Swasan – I killed my love two shots part – 2


Hello friends I’m back with the last part. Thank you all very much for comments.
Let’s start….

Some days have past. Sanskar is doing overtime . he is doing is best to keep her happy. But he is observing Swara is changing…. She does not talk or spend time with him. She too look very tired and sick now days. She cooks good food
Sanskar wonders where the money comes from… Whenever he ask her she avoids.
Today Sanskar came earlier as there was no work. He was happy as he Will be able to spend time Swara.
But swara was not in home. He searched at the neighborhood.but no one knows about her. He was scared as atif called yesterday and said shekhar is looking for them in Kolkata. Did he took swara with him…
He was very scared. Suddenly a chawl boy said he knows where swara is and Sanskar followed him
They came away from chawl area and entered into a high class society. The boy pointed finger at a direction and he sw…saw his love who never drink water by own hand…is washing clothes in a house… She looks so exhausted… Her pale face became more pale when she saw Sanskar
Sanskar looked at hee with teary eyes.
Swara look down. Sanskar drags her back to chawl.
Swara : Sanskar…
Sanskar : no…why did you do this…to show that I’m not capable for you…
Swara was shocked. She looked at him with anger and left the room.
Sanskar was now really guilty… He didn’t wanted to hurt her.
He followed her and hugged tightly from behind. Swara resists and he tightens his grip. The more she resists the more he tightens grip. At last she gave up.
Swara : what..now what you want..
Sanskar : a little love and forgiveness from my love…
Swara turns and looks at him with moist eyes. Sanskar cups her face and kisses on forehead. Swara makes a irritating face.
Before he could understand anything she
Smashed her lip into his. Sanskar become shocked first and slides his hand on her waist. Swara put her hand around his neck.
They both kissed passionately. Sanskar bite her lower lip and she moans in pleasure. Sanskar takes her in arm bridal style and lies on bed. He came on top of her and…. And they both become one in soul.

2 months later
Sanskar is returning home hurriedly.he is sweating profusely. He has been imformed that swara have fainted.
He entered into home and saw whole chawl was gathered there. They were gossiping and swara was blushing like hell.
All of them scolds Sanskar. Some congratulates . at last gave some privacy.
Sanskar : what happened my love,are you okay?
Swara : yes…more than anything else…
Sanskar : what i didn’t understand.
Swara : ohh.nirbodh !
She whisper ” Your going to be a father ”
Sanskar looked at her and she nods in yes.
Sanskar took her in arm and swriles in air.
Swara : Sanskar….
Sanskar : sorry… Sorry my bachcha…
He bought sweet for entire chawl people with his salary. Starts buying cot,clothes, toy and what not

Sanskar : it’s final !
Swara : what ?
Sanskar : my daughter will be like me..we both we’ll make team against you….
Swara : what if it’s a boy…
Sanskar : no..my girl…
Swara ; no …it’s a. Boy i can feel it..
Sanskar : ohh…but next time four daughters
Swara : Sanskar….I’ll die..
Sanskar : no…no..then triplet
Swara : no…
Sanskar : then twins at least
Swara : we’ll see later
Sanskar : Swara !


Swara. : Sanskar… Enough…its midnight now
Sanskar : five minute more… He will kick now…
Swara : Sanskar it’s only three months, how will it kick.. It does note even have legs now..
Sanskar : is it….obhh my bachcha…
Swara : soo…love for baby… And what aboutmummy ?
Sanskar – i love my baby who is in your tummy.
Swara – Sanskar….

Time passed and Sanskar become more exicited.
One day
SWARA was informed that some goons have taken Sanskar forcefully.
Swara was sure that its no one than her father. She went on his secret godowns.
And saw her love her life…was lying on a pool of blood…some goons were hitting him mercilessly
Swara : Sanskar ..
Sanskar saw her and tried to getup when a men Banged on his head with rod….and he fall on the ground.
Swara : please …..please leave him…dad..he is injured..please dad he is my husband…
Shekhar : no…he has to bear the punishment of loving a rich girl..he have to die…
Swara : noo…
Sanskar : swara don’t cry…nothing has happened to me …
Men : is it…
He shoots on his plam…Sanskar screams in pain
The mam smashes his wounds with legs
Sanskar : ahhhh…
Swara : dad….please leave him…he is the Father of my child…
Shekhar pushed her and screams in pain
Swara : ahhhhh..
Sanskar : shekhar… Kill you…
Dhekhar : is it..
He shoot on his arms and toe….
“You can do anything to me…your going to die…like a dog….like a looser this world will know you as a loser
His men starts hitting him with rod.
They shot 8 bulletz in hiz body.
Swara somehow went near gate. Police was standing there
Swara : pleaze zave my husband…
Police : sorey mam…we. Cant do any thing except deztroying the body….
Swara : felt most helpless
She some how went near Sanskar and took his head on her lap
Sanskar : swara.. I never wanted to become a loser…i never wanted mercy from anyone…i didni wanted to die…
Swara: sush…Sanskar you’re a fighter..
Sanskar : dint worry ill get up now..
Swara : no Sanskar you have suffered enough…now take rest..
Sanskar looked at her.
Sanskar : i didnt wanted this…i wanted to live… Play with my child… Hug him… Kiss him…i don’t want to stay a way from you….
Swara : thiz society is not Good… We will meet again in eternity…
Sanskar kissed her tummy and said ” sarthak”
Swara gave a small peck on his lip
The mens were again coming…
Sanskar : hug me love
Swara hugged him tightly and took a revolver… And…
She shoots on his heart !
He smiles faintly

DCP laksh singh entered with his force and chawl peoples. He saw a lady is looking at the eyez of her dead husband,whom she killed.

Swara stayed in jail fir 5 months
Àt hospitals she gave birth to a. Baby boy and leaves him to Laksh ragini without even seeing theface.
After that no one ever saw her again.

She left a note

Dear Sarthak,
You have read my love story. Alwayz respect your father. Remember he loves you most more than me.
I have to kill my love. Please try to understand ….and forgive your helpless mother. Im going to your father.


Credit to: Sinin

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