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Chapter 30

the episode begins here


it became very late in the evng. almost all the staff left to their home but swara is so indulged in work that she didnot notice the time.
swara is working on a project just then sanskar enters her cabin. he stares swara lovingly. swara feels someone staring at her and lifts her eyes to see. she gets angry to see sanskar there.
swara – sir y did u come here ??
sanskar – swara did u see the time ?? its half past 8. come lets go home.
swara – u go. i will come on my own.
sanskar – swara stop being so stubborn. come lets go.
(sanskar holds her hands and starts taking her with him but she jerks his hands)
swara – i don’t need ur help mr.sanskar maheswari. i can go alone. and waise bhi aapko meri itni chintha kab se hone lagi hai ??
sanskar – swara stop taunting me and lets go. all must be waiting for us.
swara – no i will not come with u. i will come on my scooty.
sanskar gets angry. he holds her tightly.
sanskar – swara stop behaving like that. how many times should i tell u.
swara tries to free herself but sanskar hugs her tightly.
just then one of the staff comes there. he gets shocked to see swara and sanskar like that.
swara sees him and whispers – rohit…
hearing that name sanskar breaks the hug.
rohit gives a disgusting look to swara.
swara and sanskar are searching for words. sanskar wanted to say the truth but he stops thinking about swara.
rohit – swara how can u do this to ur husband ?? u r married just a day before and u chiii and sir all might be afraid of u but i am not at all afraid to speak the truth. u are doing wrong sir.
sanskar gets angry
sanskar (angry) – don’t forget that u r talking to ur boss and its our personal matter. u don’t have any right to interfere in this and don’t u dare to point out at swara.
rohit – y sir ?? u r right u r my boss and i don’t have any right to interfere in ur matters but swara is my frnd and ha i hav the right to question my frnd. swara nw answer me y were u cheating on ur husband ?? i thought u were a good person but u are so cheap that u….
sanskar (shouts) – shut up just shutup i will kill u if u say a word against her.
swara gets teary eyed but composes herself
swara – rohit first learn how to respect girls then come and teach me.
rohit – i know how to respect girls but u don’t deserve respect. u r…
sanskar(shouts) – rohit……
swara knows wat will come next. she tries to stop sanskar but she couldnot
sanskar – do u know who she is ??
swara – sanskar nahi…
sanskar (angry) – u just shutup. this is all becozzz of ur stupid thoughts. u wanted to hide the truth from others until u work here. wats the need to do all this.. now dare not stop me swara.
rohit looks on puzzled where as swara gets afraid seeing sanskar’s anger.
sanskar – SHE IS MRS.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. (rohit gets shocked) yes u heard it right. swara is married to me only she doesnot want u all to know about this as she wanted u all to behave normally with her.
rohit (guilty) – i am sry sir. i am sry swara.
swara – its ok but plzzz i don’t want anyone to know about this until i work here. so plzzz keep it as a secret.
rohit – ok and i am sry once again. sry sir…..
sanskar doesnot respond. he holds swara’s hands and takes her along with him.

swasan reaches home. both are upset.

ap asks swasan to get fresh and come for dinner. they nods and leaves

@ragini’s room

ragini is sitting on bed and crying vigorously remembering laksh’s words.


aftrnoon ragini calls laksh to meet her at resrnt for lunch. laksh tries to say no but she says that she needs to talk something important. so laksh agrees unwillingly.
laksh comes to restaurant.

laksh – tell me ragini y did u call me here ??
ragini – laksh first sit…
laksh sits there and she orders his favorite dishes.
laksh(angry) – ragini wat’s all this ?? u called me here for talking something important or eating this stupid food….
ragini gets shocked to see his behaviour.
ragini – laksh y r u behaving like this ?? did i do something wrong ?? even bhabhi is behaving strangely.
hearing swara’s name laksh remembers everything wat sanskar had done with swara. he gets angry.
laksh – ha ragini u did a mistake by loving me. u know wat ur brother has done with my sister ??
ragini (teary eyed and shocked expression) – wat did bhai do ??
laksh – forget it. anyways u r not going to understand anything.
saying this laksh gets up but ragini holds his hand.
ragini – laksh tell me. i need to know….plzzzz
laksh sits and tells her everything.
raini gets shocked.
ragini – no bhai can’t do this….my bhai will ever do this…
laksh – ok then u ask ur bhai but listen to me carefully i only want my sister’s happiness… and i hope u will take care of that…
saying this laksh goes. rgini sits there crying

**flashback ends**

ragini (to herself) – u hav not done right bhai…. how can u force laksh to marry me ?? how can u hurt bhabhi that too on her marriage day…this is not done bhai….u have done a very big mistake and i will make sure u rectify it.

all starts having dinner in mm.
ragini is very silent.
swara sees this and thinks – wat did i do ?? y was i rude to ragini wen she is not at fault. she does not even know wat happened…
swara (smiles) – ragini …..y were u so silent today ?? wat happened …is everything alright…
ragini and sanskar both gets happy to see swara talking normally.
ragini(smiles) – nthng bhabhi just like that….
they all have dinner and after that swara calls shekhar and talks with them. while talking she goes to terrace. by seeing swara going to terrace
ragini goes to sanskar’s room and confront him.
ragini storms into the room.
sanskar – ragini open the door slowly…..
ragini – bhai y did u do that ??
sanskar(tensed) – wat did i do ??
ragini – stop ur acting bhai…i got to know everything….how can u do this to bhabhi…and did u think about me…now laksh will never love me….he will only hate me….
sanskar – noooo ragini there is nthng like that. who told u about this ??
ragini – y bhai…..will u again blackmail them………


swara – hello papa wat r u doing ??
shekhar – i have some pending accounts which have to be settled..just checking them…and wat r u doing ??
swara – i hav just finished my dinner.
she talks for sometime with shekhar and then with sharmishta
swara – acha maa where is lucky ??
sharmishta – i think he is in his room…shall i give to him..
swara – no ma i will call to his number..ok bye
sharmishta – bye shona take care..
swara – ok and u too….
swara hangs up and she calls laksh.
laksh – diiiii y don’t u let me live in peace. i was very happy here that finally u went away from me but u don’t like seeing me happy that’s y u r calling me…hu…
swara – shut up idiot…..ha u r right…i like irritating u lucky….tume pata hai..kitna maza aatha hai mujhe ….
laksh – ha i know u r a devil…. but plzzzz cut the call i want to be happy..
swara – now stop ur acting i know u r missing me….
laksh – hahaha best joke of the decade….
swara – idiot acha…tell me how was ur day….
laksh – ohh shit diiii i forgot to ask u….did ragini say anything to u ??
swara – wat r u talking about lucky..
laksh – shonaaa actually i told her the truth..
swara (shouts) – kyaaa r u mad ?? y did u tell her…u know na its not her fault and sanskar…wat if she asks sanskar about this….
laksh keeps the phone away to avoid her shoutings….
swara cuts the call and immediately goes to her room but she gets shocked to see the scenario. sanskar and ragini are fighting.
ragini – no bhai u should not have done this….
sanskar – ragini….tum mujhe mat batao ki mmujhe kya karna hai…i know..
ragini – ha u know everything that’s y u hurt bhabhi na…u gave pain to bhabhi and laksh right..
sanskar – ragini stop ur non sense… becozzz of u that khanna insulted me… i need to give an answer to his insult that is the reason i asked laksh to propose u on my reception which was going to be held after 1 month…
swara (angry and hatred) – u r disgusting sanskar….i thought that watever u did is for ragini’s happiness but now i understood u did it for urself. u wanted to give an answer to khanna so made fun of our lives. wow….wat a plan….
sanskar – swara its not like that….
swara(shouts) – nooo i don’t want to listen anything….
sanskar – u have to listen to me….i did this for my sister and my reputation both….laksh is a very nice person. he is perfect for my sister and that is why i did this…
swara – yahi tho problem hai…..u treat both business and life in a same way…its a waste of time explaining u becozzz u will never understand..
ragini – bhabhi i am sry i don’t want this to happen…
swara – y r u saying sry raagu.. u did not do anything wrong…loving someone is not a mistake…(seeing sanskar)but forcing someone to love is a mistake which u did not do so don’t ask sry…..now don’t think about this….go and sleep..its already late….

after ragini leaves swara too goes to bed without even seeing sanskar…he feels bad. he thinks about swara’s and ragini’s words….he couldnot sleep.
sanskar seeing swara(to himself) – i want u to be always with me but day by day u r going far from me and i couldnot see this. I WANTED TO SAY U HOW MUCH I LOVE U BUT I COULDNOT……ek min ek min….wat did i say now…I LOVE U…DO I LOVE HER……YES OFCOURSE I DO……
he gets very happy to realize that he loves swara…..
sanskar starts jumping on the couch and he decides to tell this to swara but again stops himself….
sanskar(to himself) – no no first i have to convince her later i will confess my feelings. mrs.maheshwari get ready to be mine forever……

precap –

swara – i love u sanskar…. i wanted to say this before our marriage but u changed everything. now i just wanted to hate u but still i couldnot stop myself from loving u…
sanskar stands shocked
laksh sees ragini supporting swara. he feels guilty for hurting her and asks sry to her.

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