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Chapter 23

The episode begins here

all leaves from the party hall
Swalak too leaves to gadodia house.
Both enter the house.
shekhar stands in the hall waiting fir both of them.
seeing shekhar swara gets a naughty idea.
Swara runs to shekhar and hugs him.
Swara(winking at laksh) – papa u told him not to fight with me na..but he pulled my hair very badly papa. I was looking like a ghost(fake tears)
Laksh – papa….she is lieing….
shekhar(angry) – laksh…i told u to take care of her but instead of that u troubled her.
Laksh – papa she …she is lieing….
shekhar(shouts) – shut up u idiot…..stupid…
shekhar goes on scolding…
whereas swara smiles…
shekhar keeps on scolding laksh until sharmishta comes and stops him.
Shekhar – i am leaving u this time but next time i will punish u Severely.
laksh(murmurs) – this time too u didnot leave me. blood is oozing from my ears becozz of ur scoldings…huuuu
shekhar – wat r u murmuring…u idiot….
laksh(pouts) – papa don’t call me idiot….all r thinking that my original name is idiot not laksh…
swara giggles.
Laksh passes an angry look to her.
Shekhar – ha right ur name is idiot only. Ok now u both go and sleep.
Swara – gud ni8 papa(hugs him)
Shekhar kisses her forehead.
Shekhar – gud ni8 princess….
laksh(to himself) – huuuu he is treating her as a princess and me as a slave….i will kill this devil….
shekhar and sharmishta goes to their room.
Laksh – ohhh devil….i messed ur hair na….u r looking like a ghost na..now see wat i will do…
swara understands his intension and starts to run. laksh too runs and catches her. He messes her hair very badly. now she is looking like a ghost really. Until she sets her hairs laksh took a pic of her.
Laksh – hahaha see u r looking like a ghost. If jiju see this pic he will run away hahaha…
swara – lucky..i will kill u…
until swara snatches the phone laksh goes to his room and licks it…
swara too goes to her room aftr scolding laksh.

@ swara’s room

Swara sets her hairs. She is still in her sari.
She is looking herself in the mirror. She remembers hers and sanskar’s closeness. How sanskar kissed her forehead. She blushes to crimson red.

Later she goes and freshes up and goes to bed. But sleep was far away from her.

@sanskar’s room

Sanskar is in deep thoughts. He is thinking about swara. A small curve appears on his lips.
Sanskar(thinks) – how can this happen ?? I am feeling the same happiness which i felt wen i think about that scarf girl..(as soon as he thought about her his anger boiled) ha she is thecreason for my insult. I willnot leave her. She had to bear the punishment. Becozz of her i lost the deal. Becozzz of her khanna insulted me. neither i will leave khanna nor that miss.scarf. i will make u facd the hell miss.scarf. I HATE U AND THAT KISS THE MOST.
he calls someone.
Person – hello sir….
sanskar – come to my ofc tomorrow. I need Some details about something prateek.
Prateek – yes sir.
(prateek is sanskar’s personal detective. He is like a brother to sanskar. He is vdry loyal To sanskar. He loves him very much)
Aftr that sanskar cuts the call.
Sanskar – so be ready miss.scarf…soon ur life will turn into hell. This is sanskar maheswari’s promise…..

next day at ofc prateek comes to the cabin.
At the same time swara too comes to sanskar’s cabin for somework.
Sanskar – prateek first meet her. She is swara soon to be ur bhabhi…
prateek(shocked) – sir u didnot tell me…..
sanskar – stop acting prateek. i know u know it. Becozzz u never remain unknown in my matter.
Prateek – hahaha true sir…
swara is shocked to see prateek’s closeness. Becozzz till now no one dared to play jokes with THE SANSKAD MAHESWARI…..
swara – sir…yeh…apne….
sanskar – swara relaxxx he willnot say anything to anyone. u can trust him. (Smiles)
Swara too smiles.
Swara – ok u both talk. I will come later.
saying this she goes.
Swara – bye prateek..
prateek – bye bhabhi….
swara smiles and goes…
prateek – sir…bhabhiii is very nice….
sanskar – ya i know…(serious) now listen….(tells everything except the kiss) i wanted to know about her. these people are miss.scarf’s frndzzz(shows some photos to prateek which they took on their engagement)But be careful…swara shouldnkt know anything…
prateek – but sir…y di u need about her….
sanskar(attitude) – jitna kaha hai utna karo…
prateek nods – sir but it takes time. as bhabhi shouldnot know anything we csnnkt do direct investgation….

Precap – same as yestdrday

Credit to: miss.murty

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