i am really very sry guys. I forgot to inform u that i would stay unavailable for the next two days. I am really sry about. I am still busy with my works but i am writing this becozz just now i saw some comments. I
felt bad for making u all wait. I am sry about it.

Here is the previous chapter link


The episode begins here.

Next mrng

swalak asusual hav their breakfast and leave for their respective ofcs together.
Same happens with ragsan.

Sanskar and swara are discussing about a project. Sanskar got a call from ap.
Ap – sanskar i need to talk to u about something. Come home.
sanskar – mom i hav an urgent work. I will come later.
Ap – no sanskar u hav to come here.
Sanskar – par mom….
swara listens his conversations.
Swara – excuse me sir…
sanskar gives a wat-do-u-want-to-say look
swara – sir i will manage here. U go
sanskar nods – ok mom i am coming
ap hears swara’s talks.
Ap(giggling) – sanskar my dil is very understanding…….
sanskar(frown) – mom…
saying this he cuts the call
sanskar – r u sure that u can handke this alone miss.gadodia ??
Swara (smiles professionally) – yes sir
sanskar goes… wen he is getting in to his car…a journalist sees him. she goes to sanskar to ask for an interview…but just then his phone rings…
sanskar doesnot notice the journalist.
Sanskar – ha mom…i am coming..
ap – sanskar don’t come home. Come to xyz jewellery shop.
sanskar – wat the hell mom…
ap – sanskar i want to buy jewellery for swara. I want u to select for her.
Sanskar – mom how do i know about ladies jewelery and all…
ap – sanskar…she is ur finace not mine..so u hav to select..
sanskar – ha mom i agree i am going to marry her that doesnot mean i should select everything for her…
journalist is shocked..
journalist (thinks) – omg….the great sanskar maheswari..is getting married. most eligible bachelor of this city…this is the best news….
she goes from there…
After a lot af argument..sanskar goes to jewellery shop for selecting jewelery for swara.


All local channels are showing only one thing. Sanskar maheswari’s marg…
and some main channels are also showing.
with the headlines
“Who is the mysyerious girl in sanskar maheswari’s life”
“Business tycoon of kolkata is getting married”
…..and so on..
sanskar switches on the tv. He gets shocked to see the news. He changes the channels but every channel is filled with his photographs.
Ap, dp and ragini too see that.
Ap – wat happens if swara sees this news. She will get to know about the truth…
ragini – mom i will call laksh..
ap – ok..

Ragini calls laksh. But she gets shocked to hear him. she cuts the call.
dp – kya hua…kya kaha laksh ne ??
Ragini – bhabhi is already watching the news.
sanskar hits his head with his hand.
@gadodia house

Swara gets shocked seeing the news.
Shekhar and sharmishta are in tension.
Laksh comes there and says
laksh – papa ma dont worry. Di dont hav that much brain to guess it. So chill.
Shekhar hits him.
Swara switches off the tv and comes to them.
swara – papa u know… my boss sanskar sir’s marg got fixed. And we don’t even know. Anyways i think he hided this becozz he doesnot like paparazzi and publicity.
lucky…did ragini tell anything to u ??
shekhar and sharmishta sighs.
Laksh (whispers in their ears) – i told u na..she is a dumbo….
shekhar hits him
swara – lucky…wat r u all talking….i asked u something..
laksh – ha..woh..no ragini didnot tell me anything.
Swara – acha ok leave it…they didnot tell the girls name. I think the news leaked.
laksh – ha may be. Acha ok leave it. Lets hav food. I am starving.
Swara – ha me too…
(Swara doesnot even think about sanskar in that way. She doesnot expect this. So its going to be a very big shock for her)

laksh calls sanskar and informs him.
sanskar – thank god swara didnot get any doubt. otherwise i would hav destroyed thise news channels…blo*dy……
laksh – relaxxx jiju…u r a famous business man. So its common. But how did this nrws got leaked…
sanskar – i too am thinking the same..
laksh – hm anyways they didnot know about di. Warna it has been the biggest shock for her. She would be very angry. then i cant recognize myself becozz first person she would take revenge on is me.
sanskar (laughs) – haha true…
laksh – acha ok jiju bye…
sanskar – bye…
They hang up.

Next day…

@sanskar’s ofc

Everyone is talking about sanskar’s marg. Except swara.
Her collegue comes to her.
collegue – yaar swara do u know our sanskar sir is getting married..
swara – ha i saw yesterday.
(Sanskar passes through her cabin and thinks to see her reaction)
collegue – the girl may be really lucky. But he didnot even inform us yaar. He kept it as a secret….how can he…
swara – u r neither his family nor his frnd so y will he inform u ?? Anyways its his personnal. he is such a big personality And if he would revealed it the whole media will be back of him for his interview.he too needs some privacy na ?? anyways leave the topic and concentrate on work.
collegue – hmmm ya thats right. He is rich, handsome and popular. The girl may be very lucky…
Swara gives a strong look – u r unbelievable. I just told u to leave that topic…
collegue – but…
swara – hush….. (she only leaves from there)
sanskar smiles seeing swara’s expressions and goes.

2 weeks leap

In this 2 weeks swara enjoyed talking to her fiance sanskar. She also spent most of her time with sanskar in ofc becozz they both are working on a project. Swara is still unaware of the fact. They used to talk alot wen they get bored doing work but swara never crossed her limits. She never asked sanskar about his marg. Sanskar liked this very much.
laksh went on irritating swara. Avi met sanskar frequently. Infact swara is surprised to see avi and sanskar so close.
finally the day has come.

Their engagement day…

Swara didnot invite any of their staff members as shekhar want it to be a complete family function. (actually its sanskar’s plan. He doesnot want anyone to know about this untill swara says by herself)
According to shekhar’s wish..swara invited only her close frndzz from wipro. Riya and some of swara’s frndz. (They are swara’s frndzz whom sanskar saw with swara in that auto.)

shekhar and sharmishta are very busy. Shekhar is very tensed as its his princess’s engagement. They already arrived at function hall.
Swara is in her night wear and with a messed bun.
shekhar(Tensed) – shona u r still in these clothes. Go and change beta…
swara hugs him – papa relax…dont take tension. It will effect ur health. Everything will be fine. there is still time for that.
Shekhar (nervously) – u r going to see sanskar today…. i am tensed whether u like him or not…
swara – papa i like him
Shekhar – wat ??
Swara – ha papa its true that i didnot see him but everyday i talk to him. i can say that he is very good person. So u dont take tension.
Just then swara’s frndzz come therr. They take swara to room to make her ready.
Swara while going signals shekhar to calm down.
Shekhar smiles at his daughter’s love.
mean while laksh comes to swara and pulls her hair and runs.
Swara chases him…they both fight….
riya – yaar swara…plzz stop this childish behaviour. Come u hav to get ready…
swara – i will not leave this monkey…
riya – if he is monkey then u too are a monkey Swara…
laksh – hahaha well said riya di…
swara – shut up lucky….swara beats him and rubs to her room. shekhar catches laksh. Swara’s frndz goes to swara’s room and licks the door.
Swara (shouts from inside) – tanq papa i love u…
shekhar smies and leaves laksh.
Shekhar – love u too beta…
laksh – i hate u both…
shekhar – same feeling…
laksh stamps the floor and goes.

@swara’s room

All her frndzz make her ready….


sanskar is getting ready. Raginj comes there.
Ragini – looking handsome bhai….i am very happy bhai
sanskar – ha ha i know the reason. If i get married then ur line will clear na….and the same with laksh.
Ragini (blushes) – bhai…..don’t talk like that. Right noe i and laksh are very good frndzz. We became very close these days. Je forgot that i proposed him. I dont want to ruin our frndship by remembering those things.
Sanskar – so u dont love him ??
Ragini – ofcouse i love him bhai…i will die without him….
sanskar closes his fist in anger.
Sanskar – ok ragini u go. I will come.
aftr ragini leaves
sanskar sees in mirror and smirks…
sanskar (to himself) – i dont know how will swara react knowing the fact but watever happens…i hav to convince her for this marg. this marg should happen at any cost.
Sanskar thinks to call swara. He calls her.
Swara’s frndzz seeing the caller id teases swara.
Swara lifts the call ignoring them.
Swara – hello…
sanskar – kaha ho tum ??
Swara – i am in function hall. I am getting ready.aur aap kaha hai ??
Sanskar – i am in my house. Starting to function hall…
swara – hmmm
sanskar – so ready to see me ??
Swara’s heart beat rises – ha i am waiting for this day..
sanskar – will u rehect me aftr seeing me ??
Swara – sanskar…y r u telling like that ?? I like u and i am ready to marry u. I know my papa will never take wrong decisions about me. Acha ok bye.. come fast. I am waiting.
Sanskar (happy) – same here. I am dying to see u.
Swara blushes.
sanskar – ok bye. .btw dont blush..
swara Smiles.
They hang up…

Aftr some time laksh cones in swara ‘s room

Laksh sees swara. she is looking like an angel in a navy blue lehenga….

Laksh gets teary eyed but composes.
Laksh (winks) – di u know u r looking beautiful.
swara – tanq laksh…
laksh – let me complete..but see it took 3 hrs time and 6 members hardwork and 10,000 rupees for u to look beautiful…. its better to see ur devil face than to spend this much on u…
laksh and swara’s frndss laughs.
Swara – lucky ke bache…i will kill u….
She runs to beat him but his words made her weak. She is feeling nervous.
Laksh – oyy stop chasing me…and get ready to see ur fiance. He came.
swara’s heart starts beating fast…
laksh runs out of the room and shouts “u fool they didnot come yet”
Listening this swara gets angry.
She runs at the back of him…..
just then sanskar ap dp and ragini and everyone come…
swara didnot notice them. She is chasing laksh. She is descending the steps while chasing laksh.
Shekhar and sharmishta welcomes them but sanskar sees swara and gets mesmirised. She is looking stunning in lehenga. shekhar sees sanskar staring something. He turns and sees swara running behind laksh.
Swara (shouts) – lucky…i willnot leave u. U fooled me..
lakah – hahaha no need to fool u. U are already a fool.
sharmishta (angry) – they again started…
ap and dp smiles…
shekhar – maph kijiye dp ji..woh..swara doesnot know that u came warna..
dp – arre its ok shekhar ji…we love our naughty swara….
sanskar is still staring her.
Shekhar goes to swara and stop her.
swara – papa leave me. Go and catch that idiot. he is calling me foo….
Shekhar – swara ur in laws came….
swara – papa u too….
shekhar holds her face and makes her see ap and dp.
she gets shocked.
sanskar hides
swara goes to them and takes their blessings.
Swara – i am sry ma papa…woh…
ap and dp – its ok beta….
swara’s eyes are continuosly searching for sanskar…
sanskar calls her. One child comes and gives phone to swara.
Swaea excuses herself and goes to attend the call.
ap and dp sees the caller id and smiles.
Ap – jao…bat karo beta..
swara goes and lifts the call.
swara – kaha hai aap ??
Sanskar – arre atleast say hello….y r u so excited..
swara – ofcouse i am excited..u willnot understand me becozz u already saw me but wat about me..
sanskar – ok wait for 15 min..
just then avi comes to swara and snatches the phone.
Swara – avi…
avi(in phone) – sry sanskar..but she will talk to u later.
Sanskar smiles and hang up.
swara beats avi.
swara – y did u come now ?? Ha ?? Y r u so late avi ?? Its my engagement…
avi – ophooo madam calm down…actually there is a lot of work pending here. So i did all the arrangements and then i went home just 2 hrs back to get ready. So i am late.
Swara – hm laksh hai na..arrangements dekhne keliye ?? U could hav taken rest for sometime.
Avi – no way….its ur engagement yaar. My shona’s…so everything should be perfect.
Swara – acha ok baba…where is aunty and uncle ??
There (pointing towards mr. and mrs.singhania)
Swara – ok i will go and meet them.
avi (holds her hand) – oyyy wait…first go and wipe ur sweat. And sit somewhere. aftr ur engagement u can talk to them.
Swara (pouts) – ok…..
Swara goes towards her room. she sees ragini..
swara goes to ragini and talks to her. They both play jokes on laksh.
Later swara goes upstairs for taking rest.
Aftr half an hour…

both swara and sanskar are called for the engagement.

Sanskar is standing there on the stage.
Swara is descending the steps. Sanskar’s back is facing towards her.
Swara’s heart beat is rising for descending each step.
their society children points towards swara – swara didi is coming…
sanskar sees her turning back.
she is descending the steps….. and sanskar is moving towards her. They both look into each other eyes.
Swara is remembering her moments with sanskar wen he saved her. and her phone conversations with her sanskar.
She gets teary eyed….she is about to fall.
but sanskar catches her. Holding her by waist.
Shekhar (shouts) – shona..carefull…..
shekhar and all runs to them. Seeing them sanskar leaves swara and makes her stand.
swara stares sanskar continuosly….she doesnot tell anything.
shekhar – shona…he is sanskar…sanskar maheswari..ur fiance…
swara looks at him expression less.
Shekhar gets sad.
Sanskar – swara…mai…..
Laksh comes swara to change the environment..
laksh – so wat about the bet my dear behna ?? Who won ?? U or i ??
Swara (expressionless) – u only won lucky….
shekhar and all get shocked.
Sanskar – swara…
ragini – bhabhi….
shekhar – shona wat r u saying ??
sharmishta (angry) – shona ye mazak nahi hai ??
Laksh – di wat r u saying ??
avi looks at swara suspiciously…
swara – let me complete my dear lucky boy…
all are confused hearing her.
Swara – i am kidding yaar. I will never let u win lucky.
Shekhar – shona wat r u talking….. (then he understood wat she meant)
Shemishlak together – iska matlab……
swara (blushing) – ha papa….i don’t hav any problm becozzzz i trust u and ur decision.
Swara smiles at sanskar.
Sanskar too smiles…
laksh – dii…first time i am happy wen i lost…
shekhar – thats like my boy…
Laksh – papa listen to me completely….i am happy becozz though i lost here..i got succeded in kicking this idiot out of the house (laughs)
all laughs while two people get angry.
they are none other than shekhar and swara..
shekhar – shut up laksh…..
swara – if u didnot shut ur mouth then i dont know about me but papa will surely kick u out……Look there (pointing to riya)
Riya is holding cd.
Laksh gulps in fear…
laksh (laughs fakely) – hahaha…di i sm just joking…..
sanskar sees this…he too smiles…
shekhar – ok ok come lets go. Muhurat nikla jaraha hai..
swasan comes on the stage.
Both are looking at each other. So many thoughts are running in both the brains.
But both are covering them by their smile.
ragini gives ring to sanskar. And sharmishta gives ring to swara.
swara looks nervous. Shekhar keeps his hand on her shoulder and signals her to forward her hand.
She smiles at him and forwards.
sanskar makes her wear the ring.
later she holds sanskar’s hand And makes him wear the ring.
All smile and clap for them. Avi comes and hug both swasan.
Avi – i am so happy for u both..Shona u know sanskar is very good..
swara – acha toh tu janta tha ??
Avi – ha….woh…mai….(fears)
Sanskar – y r u so afraid of her avi ??
avi – nthng like that sanskar…actually shona..shekhar uncke told me.
Swara – ha thats y u r moving so freely with sanskar na..now i understood.
Avi – hmm sry yaar.
Swara – its not ur fault avi. its becozz of my stupid bet.
Sanskar – wat would u do if u know that its me before only.
Swara – hmm pata nahi…but if papa is so confident about u then i would hav definetly said yes (says nervously)
She is still in shock and couldnot accept it.
laksh saw her nervousness.
laksh comes there.
Laksh – di jiju y not u both go upstairs and talk with each other.
Swara gets shocked. she is about to refuse but sanskar accepts.
Sanskar – ok laksh. Come swara….

They both go upstairs.


Both are sitting silently. Swara is very nervous.
Finally sanskar breaks the ice.
Sanskar – swara..
swara – ha…..(tensed)
Sanskar – r u nervous….
swara rotates her head in yes and no and yes and again in a no.
Sanskar smiles seeing her.
He suddenly hugs her.
Swara is startled by his action.
sanskar (while hugging) – i know swara… there are many thoughts running in ur mind. But trust me… i will give u all the happiness Which u deserve. Don’t think me as ur boss. But treat me as ur fiance. I know…its difficult as u r used to see me as ur boss but swara…..
swara – sanskar leave me….i…am…out…of..breath…
sanskar then realizes that he is hugging her tightly. he releases.
Swara looks down.
Sanskar – sry…woh…
swara – its ok. And tanq. its true that i hav many doubts in my mind but still i am happy. Becozzz i trust my papa. I love him the most. I trust him blindly. I know he never takes wrong decisions for me. But i hav one doubt.
Sanskar – hmmm tell me
swara – sanskar sir..i mean sanskar… status…
sanskar – swara plzzz don’t say like that. I dont hav any feelings like that.. ya i am proud of my status but its just that…i dont know how to explain u but i am happy about this alliance.
Swara – hm tanq. I wanted to tell u one thing.
Sanskar – ha tell me..
swara – i wanted our marg to be held aftr my contract gets completed. I don’t want anyone to know that i am ur wife.i hope u understand.
sanskar – i understand and thats the main reason i asked shekhar uncle not to invite ur collegues.
Swara – u told papa ??
Sanskar – ha becozzz i thought u willnot like it. And see my guess is right.
swara (smiles) – tanq
sanskar – no need of tanq. Its my responsibility.
Swara remembers ragini.
swara – sanskar iska matlab ragini meri nanand hai…omg i am so happy.
sanskar(smiles at her excitement) – even ragini too got so excited.
Swara suddenly remembers how she introduced sanskar and ragini to dp and ap
she gets embarassed.
sanskar Seeing her expressions changing – kya hua ??
Swara (looking down) – i am sry. I introduced u and ragini to ur own patents…. and u too how can u call ma as aunty…
sanskar – then wat should i do ?? Huuu becozzz of u maa became angry with me..
swara – ha toh aapki galti hai….
they both argue later laugh on each other.
They go down. Swara is still embarrased.
swasan goes to dp and ap.
swara – sry ma papa..actually that ..day..i introduced u to ur own son…
ap and dp laughs
swara gets more embarased.
dp – no need of saying sry beta. Infact we enjoyed very much.
dp says swara how ap acted to be angry with sanskar.
swara and dp laugh and give hifi to eavh other.
sanskar – mom..see
ap – jiii stop teasing my son…..
raglak too come and join them.
They all hav fun. Later swasan are made to sit in the chairs. They takes blessings from everyone.

Precap – sanskar sees swara’s frndzz and thinks to ask about the scarf girl. Swalak and swasan and raglak moments.

its a long chapter. Hope u all enjoyed it. I am sry if its not good

Credit to: miss.murty

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