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The episode begins here

Swara gets ready and leaves for ofc. Here sanskar too hav breakfast and leave for ofc.

@sanskar’s ofc

sanskar calls everyone to the conference room.

Everyone enters there and swara too goes and makes everything ready for her presentation.
Sanskar without anyone’s notice goes to swara.
Sanskar – miss.gadodia… r u ok ??
Swara smiles – yes sir i am ok. And tanq
Sanskar just nods his head and goes and sits in the main seat. The head of the company which is going to be dealing with his company arrives there. after having a formal chat they both sit.
Sanskar – miss.gadodia … start ur presentation.
swara – yes sir..
sanskar – Mr.malhotra she is going to give u a detail view of our project.
mr.malhotra – ok mr.maheswari…
swara starts the presentation and in the meanwhile she gets cough… and even aftr drinking water it didnot stop…
sanskar gets angry. all think that now swara is gone Becozzz she spoiled the whole presentation.
Sanskar (angry) – swara have u gone mad ?? Go and take rest damn it. piyaa… just take her with u and make her hav some hot water…
all are shocked by his concern towards swara.
Swara (choking voice) – sirrr ….presentation….
sanskar (dangerous tone) – i can take care of that miss.gadodia.. u just leave.

Swara gets afraid and leaves.

Sanskar goes to her place and starts explaining.

Now it is a very big shock to everyone.
Sanskar maheswari giving a presentation that too which is supposed to be given by his employee….
He finishes the presentation.

All his employee’s are shocked.

Mr.malhotra – omg excellent mr.maheswari.. ur presentation is awesome…
sanskar gives an angry and attitude look to him.(who r u to praise me …look)
mr.malhotra – i mean ur staff did a very good job. Especially miss.gadodia…
then sanskar remembers about swara. But ignores it as for him business is the first priority.
sanskar – so wat’s ur decision mr.malhotra…
mr.malhotra – man with brain never reject to deal with ur company mr.maheswari.. u r the best not even in kolkata but all over india.
Sanskar(attitude) – i know… ok lets sign the documents.. and we will start the work within next week. I dont like delaying…
mr.malhotra – sure mr.maheswari….

after completing the formalities everyone leaves from there.

Here swara drank hot water which is given by piya (sanskar’s pa) and now she is getting fine.

As soon as she gets fine she rushes to conference hall but till then the meeting gets over.
All comes out. she gets to know that sanskar continued her presentation. She gets happy as they got the project.

@raglak side.

Ragini and laksh meet at lunch.
laksh – ragini yesterday i was very happy as the devil of our house is in ur house.
Ragini -laksh…. dont say like that..
laksh – ok leave it. BTW how did she react seeing the house ?? Did she like it ??
Ragini – she was not in a situation to react laksh…she is in shock..
laksh(surprised) – wat…y is she in shock ??
Ragini – laksh i think…di dont want u to take tension…..
laksh(cold tone) – spill it ragini…
ragini – actually laksh yesterday wen di…..(she tells him everything)
Laksh gets very anger but doesnot reacting he leaves from there.

In Sanskar’s ofc

After sometime swara goes to sanskar’s cabin.

Swara – excuse sir …
sanskar seeing in laptop – yes miss.gadodia..
swara – sir i am sry….i couldnot complete my presentation…
sanskar – its ok miss.gadodia..
just then swara’s phone rings…its laksh..
she cuts the call.
swara – sir i got to know that u continued the presentation..how did u manage…
sanskar – miss.gadodia…i am SANSKAR MAHESWARI…nthng is impossible for me.
yesterday night i just checked ur presentation.
Swara – thats great sir….
again her phone rings. She cuts it. It again rings it. she again cuts it..
swara (thinks) – yeh lucky ko kya hogaya hai…
sanskar – miss.gadodia… i think its important. U pick up the call.
Swara – no sir. Its not so important. i came here to talk about the proceedings of this project.
Sanskar – ok..
she keeps her mobile in silent And keeps it on sanskar’s table.
They discuss about the project. swara goes to bring another file.

Again her phone rings. He looks at her phone. Its laksh. the call gets disconnected. there are 56 missed calls.
sanskar(to himself) – y is laksh calling her….Is anything emergency…

just then laksh calls him. he picks the call.
sanskar – laksh is everything ok ??
Laksh – jiju i want to talk to swara right now….Is she there.
sanskar – ha we r talking about a project. So she cut ur call.
Laksh – jiju plzzz give her phone..
just then swara comes there…
swara – sir…yeh file…….
sanskar – swara ur brother called me. he wanted to to talk to u…
swara takes the phone…
swara – lucky y did u….
laksh (angry and cold voice) – i want u at home within 15min… otherwise u know about me…
saying this he cut the call.
Swara was shocked as she didnot see him in so much anger. she handovers phone to sanskar.
Sanskar – miss.gadodia… is everything fine ??
Swara – y..yes. sir.. i hav to go home sir..can i leave sir..
sanskar – ok…u can..
swara – tanq sir….
saying this she ran without taking her phone…
Swara took her scooty keys and rushed to her house
(Guys don’t worry about swara’s scooty. Sanskar got it repaired and send it to swara’s home)
Swara went home….

@ gadodia house.

laksh is standing there in the middle of the hall. His face became red due to anger.
Swara gets shocked to see shekhar.
Swara – papa wat r u doing here. U should be in bank na ?? And lucky y did u call me ?? I am doing a important…
laksh (shouts) – stop it di…. wat do u think of urself ha ?? A super woman ??
Swara (doubted) – lucky…wat happened ??
Shekhar – laksh y r u shouting at shona like that ??
laksh – papa ask ur shona wat happened yesterday night ??
Swara gets shocked as he got to know.
swara goes near laksh and holds his hand.
swara(slowly) – lucky.. come lets talk in my room.
laksh jerks his hand.
Laksh – y ha ?? Let them too know about ur bravery..actually i am thinking to give u a bravery award..
Now swara too lost patience.She too shouts.
swara – luckyy…just shut up. Its just an accident. Dont create a scene here. I am fine na..(swara doesnot want her parents to take tension)
laksh gets angry.
laksh – u just shut up. U r at fault.. wat if something happened to u yesterday ??
Shekhar (worried) – laksh wat r u talking about ??
Swara – papa u dont worry. He just got mad.leave him
laksh – ha yes i am mad. U know if sanskar hadnot reached at time na then u would…
Swara gets scared but composes herself.
Swara – lucky lets go to my room and talk..
laksh get angry again…
laksh – dont act as a mother teresa. Y did u hide this from us ?? And y did u show attitude to ur boss. Wen he said he will drop u then u could hav gone with him.. na..
Swara without answering him took to her room.

@sanskar’s ofc

Seeing swara forgot the phone sanskar thinks to return it aftr completing the work. He finishes and goes to gadodia house.

Sanskar enters in the house. He sees sharmishta and shekhar sitting on sofa.
They both are worried keeping their hands on theur heads.
sanskar enters..
shekhar – arre sanskar beta wen did u come ??
sanskar – just now….actually i came here to return swara’s phone. where is she ??
Sharmishta – ah… she is….
just then a flower vase fell on ground. Sanskar looks up.
(Gadodia house is a duplex but small house. there are two rooms in upstairs i.e swara and laksh’s)
Shekhar – aa … actually they both are fighting. And wen they fight they will throw things like this only..
sanskar smiles….
then he hears shouts of swara and laksh but the voice is not clear.
sanskar – uncle wat happened ?? I mean laksh called swara and asked her to come her.
Shekhar – thats wat we r not understanding.. Sanskar beta kal raat kuch hua hai kya ?? laksh is talking that……
sanskar gets that laksh got to know about this and he thinks to tell the truth to shekhar but just then swara comes down talking something…without seeing sanskar.
Swara – papa i locked that duffer in his room. Now dont open…
saying this she lifts head and sees sanskar. She gets shocked.
Swara – sir…..aap…
sanskar – i came to give ur phone miss.gadodia…
swara – ta….tanq sir…
sanskar – if ur wrestling competition is over then plzzz reach the ofc.. we hav lots of work to complete…
swara – yes sir…..
saying this swara goes and gets ready and again leave to ofc.

@in ofc

Swara and sanskar works together about the project.
Later swara goes to her cabin.

wen its time to leave swara left with all her belongings.
Dp asked sanskar if swara has gone to home. Sanskar says yes then dp comes to ofc. But swara comes back to collect a file.
She gets shocked to see dp.
swara (to herself) – wat is dp uncle doing here ??
Swara calls him. Uncle…uncle….but he didnot listen then she goes to him.
Dp is about to take the lift. Swara comes there…
dp gets shocked to see her.
dp – swara beta….ah.. tu…..m…yaha..
swara – uncle i told u that day na ?? I work in this ofc and by the way wat r u doing here ??
Just then a peon comes and says namaste to dp.
swara – uncle….
dp – swara beta i came here to meet my frnd. he too works in this ofc only…i will come here frequently so peon too remember me..haha..
swara gets suspicious about his behaviour.
but ignores it.
swara – oh ok uncle come lets go up. I too hav to collect a file. At the same time we can meet ur frnd..in which floor he works….
dp – no need beta… i think he left becozzz by this time he leaves everyday.
Swara – haa uncle who is he ?? I mean wat is his name ??
Dp thinks – ahhh Arpitharam…..
swara – hahaha very strange name uncle..
dp (murmurs) – haa strange for me too..
swara – haa… i dont know anyone likevthat uncle… there are thousands of employees working here.
dp – ha…and there are so many floors too.
Achavok beta i will go now.
Swara – ok uncle…
saying this swara goes and collectscthe file. She goes. Dp waits till swara goes..
later he again take the lift and go to sanskar’s cabin…
dp is sweating very much….becozz of running and hiding..
sanskar seeing him laughs – dad y r u sweating so much…. we hav central ac…
dp – haa but becozzz of ur wife..I mean ur to be wife
Sanskar – swara ??
dp – ha she saw me down and he says everything to sanskar….
sanskar laughs loudly…
sanskar – Hahahaha arpitaram….hahaha seriously dad ?? Wat kind of a name was that ?? its hilarious….hahaha
dp – now stop laughing and start the work…
sanskar – hahaha ok dad…

In gadodia house

shatmishta opens the lock and laksh comes out and tells them everything…
shekhar and sharmishta gets worried but laksh assures them that sanskar saved her at the right time.
Sharmishta – how can she hide this from us ??
Shekhar – hav u thought about her how much she must be afraid ?? But she still thought not to trouble us and u and ur son are accusing her for hiding the truth.
laksh – papa i am shouting at her becozzz if she would hav taken jiju’s help then she wouldnot hav faced that na ?? Thats wat i am saying.
Shekhar – ha but leave it…my daughter is fine. I dont need anything Now… u both are not going to discuss about this with her.
sharmishta – no shekhar we hav to tell her that she should be careful.
just then swara comes there.
swara sees laksh
swara – maa papa ye bahar kaise aaya hai ?? Who opened the door ??
Sharmishta – i only opened it . Kyun ?? Anyways the main topic is…
shekhar goes and hugs swara..
shekhar – thankgodd u r fine. I should thank sanskar for this. But plzzz dont go alone like that next time beta.. u know na ur papa will die without u..
swara – shh…papa plzzz dont say like that. I am fine and i promise…i will never go alone like that. And i am sry…papa and i am sry ma…
sharmishta too hugs her….
laksh too gets cooled.
laksh – oyyyyyy i wasted my half day leave to provoke u both against her but still u forgave her ??
shekhar – i was never angry at my princess.
Sharmishta – but i was angry with u swara…
laksh – yes mom yes….she is at fault… she must be punished.. hoo swara how can u hide this haaa ?? U r too bad. Wat do u think… mom is not a stupid to forgive u…
swara – wat do u mean ?? Dad is stupid to forgive me ??
Dad how dare he ?? He called u stupid..
shekhar – oyyyy laksh…..u are over..
laksh – mom see her.she is proviking dad against me. See mom….
sharmishta – shekhar stop shouting at laksh….
like that sharmishta and shekhar starts fighting….
swara and laksh laughs hard….and gave hifi to each other……
the only thing in which they both join hands is to make their parents fight as wen they are busy in fighting these two can quietly skip their supper. And go out to eat.

Swara went to her room and got fresh.. And gets ready…..
laksh comes there.
laksh – come fast we hav to go out fast otherwise they will stop fighting and again their concentration will be on us.
Swara – ha ha chalo warna mom starts to give lecture..
“shona do u know how much time it takes to prepare food… u too are a girl u hav to understand bla..bla….”
Laksh – and ha dad saying “laksh u r spoiling my shona.. outside foods are not good for health….bla…bla…..”

they both laugh at each other.
swara – lucky maaf kardiya na tumne mujhe ??
Laksh – ha but next time if u hide something i will definetly kill u (saying this he holds her neck)
Swara – acha now come fast otherwise they will stop fighting.
laksh – ha chalo chalo….
they go down…..
shekhar and sharmishta are still fighting….
shekhar – becozzz of u laksh is spoiling…
sharmishta – haa i too can say that..becozzz of u only shona is spoiling.. laksh is a boy.he will live with us but wat about shona.. wen she goes to sasural and there she does any mistake then they all will blame me only. As a mother i should teach her everything but they dont know na that u will stop me from doing that ….
shekhar – stop it… my shona is the best..wen we r talking about laksh then talk about laksh only. Y r u bringing shona in between..

Swara and laksh laugh..
swara – lucky…they r still discussing ur topic.. it means we hav lot of time. Aftr ur topic they will discuss about mine and aftr that..
laksh – and aftr that about their savings…and aftr that about how to do ur marg….hahaha it means we hav alot of time to njoy…come lets go…

Swalak go and have their dinner outside. While having dinner they laugh alot on their plan to make their parents fight.


Wen sharmishta is hugging swara , swara acts with hands and winks at him. He too understands her gesture and they provoke them..

**flashback ends..

Swara – haha seriously yaar lucky…. today i am very happy. As i escaped scoldings.
Laksh – ha that is becozz of me. so as a treat pay this bill.
swara – oyyyyy this time u hav to pay…last time i paid na….
laksh – oyyy wat will u do with ur money ha ?? Ur package is very high na ?? U will earn atleast 2 lakshs per month…
swara – but u know na i am doing fd with most of the money….
laksh – wat will u do by saving the money ha ??waise bhi shaadi hojaayegi tumhari and ur would be husband earns alot…
swara – u just shut up and pay the bill. Its ur turn..
laksh – hu…..ok devill…….

they hav dinner and go to home and sleep as shemish too are sleeping.

Precap – swalak goes to shopping mall. Sanskar and his family too are present there.
Swara introduces dp and ap to sanskar while raglak try hard to control their laughter

Hope u enjkyed this part. Sry today no swasan part more. But tomorrow u will get.

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