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Chapter 9
The episode begins here.

@sanskar’s ofc

Swara , sanskar and the project members are in the mweting room.

Swara gives the presentation. the deal gets fixed. They also praise swara very much but swara shows a fake smile. She is not at all happy. Sanskar feels guilty.

After the meeting wen she is going to her cabin. Her collegue taunts her And sanskar listens this.

Swara’s collegue – swara i think u shouldnot lie to sir. i know u r very talented but wats the use boss insulted u infront of all becozzz of ur lie that u already prepared the presentation.
swara – ….
without talking anything she goes to her cabin.

Sanskar calls swara’s collegue who taunted her and scolds him very badly and also tells him That if he again talks to any of them like that, he would fire him.

Sanskar thinks to talk to swara. He goes to her cabin. All staff are shocked as sanskar maheswari is going to an employee’s cabin.

Sanskar comes to her. But swara is in her own thoughts while her eyes are teary.

Sanskar (slowly) – swara…
swara doesnlt responds.

Sanskar (loudly) – swara…….

Swara – ha ha sirrr wat r u doing here ?? U could hav called me sir. Y hav u come ??

sanskar – miss.gadodiya r u fine ??
Swara – yes sir…do u need amything sir..
sanskar (hesitates to ask her sry) – wohhh actually this mrng i….wa.s… frus.tated so..

Swara understands that he wanted to ask sry but his ego is stopping him.

Swara (smiles faintly) – sir plzz forget it. U r my boss and u hav the right to scold me wen i didnot do my job well.

Sanskar – no miss.gadodia…
Swara – sir can i leave now sir. Becozzz i got late becozzz of meeting.
sanskar – ya sure….
he understood that she is hurt.

Swara leaves and about to start her scooty. Laksh comes and holds swara’s hand and takes the scooty keys.
Sanskar too comes out leave for mm but seeing laksh and swara he stops.

Swara – lucky wat r u doing here ?? U didnot go to home yet ??
Laksh – di stop behaving like this. I hate it wen u talk like this. I am sry dii plzz forgive me.
swara – first give me the keys. And u also sit. We will go together.
laksh – arre meri maa plzzz Maaf kardo mujhe.
Swara – laksh dont make a scene here. Sit.
laksh – runs from there taking the keys.

Swara runs back of him but stops there. She go back and takes her bag from the scooty and tries to stop a taxi.
laksh gets that she is very much angry. He goes to her.
Laksh holds her hand.
Laksh – di plzzz stop na. I am sry. Wat should i do so thar u forgive me.
swara – leave me lucky. She goes.
Sanskar smiles seeing them.

Laksh goes to some children and asks them help in convincing swara.

While swara is searching for a taxi she hears a song.

I am sorry song from one two ka four plays….

she turns to that side. Laksh is with all children. Laksh is wearing a cap and he looks like a joker.

Laksh dances with all chlidren on the road.
Swara gets shocked.

swara goes and stops laksh.

Swara – lucky this is public place. Stop this.
laksh – no tell me that u forgave me and u will be normal with me.
Swara – no if u dont stop this dance and all i will be more angry.

Laksh stops and all children goes.
swara (angry) – give the keys.
laksh gives the keys to her.
Swara calls shekhar
swara – hello papa..
laksh signs her not to tell to shekhar.
swara gets laugh seeing his actions but control herself.
shekhar – ha beta bolo..
swara – actually papa today i am going to riya’s house. So i wont come to home. Inform ma. If i tell her she wont accept.
shekhar – ok beta u go take care . I hav some work i will talk to u later.
swara – ok papa bye.
she cuts the call.

Laksh – di u r going to riya’s house becozz of me na ??
Swara – lucky let me go.
laksh – no way.
saying this he holds her hands.
swara – lucky leave me. (She shouts)

All people thinks that laksh is teasing swara.

All people scold him.
Laksh – arre no u are misunderstanding me. She is my sister. Di tell na ??
People – every person will say the same after getting caught.
laksh – arre behenji i am telling the truth. Dii speak something.
swara – who r u ??
Laksh gets shocked.
Sanskar also gets shocked.
swara goes and sits on her scooty and keeps on watching laksh.

A fat black lady (we can say aunty)comes to laksh and says – y u all boys try to flirt with beautiful girls like us ??
swara and sanskar laughs hard At their places.
Laksh looks weird – U and beautiful….
A fat lady – wat ?? how dare u say this.
She is about to punch laksh. Swara comes and saves him.
Swara – arre stop. leave him let him go. I mean wat will we get if we punish him. I think by now he would hav got his lesson. U all go.
all people goes.
Laksh gives a angry look to swara while swara keeps on laughing.

swara – kya hua unlucky babuuuu if i hav not come to save u then ur face.. hahaha i cant even imagine….
hahaha she keeps on laughing…. holding her stomach….

Laksh – haha very funny. Y didnt u tell them i am ur brother.
Swara – then i would hav lost my value.
Laksh – i will kill u….
swara – ok u plan how to kill me. I am going.
laksh – oyyyu rukh.. i need to talk to u.
swara – ha bolo
laksh – sry… u know first i copied it and deleted it so that wen u check in the mrng if its not found u will get worried and then u will ask me about this and request me. But u didnot ask about this and came to ofc in a hurry. later i realized that its wromg to involve ur ofc matrs in our fights. So i came to ur ofc to give u but wen i came there i saw ur boss scolding u. U know i got really angry. I thought to punch his face.

Sanskar who is hearing this keeps his hands on his face.

Swara – hahaha lucky is that u ?? U got angry wen someone scolded me. Arre yaar i thought u must be happy seeing me crying.
laksh – ha u r right. U know only i hav to scold u and i have to make u cry. u know ur boss really dont know how to scold u. Huuu i was really upset with Him.He stopped so early. If he would hav scolded
u more then i would get to see u crying the whole night. Wahhh wat a heavenly feeling it is. Aha….

Swara – u unlucky fool… i hate u……

playing like this laksh and swara goes on her scooty.

Later sanskar realizes that he is watching them contimuosly for a long time.

Sanskar (thinks) – wats happening to me. Wenever i see her i keeps on staring her. I know she is beautiful but its not beauty that attracts me more but something else which i couldnot understand. And these brother and sister are so unique. Omg that incident hahaha swara booked laksh… saying she dont know him. Hahahaha

Thinking about the incident sanskar laughs Hard. But he sees his surroundings. people are staring him weirdly. He gets embarrased and goes.


marg beuro lady gives a photo to ap and dp. Dp And ap like her very much.
Lady – ap ji u wanted a girl who understands sanskar’s work na then she is perfect for ur son.
ap – how can u be so sure ??
Lady – becozz she is working in ur son’s company only.
ap and dp (happy) – wat ?? Then she is perfect. Seeing her only we got a strong feeling that she will be good for sanskar.
SWARA AND SANSKAR. its perfect (yes the girl is swara)
Dp – ha i heard sanskar talking about this girl. She is really very talented. But will he agree to marry his employee.
ap – ophoo ji u dont worry. Lets first go and see her. Later we can talk about this to sanskar. I am sure he will agree to us.
dp nods in yes.
lady – so shall i inform then that u e going to see the girl ??
Dp -yes but plzz tell them that not to tell swara that we r maheswari’s. If she gets to know she will treat us as her boss’s parents. But dont want that.
Lady – ok
lady goes and sanskar comes home.

@ gadodia house

Lady comes and tells shekhar and sharmishta everything.
Lady – they r coming to see swara tomorrow. But dont tell swara that they are her boss’s parents.
shekhar – ok. Sharmishata i told u na swara used to curse her boss very much at starting but now she has a soft cirner for him ??
Sharmishta – ha u told me.toh..
shekhar – ha he is none other than sanskar.
sharmishta – ohh then it will be very good.
shekhar – hope so…. first she should agree na ??
Sharmishta – ha she will becozz she cant deny u.
Shekhar smiles and nods.

Precap – swara takes a one day leave and sanskar misses swara.swara meets ap and dp but she doesnot know that they are sanskar’s parents. Sanskar sees the scarf girl again.

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