets angry…..
Sanskar – ha toh Karne de na ma you all love her so much that’s why she doesn’t want to leave me and you all of us……
Ap dp and ragini gets shocked for a while…..
Sanskar realizes what he told and covers up
Sanskar (fumbles) – I….. Mean….. I want her to go to her house and spend some time but she doesn’t want to go as she can’t stay away from you all.
Dp – sanskar y do you want her to go there. We can’t stay here without swara. Aadat ho chuki hai uski….. Abb swara ke bina ye Ghar bilkul acha nahi lagta.
Ap – ha sanskar doobara aisa mat bolna….
Ragini gives an angry look to sanskar and turns her head…..
Sanskar (to himself) – kuch din ke liye swara ki Jane ke baat se hi ye log itna naaraz hogaye hai. Pata nahi Sach jaanne ke baad kaise react karenge…………
While sanskar is busy in his thoughts swara comes out with breakfast.
Swara – mom….dad…. Breakfast is ready. Come fast…
Ap dp sanskar and ragini comes to the dining table.
Swara serves them breakfast.
ALL praise her cooking.
Ap – swara beta food is very delicious ? but what’s the necessity to do it alone. I would have helped you na….. Yeh kaam toh Karili tumne but leave the cleaning part for me…. You go and get ready for office….. Then you can have breakfast….
Swara – mom I have cleaned the kitchen. So you relax….. I will go and get ready for office….
Ap – hushhhhhh what’s the necessary beta….
Swara – it’s OK ma…. Ragini please see if anyone needs anything, serve kardo…. I am getting late for office….so I will go and get ready…
Ragini – ji bhabhi…
Dp – swara beta breakfast is yummy……
Ragini – haa bhabhi very nice…
Swara – thank you….
All this time sanskar is silently eating without talking anything…..
Swara felt bad seeing him not reacting…

@swasan room

Swara is getting ready for office
Swara (to herself) – all praised my cooking….. What happens if he had said one word…… Aadha bowl khaaliya par ek baar bhi taareef nahi ki meri….. Huuuu khadoos…..
Saying this swara turns and gets shocked seeing sanskar….
They are very nearer to each other…
Sanskar – breakfast is nice swara…..
Saying this sanskar goes out….and immediately leaves to office…
Later swara too leaves to office…
In the office swara and sanskar work together on a project…. In his cabin. Sanskar goes on hurting swara with his words indirectly but swara stays strong in front of him.
When swara’s mangalsutra gets stuck to her dupatta. She tries to remove it…..and finally gets succeeded….. After a lot of time….
Sanskar – what’s the need to remove it so carefully…. Keech deti……(you could have pulled it)
Swara – agar keechthi toh toot jaathi sanskar (hurt)
Sanskar – kya farak padta hai swara…. Jab rishta hi toot raha hai toh iss mangalsutra ka kya karogi tum…..
Swara (teary eyed) – abhi tak toota nahi na sanskar… Isi liye bacha Rahi hu…..the day when our relation breaks…. I will break this too (showing her mangalsutra) it’s a promise sanskar…..
Saying this swara leaves to her cabin….
And cries vigorously…….

Here sanskar calls prateek and asks him about the scarf girl…. Prateek promises him to give the details after 5 days…….
Sanskar warns him that if he failed to do that he will not spare him.

In these five days swara tries her best to convince him. She also tells him the importance of marriage but sanskar refuses to listen to her and even insults her every time
At the 7th day…. While sanskar is going to office swara calls him….
Swara – sanskar….
Sanskar(rudely) – what??….
Swara – sanskar please listen to me once this is the last time I wanted to talk to you…. After that i will not talk to you about this ever.
Sanskar – ok make it fast…. I am running out of time….
Swara – sanskar please don’t break this marriage… I am not saying this because I love you and I want to live with you. that’s not true. I am not doing this for myself but for our families. They can’t bear this. And sanskar marriage is very sacred. You can’t insult this sacred relationship. You can’t break our marriage just for the girl whom you don’t even know….. And….. You don’t even know whether that girl is…. Good or……
Sanskar (shouts) – swara….. Hold your tongue…. Don’t dare to say anything about my love…… I love her…..I love her more than anything. She is my life….. And you know how good she is…… Always helps others….. Doosron ki khushi mein woh apni khushi doondthi hai….. You know how beautiful her eyes are….. Those eyes reflect her heart ♥ how pure she is from inside and I am warning you don’t dare to speak against her….. Warna Mai bhool jaunga ki tum ek ladki ho…..
Swara gets teary eyed………. And she leaves from there.
For a second Swara feels happy to see sanskar’s love for her but soon her happiness is replaced by anger.
Swara (to herself) – no sanskar you are wrong. You are selfish sanskar and from today onwards I have only Hatred towards you.
Swara leaves to office.
In the evening swara returns MM.
Swara (standing at the main door talks to herself) – today is my last day in this house. From tomorrow onwards this house is not mine. Everything is going to change. Kal se na yeh Ghar meri hai nahi yeh Ghar ke log….
When swara is busy in thoughts ap sees swara standing at the door.
Ap – arre swara why are you standing at the door. Come inside…..
Swara comes out of her thoughts – ji ma aari Hu….
Swara goes inside….. But by seeing swara so dull ap asks her why is she so dull. Swara says that she is not feeling well and goes to her room to take rest…..
Ap feels little weird about her behavior but gets diverted.

@swasan room

Swara starts crying vigorously……. Thinking about sanskar and her moments.
She opens his cupboard and she unfortunately sees her scarf in it.
Swara cries holding it. She gets angry seeing it.
Swara (thinks) – it’s all happened because of this scarf. She sees the scarf with hatred and anger. Just then sanskar enters the room.
He gets angry by seeing swara holding the scarf. He immediately rushes to swara and takes the scarf from her and lashes out at swara.
Sanskar (anger) – what’s wrong with you swara. What do you think of yourself. I already warned you to stay away from my personal matters.
Swara(teary eyed) – I am sorry sanskar… It’s just that…….
Sanskar – shut up swara…… It’s not just…….. It’s the only thing I have with me of her. And y don’t you understand that i love her….. (smiles sarcastically) hmmmmm how will you understand me…..you are the most selfish woman I have ever seen(holds swara tightly) Tum ne kya kaha tha tum mujhse pyaar karti ho??right?? But you know what that’s not love. You don’t love me swara you want my fame my money and all this facilities which you will not have if you divorce me……..
Swara gets devastated with his words. Her eyes are full of tears…….
Swara holds sanskar’s hand and asks him – sanskar do you really think like this about me?? Kya aap mere baare me aisa sochte hai??kya aapko yeh lagtha hai ki Mai aapse nahi aapke paison se pyaar karti Hu??
Sanskar jerks her hand and she falls on the table and hits her head but sanskar not even cares for her.
Sanskar – ha aur aisa mujhe lagtha nahi balki yahi Sach hai….. You don’t love me but my money…….. Tum mujhe Nahi ye aish aur aaram ko nahi chodna chahte ho…. But I promise you I will give you whatever you want….. Jho tum kahe…….. Please chod dho mujhe bolo tume kya chahiye……
Swara gets angry….. (shouts) – enough mr. Sanskar maheshwari enough…….. Mujhe ghin aari hai apne aap par Jho Maine aap jaise insaan se pyaar Kiya…..
Sanskar – same feeling but for marrying you….. I hate myself for marrying you…..
(sanskar takes some papers from the drawer and throws at swara) I want the papers to be signed by tomorrow morning otherwise you will see the worst side of me.
Swara – woh toh Mai dekh chuki Hu sanskar….. Jis maang ko sindhur se bharna chahiye tha usse aapne meri khoon se bhar diya hai…… (touching her wound on her forehead) aur aapke baathon ne meri dil ko hi nahi mujhe bhi todh diya hai…… Isse worst side toh ho hi nahi saktha na aapka….
Sanskar leaves angrily……
Swara cries hard remembering sanskar’s words and cries hard.

Sanskar calls laksh.
Laksh gets surprised and shocked to see sanskar calling him.
Laksh – hello jiju
Sanskar – hello laksh…… . I have to say you one thing…..
Laksh – ji boliye……
Sanskar – you no need to propose ragini and you no need to marry ragini…..
Laksh (shocked) – what?? Par achanak kya hogaya hai??
Sanskar – because I understood what is love…. Anyways bye….. Bus yahi batane keliye call Kiya tha.
Sanskar cuts the call.
Laksh gets shocked and later he gets happy because he thinks that sanskar fell in love with swara.
Laksh(jumps) – jiju ko di se pyaar hogaya hai yayyyyyy I want to say this to ragini. She will be very happy.
Laksh calls ragini….. And informs her about this. Ragini gets happy. Later Laksh and ragini hang up after talking with each other for a while.
Sanskar sleeps in the office for the whole night.
Next day morning
Swara packs her luggage early in the morning and leaves from MM after signing the divorce paper and leaving the mangalsutra on the letter which she has written to sanskar.
Swara (to herself) – everything is finished today and I am very happy that I am no more in your life sanskar. I hate you….. Good bye Mr. Maheshwari…..
Swara leaves from MM without anyone’s notice…… Early in the morning.

Precap – sanskar sees divorce papers and also swara’s letter to him. Ap dp and ragini gets to know the truth. Ap slaps sanskar. Prateek gets shocked to know about sanskar’s decision. Prateek tells the truth to sanskar.

Hope it’s long enough to be called as a Maha episode.

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