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The episode begins here.

Sanskar (arrogantly) – i need to get this contract by hook or crook. Otherwise u know me.
person (fears) – yes sir…
sanskar – good.

After talking to him he sits in the car and start driving to MM.

In the main road sanskar stops his car due to traffic jam.


she is wearing her scarf but her eyes the same eyes. He can identify them.
He parks his car and goes near her. He goes near her and confirms that she is her only. His scarf girl.

He is observing her. She is helping the small school children to cross the road. sanskar is still busy in staring her.
She took the group of school children and crossed the road. After that they all hug her and bid bye. Swara also waves them bye.

Sanskar keeps on staring her. Swara sees him.
Swara to herself – wat is sanskar doing here ?? swara is about to go and talk to him but then her phone rings.
she lifts the call. At that time sanskar goes near her.
shekhar calls swara.
shekhar – hello shona where r u beta ??
Swara – i am on the way papa. I will reach in 20min.
shekhar – ohh ok but i need to ask u onething. I am going to their house. Uf they say yes to u. Then wat should i say ?? R u ready for marg. Or will u say ur decision after meeting him ??
Swara – papa i hav full faith on u. If they are ok with it and most importantly if u like the guy then say yes.
Shekhar doesnpt hear as it is traffic – beta i can’t hear u.
swara (shouts) – i am ready to marry him papa….
sanskar listens to her. He moves back. He again goes to his car and sits it in teary eyed. He too doesnot know y he is getting hurt. If she is getting married then y is it hurting him more.
swara cuts the call. And searches for sanskar but she doesnot find him so she goes from there.

Shekhar goes to mm


Shekhar – namaste durga prasad ji.
dp – ji namaste. I am sry i called u here urgently. But i need to tell u something. sanskar too didnot know that swara is the girl.
shekhar – wat ?? Wat r u talking ??
Dp – ha Shekhar ji. But dont worry. Now i will say it. But u dont worry. we like ur swara very much. If sanskar agrees then everything is fine.
ap – but wat about swara shekhar ji ??
Shekhar – she told that she is ok with my decision. She told that if i like the guy then she will marry him.
dp and ap smiles.
just then sanskar comes home. He sees shekhar at his house And gets shocked.
sanskar – ji aap swara ke father hai na ?? Y u came here ?? I mean is swara fine ?? (he asks with concern)
Shekhar (smiles) – ha beta swara is fine.
dp – arre sanskar i know him personally. U go insidem ur mom wants to tell u something.
sanskar – ok papa.
ap goes to sanskar’s room.

@ sanskar’s room

Sanskar ragini and ap are present.

Ap – sanskar we liked the girl very much. If u once see her we can say yes to them.
sanskar thinks of the scarg girl (monologue) – no i cant hurt my parents for an unkniwn girl. That too she is marrying someone else. I dont even know wat i feel for her. I think its just an attraction towards her eyes. Thats it.
ap – sanskar wat r u thinking ??
Sanskar – ma i told u na. if u like the girl then u can say yes.
ap – but u too see her. Let me describe her first.she is very beautiful. Very talented. and she cooks really very well.
(Sanskar smiles at ap becozz while saying about swara she is so excited and happy)
And most importantly sanskar she satisfies ur one and only requirement i.e. she can understand u and ur work. So she will never complain about ur work.

sanskar – and how can u ve so sure.
ap – becozzz she is working in ur ofc.
sanskar (shocked) – wat ?????
Ragini too shocked.
sanskar – who us she ??
Ap – SWARA……
sanskar gets shocked and somewhere ij his heart too happy too but he doesnot know y….(he completely forgets about scarf girl) He imagines her in blue anarkali which she wore this day.
A smile appears on his face.
ragini(excited and very happy) – omg omg mom i am so happy. that girl is swara di ?? Wow i am so happy. She is my future bhabhi. Yeahh mom u know she is very good. Perfect for bhai.
ap – but how do u know swara ??
Ragini – arre ma she is my frnd laksh’s sister. I told u na ?? These days wenever i go out i am going with them only.

then realization hit sanskar. He goes into deep thinking.

Ap – ohh so u like swara very much na ragini ??
Ragini – ofcouse ma i love her.
ap – so sanskar everyone are okay with it. Ur decision is pending.(tensed as by seeing his face expressions it looks like he is going to tell a no)
sanskar – ma…. a yes from my side.

Ap and ragini gets very happy. Ragini hugs him.

Sanskar – so yesterday she took leave only for meeting u people.
ap – ha
sanskar – but ma i think she didnot know that i am the groom.
ap – no sanskar sge doesnot know but as u left ur decision on us. She also left decision on her papa. If he is ok with it then we can proceed. Ok now come down meet ur future father-in-law.
sanskar – its not fixed ma..
ap – but u agreed na then everything is fixed. Becozzz no one can reject my son.

ap smiles and goes down and informs shekhar and durga prasad.

All gets very happy.

Dp – shekhar ji now wat is ur answer…
shekhar (smiles) – i am very much happy with this alliance but i need to talk to sanskar before this.
dp – ya sure i will call him

@ sanskar’s room

Ragini – wow bhai go down ur father-in-law is waiting.
sanskar – ragini not mine but our father-in-law (winks at her)
While ragini blushes.
in the meanwhile servant comes and calls sanskar.
Sanskar and shekhar talk normally.
shekhar likes sanskar very much.

shekhar – beta i need to tell u something.
sanskar (gets little uncomfortable with the word beta but composes himself) – ji uncle boliye
shekhar – my swara is very matured and talentec as u see in ofc but she behaves little childish with her near ones. i mean u r going to be her husband soo if she behaves anything like that then dont get upset….
sanskar – arre nai nai uncle. I know about her. i am ok with it. U dont worry. Infact it is the thing which increases her beauty even more (doesnot know wat he said but said to assure shekhar)
All elders are happy while ragini teases sanskar. Shekhar leaves to gadodia house.

@ gadodia house

Shekhar tells that marg got fixed. All are happy.
laksh – hurray….. today i am sooooo happy. tanq god fir listening to me and for sending this devil out of my life. ayyyyyy i am so happy (saying this he dances)
Shekhar and swara runs to catch him whereas sharmishta keeps on laughing at them.
at last they catches laksh. Swara beats him.
all gets tired after sometime.
shekhar – i must say shona i am lucky to hav a daughter like u. Now a days every father is tensed about their daughter wen she comes and tells him that she loves someone. But i am so lucky That my daughter left the biggest decision of her life on me. Sach mei beta no one will be like this.
Swara smiles but she is little bit tensed as she didnot even see his face.
laksh – hahaha dad see her face. I think she is regretting by leaving decision on u. I think she wanted to see him once.
swara – shut up lucky. I am sure dad must hav chosen the best person. And i can say it.
laksh – ohhh madam zyada udo mat tum. Dad praised u unneccesarily. U r really very intelligent. Now u say that everything is dad’s wish and now u will see his photo and details then if u dont like him u will put a stupid reason and cancel the match. Thats it. I know all ur plans. Dont feel so proud as if u married the person whom dad said…..
swara – ok then fine. Wat do u want me to do ??
Laksh – simple u shouldnot see him untill ur engagement or not even u should know about his details.
Swara – ok done (shocked but still agrees) but i hav to know his name becozzz if my frnds ask wat will i say.
laksh – ok only name not even his initial.
swara – ok done…
shekhar – hogaya tum dono ka pagalpan. Now listen to me. u r not going to do anything like that.
Swara (sternly) – no papa i hav decided. I will do this. and i will show him that how much i trust u and respect u.
Saying this she goes to her room.

Shekhar – laksh wat is this ??
Laksh – arre i just did ot for fun. I dont know that she will take so seriously.
shekhar – its ok. I will inform sanskar about this so that he wouldnot talk about this with her.
Laksh – but y him ??
Shekhar – becozzz he is only the groom
laksh (shocked) – wat ??
Shekhar – ha he is very good. Shekhar keeps on praising sanskar.
laksh too realizes that he is good person but still want to confirm. So she calls ragini.
Ragini assure him and also says that sanskar asked sry for insulting swara. Laksh becomes happy.

Shekhar calls dp and informs about swara and laksh’s argument.
dp(laughs) – hahaha yeh bache bhi na… acha ok shekhar ji… i will talk to sanskar. U dont worry. Waise bhi not a bad idea. This will be memorable for both of them.
both laughs.

later dp informs ap ragini and sanskar…..

Sansjar laughs hard imaginimg swara’s childish behaviour.
ap – sanskar wat happened ??
Sanskar – maa she is really cute. And dad u don’t worry. I willnot let her know anything. I too will tease her. It will be a great fun.

Ap (angry) – don’t even dare to tease her. She is my bahu.
Sanskar – acha maa shaadi hui nahi hai aur aap abhi se team badal gaye. not fair…
ap laughs – sanskar from where did u learn this drama….
ragini – from ur bahu….
sanskar (fake angry) – ragini…..
ragini runs to the room…..

Precap – at ofc swara is distributing sweets as her marg got fixed. they all ask his name. Swara keeps a blank face.
sanskar comes from behind – SANSKAR…
Swara gets shocked.

Lets see whether she gets to know about sanskar being her fiancee or not.

Sry for ths small part

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