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Chapter 33

In swasan room

Swara is sitting on the bed and crying vigorously. She is remembering how sanskar is desperately searching for the scarf girl.
Swara (to herself) – no sanskar u can’t do this to me. If you love that girl then y did u marry me?? You have to answer me sanskar and I will get my answers today…. (?crying)
Swara decides to go to sanskar’s office

Here in sanskar’s office
Sanskar enters his cabin and gets very frustrated and he starts throwing the things…
Sanskar (shouts to himself) – I again lost you….. Y is it happening to me?? Whenever you go away from me I feel like I am going to die. I don’t want anything except you…. I want you to be With me always if this is love then I am ready to accept that I love ? you…. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH….. please come back to me…. Just then he remembers about prateek and calls him.
Sanskar (coldly) – prateek I want you to be in my office within 10 minutes…
Prateek – par bhai…
Sanskar – if not u will see my worst side….
Prateek – OK bhai… I will… Com…
Sanskar cuts the call without listening to him.
Sanskar orders his pa not to allow anyone except prateek to his cabin.
Just then Swara enters the ofc… But sanskar’s pa refuses to allow her in and asks her to wait. (they still don’t know that Swara is actually Mrs. Sanskar maheshwari)
With no option left she goes and sits on the sofa present there.

Prateek enters and he is shocked ? to see Swara in such a condition. Her nose and eyes became very red and her hair is messed up… In short she is looking very tired and half dead…..
Prateek (to himself) – omg what bhabhi is doing here….. Did bhai get to know that bhabhi is miss.scarf….ohhh not and what did he do with her….
Prateek gets worried ? and he is about to go to her but hearing sounds from sanskar’s cabin he rushes there….
Swara fails to notice prateek as she is in her own world….
Prateek enters sanskar’s cabin and he is shocked to see the room’s condition…. All the things are thrown here and there some are broken down and he saw sanskar’s hand bleeding….
Prateek (afraid ? the seeing sanskar’s anger to himself) – I am sure bhai got your know the truth now what will he do with me…. He will not spare me… For this…..

He gains some courage and speaks up.
Prateek – bhai….
Sanskar – where is she??
Prateek is shocked and surprised to listen him… Silence occupied the room….
Sanskar (shouts) – I asked where is she??
Prateek – bhai…. Who…..
Sanskar – miss. Scarf…..
Prateek remains silent
Sanskar – what’s wrong with you Prateek you never took so much time to find the details of anyone then why now?? Hmm mm.. OK listen to me carefully…….you have to find out about her in 2 days… Each and every detail of her… What’s her name… What is she doing… What’s her background…. About her parents everything I need to know everything. Otherwise u will see the worst side of me……. Get that….
Prateek – OK bhai…bhai…… Can I ask you something….
Sanskar – shoot
Prateek – why do want me to get the details of miss.scarf…..
Sanskar – that’s none of your business just do what I say…
Here Swara gets irritated by waiting for so long so she starts going to sanskar’s cabin without the notice of his pa.

In cabin
Prateek – it is my business bhai…. I want to know…. Please tell me bhai…
Swara reaches there but by listening to prateek she stops there to listen to the total conversation….
Sanskar remains silent…
Prateek – BTW why am I asking you want that girl…. You wanted to destroy her right… You wanted to take revenge from her because she is the reason for your loss… Am I right bhai…. Bhai do one thing…. Kill her….
Sanskar is shock as well as Swara…
Sanskar – no Prateek ha u r right I wanted to take revenge from her but not now… Now I just want her for my self because I realized that I LOVE HER… HA I LOVE MY MISS. SCARF… and I want her for my whole life….
Prateek is shocked as well as happy and Swara starts crying……
Prateek decides to tell the truth – bhai… U know Swara bhabhi… Is….
Sanskar cuts him – ha I know that I am down wrong with Swara but what can I do I really love miss. Scarf and I can’t give her place to anyone… I have decided Abb mujhe aur Swara ko alag hona hi Hoga…..
Swara enters his cabin by clapping ?
Swara – wow… Mr. Sanskar maheshwari…. What a decision…..
Prateek and sanskar are shocked ? to see Swara there…

Swara goes to sanskar crossing Prateek…

Sanskar – Swara I am about to tell you….
Swara – why did you marry me when you love someone else…
Sanskar – I don’t know that I love her… I wanted to take revenge from her but I don’t know when I fell for her….. I am really sorry Swara…. I am doing injustice to you… But….
Swara – no Mr. Maheshwari it’s OK apse dokha khaane ki aadat hogayi Hai mujhe….. You know I am thankful to God that you don’t love me?? And I pity that girl (wiping her tears) now I will not have to bear you… I am free….. I am happy…. I am really happy (though she is saying that she is happy they can see how much pain she is going through) so when will you divorce me??
Though Sanskar too want divorce but the thought of Swara going away from him hurt him. So he diverted the topic.
Sanskar – Swara Laksh need not marry ragini….because…..
Swara – wow…… Today you proved that you are a true business man Mr. Sanskar maheshwari…. So this is the compensation for my loss… For marrying me… For hurting me.. For destroying my life…. Wah… I must say….
Sanskar(hurt) – no Swara…. It’s not compensation… Now I understood that love cannot be forced…. Now i understood what is love..and I am sorry I have hurt you and Laksh a lot…. Please forgive ? me….
Swara (sarcastically) – forgive you never ever in my life….
Saying this she starts going…. But she sees sanskar’s hand bleeding
Swara – (showing sanskar’s hand) – Patti kardo
Saying this she turns to leave…
Prateek – bhabhi please…..
Swara – it’s Miss. Gadodia…..
Saying this Swara leaves……
Prateek too runs behind Swara whereas sanskar is shocked to see Swara’s concern for him. He remembers how she confessed that she loves him…. Sanskar is guilty…

Prateek runs behind Swara and tries to stop her but Swara doesn’t listen to him but Prateek begs her to listen to him once and Swara agrees..
He takes her to a room and locks the door.
Swara – what are you doing Prateek??
Prateek – bhabhi… Don’t you want to know about the girl whom bhai loves??
Swara – no I don’t care but ha I pity her for her future….
Prateek – so you pity yourself??
Swara – what rubbish are you talking Prateek??
Prateek (happy and excited) – bhabhi bhai loves
You only…. That scarf girl is none other than you…
Swara is shocked…
Prateek tells everything he knows
Prateek – bhai told that he met u in auto but he did not tell me about the reason why he wanted to take revenge from you?? But I hided this from bhai because I don’t want to spoil your life..
Swara reminces their meeting their kiss and everything… She stands in shock.
Prateek – bhabhi what happened…. I know you are shocked.but this is the truth bhai loves you… (says excitedly)
Swara – tumhe kya lagta Hai Prateek?? Ki Mai khush hongi yeh jaanke??

Prateek shocked to listen her……

Swara – I give importance to our culture and customs than anything……for me marriage is very sacred. Marriage is divine for me and sanskar is ready to break that marriage for a girl who he doesn’t even know.
Prateek – bhabhi kya farak padta hai… U both r same na…
Swara – ha but he doesn’t know that…. For him we both are different and he left me for that girl…
Prateek – bhabhi….. Listen to me… Just give me 10 minutes I will sort out everything… (Prateek is going to tell the truth to sanskar)
Swara – no Prateek you are not going to to do that… Even if you tell the truth to sanskar I am not going to return to his life… I have decided to leave him forever….
Prateek – no bhabhi you cannot do this…. You only said na… marriage is very sacred for you…..then how can you Break this marriage…. At least think about your parents…. And bhai’s parents..
Swara sits with a thud on the sofa….
She reminces about Shekhar’s happy face… Sharmishta’s words……ap and dp’s love and everything…..
She couldn’t think about their reaction knowing about their divorce.
Swara – OK I am ready to give one chance to my marriage not for him but for my parents… For ma Papa…..
Prateek (happy ?) – I am really happy bhabhi…
Swara – but I have one condition… Sanskar shouldn’t know that I am his scarf girl….

Prateek – par bhabhi…
Swara – please Prateek I am not telling you to hide this for life time but for one week…. I will test my luck in this week… I will try my level best to win him. I want sanskar to choose me i.e his wife Swara if he chooses his wife then I am ready to forgive him but if he chooses his love then I will leave him forever…and promise me that you will not let sanskar know about this toll one week…
Prateek – OK bhabhi I respect you and your thoughts…i promise I will not let bhai know about this and I am sure bhai chooses you only..
Swara (smiles sadly) – just don’t think so Prateek…. Because if he respects marriage then he wouldn’t have married me by blackmaili…. Hmm.. Anyways leave it… I am going… And ha I hope you fulfill your promise….
Swara leaves from there…

Precap – Swara refuses to divorce sanskar. Swasan knok-jhok…. And Swaralakrag cute moments. Swasan dinner with Gadodia family.

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