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Chapter 21

The episods begins here.

sanskar sees swara’s frndzz whom he saw in auto.
He suddenly remembers the scarf girl. He gets teary eyed but he doesnot know y. He thinks to ask about her. Wen he is going to ask them swara calls him.
he goes. Both swasan takes blessings from the relatives.

All the guests leave the hall.
only swara’s frndzz, swasan family and avi’s family are left.

Sanskar thinks to ask them but stops himself.
Sanskar (monologue) – shall i ask them About that girl ?? No no y should i ask ?? Wats the relation between me and her. She is just a stranger. But i feel sonething for her..wats that ?? noo becozz of her i lost my contract. Sanskar maheswari lost tge deal. Its just becozzz of her. ha i hate her…and i hate that kiss…
he goes into a deep thinking. he comes out with avi’s shout..

He looks in that direction.

Avi (shouts) – aapse kitni baar kaha ki mujhse dooe rahiye… but y dont u listen to me ??
Mrs.singhania cries…
swara and mr.singhania goes there.
all can hear them and see them…
swara (angry) – avi y r u shouting at her ??
Avi – she came to me with this dinner plate. She wants me to eat it. Seriously mrs.singhania…do u think that i will eat if u give with ur hands ?? Nooo its not less than a poison for me.
raghav – buss…bohut boldiya tumne. remember one thing she is ur mother.
avi – no dad. U are wrong. She was my mother. But my mother died along with my sister 2 yrs be…..
swara slaps him hard….
all looks on shocked. Including avi…
Shekhar – shona tum ne kya kiya beta ??
swara – yeh isi ke laayak hai papa…
(To avi) do u know about whom u r talking ?? Mind ur words avi. If u talk anything against aunty i will kill u.
avi (smiles sarcastically) – ab khush hai na aap mrs.singhania… first u separated my sister from me.now u r separating shona from me. dad be ready next is u…
raghav – avi…u r misunderstanding ur mom…
avi – i am leaving dad..uncle bye…And congratulations shona…
swara feels sad for slapping him.
Swara – avi..plzz listen..to..
avi – bye lucky…i am leaving..
shekhar – avi beta..wait…
avi – no uncle let me leave …
shekhar – wait for a second (he signals sharmishta to bring his plate)
sharmishta comes there with a dinner plate.
Sharmishta – come with me. I will feed u.
Avi – no aunty ….i am not hungry.
sharmishta – if u r angry with swara then y r u showing it on urself..ha…u beat her. Come now have food…
sharmishta takes him forcefully to a room and closes the door.
As soon as the door gets closed laksh starts shouting at swara.
Laksh – wats wrong with u swara ?? Y did u slap him ?? U know about him..phir bhi tune…
shekhar and mr.singhania – stop it laksh.
shekhar goes to swara and sids hugs her.
Mr.singhania – wat swara did is right… if swara had not slapped then i wouldhav slapped him for sure.
laksh – ha uncle u hav that right….bit swara….
mr.singhania (raghav) – laksh..swara is our family. She has every right on avi and our family. And she did the right thing. So stop blaming her.
ap dp and ragini are surprised to see their bonding. whereas sanskar knkws about avi And his family.
Sanskar thinks to lighten the environment.
Sanskar – hmmm now all plzzz stop this discussion. And i am sure avi will be fine becozzz sharmishta aunty will definetly convince him. Avi said that aunty used to convince him wenever he has a fight with swara.
Shekhar too joins him.
Shekhar – haa becozzz my shona willnot get convinced easily. And i will never let her get convinced too (winks at swara)
Swara too smiles.
Raghav – thats like a good girl…u should smile like this.
Laksh – wahhh uncle…papa u both are showing partiality. Swara is the one who did wrong and u all are supporting her. U always do this to me and avi…(pouts)
Swara – thats becozzz who will support devils ??
Laksh – how dare u call me devil…u are only devil….ma…
swara – hahaha ma is in the room and she is busy in convincing avi….so just stop shouting ma… (imitating him)
Laksh pouts….
mrs.singhania – swara dont tease my son… dont worry laksh.i am with u.
she goes and supports laksh.
Laksh – tanq aunty…
all smiles at their bond.

Swara – acha aunty u all elders go and hav dinner. Untill then we all will talk here.
Mrs.singhania – let ur mom come..
swara – she will come in 5 min. U know very well About ur son’s anger. he will be cooled easily. So dont worry.
Avi comes from behind – ha thats y u will alway fight with me na ??
Swara holds her ears and with puppy dog eyes – sry….if u want u too can slap me.
avi sees sanskar and says – wahhh wat a plan ha… if i beat u then ur fiance will cime and beat me then u can njoy my situation right ?? I know all ur stupid plans…
swara pouts.. sanskar smiles.
Sanskar comes to avi and puts his hand on avi’s shoulders.. and says – aviii i dont hav any problm…i dont involve between u both. U can take ur revenge…
avi and sanskar gives hifi to each other.
swara – hoooo
laksh goes to them while jumping – hahaha yes jiju yes….i love u…haha common beat her avi…it should be a six…
all laughs..
swara gets angry….
swara(shouts) – riya…where is the cd..
riya – here it is shona……
laksh’s happy face turns into fear face..
laksh(stammers) – di…gussa..kyun..karti ho…haha i was joking..how can i let avi beat u….avi and jiju u both are very bad…
shekhar – shonaaa…wat is there in cd beta…..
laksh(murmurs) – huuu my future…(To shekhar) papa nthng…is there in it. First u all go and have dinner. ma too came na….

All elders go…

Sanskar – seriously avii…tu toh bahut jaldi maan gaye…
avi – ha this is routine yaar. This idiot will slap me almost everyday. I will never get angry but today i got amgry becozz..
swara (with teary eyes) – becozzzz i slapped u infront of everyone….
Avi – ophoooo tu toh rone laggayi…..i was just joking…i didnot get angry….i was acting u know…
swara – i am sry avi…i should hav controlled my anger. But i couldnot listen against aunty…
avi – lets leave this topic ok…so sanskar wen is the nexy function…
sanskar – ask ur frnd..she should decide. wenever she say i will marry her..
swara – hooooo i dont know…i just wanted my marg aftr 3 months…
laksh – pagal hogayi ho tum….. i cant bear u for another 3 months.
Swara hits him with a cushion…
swara – u r not bearing me idiot…..papa is bearing us….
laksh – haha very funny. Jiju i am worried about u. How could u manage her…she is little bit crack…
ragini – shut up laksh… my bhabhi is very good. Dont say a word agaknst her.
Swara – haha very good ragini…
swara side hugs ragini.
Laksh – this is the proof that all girls are the same. No one hav brain…
sanskar and avi laughs hard….
swara (angry) – ha right we dont hav brain. So riya come lets show this video to everyone.
Sanskar – swara wats there in that video…i saw u blackmailing him with this…
swara – sanskar i think i told u….
ok listen…in this…..video….(swara is streching the words)
Laksh – plzzzz chup hojao meri maa….
swara – no no sanskar u listen. He drank wine and he scolded papa…
laksh – and this devil recorded that and is blackmailing me huuu….
swara – oyyy who is the devil….
laksh(hits his head with his hand) – me me…i am the devil.. happy…satisfied…
swara (laughs) – ha very much…
avi – now stop laughing like that…ur husband will run away without marrying u.
Swara – shut up…u moron.
teena (one of swara’s frnd whom sanskar knows i meab whom he saw in the auto) – haa swara this avi is really a stupid person..
avi – teena stop calling me like that ok… if i started saying ur stupidities then u cant face anyone.
riya – oyyy avi r u blackmailing teena..we are not afraid…come on tell.
teena – riya y r provoking him…let it be na….
all laughs at her…..
swara – Aisa kya kardiya teena that u r afraid of him ??
Avi – ask me shona. I will tell…
teena – ok stop stop….lets hav dinner. I think elders hav finished eating.
Laksh (teasing) – i think this is called diverting the topic…..
ragini – u shut up…. bhabhii i am feeling hungry…
swara – ok come lets hav food….
sanskar – ha ok come.

They all have their dinner.

swasan finish their dinner fastly. They both go in a room to talk.
Sanskar – so….
Swara – so…
sanskar – hmmm r u coming to ofc tomorrow
swara – ya
Sanskar doesnow know wat to talk so he talks aboit project.
sanskar – so lets complete the project and….
swara (pouts) – u brought me here for talking pur ofc matters ??
Sanskar understands her. So he starts mkving towards her. Swara gets nervous and gets up. He too gets up and sees swara romantically.
he keeps on moving forwards whereas swara keeps pn moving backward.
Finally swara hits the wall.
Sanskar keeps his two hands around her blocking her.
Swara(stammers) – ss…sanskar…kya kar rahe hai aap ….
sanskar – nthng much…i am seeing my beautiful fiance….. U only told to stop our ofc talks so…
swara(breathing heavily) – mera matlab woh nahi tha..i mean we should talk other than ofc..
Sanskar – this is other than ofc work dear… saying this he leans towards her lips….
swara closes her eyes… bit suddenly both of them remembers the auto scene.
Sanskar moves away from her. Swara rubs outside.

Swara’s pov

Wat’s happening to me. Y am i rembering him wen sanskar is with me. huuu god y r u doing this to me. I used to think about that….that kiss everyday untill i met sanskar. wen papa asked me about marg i agreed as i wanted to get rid of that kiss and that person. How can i think about him wen i don’t even know him…. i agreed to marg. Wen i started talking to sanskar..i completely stopped thinking about that day…but again today….huuu….it is my first kiss but IT IS THE KISS THAT I HATE THE MOST…..
Swara’s pov ends

Sanskar’s pov.

Wats happening to me. Y did i behave like that with swara. I know she is my fiancend i hav the right but still this is not right. but y did i remember about that kiss… these
days i totally forgot about that girl. but today wen i was about to kiss swara y the hel was i thinking about her. Thats the firs kiss for me but it turned my life to hell. Becozzz of that i lost my deal. Sanskar maheswari lost the deal. Huuu… THE KISS THAT I HATE THE MOST.

**sanskar’s pov ends **

Swara is talking with Laksh , avi and all…
Sanskar comes there. Both avoids eye contact.

At last wen maheswari family is leaving. Swra takes their blessings. Sanskar continuosly stares her. She feels his gaze on her. She understands that he is feeling awkward to talk to her. So she thinks to end it.

Swara – bye ragini….bye sanskar….

hearing his name sanskar gets into his senses.
Ragini hugs her.
Ragini – bye bhabhi…
sanskar – b..bye swara….

all maheswari family leaves.
Later both Singhania family,gadodia gamily and swara’s frndzzz leaves the hall.

Precap – mr.khanna insults sanskar in a party for loosing the deal. Sanskar starts hating the scarf girl and starts searching for her.

sry for the late frndzzzzzz

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