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Chapter 18

The episode begins here


dp and ragini are continuosly laughing at sanskar.
Ap is giving silent treatment to sanskar.
Ragini and dp are enjoying this.

Ap is arranging lunch on the dining table. She is moving from kitchen to dining hall. Sanskar too is going back of her but she is ignoring him.
Sanskar – mom i am sry. I don’t hav any other option.
Ap (ignoring him) – ramu plzzz keep this on dining table and aftr that clean the kitchen floor.
saying this she goes. Sanskar too follows her.
Ap comes to dp and ragini.
Ap (strictly) – its already 3. Come fast for lunch. We got late in shopping.
Dp – ha tikhe tikhe chalo annapoorna. Ha waise i like swara very much. We told her just one time to call us ma papa. She started calling us. (winks at sanskar)
Ap(sees sanskar angrily) – ha her parents are lucky to get her. And see us my son called me aunty..hu….
sanskar – mom i am sry. If i hav called u mom infront of her then she would get to know the truth. And see dad is provoking u mom. Plzz don’t listen to him.
Ap – ha instead of calling aunty u can say namate ji na…but no u preffered calling me aunty.
sanskar – mom i didnot get that idea at that time ..
sanskar keeps a pout face.
Seeing that ap dp and ragini burst out laughing.
sanskar looks on shocked.
ap (laughing) – hahaha i was just joking…see ur face haha..
sanskar – mom this is not fair…
ragini – hahaha bhai u r looking too funny…
sanskar – shut up ragini. I saved u and instead of thanking me u r laughing at me…
ragini – hooo sry bhai….
ap – acha ok now come lets hav lunch. Its already late.
sanskar – ok mom.

They all hav lunch..

@Gadodia house

Swara and laksh comes home with shopping bags.

Sharmishta – wats all this..
swara – ma actually i need some casual clothes for my ofc wear. i told u na.. so i went for shopping. And this is for u (handovers a sari)
Sharmishta(angry) – wats the need for me. I hav many saris. y do u waste money..
laksh – maa she bought it for u with so much love. Then y do u argue with her. Just take it.
Sharmishta(shocked) – is this true ?? U r supporting her … i cant believe this…
laksh – ma dont expect too much. Its just that i am geeting headache and if u both start argueing then my headache will increase. thats y i am saying this. Warna i will never support this devil..
swara – lucky…i will kill u..u moron…
swara chases laksh.. they both fight with each other later they hav their lunch.
And aftr lunch they sit in the hall.
Just then avinash comes.
avi – oyyy shona…wat r u doing at this tine at home ??
Swara – arre wah….sir…aap kab aaye..sir we r really lucky to see u..
avi – shona sry..i…
swara – wat sry ha ?? Kaha mar gaya the…
avi – yaar shona..i went to My cousin’s place. All relatives wanted to see me. So i thought that if i go there and show my face once then no one will disturb me.
swara – acha ok ok. Come sit. (shouts) maa avi aaya hai…
sharmishta (shouts from kitchen) – pata hai…preparing coffee.
avi – no need aunty..i will directly hav dinner.
sharmishta – acha ok
avi – shona wat r u dng here at this time. Ofc ??
swara – i took half day leave avi..
avi (tensed) – leave…kyun ?? Tabiyat tikh hai na ??
Laksh(while watching tv) – hahaha she will be always fine. even diseases are afraid to come near her. Huuuu becozzz of her i am getting ill avi..
swara – u just shut up lucky….
avi – yaar stop fighting like kids. Acha swara u come. Lets practice. And i want to see ur performances.
Laksh – hahaha avi…. i will take an appointment for u with ENT specialist as Aftr seeing her dance ur eyes will effect and aftr listening to her music ur ears will effect. so it will be useful for u.
Swara (angry) – lucky…dont u dare to comment on my music or dance. they are my divine.
Laksh (seriously) – sry di…
swara goes angrily.
avi – laksh..u know na how much she loves them. Then y do u comment on it.
Laksh – abb kya karu. Aadat hogayi hai..
avi smiles and goes up to swara’s room

(Swara learnt classical music from childhood and classical dance (bharatnatyam.. wen she was in her graduation in south)

in swara’s room

Avi – shona y can’t u give performances yaar. U hav so much talent.
Swara(teaey eyed) – u know na avi…i and suma used to give the performances together in our college. Though she is younger to me..we both are like best frndzz..more than that we r sisters. Aftr suma’s death i stopped dancing and even singing.
Avi (teary eyed) – i am a very nad brother Shona. I was not there for my sister wen she needs me the most.
swara – don’t blame urself. Its not ur mistake.
Avi – u r right…its not my mistake. Its mrs.singhania’s mistake..
swara – stop it avi….she is ur mother. Ok lets leave this topic. Ok lets start it. I want to listen ur voice avi..plzz sing na…
avi – ok…u know na..i never say no to u.
Swara – i know..ok wait i will bring lucky’s guitar…
avi – ok but on one condition…aftr that u will sing a classical song for me and also u will dance.
swara – i can’t promise but i will try. i am comfortable with u avi. but i amnot sure that i can perform infront of others other than u and my family. And i never wanted too.
avi – ok now go and bring the guitar. swara goes and bring the guitar. Avi starts singing the songs.
Swara is enjoying very much.
Aftr sometime shekhar too comes home.
Shekhar by listening to the voice gets happy as swara too is singing the female versions.

Laksh – papa i want to tell u something.
shekhar – ha tell me laksh.
laksh – papa jiju helped di na..by saving her. but we couldnot even thank him properly. So i thought that y not we invite him for dinner Along with ragini..
shekhar – ha u r right…u go tell ur ma. I will call durga prasad ji.
laksh – ok papa..
laksh goes.

Shekhar calls dp.
shekhar – namaste durga prasad ji…
dp – namaste shekhar ji..
Shekhar – actually i thought to invite sanskar and ragini for dinner tonight to our house. If u don’t mind..
dp – ha ha ji zaroor….i will send them both…
shekhar – tanq so much durga prasad ji…manne keliye..and i am sry i couldnot invite u and ap ji As…
dp – i know…if we come then swara will get to know about the truth…by the way no need to ask sry shekhar ji… even we r njoying this hide and seek game..hahaha.
shekhar too laughs.. later they both hung up.

Dp informs sanskar and ragini. Sanskar first refuses but later agrees.

@gadodia house.

Shekhar – i will go and inform swara.
laksh – no papa she is practising. Let her practice na..wen they come we can inform them….

Just then sanskar and ragini comes there.

Shekhar and laksh welcomes them.

In swara’s room..

Avi – now u will sing a song..
swara – ok which mve song ??
Avi – ohhh madam i dont want any movie songs…if i wanted to listen movie songs then i will listen them which are sung by shreya ghoshal…i want classical music.
Which have many swara’s….and those are really tough to sing. i want to listen that..
swara – acha ok….i’ll try….but u don’t play guitar… i need a peaceful environment.

Swara starts singing the classical song. As the room is silent…..shemish sanlak and ragini can hear her song.

swara sings very melodiously. She sings a song on ganapathi…(Carnatic music)

She sings so melodiously that ragsan are mesmirised hearing the voice.
Sanskar – uncle who is singing ??
Shekhar and laksh – swara…
ragini – omg laksh…di knows singing…u never said..
laksh – ha actually she learnt classical music but she never sings infront of others except our family. So i never Said.
Shekhar – i wil go and call her. Actually she doesnot know that u r coming. I am sry..
sanskar – no no uncle its ok…let her complete the song…its just awesome..
raginin(teases) – ohooo bhai….u never liked classical music..but wat happened now ??
Sanskar – ragini i never listened to it. But now i understand that y other countries give so much importance to our culture and customs. Infact they come across from a large distances just to learn our music and classical dances. Now i understand the importance of indian culture.
shekhar – well said beta…
laksh – jiju u know my di like fine arts very much. She also learnt bharatnatyam…do u want to see ??
Sanskar – wat ?? Wen did she learn all these ??
Laksh – actually she pursued her engineering at nit warangal. So there she learnt bharatnatyam. u know both the states are very famous for bharatnatyam And kuchipudi..
ragini – hmm not bad laksh….u know very well about south states and their respective dances.
Laksh – ha i know…native of bharatnatyam is from tamilnadu but even andhra people learn it with utmost respect. They will give equal importance to bharatmatyam and kuchipudi. Di told me.
sanskar is busy in listening to swara’s voice who is still singing and that too last part of the song….swaras (which is the most difficult part of a song and which needs to be sung with our breaths)
Sanskar slowly stands up and starts going.
laksh – jiju…
sanskar stops and turns – ha…wat ??
Laksh – i think song got over. U sit here…for 5 min. Then her dance will start. i will show u her dance. But we hav to see without her knowledge.
Sanskar (smiles) – sure…
just then sharmishta comes out….
sharmishta – laksh abhi tak swara niche nahi aayi ?? Wait i will call them..
laksh – arre ma..no no…di doesnot know that they are here…actually ma i want to show di’s dance to jiju.
sharmishta – she will kill u if she gets to know…
laksh (keeping his tongue out) – ala…..she never get to know…

In swara’s room.

Avi – omg….shona u r awesome yaar….u know atlast i thought u will stop singing as u r oit of breath but u rocked it. I was shocked..
swara (smiles) – me too..but i can’t stop it in middle and insult it.
Avi – yaar handsoff…
swara – haha tanq…acha come lets go down…..
avi – no yaar. Abhi tumhari dance baki hai..
swara – no way..i am tired…
avi – no u hav to…
swara – acha ok….play a song..

@ down

Ragini – laksh…wen will she stsrt dancing. And how will we get to know…
laksh – arre she will tie anklets to her feet. Then we can go…

Just then they hear the sound.
All three rushes to swara’s room.

sanskar gets shocked to see avi…but soon he gets busy in swara. Who is getting ready for dance.

Avi – shall i play now…
swara – ha…
he plays….
swara first starts dancing slowly but gradually as the song gets fast she starts dancing fastly…twirling….doing fast movements…..

Ragsan are shocked….they keep their mouth like ‘O’……

Avi keeps on moving the things which comes in swara’s way…..

at last swara ends it with a final namaskar…

Sanskar jaw dropped….

Sanskar – omg she is very talented…..
Laksh – jiju how is the performance ??
Sanskar – mind blowing laksh…..she is just awesome yaar…..
ragini – haa laksh…
Laksh – acha come now..lets go down and call di….from down.
ragini – ok ..

they all trio goes down.

Avi – hav u gone mad ?? Itna gussa kyun ??swara wiping her sweat – u know better. thats y i told u that i don’t want to dance but u forced me.
Avi – thats becozzz u hav to move on swara. U cant stop dancing for ur whole life just becozzz u will temember suma. she had gone.its over now. i can’t see my best frnd suffering for my sister. dance is ur
passion. Don’t stop t. Ok ??
swara nods.
Swara – ok tum niche jao mai fresh hokar aati hu.
avi – ok

Avi goes down and gets surprised seeing sanskar there.

Avi – Mr.maheswari ?? Aap yaha….
shekhar – ha he is swara’s fi…
laksh – arre papa avi knows him….hai na avi..
avi – ha.. ya…
sanskar – waise aap yaha ?? Mr.singhania ??
Avi – i just came to meet swara aunty and uncle. And plzzz call me avinash or avi.
sanskar(coldly) – hmmm i dont call anyone with name unless they are my frndzz.
Avi – oh ok then call me mr.avinash….
avi smiles at him. Sanskar too thinks he over reacted. Sanskar too smiles.
Sanskar – ok then lets be frndzz first. (smiles)
Avi – ofcourse..
they both shake hands.
they all talk sitting together. Swara comes down and gets shocked to see them while descending steps. she left wet hair open and came there in a white chudidar.
sanskar is mesmirised to see her.

Shekhar goes near swara and says “beta ur boss saved u na..but we didnot even thank him properly so i called them for dinner”
Swara – tanq papa. anyways u must hav informed me earlier. I will go and help ma.
shekhar – no beta there is still time for that. U just go and talk with them.
Swara – ok…
swara too comes there and joins them.

Avi (shouts) – aunty…bhook lagri hai….give me something to eat..
swara – bhukhad…ma is busy…if u want u only go and get it..
avi – ok
Sanskar is surprised to see avinash’s freeness in the house. he is behaving as it is his house.
Laksh – avi bring for all yaar….
avi – ok lucky.
avi brings for all of them.
Swara gives them to ragsan.
Laksh – ji..sanskar….as a well wisher i am telling the truth.. that sweet is made by my sister. So taste it at ur own risk.
sanskar smiles
swara – lucky shut up…
ragini – laksh y do u always rease di….bhai..dont listen to him. i tasted it..its very tastey. U have it.
Avi – shona….is it really made by u ??
Swara(angry) – haa kyun….
avi – arre y r u being angry yaar….its really very nice.. u too eat…
he feeds swara….
sanskar Gets jealous…
sanskar eats it.
sanskar(thinks) – mom dad are right. She is really a very good cook.
Sanskar – hmm nice miss.gadodia..
swara (smiles) – tanq sir…
ok guys u carry on. I will go and help ma.
Ragini – di wait i too will come.
Swara – no no ragini. Its ok. I think ma almost finished it. U sit..

Swara goes. She sends sharmishta out Of the kitchen.
Shekhar – mishti y did u come out..
shekhar – arre ur daughter sent me out. She told that she will prepare it alone. I just chopped the vegitables and prepared aata. Till now nthng is ready but she us not allowing me.
Shekhar – don’t worry. I hav full faith in my daughter. She will finish it.
Sharmishta – ok i will go and try to help her.
Shekhar – no she will agaij throw u out. So its better u let her do.
Sharmishta and shekhar too comes there and talk with them.
Avi keeps on cracking jokes on shekhar and supporting sharmishta.
Sanskar – avi i think u r very close to swara and her family.
Shekhar – ha beta. He is very close. His father is my frnd too. these two are best frnds since wen they are in 5th class.
Avi – ha uncle i still remember… wen u got transferred here…and swara joined in our school. Its her first day. She is crying as she is missing her old frndzz. Then i teased her for crying… and she gave me a tight punch. Then i started crying and she laughed at me… huuuu from then….she is making me cry and laughing at me..psycho..
swara (shouts from kitchen) – i heard it…
avi (scared) – i was praising u shona….
all laughs including sanskar. Though he is jealous a little bit but still he liked their bond.

Later swara is arranging the dining table alone. Sanskar signs ragini to go.
Ragini goes to help swara but swara doesnot allow her to help.
Swara keeps everything on dining table and calls everyone.
All sits.
Swara – ma u too sit. I will serve everyone.
sanskar – u too sit swara.(he called her lovingly he too doesnot know y but he wanted her to sit and hav dinner with him)
Swara is shocked to listen him. She felt his care in his voice.
Swara – its ok sir. U all plzz have. I will serve u all and then i will sit.
Sanskar – ok
laksh (acting to be scared) – mom see me for the last time. i am going to eat the food. Actually lets a grp photo together. may be it is the last photo..
swara – u unlucky fellow…..just shut up and eat. I didnot make it. Ma made it. i just gave the finishing touch.now eat
sharmishta gives a look to swara. For lieing
avi – ohh wow…then we r safe…
avi gives hifi to laksh
swara – avi tu bhi…
avi – just joking yaar shona…
she serves everything..and all starts eating
sanskar likes the food very much..
infact all like the food very much.
Avi kisses sharmishta’s hands – wow aunty wat a food. Superb.. thats y i love ur hand made food.
Laksh – maa sach mein bahut tastey hai…i loved it.
Ragini – ha aunty.. u r a great cook just like my mom.
Shekhar and sanskar together – food is very tastey shona/swara.
swara is shocked. Shekhat knows as he is her father and he can differentiate it. But how did sanskar got to know ??
Swara – sir…how did u know ??
Sanskar – kyun ?? dont u ask ur papa about this..
swara – thats becozz my papa knows about my food but today i tried to prepare as if ma used to prepare it.
shekhar – ha beta but ur ma informed me that she didnot prepare anything. So i knew that i Was u. But sanskar….u….
sanskar – uncle its simple…aunty sat with us only and swara took a lot of time in kitchen. Miss.gadodia u said that u gave a finishing touch…but who gives a finishing touch for 1 hr ha ??
Swara bites her lower lip
swara – hmm….sry sir..i lied as these idiots will tease me
Laksh (dramatically) – hooo ma u too supported her in that lie.. huu u don’t hav any value for ur son’s life.
Swara – oyy dramebaaz…chup chaap khalo…Warna….
laksh – ha…warna…
swara – papa..actually i hav something to show u…cd…
laksh – wow…excellent…diii i will eat this completely…..
swara laughs….
sanskar gives a suspicious look to swara. Ragini too smiles.
Shekhar – wat cd beta ??
Laksh – papa eat na..di made it with so much love.
Sanskar – u r a great cook miss.gadodia…
swara – tanq sir..
while eating sanskar drops the curry on his shirt.
Sanskar – ohh shit…
shekhar – arre…beta no problm..shona show him the way to washroom beta..
swara – ji papa….
swara takes him. On the way
sanskar – u sing beautifully swara..
swara is numb…
swara – u heard it…
sanskar – ha.. i think this is the washroom.
swara – y…yes..sir….
sanskar goes inside but he manages to listen swara’s talks.
Swara (to herself) – i will kill this avi….huuu till now i didnot even sing before sanskar. i wanted sanskar to be the first to listen my singing but huuu becozz of this avii…..sanskar sir….listened. i wanted to sing again infront of sanskar….no problm.
today i will call him and tell him about this.
Sanskar smiles at ger talks. He comes out but due to water…he slips and falls on swara. they both fell on floor sanskar is on top of swara. They both hav a eye lock…
swara turns her face and tries to get up. Then sanskar too gets up And gives his hand to swara. she gets up and due to his pull they again get closer.
Later they both composes.
sanskar – i..am sry…its slippery..
swara – its ok sir.
they both come out.

Aftr their dinner swara too has her dinner while talking to them.

Sharmishta – sanskar beta how did my shona cook ??
Sanskar – as i said..the food is very delicious..especially palak paneer is awesome.
ragini – ha aunty food is very delicious
sharmishta – wow then i am happy that in her sasural all will loke her food.
laksh coughs hard. And shekhar gives a strong looks to sharmishta.
swara – ma wat r u talking ??
Sharmishta – i mean they are eating ur handmade food for the first time na..so if they like then all will like na…..(smiles….fakely)
Swara – hmmmm….
Avi – aunty dont worry…meri shoma diamond hai…everyone will like her.
shekhar – haa right…
ragsan smiles…..
later they bid bye to everyone and leaves the place.

Precap – gadodia family shopping and avi’s discussion with his dad.

guys i know this part is boring as i mentioned about our culture but i really feel and respect our culture. I am a very big fan for our classical music and dance. I feel proud to be a part of this country. I am sry i couldnot describe the dance and song well. Plzzz forgive for that.

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