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The episode begins here

@swara’s cabin

Swara is sleeping and is about to fall on the table but sanskar holds her head at the nick of the time.
Due to the sudden jerk swara wakes up.
Sanskar gets laugh but controls it.
Swara – sir i am sry sir…
sanskar – miss.gadodia i thought u r very proffesional. But wat is this ?? U r sleeping in ofc.
Swara – sir i am really sry sir. Its just work load.
Sanskar – i spare u for this time but next time this kind of behaviour is not tolerated.
Got that ??
Swara – y..yes sir..
sanskar goes while enjoying inside.
swara (thinks) – thank god he didnot take my class like last time but i should be careful.

she works continuosly.
Sanskar while passing through her cabin sees her from outside. She is looking really tired. He feels bad for her as he is responsible for her sleepless night. So he decides to send her to have her sleep.

He goes inside her cabin.
Sanskar – miss.gadodia if u want u can go homeM u r looking really tired.
Swara – its ok sir. I can work.

Just then attender comes there.

Attender – swara mam someone came to meet u.

Sanskar is about to go

Attender continues – he is saying that he is ur best frnd.

Sanskar stops hearing HE……

Swara looks on puzzled but then a man enters…..

Swara(shouts) – AVI…..

sanskar turns and looks at him… he is handsome (not more than our sanskar. U can imagine anyone u like)

seeing swara anyone can understand that she is very happy to see him but being a proffesional , she controlled herself.

Swara controlling herself from smiling – avi can u plzzz wait outside the ofc , i will come in 10 min.
avi knows that she is pakka proffesional and never mix the personal life with Profesional life.
Avi – ok i will wait..(turning to sanskar) i am sry for coming into ur ofc like this. Its just that i cant control my excitement to see her. Anyways nice meeting u sir. I am avinash.
sanskar just nods his head and goes with an angry look. Swara thinks that he is angry becozz avinash came in to his ofc but she doesnot know that this anger is becozz of jealosy.

Avi goes…

Swara goes to sanskar’s cabin…

Swara – excuse me sir..
sanskar – yes miss.gadodia(arrogant manner)
Swara – sir can i leave now sir ??
Sanskar – y ??
Swara – sir just now u asked to leave me….
sanskar – ha ya ok u can….(Thinks) i think she is asking leave to go to that avinash… huuu…but amn’t i being too possesive…yes ofcourse i am…
swara – ok tanq sir….
Swara leaves with her bag. Sanskar thinks to follow her. He goes out but he meets someone.
Sanskar – mr.raghav singhania ?? Aap…
(raghav singhania is the father of avinash. He us a big business man and very famous but not more than maheswari’s.
I forgot to tell u about sanskar..
Sanskar is very famous and whole media is back of him for his success and his interviews)
Raghav – yaa hi mr.maheswari… i am sry i came here without informing but i hav to come here becozz of my son.
sanskar – ur son ??

Raghav – yes mr.maheswari… my son just came from us. His flight landed just an hour back. He didnot come home. He went to meet his best frnd. at home my wife is becoming desperate to see him. And swara is working here na so i came here.
sanskar (shocked) – swara ??
Raghav – ha my son’s best frnd. bahut achi hai woh…
sanskar – ohhh that means avinash is ur son ??
raghav – yes… but how did u know him ??
Sanskar – actually he just came here. Dont worry he just went out.
Raghav – ohh tanq mr.maheswari….
Sanskar – wait let me call swara to wait…

raghav – no mr.maheswari…its ok. I will go.
sanskar – ok come i too will come (he is going for himself Hehehe)
Raghav is surprised as he knows about the sanskar maheswari…

Sanskar and raghav comes out and finds them…

Swara – avi.. hav u met aunty ??
Avi – no i directly came here to meet u. As soon as i landed on india i want to meet u thasall..
swara – enough… first family. Next comes the frnds. u know aunty is waiting for u from 2 years to see u.
Avi – now stop ur lecture plzzz. I cant bear her over love.
swara – shut up just go home now and behave properly with aunty…
raghav – very good beta. aur daato… he only listens to u…
swara sees both raghav and sanskar.

Swara – uncle aap…sir……
raghav – i came to take him to home. U know ur aunty is waiting for him desperately..
swara – ya uncle u take him. mai bhi dekti hu ye kaise nahi jaata ??
Avi – ok i will go Now dont be a hitler shona… bye… he sidehugs her and leaves.
here sanskar is burning with jealosy…wen he called her shona……

sanskar – i think u tookeave to meet ur frnd. Now as he went u can come and work..
swara – sir actually i need some rest sir..if u permit me can i go home and rest…
sanskar – ya ok u can go….

Swara leaves…..

Sanskar is jealous. He thinks to talk to swara….
Swara reaches home. she is about to sleep then her phone rings…
she sees the caller id. Its sanskar…
swara (to herself) – now y is he calling me ?? Yesterday night he talked untill 2 am and dusturbed my sleep… huu but its ok he is my to be husband na ?? He has the right…
she picks up the call.

Sanskar – r u fine ??
Swara – ya but y r u asking ??
Sanskar – no actually yesterday night we talked too much na ?? I mean i kept on talking till 2..
swara – (thinks) how sweet.. (to him) no no nthng like that. I am ok. Not only u i too kept on talking….
sayingbthis they both talk each other and while talking swara falls asleep. Sanskar gets angry wen she doesnot respond but later understands her and cuts the call.

Precap – swasan and raglak at restrnt. Laksh gets shocked as well as happy seeing avinash there where as sanskar is fuming in anger.
(bechara sanskar he cant even express his jealosy haha)

i am sry for the short update frndzzz

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