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chapter 19
The episode begins here

Next day mrng.

As its weekends both swalak are sleeping.

In gadodia house

Sharmishta is scolding swalak for sleeping still but it doesnot effect them As they are sleeping peacefull upstairs.
Shekhar – mishti stop scolding them. Let them sleep. Whole week they are working hard. Now let them sleep.
Sharmishta – it is ok if laksh sleeps but swara….no i can’t let her sleep. it will become a Habit for her. If she woke up late in her sasural too then wat will they think about her.
Shekhar – nthng…becozz they r not like u.
They will understand that as she worked hard the whole week she is taking rest at weekends.
sharmishta – shekhar aap jho bhi kahe l willnot let her sleep. It is 9 now.
shekhar – ha only 9 in the mrng. U r saying as if it is 2 pm. Stop it and go and prepare breakfast for my shona. Yesterday she prepared the food so nicely and u didnot even praise her.
Sharmishta – ok i will prepare her fav breakfast today.
Shekhar – good go…
sharmishta goes. Shekhar sighs.

Aftr 1 hr sharmishta again goes to wake up swara but shekhar stops.
shekhar – mishti u stop i will go and wake upy princess becozz by listening to ur voice she will get irritated. I don’t want her day to be bad.
Sharmishta – shekhar u r pampering her too much…
shekhar – like u r doing with laksh. Now go and wake up ur son.
Shekhar and sharmishta goes and talks to their respective prince and princess.

@swara’s room

Shekhar – shona..dekho i dont want u to wake up so early but ur mom is a devil. She is scolding u and see i cant hear anyone saying bad about u. So i came here to wake u up. Come on princess get up (shekhar says it very slowly)
Swara thinks that he is talking in phone. She doesnot listen to wat he is saying.
swara – papa plzz go and talk outside na..i am getting disturbed.
Shekhar – arre shona beta j am talking to h only..come get up. ur mom prepared ur fav breakfast. And see today we hav to go for ur engagement shopping.
Swara gives her hands to shekhar to make her get up. Shekhae pulls he by sitting beside her but she sleeps on shekhar’s shoulder.
Shekhar with a lot of efforts finally woke up his princess.

in laksh’s room

But sharmishta didnot take much effort. She just put a mug full of water on laksh’s face. And thats all. he woke up with a jerk.

Laksh – ma this is not fair. I thought u love me but no u hate me.
Sharmishta – no laksh i love u a lot but u know na..i can’t pamper like ur papa. But ha u plzz get up and get ready i will buy a shirt extra for u. pakka promise.
Laksh – woww maa..tanq so much.
he goes to wash room for fresh up.

Later both swalak come for breakfast.

They all do breakfast and get ready for shopping.


sanskar woke up early and went for jogging And came back. Still ragini is sleeping.
sanskar came to ap and asked her.
Sanskar – mom today is saturday na. I think ragini hav some classes today..
ap – ha beta but swara asked her to
accompany her for shopping. As they are going for ur engagement shopping so she didnot go to clg.
sanskar – ha thats ok but she can come and help u na…
ap – its ok sanskar..let her sleep. Everyday she is tired of waking up early. Let her sleep for today.
Sanskar – mom if u pamler her like this then wat will she do at her sasural.
ap – they will understand her.
sanskar – i am aure she will get a typical mother-in-law (giggles) and mom i really wish ki atleast swara shouldnot be like this. She should wake up early and should help u.
Ap – No need. I will let her sleep like this only as i am letting ragini. swara is my daughter not daughter in law. If she wants to sleep she can sleep. I don’t hav any objection.
Sanskar – but i have..
saying this he goes.

Later laksh calls ragini as they reached the mall.
Ragini too gets ready and asks sanskar to drop her.

Sanskad drops her at the mall but he sees avi and swara standing outside. Swara is crying. Avi is consoling her. Wen they saw ragini coming towards them swara wiped her tears. She told ragini to go inside and she will be coming aftr few minutes.
Ragini goes.
As soon as ragini went she again started crying but slowly.

Sanskar goes to them and stands near them. So that he can listen their conversation.

Swara – avi…i can’t bear this anymore. We hav to get them punished seviourly.
Avi stands silent.
Swara (shouts) – they killed ur sister avi…..
our sister. Our little suma…do something.
avi – relax swara… gussa karne se kuch nahi hoga. They are in a very high position. He is the minister. And we hav to be careful.
Swara – ha we r being careful from 2 years. kya mila ha ?? U know today wen i saw him i was so frustated that i wanted to kill him.
He is not at all guilty for wat he has done to suma. He is happy with his another girl frnd. Our first target should be him. Even though his father is a mla.. if we supply the full proofs then he couldnot save his son.
Avi – yes but not we only i.
swara – wat do u mean ??
Avi – i mean u r getting married. I don’t want any problms in ur life.
Swara (angry) – so u wanted me to leave u alone in this mess and live my life happily. Right ??
Avi – swara don’t get angry. i didn’t mean that..
swara – shut up avi…aaj tumne mujhe paraya kardiya. U go….i am leaving. I hav many works.

Saying this she walks away.
Avi (shouts) – shona i am sry yaar…
swara walks inside without listening to him. Sanskar is shocked with this.
Sanskar (to himself) – omg this girl wants to mess up with mla. But how did mla and his son are responsible for avi’s sister’s death ?? I will ask swara aftr our engagement.

Sanskar goes to the car but swara’s crying face is coming infront of him. He thinks to talk to her. he calls her as her fiancd. He walks inside the mall while Calling her.

Here swara is selecting clothes for her engagement. She is looking dull bjt as
soon as shecsaw the caller id a small curve appeared on her lips.
Swara lifts the call coming to a side.
Swara – hello…
sanskar – hello madam…do u remember me ??
Swara (smiles) – yes ofcouse sanskar…
sanskar – hooo my gud luck
Swara – stop it. Actually yesterday my boss and his sister came for dinner. so i couldnot call u. and y didnt u call me ??
Sanskar (thinks) – i was with u all the time..
(To her) actually i was busy with some work.
swara – oh ok.
sanskar – i think ur boss is chipku type. y didnt he leave early yesterday.
Swara – sanskarr stop it. First thing is papa invited him for dinner As he saved me. I am really thankful to him my whole life. He saved me. And i dont spare anyone talking bad about my boss Not even u.
Sanskar(happy) – hahaha ok ok.
Swara – y r u laughing ??
Sanskar – seeing ur possesiveness over ur boss.
swara – ohh hello i am not possesive over him. Infact i am possesive about u..
sanskar comes in and talks by seeing swara..
sanskar(smirks) – wat did u say ??
Swara (bites her toungue) – i…..i..mean i should be possesive about u as u r my fiance but i am not (blushes)
Sanskar – ya u should be…and u r too. I know.. and now plzzz don’t blush…
swara looks around.
swara – where r u ??
Sanskar – its not necessary to see u. it means u r blushing..
swara – no ….
sanskar – yes thats y.. u asked me where am i ..
swara – no ….(smiles)
Sanskar smiles at her.
Swara – ok i came for shopping for our engagement. So i will talk to u later.
Sanskar – ok take care bye…
swara smiles and cuts the call.
Sanskar goes seeing her smiling.

Swara and all finish shopping. Swara buys a dress for ragini.
Raginj – di..its not necessary….y did u buy it.
shekhar – arre lelo beta….. Its custom..
swara – ha….wat custom ??
Shekhar – ha i mean its our…..
laksh – di….leave all that…lets go home.
Swara – no lucky….first u go and drop raginj at her home. Till then we will see jewlery.
laksh – ok…but don’t take costly jewellery. Plzzz leave papa’s money for me also….
swara – lucky..waste fellow. I am not like u.
Shekhar – laksh shut up and go from here. Idiot.
Laksh – ok papa. Wen u say with so much love how can i Not listen to u.
Swaragini laughs.
Raglak leaves.

@singhania mansion.

Avi comes home.
Raghav stops him.
raghav – avi i heard that swara is getting married.
avi – yes dad. She told that he is a very nice guy. But i too will go and check him. if i find anything wrong about him i will never let her marry him.
raghav – r u happy with this marg..
avi – wat do u mean dad ??
Raghav – ok i will come straight to the point. don’t u love swara ??
Avi – hav u gone nuts dad ….
raghav (angry) – shut up avi…i can see love for swara in ur eyes. y can’t realize it ??
Avi – dad stop this nonsense.
Raghav – ok let me tell u. U remember wenever u call me the first thing u ask is how is swara ?? I expected u to ask atleast for onetime about me or ur mom but no u never did. And wen u first came to india i first went to her ifc to see her.
Avi – thats becozz i know u both are fine. I mean i am sure swara will take care of u both. And i went to see her becozz she is my best frnd. and another thing is i cant come home and see ur wife’s face.
raghav – ohh so y did u ask sry to ur mom whom u hate the most ?? Ha ?? Becozz swara asked u to do so..u will not listen to me but u listen to swara.
avi – yes dad becozzz she is my everything.
raghav – exactly…she is ur everything. Beta don’t miss her. She is perfect for u. Go and talk to her before its too late.
Avi – stop it dad. I don’t love her as a lover. I love her as a frnd. Yes she is the most important person in my life aftr u. But i dont want her as my wife. I want her as my frnd.
Raghav – u will suffer avi..plzz try to understand.
avi – no dad. U are wrong.
saying this avi goes.

later avi calls shekhar to know about the groom. Shekhar says sanskar maheswari. He also says about swalak’s bet. Avi is shocked. But he decides to talk to sanskar first.
avi calls him.
Avi – hello sanskar its avi..avinash..
sanskar – ha bolo avi..y did u call me ?? How u got my number.
avi – shekhar uncle gave me. I want to meet u Right now. Where should i come ??
Sanskar – y so suddenly ??
avi – becozzz i got to know that u r fiancee if swara.
Sanskar (shocked) – wat ?? I mean…
avi – i know swara and laksh didnot tell me beozzz i will get angry wen i know about their bet and i also know that swara didnot know that its u but now i just wanted to talk to u. I know u r very busy but plzzz its about my best frnd’s future.
Sanskar – its ok. I am at home today. So u come to my mansion.
Avi – ok tanq. See u there.
sanskar – ok
he cuts the call.

Avi comes there.

Avi and sanskar talk in sanskar’s room.

Sanskar – wat do u want to talk about avi ??
Avi – sanskar i will come straight to the marg. I am very afraid about this marg. I am afraid for swara. 3 years back my sister too got married in a very good house. they seemed to be very good but aftr marg they tortured her very much. She didnot want to make us tensed so she hided everything from us. One day she got to know about their plan of cheating my dad and getting our property on their name. she informed me but untill i reach her they tortured her so much that she committed suicide.
Saying this avi’s eyes becomes red.
I am sry for saying all these to u but i am saying it becozzz i dont want swara’s life to beCome like my sister’s
sanskar – wat do u mean….
avi – listen to me first sanskar… my sister is very strong thats y she beared so much for a long time but swara is very sensitive.
U know shekhar uncle is not so rich but he pampered swara vety much and he gave everything to her. So doesnot need anything expensive. All she needs is care and love. Uncle gave her so much love. I know u r a very good person but still if u say something to her Which hurts her then she doesnot forget that. She doesnot show to anyone but she will hurt hersslf from inside. She shows that she is not sensitive but actually she us very sensitive. So plzzz take care of her.
Sanskar – avi….don’t worry. I will take care of her. I will try my level best to keep her happy. And ya i am sry for ur sister..
avi – u leave all that. And ha swara ko khush karna bahut aasan hai ?? Even if u give her a choclate she will become very happy.
Sanskar – hahaha ya i know. She is really cute. And ha i really appreciate ur frndship.
u took so much effort for ur frnd…
avi – no no…its not an effort. Its my duty. I am thankful to u that u understood our frndship. I can’t see shona in pain. And aftr suma’s death… she became so dull But i had to be strong for her…
sanskar – did u take any measures against ur sister’s in laws ??
Avi – huuuuu they played the game very intelligently. They destroyed every proof. Even i hav a recording of my sister’s voice. In my phone but they can manupulate it so easily. So i am waiting for the right time.
sanskar – so is he mla ?? i mean ur sister’s father inaw is an mla ..
avi – how do u know ??
Sanskar – i heard ur conversation this mrng With swara. And btw y r u refusing swara’s help ?? u take her help. Even she feels ur sister as her’s.
avi – ha u r right…shona loves suma more than me. Shona went to delression last suma’s death. But i and shekhar uncle somehow managed to take her out From that. I dont want to take her help becozzz they will kill her if they got to know that shona is helping me. I can save myself but i cant be around shona everytime na..
sanskar u plzzz keep swara away from all this mess. Plzz i beg u.
sanskar – ok. No one can harm swara untill i am there. And avi if u need any help never hesitate to ask me. I will do it.
Avi – ya sure.now i will leave.
Sanskar – hav lunch and go.
avi – no no mishti aunty prepared lunch for me. Now i will go to swara’s home and aftr having lunch i hav to go to my home.
Sanskar – swara told me that u will spend less time in ur house.
Avi – omg swara is so free with u that she told about me ??
sanskar – she told it to her fiance sanskar. Not to her boss sanskar.. (smirks)
Avi – haha u r great dude. u r playing a double role. And here i am unable to play my single Role.
sanskar – haha wat happened ??
avi – dad wants me to join in business and handle my company but i am not interested.
Sanskar – then earn money in the way u r interested..
avi – i am interested in eating and sleeping. Who will give money for that ?? So basically dad and i used to fight frequently on this topic so shona convinced dad to sent me to us for my further studies. thanks to her i was free from this.but wen i came back not only my dad but shoma too is forcing me to join dad’s company.
sanskar – haha then join na..
avi – huuu i hav to…i dont hav any other option but i will join aftr getting those bastards jailed.
Sanskar – u will. Definetly. I am with u.
Avi – hm tanq but right now i hav to convince ur fiance. She is very angry with me. I hav to give u some tips. If she is angry then plzzz keep heavy things away from her.
sanskar – y ??
Avi – otherwise she will throw it on ur head.
sanskar remembers her throwing flower vase. He gets startLed.
Avi – hahaha r u imagining ??
Sanskar – dont laugh…hahaha if u hav any doubts contact me…i am writing a book on ur fiance. I will give u a copy.
Sanskar – hahaha sure…
Avi – ok yaar chalta hu…
sanskar – ok bye..
Ap and dp too bid bye to avi.
Avi likes their family very much and feels happy for swara.

@gadodia house

Avi goes and gives a big choclate to swara.
swara (angry) – i dont need it.
avi – acha ok i am sry. Watever i told it i didnt mean it. Ok now take it. we r partners na..we will work together to success our plan but i need ur support.
Swara – ok… this is the last time i am forgiving u.

They all hav lunch and later avi leaves.

At night sanskar calls her.
They talk for sometime.
latet swara thinks to tell him about her dance and music.
swara – sanskad u know i learnt classical music and bharatnatyam….
sanskar – ha i know..(bites his tongue)
Swara – u know ?? How ??
Sanskar – laksh told me.
Swara – ohh ok. But ha u know i stopped singing aftr avi went to US. yesterday wen he came.. we practiced. I want u to listen to my voice first. But yesterday sanskar sir listened.
sanskar (acts to be hurt) – ha ha go and marry ur sanskar sir only..y me…
swara (with so much of love) – sanskar…i am sry…and ha dont act.. i know u r acting.
Sanskar – hahaha how do u know ??
Swara – i recognized in ur voice.
Sanskar – gud…

They talk for sometime and hung up.

Precap – 2 weeks leap and engagement. Swara’s reaction knowing sanskar to be sanskar maheswari.

Credit to: miss.murty

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