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chapter 2 link is below

chapter 2

Here the episode begins

Laksh takes the bus. He again sees ragini there.

There is only one seat beside ragini. He goes near her.
Laksh – can i sit here.
ragini(smiling) – yes ofcourse.
laksh – actually mrng i was going to an interview. So i didnot ask about u. Wat r u doing ??
Ragini (dancing inside) – ohhh its ok. Well i am doing my fashion designing course.final year.
laksh – ohh very nice.
ragini – wat about ur interview ??
Laksh – i got the job.
Ragini (happy) – woww this is a great news but y r u sad ?? Dont they pay well ??
Laksh – no no not like that. I am happy and yes they pay well.
ragini – woww so i need a party.
laksh – tell wat do u want ??
Ragini – i will ask wen i want.
laksh (smiles) – ok
they talk like that and reaches their respective homes.

@gadodia house.

Laksh goes to swara’s room

laksh to himself – today i will prove that i hate u the most. Hahaha
he messes all her room.removes all her clothes from wardrobe and throws on the floor.
and smiles devilishly and leaves.

@swara’s ofc

Sanskar is sitting in the main seat. Mr.anil chandra is sitting beside him.

All the 10 candidates are coming inside. Atlast swara too comes there.

anil introduces everyone to sanskar. Sanskar after listening to swara’s name pays more attention

Sanskar (monologue) – i have to make this girl crazy for working under me. She should work under me. But wat if she doesnot give a good presentation. No i am not gonna take any risk for my company. I want the best. If she fails to give good presentation then i will reject her but teach her a very good lesson.
His thoughts are disturbed by anil
Anil – mr.maheswari… u told that u will tell a few words about the job.
sanskar – ya ofcourse
see guys. i want a software engineer and …………….(he tells his requirements) so u hav to give the presentation according to my requirements.
and ur salary will be double u are being paid now.
all the employees are like wowwwww
Anil – so lets start the presentations. First miss.swara gadodia will give. Plzzz miss.gadodia.
swara – ok sir.
swara starts her presentation. She gives all the details fulfilling the requirements of sanskar.
sanskar is impressed.
Sanskar (to himself).- omg this girl is very talented. I hav to make her work under me.
soon swara finishes her and others too gives their presentation.

After all the presentations sanskar says – ok guys i will tell u lucky name after 2 days and one mord thing. U hav to work in my ofc only for 3 months later u can return here and ur salary will be the same. Becozz u can work in both the offices. I mean if thete is necessary we will call u. Thats it. Isn’t it a great offer.
all in unioin – yes.
but swara seems to be uninterested.

all others leave from the meeting hall except sanskar and anil.

Anil – mr.maheswari u said that u will select the candidate today itself
sanskar – i hav selected
anil – but sir…
sanskar – meri baat tho siniye mr.anil
i have selected swara for the job.
anil – wow ur selection is absolutely right sir but y did u tell that u will inform the candidate name after two days.
sanskar – becozz she doesnot want to do this job. So i am giving this 2 days to convince her. Don’t tell her that i selected her. Tell her that there are more chances for her to get selected.
mr.anil – sure sir. Now i understood y u r the top most business man.
sanskar smiles and leaves. While leaving he gives a look to swara which was unnoticed by her.

Later mr.anil calls swara and tells that there are many chances for her to be selected.
swara – sir then u do one thing. u suggest another person in our team becozz i am not gonna work there.
anil – swara its a good offer. And its just for 3 months after that u can return here.
swara – no sir. I am sry.
she leaves to her place

Anil calls sanskar and informs him. His ego gets hurt.
sanskar (angry) – i want the girl to work under me. in ur next call u should tell that swara agreed to work here. Otherwise u will see the REAL SANSKAR MAHESHWARI
Saying this he cuts the call.

Sanskar to himself – swara gadodia how dare u reject the sanskar maheswari. Anyways u have to work here. Then i will show u.

Swara goes home.

She sees laksh eating maggie sitting on the dining table. She also observed him smiling devilishly.

She got suspicious

Wen she goes to the room. She is shocked.
her room is messed up like hell and on her bed. A white bed sheet (her favourite one) was filled with red tomato sauce. It is written

Without wasting the time she went down and started beating him.
laksh runs and again tom and jerry fight starts.

sharmishta – swara y r u beating him.
swara (running) – if u want the reason go and check my room.
sharmishta goes and gets shocked to see the room.
shekhar too joins her.

sharmishta gets angry – wat the hell have u done laksh.
swara catches laksh
swara – don’t worry mom. He himself will clean all the mess.
laksh – no i am not gonna do that.
swara pulls him towards her and whispers in his ears
“Lucky i still have the video in which u were drunk and bashing dad”
Laksh gets shocked
laksh – u deleted that day in ur mobile na ??
Swara – ha i deleted but i hav copied into my laptop. And dont u dare to delete that. Becozzz its of no use becozzz i hav the copies in my ofc system my pendrives and my memory cards and 10 copies of cd’s
Swara laughs like hell.
swara – now go and get ready for the punishment. And ha today i will prove that i hate u more.

Laksh goes calmly and starts arranging everything in her room
shekhar and sharmishta are shocked to see laksh working.
shekhar – beta how this happened ??
Swara – aapki wajah se papa
shekhar – kya ??
Swara – nthng papa i mean as u r here he is afraid of u so…
shekhar – lucky and afraid. Don’t do comedy.i can’t laugh.tell me the original reason
swara – papa i cannot tell u but if u want him to do anything then tell me. I will makw him to do.
sharmishta – tum mere bete ko blackmail kar re ho ??
Swara – mom u r still supporting that idiot. I cant believe this. And my answer is yes. I am blackmailing. becozz without that he won’t listen to us.
Swara and shekhar give hifi to each other. Where as sharmishta goes to kitchen.

Laksh in swara’s room doing all the work

Laksh(to himself) – huuu zindagi mein pehli baar piya tha. And that too my frndss forced me. and this devil recorded everything and blackmailing me. Huuu. I want to kill this devil.

Swara listening to him and laughs.

Later she comes to her room
swara – oyy lucky leave this. I will fokd my clothes.
laksh – tanq di
swara – oh hello itna khush mat ho. Clean this bed sheet. I want this as it is. It is my favourite bed sheet. I hav kept it safely for a long time.Now go and wash it.
laksh (angry) – kyun apni suhagraat keliye hai ??
Swara – shut up u shameless idiot. Chiii just go away. I want it to be cleaned.

Laksh – huuu devillll
laksh runs.
Laksh goes and gives that bed sheet to dry cleaning.

Later all gadodia family hav their dinner and go to bed.

@in mm

Sanskar’s room

Sanskar – y am i thinking about that girl so much. yes i admit that she hurt my ego but still…. anyways sanskar niw leave about that.

swara sleeps peacefully as she made laksh work.
sanskar sleeps peacefully as he made a plan to hurt swara who hurt his ego

Both sleep peacefully without knowing about the upcoming happenings Will change their lives.

Precap – swasan in auto

Hope u enjoyed this part

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