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next day

all the preparations are going very well in both the houses for mehendi.

sanskar(thinks) – something is wrong with swara. she is behaving very weirdly with her dadi and her chachu. i sensed some anger in her eyes. she is hiding something from all. i have to talk to her.
he calls swara
swara – hello sanskar
sanskar – ha swara i have to talk to u. can u come to green tree restrnt ??
swara – sanskar i can’t come actually all the preparations are going on for mehendi. and at this time i can’t come.
sanskar – swara i understand but mehendi is at evng na ?? now u r free right ??
swara – ok i will come. bye
sanskar – i am waiting
they hang up

swara goes down to laksh.
swara – lucky………
laksh – ha di y r u shouting ??
swara – lucky can u plzzz drop me at green tree restrnt. actually i am not in a mood to drive the scooty.
laksh – oyyyy madam…. wat do u think of urself ha ?? do u think i really changed for u and i will respect u and treat u as a elder sister ha ?? that will never happen. i will keep u troubling for whole life. wo kya hai na u saved so much money for me for many years. that’s y i am giving u special treatment just for one day got it ??
(swara was listening patiently to all his speech by folding her hands)
swara – ho gaya tera pravachan ?? abb chale ??
laksh – tu pagal hogayi hai kya ?? didn’t u hear wat i said ?? i said i will not drop u. kisi aur ko dundlooo
swara beats him with her purse
swara – avi plzzz u drop me na…
avi – lucky tujhe yaad hai yesterday someone told me not to stay in ur house for long time. thats y i am going bye………….. lucky…………byeeeee shonaaaaaa
swara kicks him hard….
finally she goes in her scooty.
swara and sanskar meet in a restaurant

swara – sanskar kya baat karni hai aapko ??
sanskar – swara i need to know something…
swara – ha then ask me…
sanskar – swara wats ur problem with ur dadi and chachu….
hearing their name swara gets angry but composes herself.
swara – sanskar its not important….
sanskar (strongly) – it is important swara becozz it is realated to u.
swara – ok sanskar ha u r right i am angry with them. actually its not anger. the thing is that i don’t want any relationship with them. they insulted my papa. before a few years we all used to live together in delhi. ours is a joint family. we were very happy ha kuch problms hothe the but still we used to sort out everything. but at one time papa’s got some problm in his job and his salary was blocked. for 6 months papa didnot get his salary as some case is running in court regarding his promotion that time we faced many problms in the family. chachu used to instigate dadi against papa and dadi and chachu insulted papa very much. i used to get very angry with them but papa mujhe samjhate the but one day they crossed their limits. they blamed papa for the robbery….
sanskar – wat ?? how can they do that with their own family ??
swara – ha they insuted very badly then papa decided to move out of the house as i insisted him. thankfully he won the case and he got transferred to kolkata. we came here. aftr some months dadi called papa and informed that they found the money which they lost that day and she asked sorry. papa forgave her but i couldnot. i hate it wen someone insults my papa….
sanskar – swara but laksh is talking very freely with them and i observed u hiding this from laksh…. did he know this ..
swara – no sanskar…. lucky doesnot know anything about this. at that time he is studying in hostel. and we dont want him to know anything becozzzz we know he will be hurt. and i dont want him to hate them. i know that pain…
sanskar – swara i dont want to force u for taking any decision but i will definetly give u one advice. try to forget wat they did becozzzzz it will reduce ur pain. remember i am not saying u to forgive them but to forget.
swara – i will try…..
sanskar – ok now come, u r getting late for ur mehendi function. warna nani ji aajayegi tumhe lene

@prateek’s house

prateek (thinks) – omg wat is this…… SANSKAR SIR’S MISS.SCARF IS NONE OTHER THAN SWARA BHABHI……..


prateek makes frndship with swara’s frndzzzzz. and he asks them normally about that auto incident.
teena – pratik how do u know that we all went on the auto that day…. and u r exactly telling the date….
pratik (stammers) – woooo becozzz i was the ….man in kerchief…….
teena and all – wat….. but y did u wear that kerchief….
prateek – bus aise hi…. u leave all that tell me who is that scarf girl……
teena – acha wohhhh…. woh toh swara hai…..
prateek is shocked…. he confirms that it is swara gadodia…..he leaves silently from there….

** flashback ends**

prateek (thinks) – no i will not say this truth to sir… i will hide this truth from him in the same way i was hiding from 2 months….(yes prateek got to know about this before 2 months) i can’t destroy sir’s life and bhabhi…..she is so good. i know she couldnot harm anyone. and i am sure something is definetly wrong. first i will find the whole matter…..
just then sanskar calls him.
prateek – hello sir…..
sanskar – prateek wat happened to u ?? u never did so much late for getting information…. but y r u being so late now…
prateek (fumbles) – abb…wo…sir actually information is very less sir and u also told that swara bhabhi should not know about this so its getting late sir….
sanskar – prateek u have dealt with much tougher situations than this…. sometimes i didnot give u any information but still u found the information.. ok anyways do it fast….i can’t leave that miss.scarf who spoiled my reputation. and ha even that khanna….. listen i have another work for u.
prateek – yes sir tell me….
sanskar – collect all the information about the wrong dealings and illegal properties of khanna i am going to destroy him on the day of my marg. it will be a gift to myself for my wedding…(smiles evilly)
prateek – sir u can do this aftr ur marg…. becozzzz i don’t want u to spoil ur wedding day becozzz of him…..and swara bhabhi and her family…. ur family all will get disturbed with that..and u can’t invite him to ur wedding as u have to hide about swara bhabhi na….
sanskar – ok then i will do it later….but u collect the information about him.
prateek – ok sir….
they hang up….


swara applies mehendi….of sanskr’s name…..
all maheswari family is present except sanskar… swara is waiting for him….

aftr waiting a long time she goes to her room.

sanskar comes to her with a plate of food…..

swara gets happy to see him….

sanskar – sryy… i got late becozzz of work load…
swara – its ok..but itna kaam…..
sanskar (winks) – woh kya hai na….. actually my employee swara is getting married so she is in leave for 10 days so i am doing her work too….
swara – acha ji….. y r u doing her work…ha…. showing special interest on her….hmmmmmm
sanskar – ha becozzzz she is very pretty….
swara(pouts) – sanskar…..aap…..
sanskar – acha ok ok now stop all this…first eat ur food…
swara – no first u find ur name in my mehendi…aftr that i will eat….
sanskar – no firt u eat aftr that i will find….
swara – ok….
sanskar feeds her…..while eating she remembers about their ofc incidents. his bossy attitude… and how he changed his cae for her…how he saved her from goons…..etc… she gets teary eyed and hugs him…..
sanskar too hugs her back….
later he finds his name on her mehendi aftr alot of difficulty….as sanskar maheswari never loses

precap – swasan haldi and a dhamaka…….

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