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the episode begins here

swara and laksh enters in to the home together. laughing and holding each other’s hands

sharmishta and shekhar are shocked to see them like that. its impossible for tom and jerry being frndly like that
shrmishta – hey bhagwan wat am i seeing. is this true ??
shekhar goes towards swara and puts his hand on her forehead and chekhs her temperature.
shekhar – bhukhar toh nahi hai then y r u behaving like this.
swara – kya hai papa u both wanted us to see like this na ?? then wen we r together y r u behaving like that.
sharmishta – beta this is just immpossible. u both cant stay silent more than 5 min without fighting with each other.
laksh – ha ma now its confirmed that u r our mom. u know everything about us. who said that we can stay more than 5 min without fighting with each other. actually just before coming inside the house we fought. so thought to take rest for 5 min. hai na swaraaaaa (saying this he pulls swara’s
hair and runs)
swara – ahhhh u duffer i hate u. i’ll kill u today…………… (saying this she too runs behind laksh)

shemish laughs at their children

shekhar – my daughter is so childish. i don’t know how will she manage at her sasural. she is still my little princess. how can she grow so early…
he gets teary eyed
sharmishta – don’t be emotional shekhar. she is 25 now. we should get her married along before but u only refused. atleast now u understand. and coming to managing the house then let me tell u she may be childish at our house, she will behave matured infront of others.i know she manages her duties very well.
shekhar – i know mishti but y can’t we wait for one more year.she is too young to get married.and moreover i can’t live without my princess.
sharmishta – no way shekhar now u don’t change ur mind. will u go and talk to her or shall i talk ??
shekhar – no no i will talk to her.
sharmishta – ok

later swara and laksh comes down for supper.
all sit at dining table.
shekhar – shona u told that u will stay at riya’s place today ??
swara – ha papa but i cancelled my plan as mom will get angry.(looking at laksh)
shekhar – but y to worry… i told u na i will convince ur mom.
swara(winks at laksh) – woh kya hai na papa i don’t want to hurt mom
shekhar – dekha laksh kuch seekh apni behen se….

sharimishta – now y r u scolding my laksh. laksh will also obey me like swara. my both the children are very good. they r my diamonds.
shekhar – ha i agree that my shona is a diamond but i don’t know about this unlucky idiot…..
swara and shekhar laughs hard.
laksh – papaaa u too r calling me like this devil.. not fair papa…..
they all hav fun like that.
swara – mumma give me another roti. u know rotis are very tastey. i loved it.
laksh – oyyyy moti stop eating and start learn cooking. always eating eating…..if anyone eats ur handmade food then they will definetly get admit i hospital

swara – oyyyyy useless fellow. how dare u call me moti. and for ur kind information i know cooking. i think u forgot wenever mom goes to nanima’s
place i used to cook food for all of us. then u used to eat by licking ur fingers. and now ur commenting on my cooking
shekhar – i agree with u shona. and from next time u do one thing u only prepare for both of us. he will eat outside.
laksh (happy) – wow tanq papa u r really a great father. u r bearing the punishment and still saving ur son…

laksh and sharmishta laughs. shekhar too laughs but controls seeing swara.

swara gets up – papa u too are laughing along with them. huuu i hate u all. i am going to my room. (saying this she is walking for some distance)
shekhar – beta plzz eat and go
laksh – hahaha papa u r soo innocent papa. do u think that she is going becozz we laughed at her. no papa she is going becozz she finished her eating.even if tsunami comes na then too she will never stop eating. she will run with her plate in her hand.
all three laughs. swara gets more angry. she throws a cushion at laksh.
swara – papa i don’t talk to u.
shekhar – arre shona wat did i do ??
swara – u r entertaining his stupid jokes. i hate u all.

laksh – same here. swara comes back and hits laksh hard and runs to her room.
laksh – devil i’ll kill u.

after finishing the supper. sharmishta goes to their room. laksh goes to his room. shekhar goes to swara’s room.


sanskar comes to house.

ap – arre sanskar aaygaya tu. see i and ur papa hav seen a match for u. tomorrow we r going to see her. if we like her then u can see and meet her. ok ??
sanskar – ok a. as u wish. i told u na if u like the girl then i am ready to marry her. whoever my be the girl i will marry her if u both like her.
ap – if she works under u or i mean if she is an employee….
sanskar – mom i told u naa who ever may be she is … if u like her u say yes ok ?? i will go and freshen up. u plzzz send my food to my room.
ragini – woww bhai iam impressed ha. u left th choice to mom and dad.
sanskar goes near her and whispers – ha i am not too fast like u.
ragini blushes and at the same time angry – bhai……
sanskar smiles at her and goes to his room.

he opens his wardrobe to take his night wear but he sees the scarf.
sanskar takes it out and touches it with is face. he doesnot know y but he feels very different. he feels connected to her.
sanskar – i don’t know y but i wanted to see u. i didnot see u again from that day but i am thinking about u like a mad man. who are u to me?? wat relation we have?? is that the kiss that is making me think about u like that ?? huu i don’t know anything…..i am behaving like a mad pesron.
saying this he puts the scarf inside the cupboard and goes o washroom to freshen up. after that ragini brings his food.

sanskar and ragini talk very freely. ragini felt very happy and a change in his brother’s attitude. she thinks to ask him.
ragini – bhai.. wat happened to u ??
sanskar – wat happend to me ragini ?? i am fit and fine.
ragini – no bhai u r changing. u never behaved so freely with me. and u r teasing me, cacking jokes on me etc… omg r u my brother really or someone else.
sanksar too feels the change in him – ha may be u r right. sangat ka asr hai yaar. this swara na ?? she is crack. by seeing her i too am becoming like her.

ragini – oyeee how dare u call swara di a crack ha ?? she is very good person and she never behaves like that in ofc and especially with u. she stays in her limit.she will behave like that only with closed ones.
sanskar – ha wen did i tell that she is behaving frndly with me ?? arre i saw her madness wen i went to her house to give a file. and today u know wat she did with ur laksh….
ragini – bhai…. he is not my laksh. he is lakh. thats it.
sanskar – ahaa some one is blushing ….
ragini – bhai nthng like that first u tell.
sanskar – (tells everything wat had happened today) and is laughing hard.
ragini too laughs hard…. after laughing
ragini – bhai how can u scold swara di like that that too infront of all the staff.
sanskar – ragini i too am feeling guilty but wat can i do now. i was frustated and worried about the deal so i did that.

ragini – bhai u and ur deals. remember one thing deal is not more important than a girl’s self respect.u scolded her infront of the whole staff. do u hav any idea about how she must be feeling.
sanskar – i am feeling sry ragini and onemore thing mistake is of laksh’s. he only did this…..
ragini – ohhhhh hold on my dear brother. i agree laksh did a mistake but he realized and he came to give the presentation to swara di. but u were busy in scolding her that u didnot give her time to explain. anyways laksh asked forgiveness and u too ask sry from her.
sanskar – hav u gone mad. sanskar maheswari and sorry… immpossible
ragini – y ?? wen sanskar maheswari can commit mistakes then y cant he ask sry ?? u hav to ask sry and thats final.
sanskar – ok meri maa. tomorrow i will ask her sorry.
ragini smiles and goes.

sanskar finishes his supper and goes to bed thinking how to ask swara sry.

@gadodia house
swara’s room

shekhar – shonaaa can i come in.
swara(angry) – no u can’t come. get out.
shekhar – sry na shonaa. don’t u forgive ur super hero. ur dad. ur papa. ur best frnd….(pouts)
swara – acha ok i forgave u. don’t keep such expressions.
shekhar goes and hugs swara. swara too hugs him.
shekharv – actually swara i came to talk about an impoortant matter.
swara – ha tell papa
shekhar – u got a match beta. boy is well settled. family is very good. boy’s parents are coming to see u tomorrow.
swara – papa marg and that too… now.. i mean its too early.
shekhar – beta u know na ur mom is behind u for 4 years. she wanted u to get married. u told me that u wanted to settled down and do a job.

like that i convinced ur mom about this. she too gave u time. now u r settled. u r earning high. i think it is the right time to get married. and trust me. we won’t force u to marry someone. if u like then only we will proceed further
swara – no papa thats not my problm. i will marry the person whoever u tell. i have full faith on u dad. womever u select he will be perfect for me. u know everything about me. so if u are ok with him then i don’t hav any problm. i just think that it is too early but if u think its the right time to get married then i am ok with it.

shekhar becomes very happy. she hugs her and kisses on her forhead.
swara – papa but onething
shekhar (breaking the hug) – wat ??
swara – the family should be from kolkata and they should live in kolkata only. becozz i can’t go away from u.
shekhar – shonaa i too want the same. dont worry this family is from kolkata only. family is very good beta. and ha one more thing u take a off tomorrow.
swara – papa i can’t be sure. i dn’t know whether he gives me leave or not.
shekhar – no no beta they are coming in moring. so u hav to take a leave.
swara – ok papa. gud ni8

shekhar – gud ni8 beta.(think)y will he not give u leave.ur boss is the groom infact. but i don’t know how will u react aftr knowing this.
shekhar goes while thinking all this.

next mrng


sanskar got ready to go to ofc. he is standing infront of mirror and practicing how to say sorry. suddenly his phone rings.
he sees the caller id. its swara’s. he doesnot know y but he is smiling. he lifts the call
sanskar – hello
swara – hello sir.. its swara.
sanskar – ha swara bolo.. y did u call me.
swara – sir actuall i want leave for today sir..
sanskar got a mini-heart attack. his preparations went in vain.

sanskar – y ??
swara – sir actually i need to attend a personal work. i just need half-a-day sir. i will come from aftrnoon.
sanskar (smiling like an idiot) – then its ok. u can take leave but u hav to come from aftrnoon.
swara – sure sir. tanq
she cuts the call.

sanskar gets ready and goes to ofc. whereas swara here is gettimg ready for the meeting with her future-in-laws.

sanskar is calling swara for everything. his pa is tired of informing him that swara is on leave. he is forgettimg the thing and calling her. he is missing her very badly. he then understands that how much she works hard. she used to complete her work in time. she is so perfect.

@gadodia house

dp and ap enters the house.
shekhar and sharmishta welcomes them.

dp and ap sits.
shekhar(pointing towards laksh) – he is my son laksh. he is working in khanna group of companies.
laksh – namste uncle, namaste aunty.
dp ap – namaste beta.

shekhar – sharmishta swara ko bualooo
sharmishta – jiiii lakshhhh go and call ur di.
laksh – diiiiii…..
(note : laksh too dont know that the person is sanskar and here ragini too doesnot know that the person is swara)
swara comes there. she is wearing a navy blue anarkali suit. she is looking beautiful in that dress.
swara goes and takes ap and dp’s blessings.
ap – swara beta come here and sit beside me.
swara sits there.
dp – so beta wat r u doing ??
swara – i am a soft ware engineer in wipro and right now i am working at maheswari group of companies on a contract of 3 months.
dp – oh very good.

shrmishta – wat will u take ?? tea or coffee

ap and dp – nthng u plzz takk thats enough.
swara – ma u wait i will go and prepare it. aunty at will u have ??
(swara is talking so sweetly that ap couldnotb deny her)
ap – beta u bring tea for both of us. but no sugar for him.
swara – ok aunty.
swara goes and she takes laksh too with her.

swara is preparing tea and even snacks.
swara and laksh comes after sometime. swara is holding snacks and tea tray and laksh serves them water.
ap and dp hav the snacks and drinks tea. tea is just superb
ap – tea is very good beta.
dp – and snacks too… u cook reallly well.
swara – tanq uncle
dp – swara beta i heard that ur boss i mean i think sanskar maheswari… is khadoos…..
(sayimg this dp winks at shekhar)
swara – no uncle. nthng like that. he needs everything to be perfect. thats it. but some people misunderstand him(says politely)
dp and ap are feeling very happy as she understood him so perfectly.

after talking sometime they leave.they are really impressed with swara.

ap and dp goes to MM
while swara leaves for ofc in the same dress as she doesnot have time to change.
swara enters the ofc.
sanskar sees her from the glass door of his cabin. he gets mesmirised to see her. she is looking absoloutely stunning.

sanskar comes out of his cabin to see her. she takes some files and leaves to her cabin. she doesnot notice sanskar but sanskar is staring at her.
sanskar to himself – ohhhh god now i hav to ask her sry but one sry is not enough. i insulted her.
sanskar calls swara to the mainplace where he insulted her. he also calls all the ofc staff.

swara – sir y did u call us her ??
sanskar – actually swara i need to tell u something.
swara – yes sir……
sanskar – actually yesterday it was my mistake.i am …s…sorry.. u pepared the presentation but…..
swara – but i forgot the pendrive at home. so its completely my mistake sie. so its ok sir. its not ur mistake.
sanskar – no it was not ur mistake. i should think before talking.

all the staff are seeing this with their mouths opened wide……they are shocked with sanskar maheswari asking sry that too to an employee.
swara – no sir its ok.

sanskar – so guys i just called all of u so that no one taunts miss.gadodia for yesterday’s incident as its not her mistake (looking angrily to the person who taunted swara the previous day)
now u can leave.
all goes from there

after finishing the work. swara goes to home. sanskar too leaves the ofc but he is going to see his other businesses.
swara goes home with a very happy mood as sanskar apologised her infront of the whole ofc staff.she changes her clothes and calls ragini.

later laksh,ragini and swara goes out. they enjoy alot. later raglak leave together as swara has an important meeting.

precap – sanskar sees the scarf girl. ap and dp tell sanskar that swara is the girl and they like her very much

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