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Chapter 24

The episode begins here

Prateek – but sir it will take some time. As bhabhi shouldnot know about this we cannot do direct investigation. so it takes some time.
Sanskar – ok but find out asap. I need to know about her and i want to torture her. I will make her life hell
Prateek (shocked) – sir….u wanted to torture her ??But y…
sanskar(angry) – becozzzz i hate her….do u get that ?? Now get lost…
prateek goes while thinking.
prateek(thinks) – i hav never seen sir in thus much anger before.ohhh shit..how can i miss this point. thats the same date where sir met her and the same day sir lost his deal. for the first time in his career he lost the deal. He was so furious that day. And yesterday mr.khanna too insulted sir for losing the same deal. iska matlab sir lost the deal becozzz of that girl…but how is she involved in this….i hav to find out….i will ask him wen he is in good mood. Right now i hav to findout about this girl….

aftr sometime….swara comes to sanskar’s cabin. But sanskar is lost some where…She observes this…
swara – sir……
sanskar comes into senses by her voice.
Sanskar – hmmmm swara…wat do u want…
swara – i need to talk about the project…
sanskar – lets talk it aftr sometime. Now u can go….
swara gets that he is upset with something otherwise he never postpones the work. She nods and leaves…

she comes to her cabin and calls him….
Sanskar lifts the call.
Sanskar – swara just now u went from here…wat do u want now….
swara – ohhh hello…wen did i come to ur cabin…i think its miss.gadodia who came to ur cabin..(fake tears and crying tone) can’t u recignize ur wife’s voice…huuuu
sanskar(smiles slightly) – wife..?? who is she ?? I am not yet married…if u want u can try me…may be i fall for u….
swara(fake angry) – ohhh mr….may be u r not comitted but i am committed to my fiance. I cannot cheat on him. Waise i heard that u too r engaged. How can u do this to ur fiance.
Sanskar – ahhhh don’t talk about her. She is very boring. We get alot of time to spend with each other in ofc. But she will irritate me by calling sir…..sir….she amd her professionalism….
swara(teary eyed) – sanskar….i am sry…i dont know that u r upset with me…i thought…..
sanskar – arre i was kidding yaar Swara…now stop those tears….
swara – hahaha very funny i was not crying…
sanskar – ha i can see. U were about to cry..
swara – ha ok baba now leave it. acha tell me y were u upset ??
sanskar – no swara i am fine…
swara – no wen i came to ur cabin i observed u. U were lost in thoughts….wat happened ?? R u still thinking about yesterday’s incident ??
Sanskar – hmmm how do u know ??
Swara – there is nthng to get upset for u except this. So i guessed. And by the way mr.maheswari…i know u.
Sanskar – hmm acha ok ok…now come to my cabin….lets talk about the project…
swara – ha ok but plzzz stop thinking about that…forget it na…
sanskar – ok i will try….
they hang up..
Swara comes to his cabin. They both discuss about the project. While explaining something swara’s hair strands fall on her face due to air….she gets irritated by taking them. Sanskar sees her and smiles.
she removes pen cap and plucks her hair back so that they donot dusturb her.
Seeing this sanskar gets up and comes to her seat. He stands very near to her chair. Her heart beat starts rising…he bends towards her. Removes the pen cap and leans towards her ears.
Swara(nervous) – san….sanskar…..
sanskar(husky voice) – u look more beautiful wen those hair falling on ur face…
saying this he kisses her cheek.
Swara gets numb……
she immediately gets up And goes to her cabin.
Sanskar smiles at her behaviour….

Days pass like this…..
leap of 2 and half months……

All relatives starts to arrive to both the houses…..
both the houses are decorated beautifully…
As from the next day…..the rituals of marg are going to start.

@ gadodia house….

All the ladies are sitting in the hall selecting the jewellery and sari’s..
All are the relatives from sharmishta’s side. As swara doesnot like shekhar’s side family(there is a reason i will reveal later)

Swara is in her room.

Sanskar calls her. She is about to lift the call but her cousins lift the call….. and try to talk like swara but they failed as sanskar is very intelligent. He knew very well about swara.
Sanskar – hello swara…
swara’s cousin – hello sanskar…(acting to talk like swara)
sanskar(identifies that its not swara’s voice) – hello who is this ??
(Phone is in loud speaker)
i will introduce the cousins. Divya,karthik, aditi, tarun.
divya – its me sanskar….ur swara. Did u forget me….
swara is pleading to stop but they donot stop….
sanskar understands that they are teasing him. He too gets an idea..
sanskar (teasing) – haa meri swara…i am so sry jaan…how can i forget u….u know i am missing u so much….i want to kis….
divya(shocked) – jiju….stop….i am not swara. I am divya…swara’s cousin…..jiju u r too much jiju…
sanskar laughs hard…..
sanskar – hahahaha….u tried to tease me..so i applied the same formula to u….
aditi – jiju….leave that…we all saw u in tv’s. In magazines…and in news paper and ij engagement photos too.
Tarun – but wen will u give us chance to see u directly…….
sanskar – haaa if u want we can meet today
as from tomorrow onwards our marg rituals will start.
karthik – ok jiju done. Lets meet tonight.. but where ??
Sanskar – i will tell the place in an hour. Now can u give the phone to swara…..
divya – aha……itna pyaar… hmmmmmm
swara snatches the phone and gives an angry look to them. They all go.
Swara – i am sry sanskar…
sanskar – its ok swara. Acha listen….i called u to inform u that ur contract will complete before our marg only. I hav prepared the papers. U just need to sign them. and i am not inviting our staff to our marg becozz though ur contract gets completed u hav other works in our company for the next 1 month. So i dont want u to feel uncomfortable.
swara(over whelmed) – tanq so much sanskar…..
They talk for sometime and hang up.

@ shekhar’s room

Shekhar and sharmishta are talking about some financial problms whereas laksh listens it.
laksh passes by their room.
Sharmishta – shekhar…y did u apply for the loan. U already saved some money for shona’s marg na.. thats enough.
shekhar – mishti.. i want my daughter’s marg to be done very grandly. And her inlaws her maheswari’s. So i want it to be a very grand wedding. And don’t worry. If necessary then only i will use this amount.
Sharmishta – but shekhar….. i hav another idea. Y can’t we take it from swara. She has been saving since 3 yrs. I am sure she had saved a big amount.
shekhar(angry) – hav u gone mad ?? No thats my daughter’s money. I want to do her marg with my money. Its her savings. And she is saving that for a reason.
Sharmishta – i dont know about that but she doesnot need them as she is going to be dil of maheshwari’s.
Shekhar – aftr knowing about ur daughter’s nature… still u r saying this….no i dobt agree.
Laksh – but ma is right papa…
shekhar – laksh ….u go . Its none of ur business. U go from here….
laksh – i heard everything papa. And ma is right. U can take it from di…
sharmishta – exactly…shekhar we already hav our house loan on ur salary. And again this loan…aftr that we will face problms….
shekhar – no…..
Laksh goes and tells thus to swara. swara gets teary eyed.
Swalak comes to shekhar’s room.
Swara – papa y r u doing this ??
Shekhar – beta….u dont involve in this. Its my responsibility.
Swara – papa cancel the loan immediately. my marg will happen with the money which u saved and we have. no need ofvthis extra loan.
Laksh – swara that means u r not going to give money….
swara – lucky….i saved that money for a purpose. I cant take them…u know i dont think about money.
Laksh(angry) – u know wat…u r the most selfish girl i hav ever seen….how can u do this. Wat will u do with that money….
shekhar – shut up laksh. if she is telling that there is a purpose then there is…now stop arguing…..
sharmishta – that means u know the reason y she is saving…..
shekhar – ha i know but swara refused me from telling to u both. But now i cant hide more.
Swara – papa no…u r not going to tell anything nor u r going to take the loan. Just cancel it…thatsall.
laksh – swara….u know i akways used to say that i hate u but sillyily. But today i am serious. I hate u.
Swara (Angry) – ha lucky…i know that. And u know wat.. i hate u too…..
They both keeps on shouting at each other…and atlast both go in opposite direction.

Precap – swara’s reason for saving money is revealed to laksh and sharmishta. shekhar’s side relatives arrives at gadodia house. Sanskar observes swara’s ill behaviour with them.

Sry if i dissapponted u All. And i will post my another ff in the evng.

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