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here is the previous chapter link

the episode begins here


swara and sanskar are sleeping beside each other. sanskar wakes up. he smiles seeing swara. he silently goes to washroom to fresh up without disturbing her. swara wakes up and gets angry finding herself on bed. just then sanskar comes out. swara starts shouting at sanskar.
swara(shouts) – y did u made me sleep on bed. u don’t have any right to touch me mr.sanskar maheshwari. u r not anyone to me.
sanskar(calmly) – i am ur husband swara.
swara(angry) – ha lekin iss kamre ke bahar…..
saying this swara goes into washroom.
later both freshens and comes down.
swara goes and takes blessings from ap and dp.
ragini hugs swara but swara doesnot hug back. she remembers sanskar did everything for ragini.
ap – swara beta today is ur pehli rasooi. u know na u hav to ….
swara – ji maa i know. i will cook badam halwa… is it ok ??
ap – wowww swara very nice. u know sanskar likes it very much……
swara is about to say that she doesnot want to prepare it(as it is sanskar’s fav) but dp interrupts.
dp – ha and i too love it very much swara….tanq so much beta…..
swara gives a fake smile and goes to kitchen.

@gadodia house

laksh wakes up and thinks to irritate swara by waking her up by pouring water on her. he immediately goes and takes a jug full of water but then reality hits him. he remembers swara’s bidaai and sanskar’s words. he gets worried.
he goes down. he sees shekhar sitting at dining table with teary eyed and not having his breakfast.
sharmishta – shekhar plzzz hav ur breakfast. even i am missing shona but not having breakfast is not a solution.
shekhar – no i can’t…..did my shona has breakfast ?? could she adjust there ?? could she sleep there properly…mishti it’s a new place for her naaa how can she sleep properly and if she couldnot sleep properly she will get headache……
sharmishta – shekhar…. shekhar… relaxxxx. she is in her house. and she is happy as sanskar is her husband.
hearing sanskar’s name laksh remembers everything. he gets worried for swara.
laksh – maa y can’t we go there ?? see na papa is missing di very badly. so lets go….
sharmishta – nooo laksh. its not good to go there.
shekhar – mishti….don’t talk like my dadi….zamana badal chuka hai…i know that they won’t feel bad. and i can’t start my day without seeing my shona.
sharmishta agrees.
shekhar and laksh gets happy.
laksh goes to freshup. aftr that they start to MM


swara prepares badam halwa to everyone except sanskar. she prepares normal halwa for sanskar.
she gives to everyone. ragini finds sanskar’s bowl different.
ragini – wowwww bhabhii…i find something is different in bhai’s bowls.
swara(fake smile) – nai toh…..its nthng like that ragini. bowl design is different. thats it.
ragini – achaaa toh give that bowl to me….
swara(shouts) – noooooo
ragini – ahaaaa bhabhi…..
ap – ragini chup kar…. don’t tease her. swara beta u give that to sanskar.
sanskar feels that she added mirchi powder to that.. and gets afraid to eat it.
dp,ap, and ragini eats it and praises swara.
dp – wowwwww swara u know till today i like only ur ma’s handmade food. but today i became ur fan. wahhhh kya banayi…
ap – ha true…really swara it is very taste.
ragini – ha bhabhi it is sooooo yummy…..hai naa bhai…
ap sees that sanskar didnot eat it.
ap – sanskar u didnot taste it till now ?? eat na….
sanskar – ji maaaaa……
he eats it unwillingly…but he gets surprised that there is no chilli powder or something but its a normal halwa……
dp – how is it ??
sanskar – nice papa….
saying this he sees swara and realises that she willingly did this…
dp and ap gives nek to swara.
aftr that swara sits beside sanskar and leans towards him.
swara (whispers) – wat did u think ?? that i added chilli powder or salt in ur halwa. don’t expect too much becozzz u r no one to me..not even enemy… i didnot give u badam halwa becozzz i don’t want to make u happy.
i wanted to give u neither happiness nor pain.
sanskar gets shocked by her words. her pain is clearly visible in her eyes.
dp – sooo swara betaa… where did u want to go for ur honeymoon.
swasan are shocked…..
swasan – kya………..
dp – ha y r u shocked ??
sanskar – papa ofc….
dp – shut up sanskar i will manage ofc. u r newly wedded so u should enjoy… so i don’t wany any explanations u r going thats it. think about swara. she wanted to spend sometime with u….
swara(immediately) – no papa….
sanskar as well as others gets shocked…
swara(continues) – i mean i don’t want to go becozzz i have to complete work here and i hav to rejoin wipro.
dp – ha beta i will manage all that. now u r mrs.sanskar maheshwari. so its okay. its ur company. so u can do work anytime and coming to rejoining i will talk to ur head.
swara – no papa and its not my company. its ur company. i am just an employ there. and i am very happy with that. i don’t want to misuse this.
dp gets happy by seeing her sincerity.
dp – its ok beta. jaisa tum chahthi ho
just then shekhar sharmishta and laksh comes there.
shekhar – shona….
swara hearing shekhar’s voice turns and sees him. as soon as she sees him runs and hugs him forgetting that she is having breakfast.
shekhar too hugs her and cries but composes himself.
swara – papa… u came here for me ??
shekhar nods. swara again hugs him.
aftr that she hugs sharmishta.
ap,dp,ragini and sanskar washes their hands and goes to them and welcomes them.
dp – its good that u came shekhar ji… ur shona made badaam halwa for us. and i must say its very tasty…
laksh – wow u r lucky uncle. till now u r fine…
swara goes to hit him but laksh stops her seeing her oily hands.
laksh – stop… first go and wash ur hands…pagal. don’t u know that u have to wash ur hands aftr eating….chi…. gandi ladki……(laksh acts)
swara(gets a naughty idea) – ha u r right lucky…i will wash my hands right now…..saying this she rubs her hands to his shirt……
maheshwari family gets surpised seeing their childidh fights whereas shekhar and sharmishta gives an impossible look to them..
sharmishta – shonaa stop ur childish acts atleast now….
laksh – devil….u spoiled my shirt…hu…..i hate u…
swara – hahaha same here….now i am satisfied. i will go and eat my rest of the breakfast….
laksh – ha ha gooo i will pray to god that watever u eat shouldnot be digested….
swara – idiot…..hu….
ap – shekhar ji….sharmishta ji….plzzz come and have breakfast.
shekhar – no no ap ji. we just came to see shona. and we already completed our breakfast.
swara – jhoot….papa i know u didnot hav ur breakfast becozzz u were missing me. nw don’t lie to me. and if u don’t eat ma too willnot eat and coming to this idiot…he didnot eat becozzz he woke up late….
laksh – thankgod u told that i woke up late. u know i thought that u were thinking that i was missing u…
swara – no no lucky…i don’t have any such misunderstandings. i very well know u. u were missing to irritate me.
laksh – ya that’s true.
swara – pagal….
laksh – ha same like u….
ap – hahah now u both stop fighting and come for breakfast.
gadodia family have their breakfast while swara and ap serve them.
laksh – di did u make this badam halwa ??
swara(excited) – ha luckt taste karega ??
laksh – ha i wouldhav definetly tasted it but my boss won’t give me leave becozzz i took many leaves for ur marg….
swara hits him with plate….
sharmishta and ragini – shona/bhabhi…..lag jayegi….
swara becomes silent remembering sanskar’s words that ragini loves laksh.
ap – haha ragini u r supporting ur frnd ha ??
ragini gets embarrased while laksh gets angry.
swara keeps the plate down and is about to go but laksh holds her hand.
laksh – u know very well that nobody has the right to beat me except u.(saying this he gives plate in her hand)
swara is about to beat him and laksh closes his eyes with fear, but swara hugs him and kisses his forehead. and she smiles wholeheartedly.
laksh gets very happy seeing his sister smiling.
aftr sometime shekhar and sharmishta leaves as shekhar has to go to bank.
laksh stays as he has sometime for his ofc.
swalak and ragsan are sitting beside eachother in hall. ap and dp went to discuss about muhdikhaai ritual.
ragini feels something wrong in swalak’s behaviour.
ragini – bhabhi….laksh….wat happened to u. u both r behaving very strangely with me….did i do any mistake??
swara(looking at sanskar) – no ragini….there is nthng like that
ragini observes this. she thinks to talk to sanskar.
laksh – diii i brought ur scooty here. so u can go by scooty ok ??
swara smiles at him….
swara – ok come i will drop u to bus stop.
laksh – ok
sanskar – laksh u take swara’s scooty….swara will come with me….
swara(rudely) – no need sanskar… aap jaayiye…i mean .if any of the staff sees us together then it will be a problm..
sanskar – ok…
swalak goes together….
ragini stops sanskar and asks about swalak’s change in behaviour but sanskar says that there is nthng like that and goes. ragini determines to find out the truth.


both swara and sanskar reaches the ofc separately. all the colleagues congratulate her for her marg. she thanks them and goes to her cabin. sanskar observes this from his cabin.
sanskar(thinks) – i am sry swara. i have destroyed ur life’s biggest dream. i know every girl dreams of her marg but i changed everything. ur sadness, ur pain everything is becozzz of me. and healing ur pain is my responsibiliy.
sanskar calls swara and asks her to come to his cabin.
swara comes to him.
swara – sir y did u called me ??
sanskar – miss.gadodia….ohhh sry…mrs.maheswari….
swara(angry) – miss.gadodia is far better sir… anyways tell me y did u call me here sir??
sanskar (smilingly) – will u talk in this tone to ur boss??
swara(getting angry but composes herself) – sry sir…. can u plzzz tell me my work ??
sanskar – ya i need the details about gupta’s deal.
swara – sir i hav sent it to ur mail.
sanskar(fumbles) – ha sry wohh i need malhotra’s contract file.
swara – that is with u only sir……and u already studied about that case sir….
sanskar – ohhh then then i need…….(he starts thinking)
swara understands that he doesnot need anything but her……
so she starts going…
sanskar runs to swara and stops her and pins her to the main door.
swara(avoiding the eye contact) – sir plzzz leave me…
sanskar – its sanskar…..call me sanskar…and swara plzzz forgive me yaar. on’t behave with me like this. plzzz i am sry….
swara(teary eyed) – sry…..y r u sry….. for making my life hell or trying to make my brother’s life hell or……
sanskar – shhhhhh plzzz swara don’t talk like that….ragini loves laksh and they both will be happy together.
swara – thats the main problm, u r thinking only about ur sister then wat about my brother ?? lucky doesnot hav any feelings towards ragini. right now he is concentrating on his career and u don’t hav any right to force him in to this unwanted relationship mr.maheshwari….
sanskar – swara lets leave about this topic. i just wanted to say sry to u. plzzz forgive me…maaf kardo mujhe…
swara – huuu maaf karna tho bahut door ki baath hai mai tho appse baat karna bhi nahi chahthi…so if u leave me i will go to my cabin…
sanskar – swara stop it yaar…. u r my wife……we r married…
swara – its not marg mr.maheshwari…it is a deal for u.
sanskar – swara its not like that….i really like u and…..
swara – i don’t want to listen anything…plzzz leave me….
sanskar holds her tightly and goes near to her. he touches his forehead with her and their lips are inches apart.
sanskar – swara plzzz don’t ignore me and plzzz don’t cry. i can’t see ur tears.
swara looks into his eyes. sanskar kisses her cheeks.
swara resists to release herself but he is too strong. sanskar again kisses her cheeks and forehead and then leaves her.

as soon as he leaves swara runs to her cabin.

sanskar keeps on thinking about his recent moments with swara. he smiles. suddenly he remembers about miss.scarf. he gets angry and calls pratheek and warns him to find about her asap.

swara too thinks about the recent moments. unknowingly she blushes. but soon she remembers wat sanskar did with her. she again gets angry.

precap – sanskar’s ofc staff member sees swasan together and he talks ill about swara. here ragini gets to know about sanskar’s deeds through

how will sanskar react to this?? will he be able to bear his wife’s insult?? will he tell the truth??
how will ragini react wen she gets to know the truth.

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