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Chapter 15

The episodd begins here

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@gadodia house.

all are having breakfast.
Swara – ma papa it will become late till i come home. actually we hav a lots of work to do in the ofc.
shekhar – shona y can’t u work from home beta. I am worried about u.
Laksh – papa let her go na. Atleast ghar me shanthi toh hogi.
Swara – shanthi toh tab hogi na jab tu iss ghar se bahar jaayega..
shekhar – right shona…..
sharmishta – shekhar u plzz stop supporting swara wen she is irritating laksh. My son is suffering becozzz of her.
swara – maa don’t blame papa for this. aapke beta irritating hai toh isme papa ki kya galti hai ??
Shekhar – shonaa u leave about this and lets think about the solution. plzzzz work from home na beta. I will be worried about u.
Swara – papa don’t worry. Not only me whole staff is staying at ofc till late night including our boss.
Shekhar (excited) – ohhh sanskar is also staying , then i don’t hav any problm.
swara (shocked) – wat ??
Sharmishta pinches shekhar.
Shekhar realizes wat he said.
Shekhar (fumbles) – a…..woh… i mean shonaa…we know him personally na i mean he is ragini’s brother. So i think he is responsible…
swara – acha ok ok… i am going. Late hori hu mai…
saying this she goes..
laksh – diii today u go. Dad will drop me.
Swara – ok bye.
after swara went
laksh – papa can’t u control ur excitement. Today swara would hav got a doubt.
shekhar – ha ok from next time onwards i will take care. Laksh she will be happy with my decision na ?? She will like sanskar na ??
Laksh – papa u don’t worry. She will definetly like sanskar.

@sanskar’s ofc

Swara comes there and as soon as she comes , she starts working.

sanskar’s pa comes and calls swara for the meeting.

*in meeting room

sanskar – soo guys this is our target and we should finish this till tomorrow. I know its difficult but i don’t like losing the deals.
(Dangerous tone) i hope u all don’t want to see a angry man inside me.
All are scared by his sudden change of mood and his anger.
all staff – yes sir. We will complete it.
sanskar – miss.gadodia u hav to play a key role in this as u hav to make the presentation and prepare everything. U hav to put alot of effort.
swara – yes sir. I will do my best.
sanskar – ok. Disperse everyone.
They all go to their respective places and starts the work.

swara and all work hard.
Everyone completes the work and they leave. But as swara has more work she is still doing her work.

Its 10pm.

Shekhar gets worried and about to call swara but he remembers that she is with sanskar so she will be fine.
Shekhar calls sanskar.
Shekhar – hello sanskar beta…
sanskar – ha uncle tell me….
shekhar – i am worried about swara. She already informed us that she will be coming late to home But still…
sanskar – uncle u don’t worry. I will take care of her.
Shekhar – tanq beta….
sanskar – its my duty uncle.
He cuts the call.

Only sanskar and swara are left in the ofc.

Finally swara finishes her work. She is about to go but sanskar stops her.

Sanskar – miss.gadodia…
swara – yes sir…
sanskar – hav u finished ur work ??
Swara – yes sir. I completed it. I kept all the files in ur cabin and i also send the presentation to ur mail sir.
Sanskar – ya thats gud. Now come i will drop u at home.
swara – no sir i can go. Tanq for offering.
sanskar’s ego gets hurt by seeing to her no.
Sanskar (angry But still concerned) – its too late swara. Its not safe for u to go.
Swara feels concern in his voice but still she doesnot want to take his help.
swara – tanq for ur concern sir but i can manage. I will go on my bike sir. So u need not worry.
Sanskar gets angry.
sanskar – ok fine. Ur wish..

She leaves without checking the petrol level.
Sanskar is on the way. he is driving. He sees some drunken people.
Sanskar (thinks) – shit mat. i shouldnlt hav left her alone. I must hav forced her. Hmmm y am i feeling restlessness. is she fine…..
he turns to car.

@swara’s way

Swara is going suddenly her bike gets stopped. Then she notices the petrol tank being empty.
Swara – ohhh god. swara……now wat will u do… papa ko call karti hu.. no no i will call lucky. He will come on papa’s car.
she is about to call but some drunken people come there.
person 1 – kyun madam ji…wat happened ?? Shall we help u ??
Swara gets scared.
person 2 – see madam this is not gud to roam outside….do u know wat will happen if u roam at this time ??
Person 3 – let us show u…

Saying this all three surround her. She is hell scared.
Person one pulls her wrist and holds her tightly and as a result her bangles gets broken and blood comes from her wrist.
She whinches in pain.

Swara – ahh.. plzzz leave me.plzzz i beg u…

they all smile evilly. one person raises hand to slap her but sanskar caught a hold of him.
Swara seeing him gets shocked and happy.
Sanskar slaps the person repeatedly. Seeing him the other two run.
Swara stands there numb. Blood is woozing from her wrist but she didnot care. She is in shock. Tears are running from her eyes.
Sanskar comes To swara.

Swara is still in shock.

Sanskar (very angry) – r u mad ?? y didnt u listen to others ?? Wat would hav happened if i hav not reached on time ha ??
Swara is still standing numb with shocked expression. This is enough for sanskar.

He is about to slap her but suddenly she hugs him tight…….

sanskar is shocked by her sudden action. She hugs him.and cries where as sanskar is still in shock. He is about to hug her back but she moves back.

Swara wiping her tears – i am sry sir. Actually i was in shock so…..
both are awkward.
Sanskar – its ok.. now come with me and i am sry to shout at u…
swara – thanks for saving me sir. I am really thankful to u. I don’t know if something happened with me then wat would hav happened to my family and my fiance…..

he sees her hearing fiance.

Sanskar (thinks) – omg withput even seeing me how can she become so connected to me..

Swara – sir this is not the way to my home sir..
sanskar – we r going to my place.
swara – but sir…..
swara rises her hand to say something then he sees the blood. He applies sudden brakes.
Sanskar (worried) – omg how this happened ?? bolldy bastards….wait let me do first aid.
(He says this holding her hand)
Swara – sir i am ok. U plzz drop me at my place.
sanskar (angry) – tumhari issi zid ki waja se tum iss halat mein ho… so just shut up.
sanskar takes the first aid box and does her first aid.
swara winces in pain.
Sanskar (caring) – dard hora hai ??
Swara nods in no.
sanskar ties bandage and they both leave.
Sanskar – swara u can stay at my place for this day. I am sure ur family will be fine with this as ragini is there.
Listen swara if they see u in this comdition they will get worried.
Swara – sir but ur parents…
then the reality hits sanskar.
Sanskar – they are not at home. Only me and ragini. So u come.
he goes out from car and calls dp. He says everything.
dp – thankgod u reached there on time. So u do onething i and ur ma will go to our room. U bring her here. I will tell shekhar ji that she is safe with us.
Sanskar – ok dad but plzzx dont say this to uncle.
Dp – ok u bring her fast. She needs rest.
Sanskar – ok dad

Sanskar and swara reaches to mm.
sanskar callsragini. ragink takes swara inside. And gives her clothes to wear. Swara gets freshen up.
She calls shekhar and tells her that she is with ragini. Shekhar agrees and asks her to take care. Swara is surprised to hear that shekhar agreed so easily but she throws all her thoughts apart.

She comes down.

Sanskar – swara come and hav dinner.
Swara – nai sir bhook bai hai …
sanskar – its not ur house. Its mine and its an order.
ragini – bhai….
sanskar – u just shut up…
sanskar observes swara. she is very dull. Wen he saw her in restrnt she is very active and playing jokes on laksh with raginj but today she is really calm.
sanskar (thinks) – she is still in that shock. But i hav to bring her out of this. I hav to make her cheer up but how ??.
Then he gets an idea.
Swara finishes her dinner. Ragini takes her to guest room.

Later ragini too leaves for her room aftr making sure that swara is fine.

Sanskar calls swara. Swara seeing his caller id gets afraid to talk to him. or u can say she is not ready to face him.
Swara cuts the call. Sanskar keeps on calling her. She lifts the call at last.
Swara (stammers) – h..he..hello..
sanskar (shouts) – y the hell r u not picking up my calls….
swara gets afraid – i..i…..she cries….
sanskar realizes Wat he did.
sanskar (to himself) – ohhh shit man…u hav to make her cheer up.not afraid…
sanskar – swara i am sry for shouting at u.. plzzz dont cry..
swara wipes her tears – no i am not crying becozzz u shouted at me.. i am crying becoz….(she says everything)…in between the sobs….
swara – they tried to…..molest me…
sansjar closes his eyes imagining her pain. He got an urge of embracing her immediately but he cant.
sanskar – swara relax.. nthng has happened na..now dont cry…plzzzz..
swara – ha sanskar…all thanks to sanskar sir. He oy saved me. Warna i cant imagine wat would hav happened…
sanskar – hmm ok ok now common swara cheer up….everything is fine na ?? And ha r u injured anywhere ??
Swara sees her hand but she thinks not to worry him so she lies to him.
swara – no sanskar i am fine….
sanskar understands that she is lieing so that he shouldnot take tension.
Sanskar – r u sure ??
Swara – ha baba i am fine. By the way i am at sanskar sir’s place. U know this house is very nice And very big.
Sanskar – ohh if u like that.. i can built a house for u with the same features. And really a big one.
Swara – hmm iski koyi zarrorat hi nahi hai.. becozzz we already have….
sanskar – wat ??
Swara – ha the house becomes big wen the people living in it love each other… and i am sure u love ur family and then its not less than a big house. And i am very happy to live with u there.
sanskar (impressed) – hmm tanq… u r really a very nice girl.
Swara – hmmm i know that…..
swara is back in her old avatar and sanskar gets happy to see her.
he keeps on talking to her While passing through her room.
Sanskar sees her with open hair. she is looking very beautiful.
Sanskar – ok u go and sleep.
swara – ok bye.
Sanskar – ha bye and take care.

the next day swara gets up early in the mrng and gets freshen up and wears her clothes and leaves to her house informing ragini.

Sanskar wakes up and asks about swara. Ragini tells him that she left. He gets angry.
Sanskar calls her with his official number.
swara – hello sir …gud mrng.. i am sry sir i left without informing u but i dont want to
disturb u sir.
by seeing her cute voice all his anger vanishes.
Sanskar – its ok miss.gadodia. if u want u can take rest for today…
swara – no sir..i am fine..
sanskar – ok bye.
He cuts the call.
Swara calls sanskar (her fiance hehe)
Sanskar(to himself) – i think she is calling me to inform that sbe reached home. Ohhh god sometimes this double role is becoming an extra tension.
He lifts the call and swara informs him that she reached home. They talk for sometime and hungs up.
swara (thinks) – y is sanskar sir so worried for me ?? y is he caring for me so much.. i think mai kuch zyada hi sochrahi hu…he cares for me as a human being….
She avoids all these thoughts and goes to get ready.

Precap – ragini informs laksh the incident that took place the previous day. Swalak fight on that and laksh informs the family.
Swara sees dp in maheswari company. (sanskar’s company)

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