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introductory episode
Gadodia mansion

A beautiful girl is seen sleeping in a room.she was sleeping so peacefully until a mug of water falls on her.
She gets up and shouts “luckyyyyyyyyyyyyy”……..
All the members in the house closes their ears.
A lady of late 40’s enter to the hall with arthi thal.yes she is sharmishta gadodia.
A man of early 50’s is seen reading news paper. He is shekhar gadodia.
One man of early 20’s comes running down.
Sharmishata – laksh… wat is this u again played a prank on ur sister. Omg see now she is shouting… becozz of u both we cannot live peacefully in this house.
shouts “dont shout shona it is really painful to our ears”
Shekhar – shomi relaxx they both are kids. Let them enjoy their life.
A beautiful girl comes with face full of water. She runs behind laksh. Finally she gets a hold of him. She beats him continuosly…
Laksh – ahhhh swara chodoooo
Swara – you waste fellow. Calling ur elder sister with name ha ?? I will kill u. Call me didi.then only i will leave u and also say sry
Laksh – ahhhh didi its paining. Leave me.. ahhh ok sry leave my ear.
Swara leaves and smirks.
Laksh goes far away from her and says – didi nahi ho devil ho tum.
Swara runs behind him
Shekhar – shona beta leave that idiot. U go and get ready for ofc. U r getting late.
Swara – ji papa. Becozzz of this idiot i am getting scoldings from my boss.
She goes and gets ready.
Sharmishta – laksh tum bhi jao. U hav interview today right ??
Laksh – haa maa i have my interview but i don’t want to do a job becozzz just now i finished my mba. I want to enjoy my life.
just then swara comes down.
swara – hahaha don’t worry. Anyway nobody will give u job becozz noone wants to destroy their own company.
laksh – shut up devil….
shekhar – dont dare to say her anything becozz she is the one who have to drop u. Becozz i am going to bank as its getting late.
laksh – ha ha just for name u r a bank manager but u r not sanctioning loan to ur own son.
swara – ha it is becozz papa don’t want loss his job hahaha
swara and shekhar gives hi-fi to each other.
laksh fumes with anger.
later swara and laksh have their breakfast and they both leave on her scooty.

Maheswari mansion

It is a very big mansion with servants running around as it is time for breakfast and ap too is making everything ready.
just then sanskar ragini and dp comes down.
all settles down.
while having breakfast
Dp – sanskar wat about the delhi project ??
Sanskar – papa work is going on. It will be finished by tomorrow.
Dp – i know u will do it my son.becozz u r my son.
ap – no becozz he is my son.
sanskar (smirks ) – noo it is because I AM SANSKAR MAHESWARI WHO KNOWS ONLY TO WIN.
saying this he gets up and wears his shoes.
ragini – papa ma i am done with my breakfast. i am leaving now.
dp – take car and go
ragini – no papa i will go by bus. Frnds ke saath travel karne ka maxa hi kuch aur hai
sanskar – don’t talk rubbhish ragini. learn to maintain status. U r a maheswari. Don’t forget that.
ragini – bhaiii i love my life. so let me live on my way.
Ragini leaves.
sanskar – i don’t know wats happening to this girl. Huuu
dad i am leaving to ofc. Bye mom
ap – bye beta.
sanskar – mom call me sanskar.
dp – leave it. U go its getting late.
Sanskad leaves.

Swalak on scooty.
swara is driving by wearing a scarf. She always wears a scarf wen going out.
swara while driving – listen to me carefully lucky. Today as u r going to start ur new life. In this stage onwards u will start to earn. So dont be careless towards money. U can spend money but think it and one more thing respect money. And never be proud of ur status
laksh – u r saying as if i am going to get the job
swara – idiot its not funny. Ok get down. Ur stop came. Board the bus anf attend the interview. after finishing u call me. If i am free i will come otherwise u leave to house.
laksh comes there and stands in a bus stand waiting for the bus.

Ragini and her frnd are standing beside him but laksh never noticed her. He just sees her.
ragini’s frnd sana – yaar raagu u r loving him for 3 months silently but till now he has not even seen u. Go and talk to him dear.
ragini – no yaar i am really afraid. I really lovs him very much but wat if he rejects me. I cant bear it.
Sana – hmm ya ok then first maks him ur frnd. Then u can slowly convey ur feelings.
ragini – ok
just then a bus comes. They both board the samd bus.

Precap – laksh attending the interview. company head shocks by laksh’s talent and capability. Sanskar hears swara’s voice but doesnot see her.

Credit to: miss.murty

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