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The episods begins.


Swara and laksh are getting ready for their respective offices…
swara – ma is the breakfast ready…
laksh – see ma how she is ordering u As if she is the queen victoria… (saying this laksh winks at sharmishta)
Sharmishta – leave it na laksh. Let her order.
swara – maa i am not ordering u. I am just asking and this udiot is provoking u.
laksh – ha actually leave it ma. Anyways she will be leaving this house aftr some days. and i really thank god for this.
swara gets emotional. She cries…
shekhar – laksh wat hav u done. See my princess is crying.
shekhar goes and hugs swara.
Shekhar – no beta dont cry.. u know about him naa. He is like that only.
swara(cries) – papa he told the truth only naa…i will leave u all and go to some other place aftr some days.and u also will forget me like ma and lucky.
shekhar – u know about me na..shona. i love u alot. U r my first preference and always will be. Even aftr marg this is ur house only. Ok ?? Dont think that i will forget u. how can i forget my princess.
(angry) laksh u made my princess cry so ur punishment is u will do watever ur di says.

Swara listening this becomes happy.
Swara smirks and winks at laksh
laksh – papa see her she is smiling at me. She did drama.
swara give innocent look to shekhar.
shekhar (angry) – shut up dont argue with me. Do watever ur di says.
Saying this shekhar goes to bank.

Swara laughs loudly.

Sharmishta – shonaa this is not fair beta. How can u do this with my son. See him…bechara…..
swara – ohh maa stop it. He is acting. And ha u were the master in it na. U too joined hands with him na ?? I know it. be happy that i am leaving u.
Sharmishta – achaa u r warning ur mother ha ?? (twists swara’s ears)
Swara – ahhhhh maa sry…
laksh – u devil. tune phasaya na mujhe. See wat i will do to u…..
swara(smiles naughtily) – maa do u know about one cd in which laksh was……..
laksh runs to her and closes her mouth.
Laksh (whispers) – chup hojao meri maa. I am sry.. i willnot go against u.
Swara removing his hands from her mouth – thats better.
sharmishta – wat cd shona ??
Laksh – nthng nthng u do ur work ma.
sharmishta – acha ok ok shona take this sweets and give it to ur collegues as ur marg got fixed.
swara – maa no need of these all.
sharmishta – ur papa brought this and told u to give them. If u respect ur papa give them.
Swara – ma u always know how to convince me..
swara takes from her hand and hugs sharmishta. Sharmishta smiles.

Swalak do their breakfast and leaves together. Swara drops laksh and reaches her ofc.

As soon as she enters the ofc She sees sanskar working in his cabin.
Swara (thinks) – wat happened to him ?? Today he came so early..but he is handsome….Urgh… swara wat r u thinking. U r going to get married to someone and ur praising ur boss. Huu…
she goes to her cabin.sanskar notices swara going to her cabin. He smikes at her. Swara keeps her stuff in her cabin and comes out with sweet box.
She is distributing the sweets among her collegues.
collegue 1 – swara y r u distributing sweets ??
Just then sanskar comes out of the cabin and sees her. But swara doesnot notice him.
Swara – I am getting married yaar.
collegues – ohhh wow congratulations…
swara – tanq
Collegue 2 – wat will he do ?? Wat is his name ??
Swara (thinks) – ohhhh shit i totally forgot about the bet. i dont even know his name. I forgot to ask dad.
swara – ummm unke naam…
sanskar comes from back and says – SANSKAR…..
Swara as well as others are shocked.
sanskar comes to them.
sanskar – now y r u all shocked. I told her fiance’s is name is sanskar. aur kuch janna hai aaplogon ko ??
all staff – no sir… they all get back to work.
swara still standing with shock with sweet box in her hand.
Sanskar takes the sweet – congratulations miss.gadodia…
swara(fumbles) – t….tanq sir…… but how do u know…
sanskar – oh that…. ragini told me. Laksh told her. by the way wat will he do ??
Swara (murmurs) – agar mujhe pata hota toh apko bataungi na ….
Sanskar (controlling his laugh) – i didnt hear u miss gadodia…
swara – nthng sir…. i hav some work….
saying this she goes.
swara to herself – whole world knows about my fiancee except me. This lucky na… i am sure he just did it to irritate me. Huuuu lucky u r finished…
sanskar hearing her talks laughs hard after she goes.
he immediately goes to his cabin and keeps on laughing holding his stomach remembering swara’s facial expressions.
Sanskar to himself – omg… she is sooo funny…..

Just then ap calls him. He stops laughing and attends the call.
sanskar – ha ma boliye..
ap – sanskar we hav an auspicious day after 3 weeks. Can we keep the engagement then ??
Sanskar – ya ma. I am ok with it. tell shekhar uncle to ask swara also.
ap – ok beta…bye
sanskar – mom call me sanskar… not beta. Ok bye…
saying this he hungs up.
shekhar calls swara And asks her. She also says ok but she wanted to prepone the date as she can’t wait to see her future husband.

@ raglak

Ragini and laksh are in a restrnt as it is lunch break For laksh. Laksh and ragini think to meet at a restrnt.
so they botb arrive at the restrnt. They both order the food.

Ragini – laksh i am really happy that swara di is going to be my bhabhi.. i am very excuted. I couldnot stop myself from calling her bhabhi.
laksh – but madam control ur excitement becozzz if she gets to know na then our plan gets spoiled.
Ragini – ok.
just then sanskar calls ragini.
she takes the call.
sanskar tells everything that happened innthe ofc that how he teased swara.
ragini laughs.
sanskar (laughs) – omg ragini… u hav to see her expressions hahaha…
ragini – bhaii is that u who r laughing like this. i cant believe this… I must say bhabhi changed u alot…
sanskar – u shut up now. I just called u to say that if she asks laksh, ask him to say her that he had informed u about swara’s marg. Ok ??
ragini – ok bhai…
ragini cuts the call.
ragini tells everything to laksh. Laksh too laughs.

Ragini – but laksh we cant leave it like that. I mean they both are getting married. So they should talk to each other na ??
Laksh – hav u gone mad ?? How can they talk each other wen me and had a bet that she shouldnot even see his photo.
ragini – exactly laksh. She shouldnot even see his face but she can talk na ?? They both will talk to each other. Bhai will talk to her without revealing his identity. Wats say ??
Laksh – woww ragini i thought u r a dumbo but u r brilliant.
ragini (smiles proudly but later realizes wat he said) – ohhh tanq laksh… wait wait wat did u say u idiot….
laksh – ok ok sry now lets stop our fight. First u inform ur bhai about this.
Ragini – ok i wil tell him.
soon they both finish their lunch and they go to respective places.

Ragini on the way to her clg informs sanskar about their plan. Sanskar smiles widely.

He takes out a simcard from his desk and inserts in his mobile.

He immediately calls swara.(actually he cant stop hinself from teasing swara)

Swara in her cabin is working on a project.
She gets a call froman unknown number.
she picks it.
Swara – hello who is this ??
Sanskar keeping a kerchief – hello this is sanskar…
swara – sa..sanskar…..
sanskar – swara, i am ur fiance sanskar.
swara – haa hiii sanskar (nervous)
Sanskar seeing her expressions smiles.
sanskar – actually i want to tell u about myself.. i am sanskar…..
swara – no no no…stop there. Dont say me anything.
Saying this swara hits her head.
Sanskar is seeing her while talking.he smiles seeing her actions.
sanskar – but y ?? We need to know each other right ??
(Sanskar decides to test her loyality)
Swara – actually i am sry sanskar but i hav a stupid bet with my brother. (She says everything about the bet)So i am sry i cant see u or know something about u before our engagement.
sanskar – but how can u get engaged to a person who u hav not even seen ??
Swara – becozzz my father has seen u. He knows wat is right for me and wat is wrong. i respect his decision.
Sanskar gets impressed by her answer.
sanskar (smirks) – but i hav a better option. I will send u my photo in watsapp and i Will also tell my details. U just see and delete it. Now how will ur brother get to know about it ?? Neither u nor i will say him. How is the idea ??
Sanskar is waiting for her answer.
swara – actually ur idea is amazing.
sanskar gets dissapointed.
swara continues – but i cant do it. I cant lie to my brother. And i cant cheat him.
sanskar gets very happy. He stares swara but doesnot reply her.
swara thinks that he is hurt.
swara – sanskar i am sry if i hav hurt u…
sanskar – arre no no nthng like that. Actually i am very happy to see ur honesty. And ur truthfullness. I am impressed.
Swara – tanq so much for supporting me. I hav a small request. can i call u at evng aftr reaching home ?? Actually i am at work. So i cant talk to u now.
sanskar (smiles) – its ok. I will call u at night. Bye. Take care.
swara – bye u too…..

swara (thinks) – papa u r the best. He is really very understanding. I think i am lucky..

she again starts to work.

At evng…
swara completes her work. She is leaving.
then sanskar called her.

Sanskar – miss.gadodia ….
swara – yes sir…
sanskar – i need mehta’s project file ready till tomorrow ?? Can u prepare it ??
Swara – yes sir. I almost completed it. I will submit it by tomorrow.
sanskar – gud u can go now…
swara goes.
Sanskar (smirks) – now i will see wat will u do ?? either u will prefer ofc work or ur personal work…..

Swara goes home. She finishes her supper. During dinner swara told how sanskar called her.
swara – dont worry lucky we didnot talk about his deatails or sonething.. we just talked normally. And till our engagement he will not say about him becozz i already told about our bet.
laksh – ha thats better. If u try to cheat me na …..
swara – i am not like u…
they again start fighting. Just then swara’s phone rings. she sees the caller id and smiles.
Laksh – thank god. He saved me. Now go and talk to him devil…..
swara beats him and goes to her room.

@swara’s room

Swara – hello…
sanskar – hello swara. Wat r u doing ??
Swara – nthng. i just had my supper. Wat about u ??
Sanskar – nthng. I am doing my ofc work
swara – wat about ur supper ??
sanskar – yeah done.
swara – gud. So how is ur work ??
Sanskar – gud. Wat about ur work ??
Swara – ya gud.
sanskar – i heard that ur boss name too is sanskar…
swara – yes how do u know ??
Sanskar(thinks) – how can i not know myself.(to her) uncle told me.
swara – ohh ok.
Sanskar – i also heard that he is arrogant and irritating…
swara (smiles) – hahaha ha sometimes.. but he is good at heart. Ha i agree that he is strict. I mean he just needs his work to be perfect thats all. I think there is nthng wrong in expecting our employees to be perfect and most importantky wen u r paying high….
sanskar(thinks) – yaar wat kind of a person she is ?? I insulted her infront of the whole ofc even aftr that she is taking my side.
(to her) ohhh supporting ur boss. Gud.
Swara – i am not supporting him but just saying the fact. Acha plzzz leave about that khadus now.
sanskar(angry) – wat ?? Who is khadus ….
swara – i am talking about my boss. Not u..
sanskar (thinks) – just now i praised her. Huuu how dare she call sanskar maheswari a khadus.. i will show u miss.gadodia the real meaning of khadus..
(to her) oh ok… so now do u hav any work
Or can i talk.
swara (hesitating) – no i have no work. U can talk…
Sanskar (smirks and thinks) – now see how i will punish u for calling me khadus.
He keeps on talking to her untill 2am.
Later swara cuts the call and starts doing her ofc work. She starts to prepare the presentation and she sleeps at 5am.
but sanskar sleeps peacefully untill 10am. And reach the ifc late. But bechari swara she got up in two hours and got ready and went to ofc.

Sanskar comes late at ofc expecting swara not to complete the file but to his surprise she completes it.

Sanskar(shocked) – miss.gadodia ?? U completed the whole file ??
Swara (surprised) – yes sir..but wat happened ?? Y r u shocked ??
Sanskar (fumbles) – wo.woh..nthng just like that. Good job miss.gadodia..
swara (murmurs) – good job my foot…i hav to sacrifice my beauty sleep for thus stupid project.
sanskar hears her and chuckles
sanskar – did u say something miss.gadodia ??
swara – nthng sir. shall i leave ??
Sanskar – yes u can leave.

Later wen sanskar sees swara. Swara sleeps and wen she is about to fall.. sanskar rushes to her….

Precap – swara’s frnd returns from US and sanskar’s jealosy

lets see wat happens wen swara sees sanskar holding her.
who is swara’s best frnd and how will sanskar show his jealosy ??

r u ready to see sanskar’s jealosy

Credit to: miss.murty

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