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Chapter 1

episode starts here

Swara reaches her ofc.
she goes to her place and starts working.
Here frnd riya comes to her.
Riya – swara yaar don’t be a workholic.
swara – no riya. I am just doing my work.
soon all her collegues comes and start their work.
their boss comes to them and says
boss – gud mrng everyone. Today i hav a golden chancs for u all. The business tycoon SANSKAR MAHESWARI is coming here. He needs a software employ in his ofc. So he is coming here to select one. Its a golden chance for u all to prove urself. He will pay u a huge amount than u get here. He personally contacted me. So u be ready to give ur presentations.
Boss leaves. All started gossiping. but swara seems to be uninterested.
riya – swara r u not interested ??
Swara – no yaar
riya – but y. U r very talented. U will be paid high. U will definetly get this.
swara – but i am not interested. Actually i am used to this life. This ofc and u all. I cant shift to another ofc.
Riya – but swara this is too much. Think once ur salary increases.
swara – i need money to satisfy my needs and here i am getting that.
riya – acha ok no one can win on swara gadodia
swara smiles.

laksh sits on the seat. He has another seat beside him. Raginj seeing as an oppurtunity sits beside him.
laksh sees her and smiles.
raginj becomes so happy. She too smiles back
ragini – hiii this is ragini
laksh – hi this is laksh.
ragini – where r u going ??
Laksh – to xyz place
ragini – i asked for what ??
Laksh – for an interview.
ragini – ohh
Ragini (in mind ).- he doesnot even know manners. He didnot ask about me.
laksh – ragini….
ragini gets excited and looks towards him.
laksh – can u plzz move. Actually my stop came.
ragini (disappointed).- ohhh haa sure. Nice meeting u laksh
laksh (smiles).- same here.
Laksh goes. he thinks “achi ladki hai”
He leaves for an interview

Swara’s ofc

all prepares for presentations but swara does her work.
Just then sanskar comes there.
all looks at him. All gets mesmirised. He looks so handsome. Boys feel jealous of him.
all stands but swara is busy in her work. So she doesnot notice him. Actually she does her work with utmost sincearity.
Sanskar sees her and gets angry. He can only see her back. But he gets impressed by her workholic nature. Furst time sanskar maheswari got impressed by the girl who didnot respect him.
he goes straight in to swara’s boss cabin.
(Her boss name be Mr. Anil chandra)

Mr.anil chandra’S cabin

Sanskar – mr.anil i already told about my requirements. U select the best people for the position and ask them to give presentations. And i will conduct interview at the time of presentation itself. I don’t hav time to listen all the presentations(in a bossy way)
Anil – yes sir sure. Give me 10 min.
sanskar – ok
anil goes and consults the other heads and talks. They shortlist 10 candidates. Ofcourse swaea is one if them. Infact top of them

Meanwhile sanskar comes out of the cabin and sees two girls talking.

all are preparing for presentation While swara is doing ofc work.
riya – swara wats this yaar ??.u r doing ofc work ??
Swara (smiles).- ya ofcourse wats wrong in that ?? waise ofc mein hai toh ofc work hi karungi na ?? Khana tho nahi bana sakthi.

Sanskar listening them smiles at swara’s words.
riya – are i am not saying that. U hav to give presentation.
swara – haa i know but i also said that i am not interested in that job.

Sansjar hets shocked.
i will make u work under me by hook or by crook.
still sanskar doesnot see her face.
just then swara’s boss comes there.
anil – hello guys i hav selected top 10 members who are going to give the presentation infront of mr.maheswari. our panel discused and selected u guys.
sanskar is observing keenly whether swara gets selected or not ??

Anil reads the names. after reading the first name sanskar goes inside becozz he got wat he want. Anil read swara’s name.

@ khanna’s ofc (where laksh is going for the interview)

Laksh – excuse me sir ??
Mr.khanna – yes come in.
laksh comes and takes hus seat.
mr.khanna keeps on interviewing laksh and laksh’s answers are mind blowing. And mr.khanna gets shocked by his knowledge And his talent.
mr.khanna – i am impressed mr.laksh gadodia. U r just awesome. I am shocked.
laksh – sirr am i selected or not ??
Mr.khanna – oh sry sry ofcourse u r selected. In excitement i forgot to inform u. I am very happy to get U as my employee.
laksh – pleasure is mine sir.
after a few talks laksh goes out.
he calls swara.

Laksh(in low voice) – diii
swara – laksh y is ur voice low ?? Wat about ur interview.
laksh – di woh…
swara – lucky leave that u can try another one. i know about ur talent. i think he should be sad that he missed a gem like u.
laksh – ohhh devil pehle poori baat sun to lo.I was sad becozzz i got the job and i hav to work from tomorrow onwards.
swara (laughs).- u duffer hahahaha anyways i am happy that u r going to work from tomorrow onwards. Now u dont disturb me becozz u too will sleep with me as u also will be tired like me.
laksh – u devil i hate u
swara – me too. I hate u more than u do
laksh – no i hate h more
swara – no i hate u…
Riya – swara boss is calling for presentation
swara to riya – oh ya i am coming
swara to laksh – ok byeucky and ha i hate u more.
She cuts the call
lucky to himself – lets see my devil sister i will show u how much i hate u wen u come home.
laksh goes home.

precap – sanskar sees swara. Swara gives presentation. He gets shocked and impressed by her knowledge and her way of talking. swara refuses sanskar’s offer.

Wat will happen next ??
Will swara join sanskar’s ofc ?? Or wat will be sanskar’s reaction hearing swara’s refusal ??

Credit to: miss.murty

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