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The episode begins here

@gadodia house

Swalak wake up early and get ready as they hav to bear the scolding from their parents.

Swalak descend the steps holding each other’s hands

Shekhar and sharmishta glare them angrily.

Swalak gulp in fear.

Sharmishta – woww agaye dono…i thought u both will spend ur night outside the house.
Swara – ma actually idea is of lucky’s…
laksh – hoooo maa no she is lieing….idea is of hers. tum behan nahi ho chudial ho chudail…….
sharmishta – shut up…both of u…dont use ur stupid ideas on me.
swara (whispers in laksh’s ears) – yesterday just becozz of this idea we made these both fools.
hearing this laksh giggles..
shramishta – now y r u laughing….u both r good for nthng..and swara u..u r elder to him. U should stop him from spending money on those out side Foods. u should teach him how to value money.
Swara (in a musical tone) – papa……
sharmishta – wat papa ha ?? Everytime he will save u thats y u r becoming like this. But not today….
swara goes and sits beside Shekhar followed by laksh.
swara(slowly audible to laksh and shekhar) – papa plzz save us this time. Next time i promise we will not do that…
shekhar (in the same tone) – arre beta i already told u not eat those foods. Money is not a problm but i am worried about ur health.
swara(pouts) – papa plzzz…save me…leave this idiot to mom..
laksh – hoooo swara….i will kill u
Swara – acha ok om save both of us.
shekhar – ok ok i will try….
sharmishta (strict voice) – wats going on there.
shekhar – mishti…let it be naa…next time they wont repeat this..
sharmishta – shekhar aap kuchat boliye..
let me deal with them…
shekhar – but swara will get married in a few days then she cant njoy this life na..so let her njoy with laksh..y dont u understand..
sharmishta – but shekhar…they did a mistake. I hav to teach her..
shekhar (while talking to sharmishta he rolls some parathas and gives them to swara)
shekhar – now stop being a strict mother. Let thwm njoyy…. (saying this he diverts sharmishta’s mind)
Shekhar keeps on argueing with sharmishta and he signs swalak to leave. Swara slowly takes her bag and mobile and they both run out….

Swalak comes outside the house and starts her scooty. Laksh sits on it. She drives fast…
both keeps on laughing about the present situation. Swara stops the bike at a pleasant place and there are very few people on the roads as it is 7:30 am in the mrng.
laksh – y did u stop here.
swara – lets hav breakfast. Papa gave me from under the table..
laksh – hahaha papa is genious…he always saves us from mom.
swara – hahaha now eat fast.
laksh – wat will we do by going so early.
swara (sarcastically) – we can sweep the floors as a part time. Kyun nice idea na ??
Laksh – ya actually it suits u….
they both fight like that and aftr that they finishes eating…


ragini wakes sanskar..
sanskar – ragini y r u waking me soo early…
ragini – bhai i want to go for shopping.
sanskar – ha toh jao na..y r u disturbing my sleep. u hav ur credit card na…
ragini – ha bhai but i want u to accompany us. Becozz its ur engagement shopping…
sanskar – watever u go. I will make my clothes designed specially.
ragini – ya i know that but still u come na bhai plzzz..
ap also comes and requests him.
sanskar – acha ok mom. be ready… i will go to ofc and complete my work and return. Aftr that we will go for shopping. Ok ??
Ragini and ap – ok

In road

swara – laksh shall we go for shopping today.
Laksh – but i hav work at ofc
Swara – u go now and come fast. Even i too will do that..wats Say ??
Laksh – ok then now start the bike and drop me at bus stop.
swara – ok…
they keeps on talking on road. Swara is busy in talks she crosses the bus stop and she goes far away from bus stop. Laksh too is busy in talks. Later he realizes.

Laksh – oyyy rukh rukh.. we crossed the bus stop.
swara – ohhh shit we came so far…
laksh – ok dont worry…lets go to ur ofc. From there i will take ur bike. Aftr u finish ur work u just call me. I will come and pick up u. We can leave directly for shopping.
swara – ha ok gud idea..
They leaves to swara’s ofc.
Sanskar too reaches there. Sanskar parks the car.

Swara gets down and takes her bag and about to leave..
laksh – diii listen..today also lets eat outside….
swara – shut up ma will kill us.

Sanskar comes there. He was shocked to see both laksh and swara talking.
sanskar(thinks) – wat iscshe doing here that too at this time..

laksh – i cant eat that food yaar…plzzz na lets go….
swara – shut up..if we do the same again and again then papa too will stop helping..
laksh – he will never stop helping u. Plzzz
swara – shut up lucky..i cant hear ma’s lecture…and papa is also worried about my health…if i affect woth disease then i will become pale and then i will loss my charm. Then i will become lean and then my marg…ohhh nooo..i can’t take risk..
laksh – oyyy drama queen stop this…u know donkeys don’t get affected though how much they eat. So u need not worry…
swara – how dare u call me donkey..then i will show u wat a donkey does.
swara kicks laksh and takes the scooty..
laksh – oyy give the scooty keys …now how will i go…
swara – no go by walk. I dont care…
sanskat smiles seeing their fights..
sansjar comes towards them..swara gets surprised seeing him there at that time.
swara – gud mrng sir…
sanskar – gud mrng..miss.gadodia…wat r u doing here at this time That too with ur brother..
swara – no sir i came to ofc. Actually i want a half day leave sir. So i thought to cone early and finish my work..
sanskar – ohh gud…
laksh – di keys doo…(Asks her deliberately so that she doesnkt deny infront of sanskar)
Swara – no wait. I need to talk to u..
sanskar – ok miss.gadodia..as soon as u come..u come to my cabin…
swara – yes sir…
sanskar starts going.
swara (to laksh) – dont use ur cheap tricks.. wat do u think if u ask infront of my boss then i will give u the keys ha ??
laksh – acha ok sry..plzz give u..
Swara – ok ok take this and ha take care…of my scooty. Even if accident happens..first u fall and then let the scooty fall on u..ok..remember nthng should happen to it.
laksh – huuuu everyone should hav a sister like u..then every brother will be in mental alysulam..
swara – hahaha very funny now leave..
sanskar listens their talks..
laksh (starts the scooty) – bye donkey….
saying this he goes….
swara stamps her foot and goes on walking…looking at the floor and cursing laksh..
swara (walking looking down) – if i am a donkey…wat is he ha ?? He too is a donkey…idiot..i will kill him……..
saying this she hits sanskar and about to fall but sanskar holds her and pulls her close.
Swara immediately tries to move away but sanskar is staring her holding her waist and even her chain gets struck in his suit.
swara(awkwardly) – sirr my chain….
sanskar comes in to senses. – yes miss.gadodia…..(he removes the chain)
She moves back.
swara – sr..sry sir..
sanskar – see the way while walking…
saying this he goes…
swaara too follows him.
they both enter the lift.
swara keeps an angry face.
Sanskar – calm down miss.gadodia…y r u so angry…
swara (fake smile) – nthng like that sir…
sanskar – Hmm anyways this shouldnot affect ur work..i cant tolerate that.
swara – yes sir…
they both reach and goes from there to their respective cabins.
Swara (to herself) – kaise insaan hai yeh…he didnot even ask about y i was angry..huuu…idiot..but y is it bothering me..huuu..

they both starts working. Aftr sometime swara asks sanskar’s permission and leaves.
she calls laksh and laksh pickup her.

They both leave for shopping mall. Here sanskar too goes home and pickup ragini ap and dp and they all four reach the shopping mall.

Swalak are shopping.
here dp and ap are selecting sari’s for swara. And sanskar and ragini are looking for their respective dresses.

Swara goes to try a dress.
Wen she goes to trial room she sees ragini there. Ragini gets shocked to see her.
ragini – bhab..diii wat r u doing here ??
Swara – i and laksh came shopling ragini. By the way anyone will come to shopping mall for shopping only na…
ragini – ha haha diii wat a joke (tensedly)
Swara – ragini…r u ok ??
Ragini – ha ok…Just then sanskar calls ragini.
ragini – hello bhai…i am near trial room..actually i met swara di here….
sanskar – wat ?? Ohh no..wat if she see mom and dad.. ok ok i will manage..
he hangs up.
swara – ohhh so u came with sanskar sir…
ragini (nervous ) – ha di…
swara – ok i will go and try this dress.
ragini – ya ok…
swara goes and trial that dress. And again she comes out wearing her dress.
ragini – di where is that dress which u took inside.
Swara – that is not nice ragini. I will go and select another one. u too come with me.let us select the clothes together.

swara and ragini keeps on selecting.
ragini – r u shopping for ur enagagement..
swara – no raagu..i came here for casual clothes.
Ragini – oh hahah…
swara gets suspicious about her behaviour…
here sanskar searches for dp and ap. he calls them but they doesnot take his calls.
Atlast wen he saw her swara too saw them.
swara – arre wat r uncle and aunty doing here ??
Ragini gets shocked…
swara – raagu come i will introduce my future in laws…
Swara takes ragini with her. At the sane time laksh too comes there.
seeing the scenario he gets shocked. Swara is taking ragini to ap and dp by holding her hand. Laksh thinks that she got to know the truth..
laksh too goes..
laksh – di…ragini ….u too..came for shopping….
swara – lucky u know dp uncle and ap aunty too came here. see there. I am going to introduce ragini to them…
laksh – hush…thank god..
swara – kya….
laksh – nthng….
swara introduces her.
Swara – hii aunty….
ap and dp turn and see swara. They r shocked to see her. That too with ragini..
ragini signs then that she didnkt know anything and asks them to stay calm.
ap – swara u here….
swara – actually i came here with lucky..i need to buy some casuals..
ap – ohhh..acha hua tum aagayi..we r selecting clothes for u.come select urself…
swara – no aunty u select for me..by the way i forgot to introduce her. she is ragini. Laksh’s frnd..
ragini – namaste….au.
ragini sees sanskar coming towards them
ragini – bhai…..
swara sees him…
sanskar too sees her but acts normal.
Sanskar – ohhh…miss.gadodia….so u came took leave from ofc just for shopping…huuu…
swara – yes sir..actually..
sanskar – its ok…..miss.gadodia….
he is about to go….but dp thinks to tease sanskar as he laughed at his situation the previous day.
dp – swara beta…who is he ??
Sanskar stops there and gives a wat was that look.
swara – uncle he us my boss sanskar maheswari…..
sirr….they r my furure in laws…
sanskar (hesitates) – namaste….unc…le…
dp chuckles..while ap gives a death glare to sanskar for calling her aunty..
ragini and laksh try hard to control their laughter..
sanskar (thinks) – ohhh shit…i came here to save ragini par mai khud phas gaya..
ap – swara now come lets select clothes. U hav to wear them na so they should be of ur choice right ??
swara – no aunty. Watever u select i will wear.
Ap (smiles) – ok but dont call me aunty. Call me ma…
dp – ha and me papa..
ap – waise bhi outsiders will call me aunty only. Then wat is te difference between u and them… (gives a look to sanskar)
Sanskar hits his head with his hand.
dp giggles seeing his situation.
Dp (whispers) – how was the experience ?? I thought to show u a sample. Yesterday u were laughing at me na..now i am doing the same…
sanskar – not funny dad……

Later swara goes to try a dress.
She comes out wearing it. sanskar gets mesmirised seeing her…

Ap goes and hugs her.
ap – hooo my dil is looking very beautiful…hai na ji…
dp – haa right ap.
swara – tanq ma papa…
Laksh – dii my shoping is over.
swara – haa ok take one more shirt….
laksh – ok ur wish….bill is urs..
swara (smiles) – ok…
raglak goes for selecting laksh’s shirt..
whereas swara ap and dp keeps on selecting swara’s clothes.
Swara sees her casual tops.
Later all finish their shopping and leaves for their respective places.

Precap – sanskar and ragini comes to swara’s house for dinner whereas swara is unaware about it.
sanskar gets to know about swara’s hidden talent.

Sry guys i was sleeping while writing this. Sry if its not up to u.

Credit to: miss.murty

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