Guyss…….i am sam…..i think u all forgot me….and fault is mine. I am sry yaar i was very busy in my brother’s marriage that i didnot get any time for writing. I know u all might hav lost interest but still i will fulfill my duty by completing my both the ff’s. I bunked my clg for 2 weeks. I know its almost 2 months since i last posted and i am sry for that.

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The episode begins here

Both swara and sanskar get ready for offices. Swara decides to quit the job by completing her left out works whereas sanskar is unaware of swara’s decision.

Swara’s pov(while getting ready)

I hav decided to quit the job. Aftr yesterday’s discussion i am not going to bear this khadoos. I can’t avoid him here but atleast in ofc i wanted some peace. I will complete all my left out works today itself and shift to my old work place. I will talk to papa first becozz if i talk to sanskar he will definetly refuse. Ahhh…this man is sooo irritating….hu…he wanted to torture me so he will never let me leave the ofc. So i will talk to papa and if possible i will make him sign the documents today itself so that i can go to my ofc from tomorrow.

Sanskar’s pov

Swara i am very confused. Wen i know i love u y am i unable to express it ?? I am feeling that i am not sure. Watever i feel for u i feel the same wen i think about miss.scarf. i am confused about her. Wenever i think about her i will get very angry but at the same time i feel some attachment towards her. Jho bhi hoo…..i hate her and she has to pay for my insult and i will make sure of it. But right now i have to concentrate on u swara.

Pov ends

Both swasan reaches the dining table. Whole family starts having breakfast.
Swara sees ragini being very silent. Swara signs ragini to smile.
Both swara and ragini ignores sanskar which makes sanskar bad.
Dp – swara beta….
Swara – ha papa..
Dp -wen r u rejoining ur ofc beta
Sanskar (monologue) – dad u r the villian in my love story. Here i am searching new pantras to convince her and u r trying ur level best to keep her away from me huuuu
Swara – dad i too wanted to talk to u about this. Can i meet u in ur cabij today ??
Dp – ok beta…
Swara smiles whereas sanskar keeps an irritating expression.
Sanskar (irritated face) – dad i think our company needs swara for one more month..
Dp(winks) – company ya company ke boss
Dp and ap give hifi to each other.
Sanskar getd embarrased.
Sanskar – dad plzzz i am serious…
Dp – acha ok… lets discuss it in our ofc.
Sanskar nods his head.
Later all four leaves to their respective places.
Dp and sanskar in one car. Ragini goes to clg in another car. And swara starts her scooty and drives to ofc.


Swara goes to dp cabin.

Swara – dad r u free now ??
Dp – ha beta come lets sit there.
Dp and swara sit on sofa….
Swara – dad i wanted to rejoin wipro from tomorrow onwards…
Dp(shocked) – tomorrow ??
Swara – ha dad ?? Y is there any problm ??
Dp – ha beta sanskar keh rahra tha ki tume ek aur mahina yaha kam karna padega (sanskar was telling that u hav to work here for one more month)
Swara – no dad i mean i hav completed all the work and i will submit the regarding documents in the evng. If u want u can check it.
Dp – no no need to check. I know u will do ur work perfectly but r u sure swara ?? U want to leave this ofc ?? I mean u can be with sanskar always as u r newly wedded u neee to spend some time. If u r here u both can spend sone quality time.
Swara (monologue) – yahi tho problm hai dad…i can’t stay infront of him. If i see him i will fall weak.
Swara – no dad..actually i don’t want to mix my personal and professional life..
Dp – ok then even u r right at ur place…
Just then sanskar comes there…
Swara – ok dad then u plzzz sign these papers so that i can rejoin my old ofc from tomorrow….
Sanskar (shouts) – wat ??
Swara turns and gets shocked to see sanskar there….
Dp – ha aao sanskar……
Sanskar coming inside.
Sanskar – dad wats all this ?? I clearly told u thst swara will work here for one more month then……
Swara – don’t shout on dad.. sanskar…decision is mine….
Dp – ok ok guys sanskar take ur wife to ur cabin and talk. Plzzz mere cabin me shor mat machao.mujhe sona hai….(plzzzz dont make noise in my cabin i want to sleep)
Sanskar (goes while whispering) – yaha mai pagal horaha hu aur inhe tho koyi farak hi nahi pad ra
Swara too goes.
Immediately aftr entering the cabin sanskar pins swara to the wall angrily.
Sanskar’s eyes become red with anger.
Sanskar(angry) – wats all this swara ??
Swara – leave me sir…its paining…
Sanskar – first of all stop calling me sir…..
Swara(shouts) – leave me sanskar….
Sanskar leaves her hand.
Swara – wat do u think of urself…..ha….aap samjhte kya hai apne baare mein….
Sanskar – ur husband…
Swara – no u r not….i already told u. U r my husband only infront of the world.
Sanskar – swara now stop talking like this and listen to me carefully. U r not going to wipro again. U are a permanent employee here and this decision is mine…..i want u to be infront of my eyes.
Swara (shouts) – no mr.sanskar maheswari…i can’t even stay here for one more minute. I am leaving. I can’t work here…
Swara and sanskar gets into a heated argument.
Sanskar – u r working here and that’s final.
I want u to be infront of my eyes…
Swara(shouts and teary eyed) – nooooooooo……….i can’t control anymore. I couldnot control myself by seeing u. Wenever i see u i lose my senses, i forget myself wen i look into ur eyes. Becoz…..
Sanskar(shocked) – becozzzz….
Swara realizes wat she is going to tell….
Swara avoiding eye contact – mujhe jana hai….
Sanskar – becozz…..
Swara – sanskar plz……
Sanskar pins swara to the wall and moves closer to her. Their lips are inches apart.
Sanskar (leaving his hot breaths) – swara..i am waiting……becoz…..
Swara jerks him – BECOZZZZ I LOVE U….I LOVE U SANSKAR…i wanted to say this before our marriage but u changed everything…now i just wanted to hate u but i couldnot stop myself from loving u….
Sanskar stands shocked.
Swara hits her head with her hand.
Swara (sobbing)- now u got ur answer right ?? Now plzzz let me go. I f i stay here it remembers me my mistake of loving u. Plzzzz its like a hell for me. Let me go plzzzz(cries leaning to the wall and sitting on her knees)
Sanskar’s eyes becomes moist..
Sanskar – ok u can go. From tomorrow onwards u can rejoin ur ofc swara. Plzz send the papers….i will sign…..
Saying this sanskar leaves the cabin whereas swara cries vigourously……
Aftr all the paper work swara packs all her stuff and calls laksh.
Swara – lucky….can u plzzz come to my ofc. I hav packed all my stuff. If u come here then we both can manage.
Laksh – shona….r u fine ??
Swara – ha y ??
Laksh – ok then i am coming.

Sanskar sitting in the car cries hard.
Sanskar (monologue) – i am very happy to know u too love me but i am sry i couldnot give u happiness. I always gave u the pain. I an sry for that…..

Precap – laksh sees ragini supporting swara and feels happy.
Sanskar again meets miss.scarf and again in the same position.

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