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The episode begins here

Next day


Sanskar calls swara to his cabin.

Swara – sir y did u called me ??
Sanskar – swara call me sanskar….
swara – this is ofc. And u r my boss and sir plzzz call me miss.gadodia
sanskar – ohhh so madammm u r still hurt for my words(do u remember guys sanskar refused to call swara and he scolded her for that)
Swara – no..nthng like that.
Sanskar – acha ok ok. I called u to inform u that tomorrow we hav to attend a party.
Swara – which party ??
Sanskar – we got a deal na. Mr.malhotra is very happy to work with us. So he is giving a party in my hounour. So all our ofc staff are invited…inform them and send msgs to everyone as a official invitation.
Swara – sure sir….
sanskar(frowns) – swara…
swara smiles and goes…
sanskar calls her with his personal num
that is her fiance sanskar’s number..
swara lifts the call.
Swara – sir y did u call me ?? Just now…
sanskar cuts her – who is sir ?? I am ur fiance swara. Talk to me like that…
Saying this he winks at her (sanskar is standing outsids her cabin and she can see him and he too can see her)
Swara – acha…ji..then ok..tell me y did u call me ??
Sanskar – kyun…shouldnt i call u ??
Swara(teasing smile) – no not like that but
my boss gave me a work. I should complete it otherwise he will not leave me. u know naa..he is khadoos…
sanskar(fake angry) – acha…i am
swara – who said that ?? I am not telling about u. I am talking about my boss Sanskar…….sanskar…
sanskar – dont act smart madam…i called u to tell u that i am sending u a dress. So wear that for the party. Got it.
Swara – no no i hav many.. u no need to
sanskar – i hav decided and i am sending it. Dont worry i know about ur tastes. i know u like sari. and u look good in them.
Swara blushes – tanq.
Sanskar – now stop blushing and do the work.
Swara – khadoos….
she immediately cuts the call. Sanskar smiles at her And goes.
Some of the staff see sanskar staring swara standing outside her cabin.
They starts gossiping. Sanskar fails to listen. He goes in to his cabin.
Day passes like that.

at evng..

swara comes out of the ofc. At the same time sanskar too comes out…
swara is waiting outside for laksh.
Sanskar – swara y r u waiting here ?? where is ur scooty ??
Swara – woh actually sanska…(sees some
staff) sir…today my brother took it. So i am waiting for him.
Sanskar – ok no problm. Come i will drop u. Call laksh and tell him not to come..
swara – no sir. Its ok…
sanskar(slowly) – dont u remember last time. I cant take risk swara. Come with me. I cant leave u here alone. If u dont come i will lift u and put u in my car then dont
blame me aftr that.
Swara – no no ok…i will…
laksh comes just then
swara – lucky….Sir my brother came…..
sanskar – ok gud
Swara goes to laksh whereas sanskar too follows her.
Sanskar and laksh starts playing jokes on swara and gives hifi to each other.
staff sees this.
person 1 – yaar i thinks boss is close to
swara’s family.
Person 2 – i heard that swara’s brother and sir’s sister are best frndz. i also swa them in a restrnt.

On road.
Swara – lucky y did u come late ??
Laksh – ahhhh i was searching for a girl
frnd. Thats y i got late.
Sanskar gets angry but composes himself.
Swara – stop joking lucky…I know u r not interested in those all…
sanskar – ohhh y laksh ??
Laksh – no reason jiju..but i am not interested.
Swara – acha ok lucky lets leave. climate is changing. Bye sir….
sanskar – sanskar….call me sanskar swara. Now no one is there here…
swara – but still we r outside the ofc.
Laksh – jiju i told u na.. she is little bit crack. Leave her.
Sanskar – haha not little bit laksh. very much..
swara – u both are really bad. Lucky move back. I will drive…
laksh – no i will drive.
Swara – shut up….i cant risk my life….(dramatically) wat will happen to ma papa if something happens to me. I am their only good child. And wat about my fiance..(winks at sanskar)
Sanskar gives u r impossible look to swara.
Laksh (joining his both hands) – meri ma..bus karo..u only drive….
swara – haha thats like a good boy…
laksh moves back and swara sits on the scooty.
Sanskar smiles At their cute fight. Swara starts driving. Laksh keeps his hands
around her neck as if he is killing her.
Swara – u cant do that lucky….so stop trying…
laksh beats her…they both njoy like that
and go…..
wen sanskar is about to sit in his car a journalist comes to him.
Journalist – sir …sir..i need a interview…
sanskar (carelessly) – not now..i am very busy…
jourmalist – sir one question ….
she insists..
sanskar (with alot of attitude) – ok shoot…..
journist – sir…we heard about ur marg…is it true ?? If so who is that lucky girl ??…
Sanskar (attitude) – yes its true that i am
going to marry..and ya coming to that girl…soon i will introduce her to u all..
saying this he gets into his car and drives home whereas journalist keeps on calling
journalist – sir… sir…sir…..


sharmishta receives a parcel.
She sees it. Its from sanskar. so without opening it she keeps it on the table.
Swalak reach home…

Wen both are going to their rooms. Sharmishta calls swara and gives the parcel.
Sharmishta – swara…sanskar sent this for u.
Swara (smiles) – i think this is the sari. Actually ma tomorrow there is a party and for that sanskar sent this.
Sharmishta(smiles) – ohhh ok…go and fresh up.
Swara – ok ma…btw where is papa ?? By now he should come home na…
sharmishta – ha but now a days he is having more work. I think…
swara gets worried about shekhar’s health.
She goes up and calls shekhar.
Shekhar – hello shona..
swara – papa where r u ?? y didnt u come home till now ??
Shekhar – dont take tension beta. I will come wirhin an Hour.
Swara – ok papa come fast…
she hangs up.

Swara opens the gift pack.
She sees a beautiful black sari with stone work at the border and full worked designer blowse… she is stunned to look at that.
Swara – wowww this is sooo beautiful…
She calls sanskar.
Swara – hello sanskar…
sanskar – how is the sari ?? Do u like my selection..
swara – i loved it sanskar… its really very
sanskar – it will be more beautiful if u wear it…
swara(blushes) – tanq..
they keep on talking like that…..

Aftr that wen shekhar comes…they all have dinner together.

Next day

aftr the ofc Sanskar calls swara..
sanskar – swara shall i come to pick up u ??
Swara – no no need. Actually mr.khanna is also invited na. So laksh is also coming. So we both will come together.
Sanskar – u both will come on ur scooty.
Swara – no sanskar we will come by papa’s car. So dont worry.
Sanskar(smiles) – ok then come fast.
Swara smiles and leaves.


swara gets ready and comes down. Laksh too comes out wearing a formal suit.

Sharmishta – wow my both the kids are looking very good. Nazar na lage mere bachin ko..
shekhar – ha specially swara…..laksh take care of her. Today my daughter is looking very beautiful.

swara is wearing a black sari with stone work in border and a heavy worked blOwse. She left her hairs open with straightening. she wore ear rings and a chain matching to her sari. And with a light makeup. Totally she is looking like a divine.

Shekhar kisses swara’s forehead.
Shekhar – shona let laksh drive the car. Ur sari will get spoiled.
swara – no problm papa i will drive…
shekhar – ok ur wish..
laksh – papa i will drive papa plzzzz.
Swara – acha ok dont beg..take it..she throws the keys.
Laksh is about to catch her hair.
Swara(shouts) – dont touch my hair. I will kill u….
saying this she runs.
Laksh – i will not leave u….
shekhar stops laksh
shekhar – laksh dont fight with ur sister there. Be with her.
Laksh – ok papa….
swalak go there.
Swara gets down from the car. Laksh went to park the car.
Sanskar is talking with some business men. Sudenly he sees swara….he gets mesmirised seeing her.
ap and dp smile seeing her.
swara feels little uncomfortable to go inside. So she waits for laksh.
Meanwhile ragini comes and hugs her.
Ragini – bhabhi u r looking beautiful….
swara – tanq waise tum bhi kam nahi ho… u r looking stunning raagu…
ragini – tanq bhabhi…..
laksh comes there. He sees ragini. she is looking beautiful…he stares her. ragini observes this and blushes.
Swara sees laksh.
Swara – lucky..y r u standing there.. come here…Lets go…
laksh – ha diii..wait i have one work…
swara – wat ??
Laksh – papa said not to fight in the party so…
swara – ha so…
laksh pulls her hair and goes inside the party…
swara – lucky ke bache…i willnot leave u..
(Pouts) he spoiled my hair.
She is combing her hair with her hands while pouting.
Sanskar gets uncontrollable. he feels to kiss her pout but controls.
Both swaragini come inside.

Party starts and mr.malhotra announces his partnership with maheswari’s…
and he also praises sanskar for his success.
Mr.malhotra – i am so happy thaT our company is going to work with maheswari’s. I am very happy and excited to work with mr.sanskar maheswari. Though he is very younger to me…i feel utmost respect for him. Becozzz of his success…. till todayyyy he never lose any deal..
maheswari family and swalak all are happy to hear that words but soon their happy faces turned into anger especially swara and sanskar’s.
mr.khanna gets up(some wat drunken) – i object mr.malhotra.. mr.maheswari recently lost a deal…. Its really easy for him to get that deal but still he lost it. He failed to give a proper presentation. How funny is that ?? And here u r honiuring such a man…
mr.malhotra – enough mr.khanna…stop ur nonsense..
sanskar – not a word more Or else..
mr.khanna – or else wat will u do ?? u cant even give a proper presentation….
(Sanskar remembers the reason y he was unable to give the presentation.. he was remembering the kiss. He gets angry on that girl and the kiss)
mr.khanna goes on insulting..
swara(shouts) – enough mr.khanna…not a word against our boss. U r talking about sanskar sir’s capability right…so lets decide it together. Wats say…. oh sry….didnt u get me ?? Ok no problm let me explain…
mr.sanskar maheswari lost the deal..and still he is in the number 1 position but u got that deal and u hav moved from 20th position to 6th position and today u r here just becozzz of a deal. So the deal which changed ur life and ur position didnot even effected him. THAT IS THE SANSKAR MAHESWARI..u got that…
All claps for swara…
mr.khana – u….how dare u talk to me like that. And y r u supporting him…
swara – becozzz he is my boss and my inspiration too. Do u know how to work…ohhh how will u know it. u oy know how to throw all ur work on ur employees and take the credit of someone’s hardwork and talent…
mr.khanna – wat r u talking ??
Swara (smiles sarcastically) – ohhh dont be so innocent mr.khanna. my brother laksh is working in ur company. And if u want i can give the proof. And coming to our company. Our boss specially takes care of every project and works on it. If u want u can ask any employe of maheswari group of companies…
mr.khanna – ab….wohh…i…
swara – haa u……do u want to say something ??
Mr.khanna silently goes out.
All claps for swara and sanskar.
Mr.malhotra – omg mr.maheswari we dont know that u work so hard and take care of everything personally. i must say…thats y u r in the number one position… and miss.gadodia….it needs a lot of courage to speak like this. U r really a loyal employee.
Swara – i just did my duty sir. Its duty of every employe to support their company and boss…
mr.malhotra – ya true…
saying this he leaves.
laksh – diiii yeh sherni ka avatar kya hai ?? Tune toh bhagadiya mere bechare boss ko….hahaha..
swara – stop it lucky….i just said the truth. and how can he insult sanskar like that..
laksh – haaa now i got it. This anger is not for insulting ur boss but ur fiance.. (teasing)
Ragini too joins – ha laksh u r right….
swara – stop it guys…
ap and dp too joins them. They all stand together.
Ap – y r u all teasing my dil.
Swara – ha ma…see these devils…
dp – but swara i must say….for one second i was afraid of u.
Swara – papa u too..
dp – hahaha i was just joking…
dp side hugs swara.
They all talk for sometime. Sanskar is having a formal chat but he managed to notice swara from corner of his eyes.

Aftr some time we swara is going somewhere. Suddenly someone pulls her to a side. She is about to shout but stops seeing the person.
Swara – sanskar….
yes its our sanskar…
sanskar – haa sanskar……waise wat was that ?? Wats the need for saying all those.
(Sanskar is holding by her waist. They are very close)
Swara – i was so angry that i wanted to give him a tight slap. Wat should i do…he was talking bad about u..
sanskar – ha toh…y does it affect u..
swara – sanskar….wat r u talking…he is talking about my san….
sanskar(teasing) – haa ur…..
swara suddenly realizes and moves back.
She blushes and er hair is falling on her face. She is about to take it but sanskar holds her hands and tucks her hair strands behind the ear and carreses her cheeks.
Swara’s heartbeat raises due to closeness.
sanskar holds swara’s face and kisses her forehead.
Sanskar(pecks her forehead) – tanq
saying this he goes.
Swara blushes fo crimson red.
later she goes out. Just then she sees singhania’s coming…..
swara goes and hugs raghav.
Mf.malhotra welcomes him.
Mr.malhotra – miss.swara how do u know mr.singhania…
raghav – she is my frnd’s daughter Mr.malhotra.
laksh comes there.
Laksh – uncle u missed swara’s dhamakhedaar performance.
Avi – ohhhh aat was that ?? Wat did she do ??
Swara – shut up LuckY. Nthng avi….

mr. And mrs. Singhania goes and meets maheswari’s. they all spend the time. Later everyone leaves.

Precap – leap and marg preparations starts and swalak serious fight.

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