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Chapter 27

The episode begins here

Haldi day

@maheswari mansion

Sanskar is sitting on a stool. All surrounded him to apply haldi…..
Ap – plzzz go one by one. Saas tho lene do usse….
Ragini – maa its ok.
All starts applying haldi…
Sanskar (keeps on saying) – thoda… thoda…zyaada mat lagayiye…..(little…little…plzzz dont put more haldi…)
All laughs…
Ragini – wow..bhai…i am enjoying alot by seeing u in this condition
Sanskar – ragini ki bachi….i will njoy…wen ur time comes….
Ragini gets sad thinking about laksh.
Sanskar (thinks) – don’t worry ragini. Laksh is urs….i will make sure that it will happen. But i dont know how swara reacts to it. I am going to take a big step but i don’t hav another choice. How dare he(khanna) say that u don’t deserve laksh….he insulted u and i will show khanna his place…..and i am happy for u as laksh is going to be ur life partner.
Ap (placing her hand on his shoulder) – sanskar…wat r u thinking ??
Sanskar (fake smile) – nthng ma…
Haldi completes….
Dp – ragini u go to swara’s house to give haldi….
Ragini(happy to meet laksh) – ok pappa…
Ragini goes…

@gadodia house

Ragini comes and gives haldi….

All aplies to swara. Aftr that laksh takes a huge amount of turmeric and applies to swara. Swara too takes haldi fully in her hands and applies it laksh. Avi applies haldi to swara and laksh. All play like that.
Laksh comes and applies haldi to ragini….
Ragini gets happy and she too applies to laksh. They all spend time. Even elders play with haldi.
Ragini – wow…i enjoyed very well. U know bhabhi…in our house it is so dull. All are afraid of my khadoos bhai…
Swara – ragini….woh khadoos nahi hai…(ragini he is not khadoos.) Its just that he doesnot like all these.
Avi – lucky…did u see….how she is supporting him…
Swara – there is nthng like that. I am just explaining his opinion…
Raglakavi and all her cousins – aha…..really….
Swara(pouts) – papa see na..they all r teasing me…
Shekhar – oyyy shut up all of u..koyi tang nahi karega meri bachi ko(no body will tease my child)
Swara smiles winningly….
Avi – uncle y will u always support her. See how she is smiling….huuuu…she is not a kid..she is a devil… lucky is right….
Laksh – wow…avi…finally…u understood..
Swara – shut up u both….
All njoy like that…and aftr that ragini goes to MM.


Laksh and avi all are busy in preparations.
Finally everything is going well.
Swara is getting ready in the room.
All her frndz and cousibs are helping her to get ready. She is nervous as well as happy.

Baarat arrives..

Sumi gives aarthi to sanskar and does the rituals.
Sanskar and swara exchanges the garlands.
Aftr that there is a gap of 1 hr for marg.
Swara is taken to her room. Swara is alone in her room.
Suddenly sanskar comes into her room.
Swara(nervous) – sa..sanskar…wat r u doing here ??
Sanskar(guilty about wat he is going to do) – swara..i need to talk to u..
Swara – we can talk aftr marg….
Sanskar – if u don’t listen to me now..the marg will not happen…
Swara is shocked…..
Swara – sa…nskar…
Sanskar – swara listen to me very carefully. Dont take me wrong….i really wanted to marry u. But u r not the only reason for my acceptance. I hav an another reason for agreeing to marry u.
Swara looks at him questioningly…
Sanskar – LAKSH…
At the same time laksh comes to swara’s room…
Swara sees him and gets shocked.
Swara(shocked) – lucky….
Sanskar turns back and sees laksh.
Sanskar – acha hua tum bhi aagaye….(its good that u too came here)
Laksh – jiju wat r u both talking now…and y r ur faces so serious and wat r u saying….
Sanskar – i will say but before that u close the door…
Both swalak senses some wrong….
Laksh closes the door and comes.
Swara – sanskar u said that lucky is the reason for…
Sanskar – ha swara…laksh is the main reason that i agreed to marry u.
Laksh(shocked) – jiju…..wat r u saying ??
Sanskar – truth….i got to know that ragini loves u laksh…
Swara (shocked) – wat ??
Swara looks at laksh….
Laksh(shocked) – ha….but wats the connection between that and this….i am not getting u jiju….
Swara – but lucky…
Laksh – di i am sry i didnot tell about this. A few months ago ragini proposed me but i clearly said no to her. And we became frnds aftr that and she is fine…
Swara gets shocked
Sanskar – she is not fine laksh. She still loves u. And that is the reason i agreed to marry ur sister.
Swalak looks on shocked and confused…
Sanskar – ok i will directly come to the point. I will marry ur sister if….
Swalak – if….
Swalak are in utter shock.
Swara is not able to talk anything as she is continuosly getting shocks.
Laksh (angry) – wat the hell….
Sanskar – calm down laksh….i didnot say anything wrong….ragini is a nice girl. She is well educated,well mannered and more than anything she loves u very much.
Laksh(controlling his anger) – did ragini tell this to u ??
Sanskar – no i got to know through mr.khanna.
Laksh – mr.khanna…..my boss..but how did he know about this ??
Sanskar tells everything how khanna showed their image and insulted him and ragini.
Swara (hurt) – ohh so u did all this drama to get my brother married to ur sister right ??
Sanskar – swara…
Swara – enough mr.sanskar maheswari….ur ego got hurt wen mr.khanna told that ragini is not suitable for lucky. So u played this cheap trick to get him married to ragini….i thought i misunderstood u but no i am right. U r selfish egoistic ruthless businessman who doesnot care about others feelings.
Sanskar – swara stop it. Its not like that. Ha at first i thought of marrying u only becoz of laksh but now its not like that. I like u….
Swara – aur kitna jhoot bolenge aap ??(how many lies will u say ??)
Sanskar – swara…
Laksh – enough is enough…..jiju…I AM READY TO MARRY RAGINI.
Swara – lucky hav u gone mad ??
Laksh – no di. I am alright. And this is only the right decision.
Swara – no i wont let this happen. I can’t let u suffer…
Laksh – di tu samaj kyun nai rahi….teri shaadi toot jayegi.(di y r u not understanding ?? Ur marg will break)
Swara(shouts) – ha toh toot janedo LAKSH (ha let it break LAKSH)
(for the first time she is calling him laksh)
Swara(continues) – i dont care lucky. I only care for u…ur happiness matters to me the most….mai abhi jaakar papa se kehdoongi ki yeh shaadi nahi hogi….
Sanlak -swara/di ruko….
Swara goes without listening to them…
Swara is about to go but seeing shekhar and all her family so happy she couldnot utter a word.
Laksh comes to swara and puts his hand on her shoulder.
Laksh – di…see papa…how he is happy about ur marg. Do u want to destroy his happiness.
Swara cries hugging him. Sanskar sees this and feels bad.
Swasanlak goes inside the room.
Sanskar – so laksh r u ready for the marg. U no need to marry ragini right now. U can take as much time u want but right now u hav to propose ragini in my reception.
Swara (angry) – laksh tum aisa kuch nahi karoge…(laksh u willnot do anything like that)
Laksh gets afraid – di….plzzz
Swara – sanskar..how can u do this…i will talk to ragini. She will understand. Rishton me zabardasti nahi karni chahiye(we should not force anyone)
Sanskar – don’t talk to ragini swara. She doesnot know anything. She will feel bad if she gets to know about this.
Swara – u r worrying about ur sister’s feelings na then wat about my brother ??
Laksh – di….leave all this. I am fine. And ha don’t think too much….
Avi comes there.
Avi – oyyy wat r u doing here….its getting late. Come…
Sanskar goes and sits in the mandap.
Swara hugs laksh.
Avi – shona kyun ro rahi hai ??(shona y r u crying ??)
Laksh – avi she is saying that she will miss me. See how funny…hahaha(fake smile)
Avi – lucky…don’t make fun of her emotions. She is crying really…..
Avi goes and hugs swara.
Swara hugs avi and cries.
Finally both avi and laksh takescswara down.
Sharmishta and shekhar do kanyadhan and swasan perform other rituals. But whole this time swara is crying silently.

Precap – swalak conversation and swasan nokhjhok

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