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The marg rituals gets completed. Aftt sometime reception will start. So swara is taken to the room for changing.
She gets ready in a light pink colour ghagra for her reception. Everything is perfect except her smile. Her smile is too fake to get identified by everyone.
All asks her the reason but she denies that there is nthng like that.
But right now there are many things running in her mind. Sanskar’s words , laksh’s happiness , her marg , leaving her house and going to another house in a few minutes…….and so on….
Laksh comes there.
Laksh – ma…riya , u all go out. I want to talk to di alone..
Ma – ok but make it fast and ha tang mat karo usse…
Laksh (fake smile) – ok…
All goes out.
Laksh closes the door and goes to swara.
Laksh hugs swara tightly.
Laksh – tu tension mat le (don’t take tension) i am fine
Swara – how can i not take tension lucky…i got the biggest shock on my marg day. My husband is all set to destroy my brother’s life and i am helpless. I couldnot do anything. I hav so many dreams for my marg but all my dreams got shattered with his one confession. He doesnot like me lucky. All that was an action to get j married to ragini….
Laksh – i don’t think so shona….. jiju is not acting. He really likes u….
Swara – stop it lucky. I can never forgive him for wat he did to us.
Laksh – i am worried for u. How will u stay happy with him wen u hate him like this.
Swara – its ok lucky. We did this for ma and papa. So…..tomorrow u will propose ragini in our reception held in MM right ?? (Expects a no from laksh but to her dissapointment he nods in yes)
Laksh nods yes
Swara – lucky….i can’t let this happen…plz think once again.
Laksh – ur husband didnot let any chance to think…acha ok now lets stop this discussion. We r getting late.
Swalak comes down.
Swara and sanskar are made to sit in the chairs.
Sanskar sends a msg to laksh.
” don’t worry laksh u hav 1 month time to propose ragini becozzz our official reception will be aftr one month as ur di finishes her work in my company then”

Reading this laksh sighs in relief.
Soon the reception gets completed and its time for the bidaai…
Swara cries hard hugging shekhar.
Shekhar cries like a child. All consoles him but he is not ready to leave swara.
Swara cries very badly hugging shekhar. All adores their bond.
Laksh decides to lighten the environment.
Laksh – papa plzzz leave her na..let her go. If u hold her like this she will stay here and i have to bear this devil’s tortures again….
Shekhar (angry) – laksh…..
Laksh (smiles sheepishly) – hehehe ok sry…
Shekhar holds sanskar’s hand and asks him to keep his daughter happy.
Swara looks at him with alot of pain and hurt.
Sanskar feels bad. He promises shekhar that he will keep swara happy.
Swara goes and hugs laksh.
Laksh gets teary eyed. Swara cries hugging him.
Laksh (while hugging) – be a strong girl di. And i love u very much.
Swara – i love u too lucky…
They both break the hug.
Swara goes to avi. Avi side hugs her and asks her to smile. She smiles
Avi – waise shona…i don’t need to cry becozzz i am not gonna miss u. Before ur marg i used to come to ur house to meet u. Now i will come to MM. Thats the difference.
Ap – haa avi beta zaroor aana….wenever u want to meet ur frnd u can come there.
Avi – tanq aunty….
Avi hugs sanskar. Sanskar assures him that he will keep swara happy.
Aftr the bidaai ritual ,They all leave to MM whereas shekhar goes inside and starts crying. Sharmishta too cries
Laksh and avi consoles them.


Swara’s grihpravesh ritual is held and aftr that ring finding ceremony.
Swara is not at all interested in this aswell as sanskar.
Swara finds the ring and shows it as she wanted to end all this as soon as possible.

Aftr that she is sent into the room. Sanskar enters the room.
He sees swara who is searching her night wear. She is getting irritated of not finding her night wear. She removes all the clothes from the suitcase and throws on the floor.
She cries sitting on the bed.
Sanskar comes to her. He is about to put his hand on her shoulder but she stops him.
Swara – don’t dare to touch me mr.sanskar maheswari….
Sanskar – swara don’t get angry. First calm down…
Swara – calm down ?? U gave the biggest shock of my life and u made my life fun by marrying me as a deal and now u r asking me to calm down ?? I thought that business is very important in ur life but i don’t know that u feel life as a business.
Sanskar – swara its not a deal. I….
Swara – mujhe neend aari hai.. (i am feeling sleepy)
Saying this swara takes her night wear and goes to washroom to change the clothes.
Sanskar (thinks) – y can’t i see her angry and hurt. Wen she cries it hurts me. No i can’t her cry. I will convince her. She has to forgive me.
Swara comes out and lays on couch.
Sanskar – swara sleep on the bed…
Swara – its ok mr.maheswari…i don’t want to sleep on the same bed with u…
Sanskar goes to her and sits down near her couch. Swara gets up to go but sanskar holds her and makes her sit on the couch.
Sanskar – swara i am sry. I know i did a mistake but believe me. I didnot marry u only for ragini…i married u becozzz i like u. I feel that u r my soul mate and u r perfect for me. I promised mom and dad that i will marry a girl of their choice and they selected u. And at the same time i also liked u and…..
Swara – and u got to know that i am laksh’s sister so u agreed right ??
Sanskar – huuuu phir se wahi baat….i told u na….there are other reasons also…. look into my eyes. Do u feel that i am lieing ??
Swara looks into his eyes. They both hav a cute eyelock.
Swara believes him but still she is upset with him in laksh’s matter. So she turns to the other side of the couch and sleeps.
Sanskar sits on the floor until she sleeps.
Aftr she slept he carries her to the bed and makes her sleep.
He kisses her forehead and sleeps beside her.

Precap – swara’s first day at ofc and sanskar starts romancing swara in ofc whereas swara gets angry with him

Sry for the short update frndzz

Credit to: miss.murty

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