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Chapter 14

The episods begins here.

@gadodia house..

Avinash comes to swara’s house.
Sharmishta gets very happy to see him. Avi is very close to swara’s family.
sharmishta (happy) – avi..wen did u return from us ?? How r u ?? I am so happy to see u.
Avi goes and hugs sharmishta.
avi – i too am very happy to see u aunty. U know i missed u all so much.acha where is uncle ?? And lucky ??
Sharmishta – ur uncle didnot return from bank and laksh too is in his ofc. and ur best frnd is sleeping in her room. U go and wake her up.
avi – hahaha ok ok.
avi goes and pours a glass full of water on her face.
Swara gets very angry…
Swara – u idiot how dare u….she chases him and finally catches him and beats him.

Later they both come down and they both talk with sharmishta….

avi gets a call from his father.
Avi – hello dad..now y did u call me ??
Raghav – give phone to swara.
Avi – y??
Raghav – i said give it.
Avi gives phone to swara.
avi – shona dad wants to talk to u it seems..
swara takes the call
swara – hello uncle….
raghav – ….. tells something
after that swara cuts the call and hits sahil with his phone.
swara(angry) – tum kab samjhega avi….
Avi – ohhh so dad told u.
sharmishta – kya hua swara.. y r u shouting at him.
swara – ma he again fought with aunty. y do u hate her. She is ur mother avi. y dont u understand…
avi – swara plzzzz lets stop this discussion. U know very well y i hate her…
swara – ha i know but that is wrong she didnot do anything deliberately…
avi – stop it shona. I dont want to talk about her. Just becozz u said to go to meet her. I went. Otherwise i hav no idea to see her face….
swara – just shut up. First u go and apologise to her for ur rude behaviour. Untill then dont show ur face to me. Gooo
avi – shonaa plzzz yaar.. i cant even see her face…
swara – i said just go….

Avi goes.

Sharmishta – hmm i dont know wen will he realize that she is not at fault.
Swara – i am trying my level best to maje him understand ma.. but he is not ready to listen to me.
just then laksh calls her.
Swara – ha lucky bolo
laksh – diii u come to xyz restrnt. Lets hav fun. Ragini and her brother are also coming…
swara – oyyy y us my boss coming there…
laksh – he is ragini’s brother. i introduced u to ragini na the same way she will introduce her brother to me.
Swara – ok u carry on. I wont come.
laksh – y ?? R u afraid if ur boss. He is boss inside ur ofc. I thought u were a proffesional but unfortunately i am wrong.
Swara – shut up u unlucky idiot. I amnot afraid. I will come.
Laksh – thats gud.
He hungs up.
He gives hi-fi to sanskar and ragini.
Sanskar – woww laksh u r a very good actor. i must say..
laksh – haha right but u know ur fiance is a better actor than me. Now u start ur work..
ragini – ha bhai common call bhabhi….
(Actually sanskar and raglak are planning to tease swara)
Sanskar calls swara. While swara is getting ready.
swara sees the caller ud and smiles. She immediately picks up the call.
Swara – hello…
sanskar – hiii wat r u doing ??
Swara – nthng.. getting ready for going out.
sanskar – ohh with frndzzz…
swara – no actually i told u na… my brither and my boss’s sister are frndzzz.
Sanskar – ha u told her. Ragini na ?? U also told that u r very close to her.
Swara – ha yes. Actually they called me to a restrnt. So going..
sanskar – ohh so ur boss will aslo be there ??
Swara – ya.. me lucky ragini and sanskar sir….Y r u jealous….. (smiles)
Sanskar – nooo i am not. Ok which restrnt ??
swara – xyz restrnt…
sanskar – ohh wow wat a coincidence.. even i am going to that restrnt.
Swara – ohhh really…
sanskar – ohhh thats great ok… i will see u there.
Swara – but i cant see u…
sanskar – hahaha ok… by the way u look good in red colour.
Swara (blushes) – tanq….

He hungs up

Ragini (shock) – bhai i never knew that u can talk like this… omg…i was shocked…
laksh – ha she is right jiju….u r a great actor..
sanskar – ha i know and laksh don’t call me jiju infront of ur sister. If she heard na then she will gwt to know the whole truth..
laksh – ok ok i wont call u jiju infront of devil…
sanskar – who is devil…
laksh – i mean di…
ragini – laksh shut up. How can u call her devil. She is soo sweet. I love her.
sanskar – ha laksh then we will do onething. as ragini loves swara…. i will show ur both horoscopes to pandit ji and after that u marry her….
laksh – woww ha nice idea jiju…. this is called self protection. U r saving urself grom my sister na ??
Ragini – shut up u both are really very bad. Bhai how can u listen like this. See how he is talking about ur fiance..
sanskar – arre ragini he is joking….
laksh – hahahaha this is the best joke…..

All laughs and enjoys like that.

Swara gets ready and bids bye to sharmishta and leaves to the restrnt.

Swara enters there in a red colour anarkali suit.
Sanskar sees her and opens his mouth wide.
Ragini – close ur mouth. And dont stare her like that. She may get doubt…
sanskar comes into senses.
laksh – hmm wahhh jiju wat a control. U didnot even say her to wear this dress. u said that red suits her and there she is.. in red suit.. hmmm.wat a connection… hai na ragini..
ragini – haa u r absolutely right laksh….
sanskar – abbr saale…just now u r on my side now u r changingbthe team…
laksh – ha becozz ur team member came. See…And ha i am ur saala only.. no need to remind me..hehehe….
sanskar – impossible…..
swara is still searching them.. but she then sees sanskar…
she goes to them.
swara – hi ragini…hiii sir….
ragini – hiiii dii… how r u ??
Swara – fine..and wat about u ??
Ragini – fine di..
they all sit together. they talk about the random stuff.

Sanskar – excuse me guys. I will be back.
(Winks at laksh)
laksh understands.
Sanskar goes.
Then swara gets a call. Its from sanskar.
Swara – hello sanskar…
sanskar – u r looking absolutely stunning in red colour suit….
swara(blushes and sees around) – did u see me ??
Sanskar – yes and i am still seeing u…
sanskar is seeing her and he is very happy to see her impatient.
swara is seeing the every corner of the restrnt..but she cannot find anyone talking in phone.
Swara – where r u ??
Sanskar – i think u forgot about the bet. u cant find me. So dont look here and there for me.
Swara – hmm so u r watching me.
Sanskar – yes.. acha ok bye. i hav a meeting.
Swara – ok bye….
she cuts the call.
Raglak teases her for sometime and sanskar too comed there after sometime.
They all order and they are having their dinner.
Just then laksh sees someone tiptoeing towards swara.
Laksh gets shocked to see that person. But he signals him not to show any expression. He is about to close her eyes… But swara stops him.
swara – avii…i know its u and no need to close my eyes.now come infront of me..
sanskar seeing him fumes with anger.
Avi – swara how did u get to know ??
Swara – hahaha by seeing u this duffer’s expressions changed. By seeing him shocked and happy i got that its u.
Laksh goes and hugs avi…
laksh – finally i am back. U know this devil has troubled me alot in this two years. Even papa also supports her only. I lost my biggest support system wen u went to us Avi…
swara – oyyy stupid.. u r saying as if i am torturing u..
ragini – di who is he ??
Swara – ohhh sry… i forgot to introduce u..
avii u know sanskar sir na.. she is his sister… ragini maheswari.. laksh’s best frnd. And ragini he….
Avi – ohhh hii nice to meet u i am avinash…swara’s best frnd…
swara – avinash singhania…
avi – swara u know i hate to tell my surname.
swara – hmmmm i know.
laksh – common avi…. join us…
avi – ya ok..
sanskar (thinks) – besharam….
they all five talk about different topics. Swara and avi’s closeness is effecting sanskar more.
Laksh – r u fine Ji….
sanskar and raginj looks on shocked.. swara sees laksh calling…
laksh – jeena jeena song….. r u fine if i play jeena jeena song ??
Swara – lucky i will give u a return gift. A seat in mental alysulam.
avi – but return gift…
swara – ohhh shit how can i forget that… avi i an really really sry. I forgot to tell u.
Avi – wat ?? Pehle bolo to sahi.
swara – my marg got fixed…
avi (shocks) – wat ?? r u mad ??
Swara and all are shocked
swara – y r u saying like this ?? Wats wrong in this ??
avi – there is nthng wrong in marrying shona. But u couldhav told me earlier na ?? I would hav found the deatails sbout the person and then u couldhav said yes. wats so hurry…
sanskar – ha but i think its her life… she has the right..
avi – u r right mr.maheswari… but its nog only her life.. if something goes wrong then all hav to suffer.
Swara – avii y r u so serious.. papa checked everything. they are a very good family. And papa liked him very much…
avi – swara i dont understand. Suma ke saath itna kuch hone ke bawajoot bhi….(he gets teary eyed)
Avi gets up from his place.
avi – ok guys.. i will see u later….
swara – avii listen to me….
avi leaves without listening.
sanskar gets angry….But keeps mum.
swara gets sad as she knows his past…
ragini – di who is suma ?? Ur frnd is talking about some suma ??
Swara – hmmm suma is his sister… acha now leave this topic.
laksh – diii u dont tell avi about the bet and u didnot even see the groom. Then he will kill u and me together.
Swara – ha ok ok. I will not tell.
Sanskar (innocemtly) – which bet laksh ??
Laksh (thinks) – wahhh jiju kya acting hai. Oscar dena chahiye tha aapko.
laksh – wohhh actually mr.maheswari….i and my diii has a bet That she will not see the groom until her engagement. Not even know his details.
Sanskar – ohhh really. U r different swara..
Swara smiles..
all complete dinner and leaves to their respective places.

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